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5th Jan 2006, 22:54  

ookiine says:

Pretty cool..

5th Jan 2006, 22:55

Viv says:

yeah, yeah!

5th Jan 2006, 22:58

beth says:


5th Jan 2006, 23:00

Steve says:

To be fair she made me do it

6th Jan 2006, 00:55

Steve says:

Although I decided to add the fat face myself!

6th Jan 2006, 00:56

JokerXL says:

I've just been trying to do that for the last half hour.
Only thing we got out of it was belly ache from laughing so much!

6th Jan 2006, 21:21

melissaamy says:

wow, cool shot!

7th Jan 2006, 02:45

Steve says:

7th Jan 2006, 13:18

onceupon says:

Helen that is so cool!

7th Jan 2006, 13:20

Steve says:

Two very creative sisters, actually make that a creative family!

7th Jan 2006, 13:22

onceupon says:

I can only blame just having woken up on a friend's couch for the original mistyping of the name., That and the most bizarre dream about a pimped out plush school bus with headphones by Sony and suede seats.

7th Jan 2006, 13:27

Steve says:

It took a moment to work that out I read it as a "Misty-ping" I have no idea what that might be, something very technical :)

I dreamt that I was in Stargate last night and there were very nasty things coming to get the earth! we ended up sticking two gates facing each other very closely to stop anyone getting through.

I'm not normally that geeky and havn't watched it in ages....... maybe its a sign?

7th Jan 2006, 13:31

onceupon says:

That's such a great movie, One of the few where James Spader doesn't trade on his inherent snake oil salesman aura.

Man, I love James Spader.

That IS a geeky dream. *grin* I think you need to watch Stargate IMMEDIATELY.

7th Jan 2006, 13:35

Steve says:

Nope we are going glasses shopping!

7th Jan 2006, 13:42

onceupon says:

That is fun, too. New glasses are so exciting. Though I remember she said she has trouble finding frames she likes. So good luck!

7th Jan 2006, 13:46