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Visiting the pack

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Visited my father's dogs today while he was at work...
1 - Sophie & Abra
2 - Abra (again)
3 - Michael trying to jump up on my lap (with Stella in the background)
4 - Old man Charles just standing there waiting to be petted (with Stella in the background)


ukmari says:

how many dogs does your dad have?

24th Dec 2005, 21:27

ookiine says:

Nine... 5 miniature schnauzers, 2 Chinese cresteds, 1 golden retriever, and 1 border collie.

25th Dec 2005, 01:18

mcgandhi says:

is my comment box fux0r3d or is someone deleting my posts?

25th Dec 2005, 08:08

ookiine says:

I think your comment box is FUCKED, along with other things...

25th Dec 2005, 14:34

ilanna says:

well the border collie is important to have... ride heard on the rest of them... 9 is a lot of dogs. :)

27th Dec 2005, 19:24

ookiine says:

Nah, she's a spaz like the golden...

28th Dec 2005, 09:54