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These are random moments in the life of an indecent designer and the city she loves.

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And can we really measure
If we think we're any better
than that skyline that goes on and on
forever, on and on...."

- Less Than Jake: Is This Thing On?

Everybody in this world wants the same damned thing-
just not at the same time.

-Chris Orbach: Jane

I could be condemned to hell for every sin but littering."

- Soul Coughing: Idiot Kings

I am a female, carbon based lifeform.
I am a New York City Native.
I am a Design Professional.
I take photographs.
I also sculpt, paint, create mosaics, and play with weapons.

And sometimes, I even dance about Architecture.

What I see, is what you get.

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As seen through my bathroom window, about 5 minutes ago.
16th Jan 2006, 01:12   | tags:

ookiine says:

Nice shot! Was that from your mobile?

16th Jan 2006, 01:15

bronxelf says:

Hell no.

The camera in the treo is *crap*.

This came from a Nikon D70 with a long lens.

16th Jan 2006, 01:16

ookiine says:

I figured..

16th Jan 2006, 01:18

bronxelf says:

Sunni- Thanks. Testament to the wonders of a good Nikon. more than anything else. Basically, the moon pretty much just sat there and posed.

16th Jan 2006, 01:20

beth says:

wow. just wow

16th Jan 2006, 01:22

beth says:

but where is the man in the moon?

16th Jan 2006, 01:22

bronxelf says:

You can't see him? He's wearing big dark sunglasses.

16th Jan 2006, 01:24

anonymous says:

ahh i see him .. but he looks different to my man in the moon.

we need to catch up soon x

16th Jan 2006, 01:43

beth says:

that was me.. sorry

16th Jan 2006, 01:44

bronxelf says:

Figured. :)

16th Jan 2006, 01:59

autumncat says:

Ahh, very nice! What lens were you using?

16th Jan 2006, 03:35

Geodyne says:

Different to my man in the moon as well. but he's so gorgeous.Great shot.

I've drunk too much tonight but I'll get in touch with you re: proxies tomorrow.

16th Jan 2006, 03:54

chowyunsmut says:

Funny, because as Rocket and I were heading out this evening, I noticed Mama Moon hangin' out there all big and pretty. When she was low in the sky here, she was a gorgeous shade of yellow. Were this two days ago, I'd have gotten sentimental and cried that we noticed the same thing on the same night a whole continent away. Tonight, however, I just say, "That's pretty fucking cool."

16th Jan 2006, 05:43

goode says:

i like this!

16th Jan 2006, 05:44

Dhamaka says:

belated great shot

16th Jan 2006, 06:56

bronxelf says:

Not very belated. The shot has only been there a few hours.

16th Jan 2006, 07:12

spoon_lamp says:

Then belated Great Shot!

16th Jan 2006, 07:46

daz says:


*starts howling*

Great shot! :)

16th Jan 2006, 07:46

bronxelf says:

Thanks guys-- really just a good camera.

Autumncat-- a nikon 70-300.

16th Jan 2006, 07:49

alfie says:

wow, Buffy anyone? Once more with feeling?

16th Jan 2006, 10:28

bronxelf says:

Funny, as I've never watched buffy. :)

Your scarf, btw is becoming a blanket. cope.

16th Jan 2006, 10:28

alfie says:

I saw below, but didnt want to say anything. I *know* how fast and well you knit, so Im just hoping it's not all becoming too daunting :)

16th Jan 2006, 10:32

Euphro says:

Great shot! I love shooting the moon, even with only a Canon S50. I particularly like the bumpy shadows along the terminator where the sun is shining through crater walls :)

16th Jan 2006, 10:32

bronxelf says:

Alfie-- No not daunting, just *REALLY* long. Would be almost ludicrous as a scarf, even for you. So I think perhaps a blanket would be better. :)

I'm also working on an actual scarf (not binary) for kiku, so Ive been switching on and off.

Euprho: This wasn't QUITE full. I'm thinking 99 or 98% of total visibility. I didn't check to see the time of the moon turning over, though usually I know that fairly precisely.

16th Jan 2006, 10:35

bronxelf says:

Thanks much. The moon makes a lovely model.

16th Jan 2006, 10:58

Euphro says:

Yes, you can see by the partial shadow over the Mare Crisium (nice, self-contained basin at top) that it's just off full :)

16th Jan 2006, 11:18

bronxelf says:

Ah, I'd just missed it:

January 14th
Full Wolf Moon
4:48 am (EST)

16th Jan 2006, 11:23

Puddikat says:

That's lovely.

16th Jan 2006, 20:33

seaneeboy says:


17th Jan 2006, 11:30

Viv says:

wonderful shot B'elf

And Euphro I just saw fuzzy edges and vaguely wondered why! Questions only half thought are answered!

18th Jan 2006, 10:53

Spike says:

ace picture miss elf, really like the detail and the imperfect circle of the moon, go nikon!

18th Jan 2006, 11:14

crickson says:

Eeek - only just noticed this one, but anyway, brilliant shot!

20th Jan 2006, 13:40

melissaamy says:

oh so clear and pretty....
really ace shot.

20th Jan 2006, 16:53

JokerXL says:

The-man-in-the- moon is (obviously) hiding behind all that cheese!

21st Jan 2006, 23:27