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Pictures of my food. The stuff I eat and the things I make with recipes and tips. Plus maybe some restaurant reviews.

Please leave a comment and let me know how it went if you actually tried any of my recipes. thanks!

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Danish sweets

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Spunk - 2 kinds but not the Salty Spunk cos thats too weird for me
Guld bar - 2 kinds
Caramel turtle
Carmal santas (!)
Sorbits - chewing gum
and more

Tak maria!
29th Jan 2006, 18:40   | tags:,,,,,


Gael (NLI) says:

Where can I get hold of a Holly bar?

29th Jan 2006, 19:32

jammed says:

Hmm, good question.

I had these sent over by a friend. Lucky me. I'm afraid Cybercandy.co.uk doesn't stock them either. Why not????

I'd say that a Holly bar is really similar to a Topic. And that a Yankie bar is like a Mars (with a more Milky way type base). But not exactly either of them. I'd choose a Holly and a Yankie over the US-Big-Corporation products any day.

29th Jan 2006, 19:40

Gael (NLI) says:

ah well, I just know a girl called Holly who'd be tickled pink by those : )
And your blog was advertising Weight Watchers just now, sacrilege!

29th Jan 2006, 19:44

jammed says:

Weight watches - thats nasty.

It should have been an ad for Copenhagen! A wonderful place. You should go - its cheap with easyJet, or take Ryanair to Malmo and take the frequent coach into Cphgn.

29th Jan 2006, 19:54

Gael says:

I might just do that, James.
I spent 3 weeks touring Scandinavia ages back, but we managed to miss Copenhagen out : (
Off to Finland at Easter, maybe they'l have some there?
And I'll be sure to moblog all the Reindeer and stuff that we eat ...

29th Jan 2006, 20:07

jammed says:

Reindeer is fantastic. I had it at a Russian restaurant in Helsinki - but didn't see it anywhere else :(

I hope to be over there again soon.

29th Jan 2006, 20:16

melissaamy says:

what is that candy named spunk?

not sure what spunk means over there, but it is slang here for a certain type of fluid...

29th Jan 2006, 20:19

jammed says:

I had a New Zealand friend, who liked to say she was "full of spunk" when she had lots of enery. How I laughed.

The candy is like a hard jelly type thing. Here theres the Fruit Spunk and the Cola Spunk. The Salty Spunk tastes too weird to me.

29th Jan 2006, 20:29

melissaamy says:

salty spunk, ok, now I must go find so to add to my weird foods collection!

29th Jan 2006, 20:36

melissaamy says:

and, fringhtneingly, when I did a search for salty spunk candy, only one came up with candy, the rest....well they were not work safe!

and yes, spunk here means energy and such, but it has a "seedier" meaning as well!

29th Jan 2006, 20:38

jammed says:

29th Jan 2006, 20:41

melissaamy says:

yeah, that was the one that came up work safe, the rest were a tad naughty...

29th Jan 2006, 21:10

Jim Fox(Jimfox_-at-hotmail-dot-com) says:

I work regularly in Denmark and on my last visit in Feb discovered that there are a lot of promotional items on sale for spunk. Backpacks, fleece blankets, towels all with the spunk logo on them!

10th Mar 2006, 13:41

roope mokka(first name -dot- last name at gmail) says:

Dumle is finnish. You etnocentric bastard!

4th Apr 2006, 00:45