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Helen thinks she looks like a horse

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1st Jan 2006, 10:58   | tags:,,,

Geodyne says:

No...she looks gorgeous!

1st Jan 2006, 10:59

Gael says:

Happy New Year Helen and Steve! Did you see the fireworks on the South Bank last night? Awesome!
Goldfrapp's backing dancers on Jools Holland's show last night, now they really were equine

1st Jan 2006, 11:07

Steve says:

We saw them from the comfort of a friends house.

Happy new year to you both too

I think she looks gorgeous as well!

1st Jan 2006, 11:13

Steve says:

Can't believe that no one has said "Nay" yet

1st Jan 2006, 11:14

Dhamaka says:

N.. N... sorry - can't do it. Helen looks fantastic. Happy New Year to both of you

1st Jan 2006, 11:40

Viv says:

Happy New year to you both xxxxxx

1st Jan 2006, 13:44

Steve says:

Thanks, and you

1st Jan 2006, 13:47

Euphro says:

Happy New Year to both of you! And, Helen looks gorgeous :)

1st Jan 2006, 21:09

teflon says:

well, the mane thing is that it's a good photo.

2nd Jan 2006, 00:11

critical g says:

she looks hot to trot. cough.

2nd Jan 2006, 03:04

Steve says:

I had to give her a sugar cube to keep her still

2nd Jan 2006, 12:41

Steve says:

She also has a sore throat at the moment..... so you could say "she's a little horse"

2nd Jan 2006, 12:42

Twiglet says:

What a load of old pony, Helen looks nothing like a horse!

3rd Jan 2006, 12:59

Steve says:

The crowd has spoken methinks

3rd Jan 2006, 13:05

roxy says:

ohh thats bullshit...nothing like a she has amazingly gorgeous gorgeous hair

27th Jan 2006, 07:13

Steve says:

Yes she does...... have lovely hair, not look like a horse

27th Jan 2006, 07:44

hp says:

cool!! red hair! and finally someone with my name under 40!! lol

4th May 2006, 01:51

Steve says:

The coolest

4th May 2006, 10:38

helen(sevenhelz-at-ippimail-dot-com) says:

This is quite amusing. I searched for "Helen looks like" as part of a meme, and this is the first site that came up. My boyfriend's name is Steve...

9th Aug 2006, 21:35

Helen again says:

Actually the weird part is someone once told my bf I look like a horse...

9th Aug 2006, 21:36

Steve says:

I am sure that you look as much like a horse as my Helen does.

9th Aug 2006, 22:45