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Wasp Attack! Well... One.

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This was on the door of the ladies toilet at work! Hahaha! I haven't seen
the exterminator yet. Must congratulate him once he has done the job!
8th Nov 2005, 11:24  


ONE wasp? kinda blown out of all proportion if u ask me lol

8th Nov 2005, 13:19

Steve says:

Wasps in robot ladie costumes?

8th Nov 2005, 13:21

Rich says:

Or the wasp was in a lady.


8th Nov 2005, 13:22

The sign has now been removed and the area quarantined. Golly that was a close one. Somebody could've got... stung *phew*

8th Nov 2005, 14:10

alexis says:

... ladies. *shakes head in disappointment*

8th Nov 2005, 15:47

Laser Dog says:

Was the exterminator just a janitor with a rolled up newspaper?

8th Nov 2005, 17:12

bmal says:

ONE WASP??????? silly women just dont look at it at it wont hurt you its about 1 millionth the size of the average woman

8th Nov 2005, 17:26

alexis says:

"Was the exterminator just a janitor with a rolled up newspaper?"

and, if so, did he give a good swating to whatever lady put the sign up, too?

8th Nov 2005, 18:25

I didn't actually meet the 'exterminator' i wanted his/her autograph though. Very valiant.

8th Nov 2005, 20:39