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19th Dec 2005, 21:24   | tags:,,

beth says:

aaaaaaaaaawww pingvin!

19th Dec 2005, 21:25

Helen says:

where are the eyebrows?

19th Dec 2005, 21:26

Steve says:

one in the middle facing the right

19th Dec 2005, 21:29

teflon says:

yay for penguins! they're officially kelly's second favourite animal, y'know.
diidn't you meet the monkeys too?

19th Dec 2005, 23:28

Steve says:

I think they may have gone home for Christmas as there were only a couple there.

The Monkeys are facinating though

19th Dec 2005, 23:45

teflon says:

Ah, I don't blame them, it's chilly out!

oh, kel also keeps asking me for a penguin for Christmas. You didn't happen to take one home with you, did you? I'll happily take it off your hands...

19th Dec 2005, 23:47

Steve says:

I did concider it, they are very cool and slightly shifty

19th Dec 2005, 23:49

teflon says:

I might have to mount a dawn raid on the zoo on Thursday, then. Hope I've got enough wrapping paper...

19th Dec 2005, 23:50

Steve says:

If you do get me one with eyebrows!

19th Dec 2005, 23:52

ookiine says:


20th Dec 2005, 01:09

beth says:

20th Dec 2005, 11:33

Helen says:

Who's going to be a happy girl on Christmas day?

20th Dec 2005, 17:14

kel says:

oooh! i am! :) yay!!!!!

20th Dec 2005, 17:20

kel says:

Although very sad if baby penguin dies, obviously. Ahem. (Won't the wrapping paper keep it warm?)

20th Dec 2005, 17:22

teflon says:

I ain't saying nothin'... *whistles*

20th Dec 2005, 17:32

Helen says:

He has five days, and that could be a conservative estimate... he may just make it to Christmas.

20th Dec 2005, 17:33

beth says:

a penguin isn't just for christmas though ::(

20th Dec 2005, 18:20