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This was originally a competition,
but there is no reason why it can't be used as a regular group so please can you join the group and then...

Send in the cutest love inspiring images,
or express your anti-Valentine's feelings in photo form.

The Winners of the competition in 2006 were...

The Cutest Couple, SSLovetub
The Best Batchelorette, Beth,
The Best Batchelor, Backwards Lamb

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We're both trying to quit smoking

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But that doesn't stop me from leaving rizla messages for my tired wife
after a night shift.

Posted by Joe

Spike says:

you soppy get ya! *sniff

hows the stopping smoking lark going anyway, i gave up, so surely giving up giving something up doesnt make me a quitter does it??

30th Jan 2006, 23:29

Spike says:

as in i gave up giving up smoking

30th Jan 2006, 23:30

Joe says:

quitter :)

we'll get there, right now I just can't be arsed :D

30th Jan 2006, 23:31

Spike says:

you say quitter like it a bad thing,

my new years res was smoke more, drink more, do more mind altering substenses! its going well i must say!

i wish you all the best in quitting joe

and i must post something on this valentines day thing.

coming up!

30th Jan 2006, 23:37

Joe says:

spike....are you coming to battle of the bands on saturday...the only acceptable answer is yes BTW

30th Jan 2006, 23:38

Spike says:

hmmmmm,i think so!

maybe not this week though

YEAH go on then,

ill plan train times tomorrow, surely theres somewhere i can leave stuff?

30th Jan 2006, 23:41

Viv says:

good luck Joe and Shoes
one of hardest things I ever did
- but living now watching Alan struggle because of his heart _ i know I'm so glad I beat that one all those years ago - now it's just control of alcohol and food!

30th Jan 2006, 23:54

Joe says:

:) thanks Viv, one step at a time though...booxe is one of my few vices....ok it's one of my vices.

30th Jan 2006, 23:56

Spike says:

a great man once said
"I feel sorry for people who don't drink, because when they wake up in the morning, that's the best they're gonna feel all day",

that great man was frank sinatra

lets all get drink and have a laugh

31st Jan 2006, 00:00

Joe says:

*raises glass

you gotta love Franky.

31st Jan 2006, 00:01

Spike says:

*goes to get a glass of brandy purely so i can join joe in the glass raising event!

(joe causes me to drink!)

31st Jan 2006, 00:02

Joe says:

oh the guilt

31st Jan 2006, 00:03

beth says:


31st Jan 2006, 00:44

Viv says:

not saying you should give up the booze Joe - or even get it within the so called accepted limits - was talking about myself there really - I do need to do that and control my eating - having virtually no pancreas!
No for you - its more that it is in control and that you are doing the choosing and definitely one step at a time! Vx

31st Jan 2006, 00:53

Joe says:

:) food is one of life's greatest pleasures, but (and especially if your pancreas isn't very good...and I can truly relate to that) it can be one of lifes biggest of the truest cliches ever is "everything in moderation" often easier said than implemented.

31st Jan 2006, 00:59

Dhamaka NLI says:

lovely shot, lovely sentiments

31st Jan 2006, 08:36

Viv says:

No pain or prob's now Joe - just a month from hell 3yrs back - diabetic now and know the consequences if I don't get it right! We all know the consequences - my risk is just higher - and as you say - moderation - I'm going for the McKenna line - I control it not it controls me - no forbidden fruits - just concious eating/drinking - one step at a time

31st Jan 2006, 09:40

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