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About Me:Darren P Millar

I'm a DJ from Aberdeen (Scotland) that's about me for just now!

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My Pet Hate: is TUESDAY, everything that has ever gone wrong in my life has happened on a TUESDAY! I hate it, it's now my day off so that i don't have to face the world! Don't make me have to suffer TUESDAY by asking me about it!!! I also dislike girls who drink pints, smoke and generally act like men!!

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Making Skoobies / Scoobies

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Attempting to see how affective this title will be in receiving random hits! Nice picture of scooby for you though!

goode says:


11th Nov 2005, 07:25

bmal says:

noy really working is it

11th Nov 2005, 09:13

Geodyne says:

Well, I hit it because bmal's comment put it at the top of the comment list (you have to view a good trainwreck), so it worked at least once.

Oh yeah, and - nice shot!

11th Nov 2005, 09:24

goode says:

won't work until it's listed in google... give it time!

11th Nov 2005, 13:30

lard says:

I think it helps if you mention skoobies in the comments as well.

Not that I'd do a thing like that, oh no, not me.

11th Nov 2005, 13:32

goode says:

Yeah 'm sure if you mention any of the following Scoobies, Scoubidou, Skoobies, Scooby Doos it might just help?!

11th Nov 2005, 13:44

goode says:


11th Nov 2005, 13:52

bmal says:

i liked it in a long line ,Skoobies,Skoobies,

11th Nov 2005, 13:53

Joe says:

just repeating the word over and over will make google less likely to rank it, google's algorithm is very complex, and not easily fooled. words used in context are more likely to improve pagerank.

11th Nov 2005, 13:54

bmal says:

i like Skoobies, they are fun i love Skoobies, i make Skoobies all day, do you like Skoobies? have you got any Skoobies?

is that better?

11th Nov 2005, 13:55

Joe says:

no, thats just annoying.

11th Nov 2005, 13:56

bmal says:

tee hee

11th Nov 2005, 13:56

bmal says:

by the way i fuc*ing hate Skoobies,

11th Nov 2005, 13:57

goode says:

something that's not boring... Half naked ladies! See HERE!

*EDIT* As it suggests there are half naked ladies behind the link!

11th Nov 2005, 13:58

bmal says:

oh yes the ladies are really nice

11th Nov 2005, 13:59

Joe says:

thanks Goode, I just clicked on that link, and I'm now in trouble with my boss.

11th Nov 2005, 14:01

goode says:

sorry man shout have added "there are girls there" at the end of it!

11th Nov 2005, 14:03

Anonymous says:

this is shite!

5th Aug 2008, 18:54