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I make things on the web, mobile and in the actual world.

I've done lots of bits and bobs over the years, and right now I'm mostly working on this.

I enjoy speaking about things I like, most recently this. You can email me if you'd like, and I'm on twitter.

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Xmas Competition?

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Im trying to think of a great Xmas competition for the site, and also who the best partner would be to do it...

We probably do too many comps with Sony Ericsson and other handheld folks, so Im trying to think of something that would still be really fun (with great prizes), but not necessarily a phonecam....

Ideas *really* appreciated...
5th Dec 2005, 17:01   | tags:,,,

Mr Bmal says:

good idea but i cannot think of any ideas to help you sorry

5th Dec 2005, 17:02

Rich says:

Yeah, a swish Propah Camera. Or a laptop. I need a laptop.

5th Dec 2005, 17:14

beth says:

or a holiday..

5th Dec 2005, 17:19

rach says:

i ll go o holiday, scottiland!

5th Dec 2005, 17:21

onceupon says:

A regular camera isn't a bad idea. 'S in keeping with the photo-blogging idea.

5th Dec 2005, 17:21

spongevid says:

prizewise - a proper fancy swish camera sounds like a good idea.

or just go totally off-topic for anything mobloggy and you can win a hamper of random fun things we can all donate, like socks, and travel games and fun things.

ok maybe that is a tad silly, scratch tht.

5th Dec 2005, 17:24

bronxelf says:

Airlines? You could send people someplace.

laptops, as has been said...

Apple? Video Ipods?

5th Dec 2005, 17:28

teflon says:

since so many people here are fans, how about something with the nice people at innocent?

5th Dec 2005, 17:40

Rich says:

Wi-fi enabled smoothies!

5th Dec 2005, 17:47

teflon says:


5th Dec 2005, 17:47

alfie says:

hahahaha!! Wi-Fi enabled smoothies; utter genius, I dont know how I got along without them this far.

Ok, all good ideas, what about the actual competition content, what would we be shooting, whats the theme?

(Boys in Dresses is taken)

5th Dec 2005, 17:50

teflon says:

you could do something nice and innocent.. like wi-fi enabled angels?

5th Dec 2005, 17:51

onceupon says:

What are you doing with Boys in Dresses? I feel I have missed something important!

5th Dec 2005, 17:53

alfie says:

It was decided in this comment thread, that it would be an excellent idea (pioneered by Steve in the memorable movie moments contest), to doll ourselves up in skirts.

If this is a contest, I would so win, in the words of Brodieman in Mallrats "I'd make a sexy chick!"

5th Dec 2005, 17:55

onceupon says:

*grin* I remember the comment thread but I didn't realize there was actually going to be a Boys in Skirts fashion show. Excellent.

5th Dec 2005, 18:02

ookiine says:

Competition - The tackiest Xmas decorations on a house???

Prize - iPod or some other mp3 player??

5th Dec 2005, 20:14

beth says:

no just the best christmas greetings or christmas message wins/..

5th Dec 2005, 20:53

alfie says:

hmmn, we could maybe do a video blog one with that theme, best greeting or xmas message on video - and then try and secure a couple of video ipods for it?
Nice idea Bethany.

5th Dec 2005, 21:06

beth says:

i'm a conceptual girl.

no really. jobs anyone? i'm pretty cheap. 14 grand a year and i'm anyone's..

-goes to cry herself to sleep over broken mp3 players-

5th Dec 2005, 22:19

bronxelf says:

I'd shoot for images of holiday decorations, wherever you are in the world.

6th Dec 2005, 07:25

Mr Bmal says:

i like the camera idea or the ipod video, as for the game i like video competition that sounds fun

6th Dec 2005, 09:19

alfie says:

Awesome idea Swamprose - I dont have that much time to organise this though, so it may have to wait for another time, but it's a GREAT idea.

6th Dec 2005, 16:30

A says:

how about a tackiest xmas card blog?

6th Dec 2005, 23:48

Helen says:

I like that.

7th Dec 2005, 00:02

A says:

I saw some crackers today! (and some crackers incidentally)

7th Dec 2005, 00:44

Dhamaka says:

The most offbeat seasonal message would keep me coming back to see what was posted, which is surely part of the point

(edit) or most gratutious use of technology for seasonal adverts (idea from Teflon clicky)

Or the most icky clicky (or am I tempting providence here..)

7th Dec 2005, 08:12

alfie says:

I was quite seriously thinking of doing an anti christmas...

How about teaming up with href="" target="_blank"> and doing a ninja Vs pirates xmas comp? :D

the style sheet alone would make it worthwhile....

8th Dec 2005, 09:40

Groovicron says:

Have yourself a stealthy ninja christmas
From the darkness strike
From now on your killings
will be out of sight.

And so on.

8th Dec 2005, 10:00

alfie says:


mate, this *is* the christmas comp isnt it?

8th Dec 2005, 10:01

Groovicron says:

Right... oh I like this comp idea. I like it alot :-D

8th Dec 2005, 10:06

Joe says:

1. Ninjas are mammals.
2. Ninjas fight ALL the time.
3. The purpose of the ninja is to flip out and kill people.


8th Dec 2005, 10:06

mat says:

Why be so exclusive? Why not open it up to include Zombies and Pirates as well?

Zombie Ninja Pirate Christmas....

8th Dec 2005, 10:11

alfie says:


thats nearly a quorum. we have our xmas contest :D


8th Dec 2005, 10:12

alfie says:






8th Dec 2005, 10:14

bronxelf says:

Oh god.

You zaid the magic Z word. Now APK, Wombat and Xalieri will be ALL OVER this.

Me? I'm sticking with Ninjas.

They have weapons. Nice, sharp bladed weapons.... yesssssss....

8th Dec 2005, 10:15

alfie says:

Its the best kind of contest, the kind of contest where people CAN DIE! by taking part :D

8th Dec 2005, 10:20

bronxelf says:

That's always MY favourite kind.

But you knew that.

*sharpens weapons, idly*

8th Dec 2005, 10:22

Groovicron says:

Santa must be a Ninja to stealthily deleiver all those pressies without being spotted.

Jesus, returned from the dead, obivously a zombie (probably kept the brain eating out of the bible for PR reasons).

Not sure how to work Pirates in yet.

8th Dec 2005, 10:23

alfie says:

Oliver NOrth would be a pirate, as would Orson Welles somehow :D

8th Dec 2005, 10:25

Joe says:

so the contest is, we all don ninja/zombie/pirate outfits, enter an arena, and the last one standing wins something?

8th Dec 2005, 10:29

mat says:

I think you can probably pick and mix between Zombie, Pirate and Ninja motifs for your entries.. No doubt with hilarious results.

We'll want a short paragraph describing the competition theme. Anyone? I could almost just go with:

"Zombie Ninja Pirate Christmas! A festive photo featuring one, two or all of the above themes. Great prizes to be won."

8th Dec 2005, 10:30

alfie says:

photos, christmas zombie audio greetings, casual slaying via videophone blah blah blah

Does anyone fancy designing a f**cking AWESOME style sheet for this?

8th Dec 2005, 10:35

kostika says:

Don't forget the giant robots. Chiks dig giant robots.

8th Dec 2005, 10:35

alfie says:


oh man.... :D

although.... OF COURSE!!

sigh, I think we should have a seperate robot thing sometime, thats how hot robots are.

just ask Robox, king of all robots.

8th Dec 2005, 10:36

Joe says:

I'll design one of my usual mediocre ones if you like

8th Dec 2005, 10:37

mat says:

Joe - can you base it on the default css if you do? ta. also, got your post today, will email you shortly.

8th Dec 2005, 10:39

alfie says:

mediocre? BAH HAMBURG!

you gots the time and the glee, please do it mate.

8th Dec 2005, 10:43

bronxelf says:

Kostika-- Have you ever heard "Chicks Dig Robots" by Mike Doughty?

8th Dec 2005, 10:43

Euphro says:

Groovicron, those song lyrics just rock!

8th Dec 2005, 10:43

kostika says:

Belf..I haven't. I fear I may need to find it now.

8th Dec 2005, 10:45

bronxelf says:

I'll send it over. Hangon.

8th Dec 2005, 10:51

kostika says:

My main email addy isn't working right now. And I don't think Gmail can handle something as big as an MP3. How big is it?

8th Dec 2005, 10:54

bronxelf says:

Just a little over a mb. It's not that long.

8th Dec 2005, 11:02

Joe says:

if I'm gonna do a style sheet for this, I could do with some vector characters, ninja,pirate,zombie....any talented illustrators out there want to help?

8th Dec 2005, 11:03

mat says:

don't forget robots...

ninja pirate zombie robot christmas.. :)

8th Dec 2005, 11:17

Shoes says:

Groovicron, i think three wise pirates visited baby Jesus/Zombie and gave him lots of treasure didnt they??

LOVE the lyrics, cheered me up no end :)

Great comp idea.

8th Dec 2005, 11:18

Joe says: robox will be after me

8th Dec 2005, 11:18

Shoes says:

Robots too!?! Shit! i just knew there was something suspect about that little donkey....

8th Dec 2005, 11:22

technokitten says:

what about the lovely fellas at Stormhoek. They like giving wine to bloggers so they might just stump up some wine for you too. Worth a shot.

20th Dec 2005, 17:13