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Images of doom. Also, Orlando. With the occasional spot of metamoblogging. Because being recursive is fun.

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That strange shiny circle? That's where a promo sticker used to be. The same
sticker that is now INSIDE my cd drive.
7th Dec 2005, 15:00   | tags:


Joe says:

uh oh!

7th Dec 2005, 15:01

goode says:

gutted for you!

7th Dec 2005, 15:03

onceupon says:

And I can't call IT right now because we're SWAMPED and behind on deadlines. They'd have the machine for DAYS.

I'd take it to the Apple store, but they've got crap turn around on anything involving opening the case.

7th Dec 2005, 15:05

Dhamaka says:


7th Dec 2005, 15:07

Geodyne says:

Eep - sympathy.

7th Dec 2005, 15:13

onceupon says:

TOTALLY oops. *cries*

This does not bode well for the rest of the day.

7th Dec 2005, 15:19

Euphro says:

Poor you :( Has the drive stopped working (asking on the off chance that the sticker has lodged itself somewhere non-essential inside the drive, in which case you could probably use it for anything absolutely essential)? Also, is it a lap-top style drive or a fatter type? When you open the drawer, can you see the sticker anywhere inside (you may need a flashlight to be sure)? If so you could use something non-conducting (like a plastic crochet needle) to try and get it out. Probably all useless suggestions, but worth a try. :)

7th Dec 2005, 15:27

Gael says:

eyebrow tweezers sometimes help - like when the kids put digestives in the DVD and toast in the video ...

7th Dec 2005, 15:32

onceupon says:

It's a Powerbook -- the drive is internal and there is no drawer, unfortunately. I've tried an index card, in the hopes that the sticker would stick to it, but no luck.

The sticker seems to have settled somewhere important though, as the drive rejects any cds put into it -- the cd goes in, the drive attempts to spin the cd, then the cd gets spat back out.

This is Not Good.

Gael -- Good suggestion and one I've used on other machines! Unfortunately, the powerbook has a really narrow opening and no drawer. *sob*

7th Dec 2005, 15:36

Euphro says:

Ah, I understand, a slot-load drive. Can you take the front casing off easily (probably not, knowing Macs)?

7th Dec 2005, 16:08

onceupon says:

I wish I were so lucky! Nope.


This is not a good week.

7th Dec 2005, 16:10

ElphsHouse says:

oh, poop, crap and bugger.
sorry : (

7th Dec 2005, 17:52

onceupon says:

Hey! I was wondering were you'd gotten off to. How've you been?

7th Dec 2005, 17:54

ElphsHouse says:

good! but busy. my mother was in town, and hogged the computer a lot, so I made stuff while she played solitaire!

7th Dec 2005, 17:55

Dhamaka says:

let us know how this goes, feelin' for ya over here

7th Dec 2005, 23:16

Euphro says:

Any news?

8th Dec 2005, 15:53

onceupon says:


Talked to one of the tech guys, unofficially. My best bet is to live without the drive since I'm not using it for anything work-related right now and I CANNOT spare my machine for these next two weeks, probably. Deadlines are fast approaching! Then, because it's still under warranty, they will probably just send it off and get the drive replaced rather than muck around trying to fish the sticker out.


At least no one seems mad about it. I feel pretty stupid though.

8th Dec 2005, 16:06

Mr Bmal says:

that dont sound good

8th Dec 2005, 16:12

onceupon says:

It's just going to take a while to resolve, since I can't spare the machine right now. *sigh*

8th Dec 2005, 16:17

seaneeboy says:

Ah well, at least memory sticks have made big-file-portability that bit easier these days :)

8th Dec 2005, 16:20

onceupon says:

BLESS YOU, seaneeboy! I've gotten into the habit of just burning whatever info I need onto cd.... But I've got a thumb drive at home that I had completely forgotten about. That will make life SO much easier when they send this thing off. Yay!

8th Dec 2005, 16:23

Mr Bmal says:

my mate had a firm wear problem with his g4 ibook at the time we had our dissertation and he couldnt send it off for a couple of weeks.

8th Dec 2005, 16:24

onceupon says:

UGH. That's awful, bmal!

8th Dec 2005, 16:27

seaneeboy says:

Happy to Help onceupon!

8th Dec 2005, 16:28

Euphro says:

It could have happened to anyone. The outer edge of a CD-ROM spinning at 40x moves at more than 1/3 the speed of sound. It's not surprising that the label flew off :)

8th Dec 2005, 17:04

onceupon says:

That makes me feel a lot better, Euphro. Thank you.

8th Dec 2005, 17:08

seaneeboy says:

I remember hearing somewhere that they managed to create a 70x drive - but it was so fast it warped any CD they put in :o

(Possibly an urban legend though!)

13th Dec 2005, 16:10

onceupon says:

A quick search on Snopes reveals nothing about that, while a google search reveals 70x cd drives for sale....

13th Dec 2005, 16:17

seaneeboy says:

Meh, probably one of those youthful bravado things then :)

13th Dec 2005, 16:22