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Episode II!!!

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Oh no! Another wasp!!! *recoilis in shock*
14th Nov 2005, 13:30  


bmal says:

oh no not another wasp damn them they will never stop

14th Nov 2005, 13:35

Joe says:

call the A team....clearly no-one else can help.

14th Nov 2005, 13:37

Amanda says:

Is it posing in front of the mirror asking "does my bum look big in this?"!

14th Nov 2005, 13:45

mugofdoom says:

i want wasps to form my animal army

14th Nov 2005, 13:46

critical g says:

a girl in my office called the exterminators out because she found 1 bug! whats going on!

14th Nov 2005, 14:02

mugofdoom says:

girls are week the mug will catch the bugs in him

14th Nov 2005, 14:03

spongevid says:

AHAHAHAHA!! that sign is pure genius!

14th Nov 2005, 14:27

Helen says:

*Rolls eyes*

Oh deary me. I might put one of those on the men's toilet door tomorrow.


14th Nov 2005, 17:55

FakeID says:

Health and safety gone mad!

18th Nov 2005, 19:05