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You can't take a photo of this, it's already gone.

This week I have been mostly... sleepy

I have been mostly playing with my new Canon 5D Mk II

I'm currently reading... White Gold Wielder, Stephen Donaldson

I am mostly listening to... Muse

I am currently... Writing a paper

When I should be... Working harder

I am most looking forward to... The Muse concert on Thursday :)

This weekend I am... probably cooking an Easter dinner for everyone.

The website for my lab

My brothers website

An amazingly good program that can recover lost/deleted photos

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Me, totally naked...

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I'm quite proud of this photo. This is my karyotype.

Essentially it's the DNA complement of (almost) every cell in my body, arranged in chromosome pairs. This was taken on a fluorescence microscope rather than my mobile, but hey. They've been used to look for major chromosomal abnormalities (for example 3 copies of chromosome
21 causes Down's syndrome), but I had mine done as a negative control for a friends experiment. Fortunately it seems I'm normal (although I'm sure my friends would dispute this).

Credit to Liz for taking this shot/staining my DNA

teflon says:

totally naked? FILTH! :)

5th Dec 2005, 17:35

OJ says:

I have no idea what any of those blobs mean for your chromosome pairs, but it's very cool anyway.

I'd like to see the day you can do that on your Sony Ericsson rather than a fluorescence microscope..... Perhaps that should be the next competition Alfie's looking for....

5th Dec 2005, 17:38

Helen says:

Fantastic. It's nice to be normal, medically.

5th Dec 2005, 22:32

kim says:

Are they sure that's a Y???

5th Dec 2005, 22:59

Spike says:

and so the first step to cloning a rareaquaticbadger is in the pipe lines


5th Dec 2005, 23:04

spongevid says:

oooooh! that is rather cool!
in a way i'd kinda be freaked to get mine done incase something odd about me popped up!

5th Dec 2005, 23:30

VeeB says:

If I post you over a strand of my hair, can you do mine? I want to know what my abnormalities are...

6th Dec 2005, 03:36

Head like a hole says:

As a previous Y-chrom researcher I have top say that Y does look a little diminished:-)

6th Dec 2005, 10:52

crickson says:

Now now, lets not tease RAB about the size of his Y. It's what you do with it that counts.

6th Dec 2005, 11:37

Oi! I've got a perfectly normal Y chromosome I'll have you know. At least normal in the gross morphological sense.

Spike> being a geneticists means I'm in the right field to start cloning my army of mutant killer badgers. Oh, and you missed out the obligitary evil-laugh.

VeeB> I'd need some of your blood rather than a hair O_o Besides, I don't think you've got any abnormalities. Cool songs by the way!

Crickson/HlaH/Kim/etc.> hush. You're just jealous of my raw masculinity (*goes off to stretch his Y chromosome in photoshop*).

6th Dec 2005, 19:50

Steve says:

V cool

6th Dec 2005, 19:52

Dhamaka says:

what Steve says

7th Dec 2005, 08:19

Thanks guys! :oD

7th Dec 2005, 19:07

daz says:

Stretch your y chromosome?

Don't let the spammers hear that - next thing you know, you'll be getting spam emails advertising "Y chromosome enhancement - enlarge your masculinity from inside out!". :)

7th Dec 2005, 19:55

crickson says:

Ha ha ha! Don't tempt fate Daz!

*seriously considers mocking up a spam email for RAB...

*just doesn't have the time.

8th Dec 2005, 10:12

daz says:

boo. :)

8th Dec 2005, 16:57

hahaha... Thanks for the warning Daz. The sad thing is I could so see that happening too.

On the other hand you could be on to something... Hmm... *dreams up new spamming enterprise*

8th Dec 2005, 22:50

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