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English Muffin Pizza

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A fun and yummy thing to make with the kids. I forgot to take after shots
though as we were too busy eating them all up.
8th Nov 2005, 18:12  

alexis says:

oh wow does that bring back memories.

we made those in my first grade class. : )

i don't think i ever liked them much. but that's because I've had Really Good pizza, and can't get over the englishmuffinyness that is un-pizzalike. heh. : )

8th Nov 2005, 18:19

kostika says:

That expression on the little boy's face in the second pic is priceless!

8th Nov 2005, 18:20

ladyegreen says:

It's fabulous. I love that..I think I'm going to do just that this weekend with my kids, we haven't done it in ages.

And your children are so beautiful. ^_^

8th Nov 2005, 18:25

anathemad says:

alexis - I know what you mean. I grew up in brooklyn and there is no comparrison.

kostika - he has a mouth full of shredded cheese :)

ladye - thank you. I think they are pretty swell too :D

8th Nov 2005, 18:48

daz says:

That looks like fun! And yummy, too. :D

8th Nov 2005, 19:40

bronxelf says:

The kids *still* look like clones of their father.

And of course, more English Muffin goodness. I was reading a book last night that specifically mentioned Thomas' English Muffins. :)

8th Nov 2005, 20:13

anathemad says:

daz - it was. Any interesting international suggestions for activities welcome :)

Belf - I just incubate them *shrug* dominate genes and all that. And I blame you for the Thomas' English Muffin goodness. Your posts are what got me thinking about making these.

8th Nov 2005, 21:02

bronxelf says:

Well why not... I mean, I'm blamed for everything else...

And it's like Bethany, in reverse. Her kid looks *precisely* like *her*. Your kids look just like *him*.

8th Nov 2005, 21:17

befny says:

anathemad - That's so COOL! I love english muffin pizzas!!!

belf - They do look like him!

8th Nov 2005, 21:47

bronxelf says:

Amazingly so.

But you have a clone of *you*. I'm still waiting on evidence that d. had anything to do with Joshua.

8th Nov 2005, 22:01

befny says:

Oh my. Evidence? You know...I hope we don't ever find any. If all the looks are mine, and the brains are mine...that just leaves....attitude.


9th Nov 2005, 00:27

bronxelf says:

Well I keep hoping one day you'll figure out it was immaculate conception or something.

Sure would make things easier. I mean it cant be any more difficult to get child support out of a god.

9th Nov 2005, 00:29

befny says:

c a n n o t b r e a t h e


9th Nov 2005, 00:52

bronxelf says:

and think of it. It would be so easy to arrange visitation!

god has houses everywhere!

9th Nov 2005, 00:54

befny says:

Yeah..but I don't trust all the caretakers...

9th Nov 2005, 02:32

bronxelf says:

Look at what you're comparing it to.

9th Nov 2005, 02:36

befny says:


Can't Misha just adopt us?

9th Nov 2005, 02:47

anathemad says:

We'll have to talk to Joe, but I would absolutely adopt you.

9th Nov 2005, 02:52

bronxelf says:

Speaking of the silly drow who gets no biscuits, at some point when he has a mo can he peep his head in?

9th Nov 2005, 02:56

anathemad says:

He is putting Ben to bed but I'll send him on over to you as soon as he is back down.

You do know they blocked IM servers at his work yes? If you need to chat with him during the day ping me and I'll have him reach out, or just call.

9th Nov 2005, 03:01

bronxelf says:

No I didn't know. That's cool. I just wanted to tell him about that dream I had.

9th Nov 2005, 03:05

anathemad says:

NP. Oh! You can always ping him on LJ too.

9th Nov 2005, 03:08

bronxelf says:

true. but I was here at the time. :)

9th Nov 2005, 03:12

anathemad says:

I ment in general during the day when he is at work. That is how we communicate all day long.

9th Nov 2005, 03:15

befny says:

There is a secret M/J filter!!!!!!!!!!!!

For secret messages!!!!!

I LOVE that. That pleases me. I am all warm now.

9th Nov 2005, 04:21

anathemad says:

I guess i should not telll you about the secret decoder rings or you will explode huh?

I'm sorry I can't help picking on you. You are just so cute!!!!

9th Nov 2005, 15:05

cassiusdrow says:

All of this is just too funny. :)

9th Nov 2005, 17:46

yourhermione says:

this all made me smile lots. and crave muffin pizzas. and why doesn't your cat have any ears?

10th Nov 2005, 19:46

anathemad says:


He has ears, they are just white and disapearing into the glare from the kitchen window. It is a very poor excuse for a camera phone really.

10th Nov 2005, 21:52