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I make things on the web, mobile and in the actual world.

I've done lots of bits and bobs over the years, and right now I'm mostly working on this.

I enjoy speaking about things I like, most recently this. You can email me if you'd like, and I'm on twitter.

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Any london mobloggers, please come along to this amazingly odd event with me
this friday? Here are the details :


when : Friday 18th June 18.11 pm
Where : Euston Station, Upstairs.

Basically, bring a walkman, a radio, whatever, and come dance. Well, those
people dancing will be doing that, me? Ill be moblogging the event and
posting video and images throughout the evening. It would be ACE if anyone
London ways would like to join me.

More details here :
there is also a Yahoo Group.

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Melinda says:

Dagnabbit, bring it to CANADA!

17th Jun 2004, 14:41

Joe_Archer says:

What a brilliant idea....unfortunately I'll be eating top notch food in a swanky organic restaurant for my younger brothers birthday...

17th Jun 2004, 14:45

Salinger(salinger-at-london-dot-com) says:

Melinda. set one up...

17th Jun 2004, 15:49

sounds like some nerdy fun...

17th Jun 2004, 16:09

Alfie says:

Hey check it, Salinger here is the man who sets it up - he's offering a franchise opportunity Mel! Imagine the fun! ;)

17th Jun 2004, 16:12

Alfie says:

Exactly - looks like Salingers Franchise method might work. =)

17th Jun 2004, 16:47

slinka says:

You better invite me to THIS party, Mel. ;P

17th Jun 2004, 17:00

eversion says:

You're gonna need one of these:

18th Jun 2004, 08:50

Alfie says:

oooh, what a great find - particularly suited for teh rugged outdoorsman.

18th Jun 2004, 09:06

anonymous(jane_doe7582-at-classnet-dot-pl) says:

Please check out the sites in the field of...

1st Apr 2005, 09:14

thedude says:

i would normall, but seein as i live like 4 hours away on the train, im not gunna bother. Although i could set one up in manchester

8th Jun 2008, 16:36

thedude says:

I'd do one in manc. But is there anyone else outthere in manchester? Scream for me my children!

8th Jun 2008, 16:36