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Halloween costume competition

Ghostly and ghoulish greetings to all!

As the witching hour approaches we’ve noticed a few of you adventurous types talking about dressing up and such like. And what with the VERY exciting news of a brand new album Seventh Tree, we’ve come up with a lovely way for us all to celebrate together.

We would love to see your Halloween costumes, especially any inspired by Seventh Tree or the new picture.

Oh, and there’s a prize. A SIGNED copy of the very same BRAND NEW PICTURE OF ALISON!!!!!! (Eagle eyed Deers in the UK may have noticed this pix alongside a couple of lines on the album in this week’s Music Week).

If you would like to take part simply email simply email your pixs to <
This competition is open to everyone.
The winner will be notified in due course.

Have fun Deers


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19th Jan 2006, 16:23  

alison says:

a view of lisbon from high up near the flea market. rather well framed i think! i did take another one of the same scene which was better owing to the cat on one of the branches but i accidentally erased it

8th Feb 2006, 18:03

Caro(quake48_raziel-at-yahoo-dot-com-dot-mx) says:

I love the colors of the picture. Very green ;-)

10th Feb 2006, 18:17

Clare(quirkycat-at-hotmail-dot-co-dot-uk) says:

Oooooh, very nicely taken ... come back to Glasgow, Alison! and take pictures there =)
Me and my best friend love dancing to your songs ...

... but I'm gutted the cat got lost. I like cats lollol

(this comment doesn't really make sense? does it? oh well lmao)

10th Feb 2006, 21:37

Miss Mandylion(nameless-dot-ankh-at-gmail-dot-com) says:

ooh, too bad there's no cat in this one (I'm a cat lover!), but it's still a good picture, love all the strong green colours!

(I must admit it, my city is beautiful :) )

11th Feb 2006, 16:47

Loupgaros(loupgaros-at-hotmail-dot-com) says:

Very nice. Reminds me of Felt Mountain. I would have preferred the cat though.

12th Feb 2006, 16:04

Suz says:

Better without cat. I love how the photo invites you and entices you into the town.

13th Feb 2006, 14:08

Gareth says:

Almost makes a foggy cold day seem pleasent, looking forward to the gig in Manchester.

17th Feb 2006, 08:47

Claire Fairy(claire-dot-fairy-at-gmail-dot-com) says:

I love it, such a pretty view! I think the cat would have made it seem more like the area is a bit of a relaxed escape from the city, but its gorgeous as it is. Reminds me of some pics I took in Peru... wish I could show you sometime :p

17th Feb 2006, 13:19

marcela(mvmo-at-vtr-dot-net) says:

love the pic! great view, very nice to look at. palm trees are so cool!

20th Feb 2006, 21:30

Dan B says:

very nice colour contasts, the tree framing the village is a great touch, brings out the colours. The kitty one sounds better though (as everyone agrees) :) xXx

28th Feb 2006, 21:25

heather L says:

wow, this is a stunning picture! The colours and foliage remind me of Felt Mountain.

I am from Western Australia and i cant wait until u come here to play sometime! ... i own all of your albums and i just bought your Wonderful Electric DVD - i absolutely love it! The atmosphere looks magical, and i love your sexy outfit! i am planning to travel to England next year when one of your concerts are on - seeing u live would be the most amazing experience. Your music transports me with the dreamy and sensual lyrics, and the melodies waft me into another world. Goldfrapp is my favourite band in the whole world, as no other artist has the same effect on me. Good luck with the future, and i am hanging out for your next album!
Heather xoxo

5th Mar 2006, 10:34

Wok(woktheoneeyed-at-hotmail-dot-co-dot-uk) says:

a very scenic shot, i like the greenery on the hills above the winding streets, the ferns growing under that tree are magnificent specimens, i agree with suz, you are drawn and enticed into the town.

7th Mar 2006, 21:49

Ricardo says:

Again, my lovely country!!!

17th Mar 2006, 14:34

gareth2much(gprice3-at-optusnet-dot-com-dot-au) says:

Hey i luv de pic....
almost as that nu vidio i just saw on our video hits program..mmmm real sweet
and a bit arty farty which we need more of ...mmm de pic ...ust go to portugal ..soon looks like a real interesting mix of old world + nu..being on the edge of eu + one of the poorest cousins of that disparate family...but the pic is great cat or nocat..a fresh feeling comes over that nu flick... love the white on white look..must b my faashion backgruond coming out...mmm
coming I won't go there...
keepup the good work ..hopr 2 c u on stage in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia ....and hi 2 Heather in WA..
get rapped in gold now!

24th Mar 2006, 21:05

KEZ says:

Yes please do come back to Glasgow Alison!!please please. And that is a beutiful picture.

23rd Apr 2006, 02:09