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14th Jun 2004, 14:37  

VenusInFurs says:

You're constantly amazed by the bright shiny ball of fire in the sky, aren't you?

14th Jun 2004, 15:27

slinka says:

Almost looks like a picture of the cosmos.

14th Jun 2004, 15:54

Warren Ellis says:

We don't see it often here, you know.

14th Jun 2004, 16:32

nomad says:

when we get it folk complain its too hot. and when it cloudy people complain it never sunny. no pleasin some folk

14th Jun 2004, 16:40

nomad says:

aye true

**flicks forked tongue to taste air

14th Jun 2004, 17:02

Evil_Tim says:

whats the temp were you are is 94 here.

14th Jun 2004, 18:44

Warren Ellis says:

9pm, it's 73F here right now,. humidity holding around 50%...

14th Jun 2004, 21:07

Melinda says:

4:15 here.
88F. Humidity at 58.

But inside my office it's 60F.
Stupid AC.

14th Jun 2004, 21:20

painloathing says:

71F. Humidity at 81%. Thunderstorms hitting tonight and tomorrow. Bring on the crummy weather....

14th Jun 2004, 21:27

Warren Ellis says:

theeere's a storrrrrm comin'


14th Jun 2004, 21:52

Jennifer says:

90F or 32C
humidity 55%

14th Jun 2004, 21:55

Melinda says:

Is that arrrrrrrrrrrrrrr as in arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrGh? Or are you being a pirate?


14th Jun 2004, 22:06

Melinda says:

Nevermind. I know the answer.

Warren Ellis.
Licentious Cerebral Buccaneer.

14th Jun 2004, 22:09

Warren Ellis says:


15th Jun 2004, 00:46

MontiLee says:

ooo - it's too hot

ooo - it's not sunny enough

try - oh my god, there goes my house. I get to wake up during the summer wondering a) is my car is still in the drive, b) there's a tree on my car, or the ever popular c) there's my car in that tree.

Which I suppose doesn't really matter when the streets are flooded and Pennywise is gurgling in the sewer, "we all float down here".

Greetings from Oakland County, MI, where no matter where you live, your property is prime lake front once a week.

Forcast - mostly sunny. Highs 81 to 85. Light and variable winds. (don't worry, the storms return tomorrow)

15th Jun 2004, 14:11

Evil_Tim says:

Its 11:35 PM , 84 out side and ALL IS SHIT!!

16th Jun 2004, 04:37

Amber says:

2:30pm, EDT Sunny out.
Somewhere around 65-70
Humidity relatively low, but damned if I know what.

Storms are moving in for this week. Mmmmm, electricity.

...the phrase 'licentious cerebral buccaneer' is making my left eye twitch.

Of course, I keep seeing it as 'Licensed' cerebral buccaneer, and I'm wondering where Warren got himself certified to board other people's grey matter. Because that's just too perfect. Can you see it now? The Dread Pirate Ellis using his hook to crack open the cranium of some poor defenseless sot and pour in such things as inspiration, red bull and smoking blue urine.

16th Jun 2004, 19:31

Evil_Tim says:

Now that sounds like a good ideal for a comic.

17th Jun 2004, 19:45

Shoes says:

Great pic....your head goin' supernova?

21st Jun 2004, 11:08

thedude says:

makes a difference from cold, dont want ti warm all the time though. were not lizards afterall.

8th Jun 2008, 16:30

thedude says:

See, its so warm i'm having problems typing.

8th Jun 2008, 16:30

thedude says:

well its like 24c, its not often it gets above 20 in old britania.

8th Jun 2008, 16:31

thedude says:

Too warm. Cant sleep. Too sticky.

8th Jun 2008, 16:31