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A young chap, slumped unconscious at the bar, as you do on 'Mad Friday', attracts the attention of a couple of young lasses who decide to decorate his neck with their eyeliner pencils.

The bloke wakes up and the one on the left realises he's someone she doesn't like.

All in good fun though in the Matchmaker's bar.
24th Dec 2005, 12:37  


frog51 says:

Nice - was Kirkwall good fun then?

27th Dec 2005, 17:48

spoon_lamp says:

...seems unlikely...
Karl, I'm disappointed. A man of your calibre finding himself in a seedy, kid-orientated joint like 'Matchies'..? You're better than this...I know you are! I'VE SEEN YOU DANCE!!!

Having said that, its a fun place to people watch...or it was 10 years ago...

30th Dec 2005, 09:40

spoon_lamp says:

Oops! Double post, sorry........

30th Dec 2005, 09:40

karlsplatz says:

It wasn't Matchmakers, the disco, but Matchmakers, the stand in for the Bothy.

Basically the usual Bothy punters had moved though since the fire.

Nah, wouldn't have gone to the disco thing. Too much rubbish music.

30th Dec 2005, 20:13