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...bought another ipod. oops. but apparently these ones have been much more reliable... and its BLACK so psh, i couldn't not! and the man in pc world promised me i could take it back to them and not have to deal with apple. i'm gonna ring them and tell them it's broke and see what they tell me to do before my 14 days are up just to check though!

i need a cloth to clean it.
15th Jan 2006, 16:13  

Rob says:

very cool.... what music are you playing on it?

15th Jan 2006, 16:17

Jeff Buckley :)

15th Jan 2006, 16:19

A says:

2nd picture is wicked - except you are branded with the apple

15th Jan 2006, 16:21

thanks.. i meant for that one to go first but i wasn't paying attention when i posted it!

15th Jan 2006, 16:23

what did you do with your old one?

15th Jan 2006, 16:28

sent it back to apple and got a refund! piece o' crap!

15th Jan 2006, 16:29

Joe says:

very shexy....black ones look so nice...mine is looking very battered now.

15th Jan 2006, 16:40

indeed. i named it 'little black number' on itunes heh. i want to get a skin to protect it but it's just so damn pretty i don't want to cover the shiny blackness up!

15th Jan 2006, 16:47

Joe says:

what you need is a groovy iPod sock

15th Jan 2006, 16:51

i got a case with it actually, it's kinda suedey and snug and will do the job for now. I have more important things to buy in the meantime, all 4 series of 24 for example!

15th Jan 2006, 17:00

spongevid says:

ooh shiny shiny!!

i made an iPod sock out of an old mini mouse glove. I lost the one so put it to good use!!

15th Jan 2006, 17:03

seaneeboy says:

Yep, mine looks "well worn" now :)

15th Jan 2006, 17:04

'worn look' ones would probably be quite sought after, way cool retro had one before the hype type thing ;)

mine never lasted long enough for it to look worn!

15th Jan 2006, 17:07

what went wrong with it and how long did ya have it before it died?

15th Jan 2006, 19:00

everything that can go wrong with an ipod i think! song skipping, exclamation mark folders, sad ipod faces, randomly wiping itself, delayed controls. I had 3 exchanges in a year so they gave me a refund.

15th Jan 2006, 19:30

beth says:

you're just a glutton for punishment :)

they are very pretty though.

i quit my job. wooo

16th Jan 2006, 02:02

James says:

Woo for your new iPod and woo for you becoming a subscriber! Your blue stars rock and your avatar is very apt indeed!

16th Jan 2006, 02:06

James says:

Ooooh! Totally new fixed theme with clever logo too!

16th Jan 2006, 11:27

i like the new theme very good stary

16th Jan 2006, 11:29

hurrah for getting round to subscribing at last and thank you to Joe for helping me figure out what the hell i was doing with the css! and also hurrah for cult tv series having their logo font on their website and further enabling my geekery.

beth beth beth! how come? wha happened?

16th Jan 2006, 11:40

very nice mods you somewhat false 23 year old - on course for your ambition eh? 'pooter geek ;o)
also, you look so evil in that second shot, i was expecting an evil 'mwahahahahaaa' sound when I saw it. Still, lovely pod.

16th Jan 2006, 12:48

beth says:

kelly - i just got bored.. need to broaden my horzons is all.. i'm quite excited by it all to be honest

19th Jan 2006, 00:35

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