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Windows is up and running, finally (after much toy-throwing-from-pram reinstalls), and I went for bog-standard Windows XP32 in the end, 'cos there's no drivers for anything in X64. Linux was very happy indeed doing the 64bit thing, but then windows bitched about it's partition location and I ended up having to repartition the whole damn drive.

however, this is my cooling rig. that's a 12cm fan at the top of those heatpipes. motherfucker blows *cold* air out the back of the case, AND it's running at it's lowest rpm, AND it's nearly silent.

Ever heard a G5 tower case? Mine's quieter. Very chuffed.

Now some updating downloading/driver installing/de-uglifying for XP, then it's time to fix Linux up good n'proper. Then see how fast it can calculate Pi to 1,000,000 places.

Anyone who's sent me email recently can expect a reply in the next few days - I've still got stuff to fix/set up with this machine, but at least it's booting now.

(new computer thanks mostly to extravagant birthday giftage from my Dad and sale of tinyserver)
9th Jan 2006, 07:03  

kozika says:

Congratulations! Mat!

Wonderful, new machine!
*really* *really* wonderful!

I appreciate the wonderful system of moblogUK by which you are managing.
((Thank you very much.))

9th Jan 2006, 08:35