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Fosters is good.

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14th Dec 2005, 08:09  


Geodyne says:

I'm glad someone likes it.

We export it so we don't have to drink it. ;-)

14th Dec 2005, 09:23

gerrod says:

What are you talking about?! Fosters - bad!

It's so wierd seeing you with a shaved head!

14th Dec 2005, 14:45

dmfreedom says:

I never thought I would see the day someone said Fosters was good.. Never drunk the stuff though, so wouldnt really know. There is a rumour that Crown Lager in Australia is the same thing in a posh bottle...

14th Dec 2005, 15:08

Geodyne says:

I can attest that that's not true.

I can tell you that the 'Fosters' drunk outside Australia is a different and far superior beast to the domestic Fosters.

14th Dec 2005, 15:23