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Verruca treatment

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I've been having silver nitrate applied to them by a chiropodist. It seems as effective as anything else so far...

Edit (March 2009): to my great surprise, this post appears to have turned into a self-help group for long-term verruca sufferers. Which is fine: I know how awful having verrucas can be. Even if it is a little worrying that my greatest contribution to world culture may turn out to be a venue for foot-inspired desperation...

Anyway, a couple of rules I'd like to ask you to respect:

1) It's not a forum, it's a comment thread on my personal photo blog. Pedantic point, maybe, but I'm a pedantic kind of guy.
2) On similar lines, could you please make an effort to spell and punctuate your comments correctly? Thanks.
3) Don't try the vinegar and duct tape method and then come back a couple of days later whinging about how much it hurts. You knew it would hurt when you tried it, everyone before you said how much it hurt, if you chose not to heed those warnings it's your own fault.
4) If you're trying salicylic acid (bazuka), it's important to do it right, which is not helped by the extremely unclear instructions on the tube. Peel off the dried-on layer before reapplying, and trim away excess skin with a (sharp!) corn knife once a week or so. Keep going, as it may take several tubes to kill all the little buggers. This worked for me, but YMMV. Persistence and consistency are key, as with all verruca treatments.
5) Homeopathy is, I'm afraid, totally unsupported by any evidence: all scientific studies that have been done show that it is no better than placebo (which, BTW, is surprisingly good). See for more information on this.
6) Whatever treatment you eventually find works for you, the first step to success appears to be accepting that there is no free lunch, and that it's going to take time, a certain amount of pain, and grim determination.

It is possible to get rid of them: my "after" picture is here.

Good luck!

[The silver nitrate was pish, by the way.]
8th Feb 2006, 09:55  

neko says:

I thought body parts were banned from Moblog. How long've you had that bad boy? looks pretty nasty

8th Feb 2006, 10:51

Laser Dog says:

We'll, that's breakfast *ruined* ...

8th Feb 2006, 11:18

ladislav says:

Laser Dog (and everyone else, come to that) sorry for ruining your breakfast. I've had them for three years now (or at least I've had the one on the left for three years - every so often they reproduce), and I've tried to get rid of them loads of times. This treatment seems to be having some effect, and I wanted a "before" picture, in the hope that some day there'll be an "after" picture.

The blackening is an effect of the silver nitrate; they're not usually that colour.

8th Feb 2006, 12:11

goode says:


8th Feb 2006, 15:00

Ew. Poor you. Soak em in water before you go have the nitrate applied - it'll absorb better. And I repeat. Ew.

8th Feb 2006, 16:54

I had that years ago (or maybe it was liquid nitrogen?) but anyway - didn't do that, it just made it freeze and then fall off.

12th Feb 2006, 15:40

ladislav says:

That'd be liquid nitrogen. I tried that, and it didn't work. Apparently what I've got is mosaic verrucas, ie lots of small verrucas clustering together. The liquid nitrogen would kill one or two (and cause huge blisters), but the rest would survive.

13th Feb 2006, 17:52

Heya says:

Awwww, well- I've got four veruccas, one mosaic. I hate them and will be going swimming soonat high school. Im embarassed. I 've had them froze off but it doesnt work. I've also tried duct tape and bananna skin. What else can I do? HELP!!!!!

21st Aug 2006, 16:23

Dick Drips says:


18th Sep 2006, 22:51

Limpy Liz says:

Hi............... saw an alternative rememdy you might like to try - Tea Tree Oil mixed with Garlic Oil. Rub in on the verrucae and they should vanish - well that's the theory. Haven't tried it yet myself - had verruca for 40 years plus - actually I think they NEVER go ! You may lose a few friends with the garlic oil buy hey..... if the verruca doesn't go at leat you will make great salad dressing !!!

12th Oct 2006, 09:24

sally says:

hi feel really sorry for u, i have a massive one on my big toe, i have tried freezing and every remediy, nothing works . I now cant even walk.

21st Jan 2007, 21:38

verruca says:

dude i got verucca how i get rid off !!! it loks horrible

13th Jul 2007, 22:18

K says:

i have loads on the ball of my foot and they almost ruin your life! and im not joking! i feel like i cant wear flip flops or show my feet in anyway. i have had them for 4 years and im currently trying to get rid of them using a special acid! hope it works

29th Oct 2007, 22:04

lola(loly-liz-at-hotmail-dot-co-dot-uk) says:

u think urs r bad

i have about 20+ verrucas, trying bazuka
it aint doing anything
gonna try banana thing

17th Dec 2007, 20:59

pharmer says:

As a pharmacist, I'd recommed using Mother Tincutre of Thuja. It is homeopathic but is the only thing that seems to work for people. Good for warts on hands too.
Good luck!

18th Dec 2007, 18:46

Previous Mossaic Verruca Sufferer says:

I used to have mossaic verrucas, extremely badly! All over the top half of my foot! When visiting the doctor after six years of having them! they told me there was nothing that could be done, there was freezing but that didn't seem to work and they always tended to come back, my best option she said was to wait and see! - I wasn't about to wait for another few years for these hideous, painful 'things' to perhaps dissapear, i wanted them gone!
Previouslly i had tried everything from buzzuca cream, to home freezing kit. I even resorted to filing them down with a foot scrubber until they bled - which was recommended to me when i visted a man who specialised in foot problems - fat lot of help that did! They just spread more and more!
Eventually when research a mirecal cure on the internet i cam accross this idea of using vinigar and duck tape (had tried ducktape before, no such luck). This Worked for me and were gone within three weeks!
Every night before bed, i soaked a cotton woll pad in white wine vinigar, placed on the area of the verrucas, taped well in ducktape, left over night until the morning, then washed my feet, with water and soap. My feet hurt a bit as they were soggy when walking, the went all white and shrivvled thoughout the course of doing the vinigar treatment, after about two weeks the actual verruca went black and dropped out, i picked at them too which speeded this up and seemed to help.

27th Jan 2008, 11:46

pharmer says:

I am glad that the vinegar and tape worked for you.
It does seem to be trial and error with these verruca, what works for one may not work for another.
I don't think bazuka and other acid treatments are very good (based on what people say to me).
However, another good treatment is Glutarol. You can buy it from online pharmacies if you type in Glutarol to google. It contains glutaraldehyde which inactivates the virus which causes these things. With regular filing in the bath or shower with a some good blocks (e.g. the white square filing blocks for rough foot skin from Boots) it usually works in a couple of weeks.

29th Jan 2008, 17:04

Amy says:

i have mosaic verrucas, but they are dissappearing very rapidly, but the hard skin is left, and some have little scars but u can hardly notice.
i suggest to any one that has mosaic verrucas to just leave them and they will go naturally.

hopfully mine will have all gone by summer =]

22nd Feb 2008, 12:20

cliaire says:

I had a mosaic verucca for about 5 years. I had it frozen several times, tried a variety of chemical treatments. In the end I was brutal - immediately after getting it frozen I used a salicyclic acid treatment. Everyday I cleaned it and reapplied, having filed away dead skin. I also used a sterile scalpel to remove the dead skin. It took about a month, but it worked. I have a suspicion thay if you've had a verruca for along time, you don't get them again - I' swim lots and I haven't had another for 10 years.

28th Mar 2008, 21:36

ladislav says:

cliaire: that's what I did with mine in the end :-) Apart from burning them off - I just went for the salicylic acid and frequent skin removal. You can get corn knives from Boots which have guards to prevent you cutting yourself.

They've been gone for a few months now, which is lovely, but I'm wary of writing them off completely...

28th Mar 2008, 21:40

lottie says:

I've had verrucas for about 5-6 years and i've tried everything, bazuka to freeze treatments to cutting them off with a corn knife (recommended by a doctor but it actaully made them spread) i am currently trying the duct tabe theory. Does the vinegar thing actually work and does it matter what vinegar i use? I'm also finding it very tricky to keep the duct tape on as mine are mosaic and lie just under the toes. Any suggestions....all will be greatfully appreciated.

9th May 2008, 17:13

ladislav says:

Lottie: I've written above (comment just above yours) what worked for me. The keys seems to be persistence, patience, and a combination of approaches (in my case, bazuka + corn knife). Don't miss a treatment if you can possibly avoid it.

Duct tape never stayed on when I tried it.

Good luck!

9th May 2008, 21:37

anonymous says:

I bought a silver nitrate pen (avoca) I noticed in your first post you used silver nitrate. Any luck with that? I have used bazuka or salic acid and the corn knife for the last year and a half. They just seemed to spread.

I'm using the pen on the single verrucas and the duct tape and vinegar on the mosaics.

I recommend that if you have many that go along behind your toes don't do them all at once! i woke up this morning and couldn't walk. The vinegar has made the whole area go white, puffy and hard.

Thanks for your help ladislav

If i find anything that works i will post again!

11th May 2008, 09:33

kell9iernintenne says:

i have 56 verrucas all mosaic and it stinksnothing works ever any recommendation wi.lll be grateful

17th May 2008, 17:45

lottie says:

I'm no expert but i tried everything for around 6 years. I am finding that the vinegar and duct tape thing is working really well.

I started on the 9th of this month and they are almost gone already.

Soak some cotton wool in vinegar and duct tape it to the verruca. A small amount of duct tape won't hold it on. I practically duct taped around my whole foot then taped it with microporous tape. to hold it on.

If you have a lot in one place (like me!!) i wouldn't recommend doing them all at once as it makes your foot go hard and painful, especially if you just put one large cotton pad over the lot!

I used a silver nitrate pen on a few single verrucas which seems to have worked but it turns your skin black so its difficult to tell at the moment. Its called Avoca and is about £3.00.

Good Luck, If it works completely i will post on here but its the only treatments that have worked for me.

17th May 2008, 21:42

linz says:

ive had them now for 6years!!! im sick of them ive got a large mosaiac one on my heel and on my other foot 2 on the heel. Ive tried everything i can think of, went to my doctors and they said they will go with time and suggested duct tape to me, does applying vinegar really help? as i hate the smell but its getting to the point that i'l try anything as its starting to get me down i cant wear nice shoes and im going on holiday in 3 months! so i need to get rid of them asap!

19th May 2008, 14:00

lottie says:

it seems to be working. It has made them softer so they can be scraped off easier and it seems to kill them from the inside as mine have gone brown.

In boots you can get a sort of "cheesegrater" for feet. that helps a lot and your less likely to cut yourself than if using a knife.

I'm allergic to the duct tape and its making my feet raw pulling it off and on everyday but im desperate to get rid of them and a small piece just won't stay on. I'm finding it difficult as i had about 30 on one foot and 20 on the other but they are finally going.

19th May 2008, 14:33

sue says:

Hello, after reading all the coments, I've decided to give the vinegar remedie a shot but I just wanted to ask Lottie whether you keep the vinegar on your foot all day or just at night time? thanks.

21st May 2008, 17:00

lottie says:

What i did was put it on over night then gave my feet a good wash in the morning then put vinegar on again Then washed and changed it before i went to bed. I think as long as you keep the air off of them it doesn't matter.

Currently i'm just using the vinegar at night as they are nearly gone

Good luck with yours. It has only been nearly 2 weeks since i started. I hope it works for you

22nd May 2008, 18:36

linz says:

i've been doing the vinegar treatment at night for 3 days now. It disgusting it smells quite bad, but it has definitely has made a big difference!!!their shrinking and starting to turn black! which i hope is a good thing and means that they are dying!! fingerscrossed :D

23rd May 2008, 00:52

lottie says:

yes.... mine went black, now they are brown and pretty much flat to my feet. Nearly gone!! =)

23rd May 2008, 13:08

sue says:

great thankyou for that, hopefully it will save a fortune not having to go to a chiropodist! ; )

23rd May 2008, 16:37

HelpME says:

Does the Vinger Treatment really work because I went to the Doctors yesterday and they told me to do the duct tape method but iv read that it can take 3months for them to disappear and i was wondering whether using the vinger and duct tape speeds up the time taken for the verrucas to go. Am really self concious about them and am off on holiday with my friends and don't want to gross everyone out with them when am sun bathing

28th May 2008, 14:12

ladislav says:

HelpME: if there's a common theme to this thread, it's that what works for one person may not work for another. So there's only one way you'll find out if vinegar works for you, and that's to try it. Anyway, I don't see how it could make things *worse*.

My verrucas took about three months to go with the bazuka + corn knife treatment, but go they eventually did (and they got visibly smaller all the time).

Good luck!

28th May 2008, 15:21

shel says:

I have had a verruca on the heel of my foot for the past 4 years, I have had it frozen many times, but its still hanging on in there, I have been reading some of your remides, could some one let me no if you can use any type of vinger, As I am going to give it a try.
many thanks

8th Jun 2008, 00:00

lottie says:

i used white vinegar but i don't think it matters. Mine are pretty much gone now. I have a few cuts left. ( i was a bit handy removing the skin!) so i'm not 100% certain but crossed fingers.

Good luck

8th Jun 2008, 17:10

liz says:

I have 1 mosaic verruca and 5 others. Have tried loads of different methods and none of them worked. Have had the mosaic one for about 4 years and its driving me crazy! I just want them gone! This is the first time I have heard about the vinegar and duct tape method and am going to try it and I hpoe it will work! Thanks!

17th Jun 2008, 19:40

spiderbaby nli says:

The bazuka and scalpel blade method worked for me once. It hasn't come back in over 7 years at least.
Good luck with the vinegar and duct tape - just a thought, but if it's difficult to get the tape around your toes perhaps you could put the vinegar-cotton wool in a small polythene bag, put your toes in the bag then tape round the bag onto your foot to make it air-tight.
Good luck, hope they improve soon.

17th Jun 2008, 22:43

rastafarian(rastafarian-at-vipmail-dot-hu) says:

Hello there. I know how to get rid of 'em within few weeks. No pain, no blade. What you need is completely free and can be found almost everywhere. Would you like to know what it is?

24th Jun 2008, 13:29

angela(hughes-dot-s6-at-sky-dot-com) says:

Hi, rastafarian, god yes would love to know the answer!!! My verruca is like having a blunt nail embedded in it, so painful. Help!! I am using occlusal acid treatment daily with rubbing the verucca down too. no improvement yet.

25th Jun 2008, 21:35

rastafarian(rastafarian-at-vipmail-dot-hu) says:

I think you should all try the juice of Greater Celandine,but I MUST WARN YOU it's TOXIC. This juice can be red or yellow. Apply once or twice a day until it's gone. If you've got any questions contact me on my email address. Good luck!

27th Jun 2008, 14:00

lottie says:

I have heard of greater celandine but isn't it really lethal?

I have reduced my 30-50 verrucas to just one stubborn one!!
All of the ones under my toes disappeared after about a month of vinegar and duct tape but i have one on my heel that refuses to go!! i have resorted to slicing it off at the moment then suffocating it!

Avoka is excellent for warts, they seem much easier to treat then verrucas. mine disappeared within a week with the vinegar treatment. But avoka didn't even touch the verruca.

Good luck!

29th Jun 2008, 23:33

user1 says:

Hi Lottie,

I am trying your duck tape method with vinegar. Everything else so far failed. Did you wear all night and all day? I am just wearing at night and is painful to walk in the morning for a couple of hours. I have quite a few like you did. Really crossing my fingers this is going to work!

1st Jul 2008, 17:45

lottie says:

yes, it does hurt for a while. soaking it in water helped a bit.

I kind of done it when i had time. if i was off during the day i would do it both night and day and if i had work/uni i would just do at night and wear duct tape during the day.

As long as you keep doing it, it seems to work but as its painful id give it an hour or so before putting it on again.

This method worked for me. You should notice a difference in about 3 days, Take the white skin off with an emory board, but don't make it bleed as it will kill when you add the vinegar!!

I looked at a photo i took before i started and i can't believe how it looked! it was disgusting! LOL

Good luck!! I'm still struggling with my last one!

5th Jul 2008, 22:06

user1 says:

I have now started alternating feet as I have been hobbling around work too much!! It does seem to be working especially on the big ones but the huge one I have which is spread onto my toe too is the most painful, especailly when the brown is scraped away, leaving raw flesh underneath. Even taken some pain killers. I certainly do notice a difference though and have been doing this 1 week now. Thanks so much.

6th Jul 2008, 21:57

cab says:

i had them for years and in the end i tried soldering iron wich worked on a couple of them

but eventually just got brutal and cut the things completely out go hospital afterwards they will sew u back up bad scars but nothings worse than a verruca

8th Jun 2008, 19:49

My Left Foot says:

I tried the duct tape method, but as others have said the tape just falls off too quickly,

So instead of duct tape I use the sticky from a cloth plaster, that's working two weeks in and when I took the plaster off each time part of my verruca came off with it.

I'll let you know if it completely gets rid of the horrid flippin thing.

22nd Jul 2008, 15:39

Jess says:

im going awayin 10 days and i need to get rid of my verruca as im going in a pool and i dont want my friend to see them. any advice. i need them to be gone. going to the doctor tomorrow but i dont think he will do anything rapidy

22nd Jul 2008, 16:31

fred says:

do you soak yhe vinegar in cotton wool and hold it in place with a plaster or what?

25th Jul 2008, 10:24

Mr Verruca says:

i have been using a black cream which makes them blister up but it hurts.

25th Jul 2008, 10:26

lottie says:

i'd like to thank everyone for helping me with my veruccas. Its been a few months but they are finally all gone.

1)soak a small piece of cotton wool in vinegar (i used white but any should do it)
2)place a soaked cotton bit over each verruca
3)duct tape it on.A small bit wont work. You have to literally selotape your whole foot!! If you're wearing shoes that the duct tape will show through place a small patch of duct tape over your verucca and selotape it with clear tape.
4) take tape off in morning and once they are less sore scrape off dead skin (boots do a cheesegrater thing for feet - its amazing but an emory board will do!!)
Yes it does sting when the vinegar is on them but its more of an achy pain and its worth it to get rid of them.

You should notice a difference within a week. I had them for 6 years and nothing worked. This worked on most in a few days

i'd also like to thank everyone who helped as the vinegar treatment worked for my mum and my younger sister who had 20+ on one small lump on her toe and couldn't walk.

Good Luck =)

25th Jul 2008, 19:53

lottie says:

I'd also like to add be persistant. The majority of mine (about 50) died and fell off in a few weeks but one has stayed for a good few months

don't give up!

25th Jul 2008, 19:59

A;ice says:


Just came across this thread while looking for something else and was amazed by the number of responses , and what people are putting themselves through, physically and psychologically! - Did you know you can ask your doctor to refer you to your local NHS Podiatry Service for advice and treatment if the stuff from the chemists , like Bazooka Extra Strength does not work for you? I'm an NHS podiatrist by the way! Good luck to you all!

25th Jul 2008, 22:40

I hate verrucas! says:

I have just started using the vinegar and duct tape method (2 days ago) and wondered how long it would take to get rid of 2 mosaic verrucas using this method. I really want my verrucas to go before I go on holiday which is in about 5 weeks.

29th Jul 2008, 14:28

Liz says:

I guss im pretty lucky because i have only got two verucasand ones on the ball of my foot the other is on my heel...I have been getting them frozen by liquid nitrogen over the past few weeks and can see an improvement in size...but im going on holiday with my friend in a few weeks and the darn pests are black at the moment....would you advise in using the vinger treatment to speed up the process????

1st Aug 2008, 02:10


Hey for all the people who are worried about verrucas on holliers WHY?? Maybe Im completely weird and different but my verrucas are barely noticeable....Theyre just white and no1s going to be looking at your feet anyways.If your in the process of treatment(As I am) my mum whos a nurse said its highly unlikely theyre contagious and Even if they are the experts advice is to cover with some clear nail varnish.I realise this may be unpractical for some but I only have two so Im lucky!
You have hardly anything to worry about now!!Except having a great time I hope!

3rd Aug 2008, 01:30

lottie says:

From my experience doctors and GPs do not know how to cure veruccas! After trying all treatments in chemists, many told me to just leave them (even though i had them for 6 years and they were multiplying quickly) and one even advised me to buy a corn knife and cut them off (which made them spread).

I was told the freezing treatment doesn't work and is not available anymore. One of my doctors hadn't heard of the lazer treatment available and had never even heard of a mosaic verucca.

If there is free NHS treatment available then why don't the doctors know about it? and if they do why arent they given out information?

3rd Aug 2008, 13:59

:@ says:

i am sio angry at mine! i have mosaic veruscas in 3 places. :@ i have physiclly scliced them off, bu lord behold they just came back, i am about to try the vinegar + duct tape method! i REALLY hope this works, x

5th Aug 2008, 11:33

Jade says:

I am going the vinegar treatment but just wondering the middle of them are sarting to go brown, is this right? Alson how do u know if they are gone?


6th Aug 2008, 12:09

Jade says:

By the way I can spell, just at work and typing way to fast before my boss sees! haha

6th Aug 2008, 12:10

Grace says:

hi, ive had verrucas for about 6 years, i have tried the bazooka gel but it doesnt work at all and now i have a bid mosaic one. Im going to try the vinegar + duct tape now but does anyone have any other solutins? please!

10th Aug 2008, 18:25

RB says:

I have read with interest the vinegar traetment and am eager to try. My verruca are all over my left foot and have been for about 10 yeras +. Like everyone else I have tried every treatment imaginable. Hope this works

13th Aug 2008, 08:54

Nikki U says:

My son has a verruca on his right foot, he is 7 and it is becoming increasingly difficult to treat it with bazuka gel, as he literally screams in pain, before I even touch it. I am currently trying some homopathic tablets, and after reading all your comments am now going to try the vinegar solution, any advise on how to treat them on children, please........

17th Aug 2008, 19:38

BigD says:

Hello, Has anyone had any success with Bazooka, I think mine are getting smaller, but I'm finding it hard to tell if they have gone because the bazooka leaves a big white patch anyway, so i'm not sure if whats there is verucca, or just bazooka stuck to my skin!

18th Aug 2008, 14:59

ladislav says:

BigD: I found Bazuka effective, but it took a long time (about three tubes), and I also used to cut the dead skin away with a corn knife once a week. Peel off the dried bazuka before applying new stuff - the skin that comes away with the dried bazuka is part of the point.

Essentially, it seems to work by killing the outer layer of the verruca. Once that layer's dead, you can cut it away, and that allows you to kill the next layer... you'll need time, patience, and grim determination, but you should get there in the end. Good luck!

20th Aug 2008, 12:22

sk says:

If you read up about this they're caused by different versions of HPV (a virus). Search wiki for Plantar_wart (I can't link as I'm anonymous on here)

en wikipedia org wiki Plantar_wart

for a start. My wife has a couple and we're in the process of freezing the suckers off. I think it's going to fail as they've been there for a while. The next step is a knife, which I did when I had them as a kid (got pissed off with the liquid nitrogen). Obviously it should *really* be done by a professional though.

The most interesting thing, for me, about the Wiki article is the bit about: 'intralesional immunotherapy'. For those of you who can't get rid of them this seems like an interesting approach if you can find someone (NHS, Bupa?) who can do it...

21st Aug 2008, 00:21

Diana says:

I've had three verrucas for over 10 years and have tried regular freezing by my doctor and the recommended treatments from the pharmacy. Nothing works. Have tried the vinegar/duct tape method for the past week and now have white hard raised skin around what is like a volcanic crater of the verruca. Do I file off the white skin (in total the size of a 5p) or leave it to die? If it is filed off, it will not touch the central part. Is the verruca the middle part AND the white skin which surrounds it? Need to know soon as I go on my hols on Wednesday

21st Aug 2008, 17:05

linz says:

i first started vinegar treatment in May, and i had one large verruca on my one foot and n literally half of my other foot was covered in a mosaic wart i had, had these for aprox 5years and had tried every treatment under the sun. none worked. After doing the vinegar treatment for a week they started to turn black/brown. after 2 weeks they'd all nearly completely gone just 2 big ones left. most of the mosaic wart had disapeared. Now they are completely gone! after constantly filing them
You can buy cotton wool pads i thought they worked best, i didnt use vinegar constantly, just put it on before bed.
In the morning i'd wash my feet and file away the white raised skin
You need to file or use a "cheesegrater" style file on them everyday though
i just wish i'd taked before and after photos!!

23rd Aug 2008, 15:05

adam says:

hi there

ive had verrucas for 15 years and no treatment has worked at all

bazuka - failed
cyro - failed
home made cyro - failed
knifing - failed
salycylic - failed

the closest i ever got was constant sanding with sandpaper and repeated bazuka treatment about 2 years ago, however i got sloppy and they regrew

i am currently trying the ducktape + vinegar treatment
working so far i belive, some are going black

however it hurts!

hurts so much i cant putn weight on the foot and i am wriggling in pain. its unbearable and i end up taking they things off after about an hour of telling myself to fight through it

am i doing something wrong? im using white wine vinegar

too much vinegar? im using bits of cotton wool the size of the verrucas and they are saturated fully with vinegar,

any painkillers i can easliy get my hands on that work?

also im going to get brutal, first thing in the morning im going down to boots and picking up one of these cheesegrater things and a freeze treatment too see if that speeds it up

thanks in advance

27th Aug 2008, 23:39

tash says:

thankyou sooo much lottie i'v had verrucas for years and they seem to be spreading i really hate them. i never heard of the duck tape AND vinagar i'm guna try it and wll post back to this site if if works...

good luck to everybody else that has them

31st Aug 2008, 11:57

Hazel says:

I cannot believe all these comments about the duct tape and vinegar, I have had veruccas for about 6years or more, spreading gradually now to about 13 in total, so will try and let you know how I get on! Thanks

1st Sep 2008, 16:17

Pam says:

Had a verruca on my heel for nine months. Started laser treatment privately for three sessions at £20 per session. Switched to freezing with Liquid nitrogen by GP on his reccomendation. Took three months to heal the wound. GP sent me to an NHS podiatrist for removal of the ensuing callous. After six months of it getting worse, I was sent for a biopsy and have been told that I still have the virus. During the last week the callous is showing the virus again and I now have the mosaic virus developing around it. The NHS podiatrist told me today that they do not treat verrucas at all. My pain is mainly caused by a trapped nerve in my heel that I have had for 10 years, and the verruca is right on top of it.
I shall try the vinegar and duct tape.

2nd Sep 2008, 13:19

aggy says:

lottie's idea sounds good. but i'm scared like seriously?! how much does it hurt?
i also get up mega late for school, so i just hope that it wont hurt too much to rush around, wash my feet etc.
i am currently sitting with banana peel in my shoes. arrrrrrrr

also guys, some people might wanna try rubbing crushed garlic on your veruccas and then covering the area with a plaster.
also, i took thuja for a while, an immune boosting tablet which you can get from holland and barret etc. the chiropodist told me to do this, but i didnt take them everyday and then lost them, might work, i dunno.

also, i like this whole verucca cult we got goin on here. haha

7th Sep 2008, 17:06

Hazel says:

I started the vinegar and duct tape on saturday, I made the mistake of putting the cotton wool over the full area of the veruccas and in the morning the area had gone hard and white and was difficult to walk! but I am that sick of them I'm carrying on, instead trying to put smaller pieces of cotton wool over the veruccas, no difference as such yet but will keep you updated, Ihave high hopes from your other comments!

Any further tips pls let me know

8th Sep 2008, 09:09

Karen says:

I've had my verrucas on both feet for about 10 years - altogether there must be over 50 (on the ball of my foot and on my toes and between my toes) The skin around them is so hard and painful - it really limits what shoes I can comfortably wear. I've now got about 5 warts on my hands, which I think I've got from trying to treat the verrucas.
Like many others I've tried so many different treatments - thuja, tea tree oil, crushed garlic, bazuuka, wartner, tegaderm sheets, salatac acid, liquid nitrogen freezing, using a foot file etc etc. I'm currently waiting to see a Dermatologist - but I don't hold much hope.
The vinegar sounds hopeful - but does it not leave a strong smell?

14th Sep 2008, 10:15

louise says:

i have quite a few verrucas on one foot and have tried the vinegar and duct tape on only 2 verrucas to see if it would work its been about 2 days now since i started and they have turned white and are also painful is this whats meant to happen?

19th Sep 2008, 18:46

Getting Rid...Slowly says:

I've been plagued by multiple mosaic verruca for a fair few year now, like many of you, tried anything and everything, at least I thought I had until I bit the bullet and went to see a Chiropodist, he started out with freezing with some limited success, so then he went on to use what he calls 'Crystals', I think these are a strong vinegar concentrate (will confirm later..) Now I will warn, these SERIOUSLY HURT and are not for those that can't stand pain, basically they soak into your skin, killing everything in their path, creating a blister which can be removed 3 or 4 days after treatment...

After trying everything else, these things are magic, on small verruca, one treatment did the trick, I have two larger ones ( the biggest about 10p size) which have needed a couple of treatments, but certainly getting the message now...

I think my main message in all of this is,... Go and see a pro, don't be shy or embarrassed, I was at first i promise you, but now when I go to see him, we talk and joke about the verruca like a common enemy that must be defeated!!

Things I tried:

Bazooka - Doesn't work
Vinegar/duct tape - didn't work for me..
Tea tree oil/Lemon oil - didn't even touch it!
Home Cryo - waste of money
trying to cut it out myself - just made things far worse!

Going to see the Chiropodist this Tuesday, and looking at my foot now, I won't be going too much longer!

28th Sep 2008, 20:38

The6YearVerruca says:

HI All

Getting Rid...Slowly please please please find out what the crystals are.

Firstly the immune system shuts down when the body is under stress (it is a freeze flight fight thing) So boosting your system will help, there are many ways just google it. Most importantly get rid of the stress, I have never laughed so much as reading this thread and watching some of the online home videos of home verruca removal by Americans.

Interestingly, peoples verrucas seam to spread when they are hassled whereas I un-hygienically hack away at mine and then get them on my hands and fingers. I pick them, and they go in less than two days. So I am sure that my body is aware of the virus but for some reason can not get them off the soles of my feet.

As for my verrucas i have one on one foot and three very deep ones on the other. I have tried everything in a compulsive obsessive style.

Freezing professional
Home Freezing 5 times per day it cost a fortune and caused a credit crunch.
Garlic Oil
Chilli Oil –tickles somewhat
Craft knife Over time I blunted 7 blades on two verruca
Chiropodist many times...
Duck tape for the last two months
I have also begun to san mine so much that stopping the blood is a job for Dutch Dam makers. I have to lie with my feet in the air so that the blood pressure is lower in my foot for about 1 hour morning and night.

Left Foot
Amoils 1 week 2 days as per the instructions on the bottle.

Right foot 1 day of Vinegar and metamorphosis with sand paper.
I have as normal sanded my skin till fountains occur. I stop the flow and went straight in with the vinegar. Yes it does smart but it is not that bad. This morning my verruca was black and sore. In fact it was so sore that I have not sanded it. Anyway it is definitely changing.

I will keep you informed

1st Oct 2008, 10:09

The6YearVerruca says:

PS the word san should be sand. I buy 120 grit green sand paper from B&Q; it is far cleaner and more effective than those cheese grater things

1st Oct 2008, 10:13

The6YearVerruca says:

I am back again and with a new perspective.

yes to anyone who askes it does hurt. Even after i ground my foot to the bone leaving very open wounds the vinegar did not sting when I put the vinegar on so do not worry about the cold plnge.

After a few minutes it starts to burn so if you dont like it take the cotton wool vinegar impregnated pad off and wash the foot. Or alternatively leave it and bare it.

one major change in 10 hours of vinegar soaking is that i can not get my foot to bleed. The verucca is dead and black as far as i can sand. I have now ground the healthy foot to bleed all around the veruca and have not even nearly got to the end of the black.

This is a massive accelaration in the killing deapth of my treatment. Normally i can sand 1mm of skin per day before torrents cease my excavation. hoowever i can definately see the end to this.

Do not do this if you need to walk without a serious limp.

1st Oct 2008, 14:34

rachel says:

thanks for everyones advice- at least i know i am not alone on this! i have a HUGE verucca on my foot and spent a fortune trying to get rid of it. Since reading your advice i'm now sat here doing the duck tape and vinegar- fingers crossed it will work. A word of advice careful picking your verucca with you bare hands...from picking the one on my foot it has now created one on my index finger and its spreading under the nail...the doctor told me this was from picking the one on my foot. Oops.

will let u know how i get on with the duck tape. Thanks all.

2nd Oct 2008, 20:04

Danielle says:

Thuja really works- it was amazng for me. whats all this about cutting them off? sounds painful. Buy the weleda brand- that was much better than nelsons. I had loads- now just one that has almost gone too

3rd Oct 2008, 07:43

The6YearVerruca says says:

I think one of mine has gone. The one which I put a large soaked vinegar wad on and left for 18 hours is now just healthy pink skin. Although a little scratched, sore and red it has no putrid white skin and no black dots.

This is 3 days and it has gone. I think by Sunday it will be virtually invisible.

So the answer for those looking for a quick fix is yes it can be done but with some discomfort. 1 week will clear it to near invisibility.

The Amoils is still ticking along on the left foot and i will continue with it to see if the stuff actually works.

3rd Oct 2008, 13:40

Emily says:

I have a big mosaic veruca and verrucas around it also, i've had them for four years but all they seem to be doing is spreading!!!, i am using at the moment a treatment called glutarol, but i may start to try the vinegar one, now i do alot of dancing, will it really hurt and affect my dancing???

4th Oct 2008, 22:00

djanni says:

I'm ging to try the vinegar. Podiatrist in NZ didn't help. Mins only small and white on the ball of my foot but it is starting to hurt. Will let you know how I get on, thought I'd put white wine vinegar on the padded bit of a plaster and hope for the best

good luck everyone!

13th Oct 2008, 08:03

Wardy says:

Hey The6YearVerruca
How did you get on.

Waiting for an update before i give it a try.

Any other tips concerning application, time scale, sanding and when to stop would be appreciated.

Amazing of the old remedies always seem to work!!! lol

14th Oct 2008, 19:41

Nicole says:

HI, don't mean to be overly dramatic but my life is being ruined by a cluster (about an inch incircumference mosaic verucca on my left foot.

17th Oct 2008, 12:32

F says:

Tried several options, and am planning on trying this vinegar-and-ductape option.

At the moment I have a small, white verruca on my toe; a small, white verruca on the ball of my foot near my little toe and a mosiac one in the same place on my other foot.
My point is that, although they're somewhat ugly, they're not completely grotesque.

Now - in exactly one week and one day, there is a chance that people are gonna see my bare feet.
My question is - would it be wiser to wait for this date and chance people seeing the not-too-ugly verrucas or start the treatment now? I'm worried that if I were to start now they'd be all brown and shrunken, and basically looking worse than they do now on the date?

Anyway, thanks for your help in advance.

17th Oct 2008, 17:33

annie1 says:

Hi Lottie

Thank you so much for your cure for verrucca. I tried the duct-tape option for one mosaic verrucca and it has worked.

Before this, I had 6 visits to the chirpodist and tried various other treatments which did not work.

Many thanks again.

17th Oct 2008, 23:11

verrucaed up says:

Thanks for the suggestions everyone. I have had four verrucas for three years.
Have tried salatec gel and cheese grater and getting them frozen by the doctor. Three of the verrucas don't respond in any way, and the other one just likes to get my hopes up and then come back again.

Was wondering, has anyone tried combining duct tape or vinegar treatment with freezing? I don't want to stop anything that might at least be stopping them from spreading, but really need to try something new...

18th Oct 2008, 18:23

katie says:

oo thank god other people understand how shit it is having a veruca!
its painful and i have to wear socks all the time and i dance as well and it just gets so painful
ive got like 12
ive just started the avoca thing if theres no improvement in a bit ill do that vinegar thing lots of people are all talking about

20th Oct 2008, 21:56

Lottie says:

Adding vinegar to the verruca will make them very obvious. The whole area will be white and puffy. F: Its probably best to leave them if they aren't too bad.

The vinegar treatment is very painful. But its worth every minute!!

I had loads of verrucas and within about 3 weeks they had all gone bar one which went after about 2 months of treatment.

I have before and after photos if people want to see the difference!! They were very grusome!! But thankfully im verruca free now.

My advice is be persistant,

21st Oct 2008, 21:59

Charlotte says:

ive heard of putting clear nailvarnish on vercuas everyday twice then puttin plaster on. i am going to start doing it today so will update if it works.

27th Oct 2008, 18:38

Emily says:

Yes i have a big mosaic verruca and about 5 or 6 others around it, at the moment i am trying the clear nail varnish thing, its been about 3 days so i'll let you know if anything happens!!!

29th Oct 2008, 13:05

sam E says:

Charlotte 27/10 and Emily 29/10 please do put an update on am very keen to see how you get on.

29th Oct 2008, 21:45

sam E says:

Charlotte 27/10 and Emily 29/10 please do put an update on am very keen to see how you get on.

29th Oct 2008, 21:45

SeaMagpie says:

I've had a verruca for about 3yrs now which has gradually been getting bigger with another one starting very close to it. I have tried Bazuka (useless) Home freezing (painful and useless) Silver Oxide + Chiroposist (expensive and useless) Home freezing (all the uselesses) and now after contemplating barefoot skiing to rip them both off, I'm going to try the Duct Tape and Vinegar. I will post a log of how it goes.

31st Oct 2008, 14:29

Freezer says:

I just had mine frozen at the GP yesterday with Liquid Nitrogen. I have four, 2 small and two big, which are all close together on the bottom of my left foot. I now have a huge black blister, cannot walk, and feel constant throbing pain, even though I am regularly taking painkillers, Hopefully it will be worth it. I will post my results in a week or so.

The doctor said that home freezing kits normally don't work for big ones, aswell as being expensive. They are only around -50C, but the Liquid Nitrogen he used was around -167C.

I used a hoem freezing and Bazzuca, and they both did nothing except cost money.

31st Oct 2008, 19:08

Emily says:

After trying the clear nail varnish for about a week i gave up as the nail varnish just kept on coming off...the podiatrist has recommended glutarol as i am using now!..its meant to be really effective but it turns the verruca/verrucas brown! strange really so i wouldn't recomend it to people who do any bare foot activities

2nd Nov 2008, 21:23

m says:

had a verruca for years,tried every treatment nothing worked,even went to the doctor about it.i was really sceptical about using vinegar as a treatment but it worked,they're nearly gone after only a method was soaking my feet for a bit, pumicing the verruca then applying cotton wool with vinegar over night. i'd recommend this to anyone to give it a go,and its cheap!

6th Nov 2008, 00:23

Toddy says:

I have been trying the vinegar and duck tape method for a week now. I made the same mistake as Hazel 8/09 and put a huge pad of soaked cotton wool over the full area. It was agony and now have split it into sections and will take my time with it. My issue is how do know if there is any improvement ? The whole area is white, hard and very painful. I am using distilled white vinegar morning and night and using a scalpel to remove as much skin at night as I dare to without slicing my foot open. Do you need to give the area a rest to see the changes ? Bits have gone dark brown but other bits there is no colour change. Just a white circle instead of a pink one. How did you get on Hazel ?

10th Nov 2008, 19:09

Sam E says:

Hi all. Trying to post message, but computer playing up, but here goes. The6YearVerruca, how did you get on with the vinegar treatment. Did it go? Wardy was asking after you 14/10, are you still out there suffering or have you had some success?

11th Nov 2008, 18:52


After having a few Verrucas and trying all sorts I found this forum and am going to try the Vinegar treatment from tomorrow. I will take some before and after pics and let u know if it works.

Will report back in a week!

12th Nov 2008, 05:26

Emily says:

I started using the vinegar treatment on my mosaic verruca and all it did was went very painful!! My feet stunk all day even after washing them several times! And when i walked in my shoes it rubbed on the white puffy i stopped! I'm using this stuff called occlusal which is like bazuka but stronger and after 4 days of using it i'm already seeing a difference!!!!

17th Nov 2008, 22:50

Toddy says:

Interested to hear occlusal is working for you Emily. I had been using it daily since April but had no real success with it. Just started the vinegar treatment and after giving feet a rest as was away this weekend I can see a difference already. Have yet to tackle a big mosaic verruca that I have. I am doing the single ones first. Will look to hear how you are getting on with occlusal.

18th Nov 2008, 14:48

I had a few verrucas back in the days I was swimming at the public pool and treating them with a product called Duofilm Liquid (salicic acid + lactic acid) has worked every time where liquid nitrogen failed. The trick to prevent spreading of the blistering is to apply Vaselin around the verruca so that the healthy skin, much more fragile, remains intact. And when you think it's gone, continue treatment for 2-3 more days, And to prevent some pain (all verrucas were plantar), I used those cushioned types of sparadraps.

18th Nov 2008, 15:49

melanie(melmas9-at-hotmail-dot-com) says:

i had verrucas for 5 years and all the frezes dident work the doctor frezed it hasent worked so far

ps: go to the doctor

it might work on you

19th Nov 2008, 21:17

verruca face says:

i had verrucas for 60 years they kill me and spreaded all around my foot i will be pleased if they go i think they mite go with besuca that verruca lisen to this advise or you want to have them for 60 years please lisen all you verruca faces bye iyle add more advice

19th Nov 2008, 21:22

SeaMagpie(seamagpie-at-hotmail-dot-com) says:

I have been using the vigegar and duck tape and I am actually seeing a difference now. I've tried a lot of other treatments to no avail. After three weeks of the vinegar and a lot of pain I am definitely getting results.
Here's a tip for everyone....
Go to Boots and buy a roll of 3M Micropore tape and use this on the edges of the duck tape. This will keep it in position on your foot.
I have been using round cotton wool pads that can be bought from the Chemist too.
Lastly, use Nuofen to kill the pain when it starts and keep on persevering with the treatment.

24th Nov 2008, 09:22

hobble says:

I've had a verruca on my heel for nearly 2 years, and it isn't showing any sign of going away.
So far tried: banana skin, Bazooka extra strength, home freezing (totally ineffective), homeopathy & professional freezing. Podiatrist told me I had two others as well. I could live with them, but the heel one just hurts. Latest attempt is with podopyllum and linseed.

27th Nov 2008, 14:32

Emilyq says:

Hi everyone,, still using the occlusal and having quite a success with it..its up to now seemed to have shrunk the mosaic verruca in size, can sometimes be painful which is supposed to mean its doing something i hope!! My doctor reccomended it to me as it worked on some others of their patients! Good luck everyone!
Will report back if i see any changes

30th Nov 2008, 19:51

SeaMagpie says:

Well I'm still continuing with the vinegar and duck tape. I have noticed that if I make up a large cotton wool swab and apply it, the pain can be unbearable. So the trick is to do a smaller area at a time. Does enyone know how one tells when to stop the treatment, because at all times the skin is white and puffy. Do I leave it for a few days to see how things have gone and then hit it again if I can still see infection?

7th Dec 2008, 18:06

lahere2k8(susanwighton-at-btinternet-dot-com) says:

Hi i started the vinegar treatment a week ago , i felt ike giving in because the pain was so unbearable i couldn't get to sleep and i ended up taking it off they have gone all brown.
When do you stop using the treatment or how do you know when its worked

8th Dec 2008, 22:01

Anonymous says:

Susan, if the pain gets too much modify your treatment to cover smaller areas. I think that carrying out the treatment 24/7 if the most effective way. Also I found that Nurofen is very good for dealing with this sort of pain.
Best of luck.

9th Dec 2008, 06:43

SeaMagpie says:

I have been carrying out the vinegar and duck tape method for about 7 weeks now and have been careful not to miss any treatments. The skin goes white and puffy and slightly discoloured. After a while lots of skin peels off, but I have never had it go black like some people describe. I'm starting to think that the verruca may be gone and plan to leave the skin to dry overnight to see how things have progressed.
I have found another website that deals with this horrible ailment and here is the link...

I will contine to post my results until I can confirm success or not.

17th Dec 2008, 13:07

Bex says:

I have recently got 2 verrucas, one about 5p size on the ball of my foot near my little toe and a very small one on my other heel. After reading about people with huge spreading verucas I am determined to kill off these while hey cause me little pain. I am going to try saliycyclic acid and teatree oil, probably not vineagr as if my foot goes puffy I cant wear converse or ride my horse who is very unfit right now. If anyone has any easy home remedies that work quickly and painlessly email me and tell me

27th Dec 2008, 23:53

Eve.(dark_cobra64-at-hotmail-dot-com) says:

I've had my verruca for about 7 months now, and I swear it's gotten bigger. And it hurts so much, I can barely walk. At first I tried that Bazooka thing, but it didn't really work.

At the moment, I've just started the banana thing. But I don't really understand it completely. Am I supposed to clean the area every time I re-apply? The verruca is blackened by the banana, so I just wipe it with a damp tissue to clean it. Is this bad?
And do I have to not wash my foot for as long as I'm doing this? I couldn't bear it the other day, so just washed it anyway.

Anslo, how do I know if the treatment is working? It's been about 6 days now, and it appears that a massive white circle has formed around the verruca. And it looks as thought th verruca itself has gone in, but the outer part is really popping out. And the same pain is still there, if not more.

So what do I do? Is this bad? I'm so confused. Please HELP! Cheers.

30th Dec 2008, 17:10

SeaMagpie says:

Hi Eve
The secret, I think, is that you have to constantly keep at it. As you can see from my posts, I am using the vinegar and duck tape and this is working, but not as quickly as some people have experienced. However, the pain can be unbearable and at times like this I have thrown in a period of banana skin treatment. I think the banana does work but is not as extreme as the vinegar. Both treatments discolour the skin and it also goes puffy. The black colour when you use the banana is mainly off the banana skin itself. However, you will know if you are succeeding becuase you will start to see small black dots on the verucca and ultimately the whole thing goes black. When this happens, you have almost certainly killed the thing.
I always wash my foot with soap and water after taking off each dressing then thoroughly drying before applying a new dressing.
The bottom line Eve is persistence and if you get to the point where you can't stand the pain, take Neurofen or an equivalent analgesic to try to get through it. The pain means you are beating the verucca.

31st Dec 2008, 15:19

Emilie says:

Hi guys i've had verrucas for 4 years and warts around my finger nails for 2, i would seriously recommend trying the banana peel method, basically take a ordinary banana peel cut a bit off that fits to the size of the wart/verruca place the banana peel on your wart/ verruca with the inside placed onto it (the wet sort of soggy bit) stick it in place with duct tap or even ordinary celotape as i am using, take it off in the morning and you probably wont see that much of a difference but a soggy verruca/wart, so through the day wrap the verruca in tape, then repeat at night time......i have been doing this for 2 days and my warts have turned black already!! cheap and affordable!
best of luck!

31st Dec 2008, 15:52

Emily says:

By the way the idea of this is the banana peel contains an ingrediant init which warts do not like, and with just the tape..the idea of that is to stop air getting to it so it suffocates in the tape, so wrap it up tight.

31st Dec 2008, 15:54

Eve says:

Thanks Seamagpie. =)
But I really fear it may be getting worse..
Here's a picture, if you dare to look. Haha. >_<

It is the same one, but I've tried to make you see what it really looks like. The pictures don't do it justice. It's bigger thn it seems in the pictures, and it's quite deep now. And I think it's a bit squishy? No black dots have formed. This is after about 5 days of banana peel. =/

Should I continue.. or stop or now? Is this how it's supposed to look..? Do you think it's getting worse? Cheers.

31st Dec 2008, 22:36

SeaMagpie says:

Hi Eve
Actually I don't think it looks too bad. It is in the same place and on the same foot as mine was, but is much more simple than mine which was made up of about three separate ones close together.
It looks to me that the treatment is working for you and what you should do now is to file it down. The best way to do this is at the end of the day remove the dressing and let it dry out for an hour or two and then file it down using either emery cloth or a hard skin remover that you can get from Boots the chemist. Reduce the varruca and the surrounding tissue to a fairly flat and uniform level and then wash you foot in soap and warm water. Dry it off and apply your next treatment.
If you have started with the banana skin and duct tape, carry on with it as it does work. Be prepared to keep treating the varucca for weeks rather than days, but KEEP AT IT. If you do, you will definitely get rid of it.
Lastly, varrucas are caused by a virus and it is easily caught by other people. So when you have finished your treatments, wash you hands and everything that may have come into contact with it.

1st Jan 2009, 07:05

Emily says:

Its hard finding th right method to use on you as everyone is different, its to do with imune systems aswell

1st Jan 2009, 17:48

Eve says:

SeaMagpie, thanks a lot for your response again. =)
I replaced the banana thing, and tried to have it on for the past 4 days. I think it's getting a bit better. The pain seems slightly less. Filed it down a little today. -cringe-
I think this may just work. I had a shower, and washed the foot. Just re-applied some new banana skin.. Not sure how to long to leave it on for this time. Any suggestions? I think I might go for 3/4-ish days again or something? It does get a bit nasty after this long, but will it be more effective? I think maybe.
Cheers. x

4th Jan 2009, 22:45

Caroline says:

I know that lots of people have given advice already but I thought I would give you my experience as it might help. I have had over 10 on my foot for nearly 9 years(!!!) and nothing seemed to work - i used in store treatments and even went to the doctor to freeze them off. Nothing worked.

So in the end I bit the bullit and went to a chiropodist: the advice I'll give you is from them so it might help you and save you the money i had to spend!

I personally think that a combination of treatments is the most effective.

1. Homeopathic tablets called Thuja (get the 30 c version its stronger). These are supposed to naturally build up immunity to the virus which is in thr body.

Simultaneously I used 60% Salycylic acid applied directly onto the verruca - sticky corn felt is used and a whole is cut where the V is - this means the SA wont spread to healthy skin. Cover, and leave for a week (yes, this means showering with s plastic bag over your foot BUT ITS WORTH IT!). Uncover after a week and remove dead skin and repeat.

3. After a few weeks of doing this you might find that the foot gets a bit sore to walk on - dont let this discourage you from continuing but you obviosuly dont want a really bad sore foot so consider pausing the salycylic treatment for a few days or a week and instead cover the V with duck tape instead. I knwo it sounds mad but its proven very effective and this way you are letting any damaged or sore bits heal but still treating the problem.

I had to do this for about 12 weeks but most people's have gone by 6 weeks - it sounds a lot but totally worth it if it means not being constantly paranoid and ermbarrassed about showing your feet or wearing sandals.

Good luck

5th Jan 2009, 13:46

Caroline says:

I almost forgot - the chiropodist also said that they are more likely to go with a healthy immune system - so taking multivitamins and eating healthily wont be a direct treatment but will support the chemical and manual treatments being done.

5th Jan 2009, 13:49

Mankywarts says:

Could I possibly try the tape/vinegar method on my warts on thumbs? I too have a mossaic on my foot. My thumbs are really sore but what really annoys me is the roughness of them.

I always remeber when I was a small child when I had a verruca on my foot and i just pulled it out! Im too squeemish to do that now. They're just damn annoying!!

6th Jan 2009, 00:36

Rachel(icle_rach-at-hotmail-dot-com) says:

I am so pleased that i am not the only person out there who is feed up of verrucas. im 18 and have had my ones for over 6 years now. i have tried the nurse freezing them every two weeks, that acid stuff and wartner. i am now mixing AVOCA which contains silver nitrate and having them frozen. this vinegar thing sounds interesting so may move onto that soon. i have at least 12 some in clusters and have recently got rid of my newest one through freezing at the doctors so i would reckonmend this as well as any other treatment, it also used to work when i was younger. my sister had loads on her feet so the soles where covered and they all vanished!!

I will inform you if there is any improvement. i hope to get rid of them before summer. I hate sun bathing with my feet out with them on!

7th Jan 2009, 17:58

Relieved!! says:

Oh thanks everyone.. just read this and can see a lifeline.. mine is on the bottom of my heel and I cannot walk with flat shoes on at all as it's too painfull.. think i'll try the vinegar tongiht..thank you.. will keep you posted.

12th Jan 2009, 17:25

Relieved says:

Ok.. started on the vinegar last night, (applied to foot not drinking!) Places a small square of cotton wool pad soaked in vinegar directly on it and then taped securly and tight and left over night, gave it a wash this morning, dried and have put a new square of cotton wool with vinegar on and taped again to wear all day. This morning it was very white around the edges, but same amount of pain as it was just as sore when the skin was very hard around it! (Being on bottom of heel I'm think this is even more painful than being on ball of foot?) Anyways.. will repeat tonight, should I leave it to dry out a bit and then try to remove some of the white skin first? Thanks

13th Jan 2009, 09:27

Sam E says:

Have any of you tried Avoca (silver nitrate)? I applied it to two verrucas on my 5 year old and it worked beautifully. It turned black over the 5 or 6 days that you applied, went really hard and after about a week both cores literally fell out. It took a week or two more for all of the black skin to completely go, but healthy tissue came back underneath and they are completely gone. It did not appear to hurt her and was the least invasive way of me trying to treat her. I know it is not a guarantee as I know from personal experience what a nightmare they can be to get rid of, but I would definitely recommend giving it a go.

16th Jan 2009, 13:03

Relieved says:

Hi.. well tonight it will be a week since I started on Vinegar and tape treatments.. This Saturday and Sunday have been hell.. my foot has been killing me! I stayed with the treatment on Saturday but it just hurt too much in the end I I just left tape on it. Then it was fine again yesterday morning so I filed away skin, cleaned, dryed etc and reapplied trearment and the pain was terrible! My whole foot and ankle were throbbing until in the end I took the tape/vinegar off and bathed and left open.. I took pain killers but it was hurting for ages. I just put a plaster on it over night! However - this morning it has gone really hard, black and like a scab!! GOOD Or BAD???!!

I could face putting vinegar on this morning as can't be dealing with that much pain at work, so I've just taped it securly. Will think about what to do tonight..

19th Jan 2009, 10:59

Relieved says:

2 weeks today since I started Vinegar and Tape treatment. Although saying that I only put the vinegar and tape on a couple of times last week as it's brown and scap like.. so hopefully it's healing underneath.. although I can report.. at the moment and for since last Wednesday there is NO PAIN !!!! Hoorah.. so fingers crossed it's on the mend.. I hope.. so I'm just going to leave it alone for the time being .. but I wouldn't even know anything was there other than looking at it. Will report as and when anything happens.. lol

26th Jan 2009, 13:58

Relieved says:

2 weeks today since I started Vinegar and Tape treatment. Although saying that I only put the vinegar and tape on a couple of times last week as it's brown and scap like.. so hopefully it's healing underneath.. although I can report.. at the moment and for since last Wednesday there is NO PAIN !!!! Hoorah.. so fingers crossed it's on the mend.. I hope.. so I'm just going to leave it alone for the time being .. but I wouldn't even know anything was there other than looking at it. Will report as and when anything happens.. lol

26th Jan 2009, 13:58

Emily says:

Hi guys! not been on here in a while so i thought i'd report on what i have found out!
I have warts around my fingernails, fingers and mosaic on my foot,
i placed just normal tape over my wart on my fingernails, replaced every morning when i woken up (if you dont want to be wearing tape over your fingers through the day it will work jus putting it over them at night) after a couple of nights having it on it turned black! i kept on doing it through the black stages and eventually it came off!! woohoo!
I also used banana skin on my oters which worked wonderfully good luck everyone!

26th Jan 2009, 19:04

Relieved says:

oooh ok... I'm going to tape my foot up again from tonight then as it's just staying black at the moment, thanks

27th Jan 2009, 17:10

still trying to get rid says:

Hi guys, thank god all of you have the same problem as me. I have about 6 verrucas and a cluster of the on one foot and about the same on the other. I've now had them for a year and 3/4s its not cool. Ive recently been to a chiropedist and am currently having silver nitrate treatment, i have also been told to boost my immune system with multi-vitamins and get Thuja a homeopathic tablet, the vinega treatment sounds intresting, im desperate for them to go by summer as i obviously want to wear flip flops, ill write back soon letting you know how they are going

29th Jan 2009, 21:44

Painfull says:

Had a Verucca on the heal of my foot. Walking was absolute agony. I placed a small piece of cotton wool soaked in white wine vinegar on the verucca, and held it in place with duct tape. First night this was okay, and i made it through the night with a couple of pain killers. During the day i just put some cream on and a plaster. 2nd night, did the same, stung like hell, and had to get up at 4am to wash the vinegar out. 3rd night inspit of 5 ibuprofen, the pain in my foot was terrible, and washed vinegar out after just a few hours. That was on sat night, on the tuesday armed with a scalpel i was able to dig out a large piece of dead skin, with the head of the verucca in it. This left a hole, but the pain went. That was 1 week ago, and at the moment fingers crossed its a hundred time better. Not sure how much of it was down to the vinegar idea, but certainly worth a try. Good luck.

3rd Feb 2009, 11:26

Relevied says:

Mine has GONE!!! I did vinegar (just the normal household kind!!) and brown tape!!

At the begining of the 2nd week it started to really really sting.. so only had vinegar on for a few hours at a time, before I was in agongy, it felt like it was burning!! Ouch.. however just covered in wet cottom wall and brown tape.. then it turned black for a couple of week.. before turning into a scab.. then eventually came off.

So to reiterate..all the pain of the varruca was gone by the end of week 2!!!

I think the burning feeling was where it was "dying" to be honest as it was straight after that that it stopped hurting altogether..

I'm so so pleased.. I can walk fully on it and now have a nice smooth foot... I so hope it doesn't come back.

If I start to think it is.. I'll just to a week of vinegar and tape to nip it in the bud.

Just bare with it.. when it starts to sting, it's actually working.. but don't let it sting for ages.. just wash it, dry it and put some clean cotton wool soaked in cold water, then tape - this will ease it.

It's ok to leave it to breath for a few hours at a time too.

5th Feb 2009, 12:53

Relevied says:

Mine has GONE!!! I did vinegar (just the normal household kind!!) and brown tape!!

At the begining of the 2nd week it started to really really sting.. so only had vinegar on for a few hours at a time, before I was in agongy, it felt like it was burning!! Ouch.. however just covered in wet cottom wall and brown tape.. then it turned black for a couple of week.. before turning into a scab.. then eventually came off.

So to reiterate..all the pain of the varruca was gone by the end of week 2!!!

I think the burning feeling was where it was "dying" to be honest as it was straight after that that it stopped hurting altogether..

I'm so so pleased.. I can walk fully on it and now have a nice smooth foot... I so hope it doesn't come back.

If I start to think it is.. I'll just to a week of vinegar and tape to nip it in the bud.

Just bare with it.. when it starts to sting, it's actually working.. but don't let it sting for ages.. just wash it, dry it and put some clean cotton wool soaked in cold water, then tape - this will ease it.

It's ok to leave it to breath for a few hours at a time too.

5th Feb 2009, 12:53

emilie says:

Aww i'm so glad for you relevied! i'm in the middle of doing the vinegar and duct tape one and up to now its going brilliantly ! Coming up with black dots!...hurts quite badly when i walk on it but not tooo bad! What sort of verrucas did you have relevied because i have one mosaic with a few small ones around it.

6th Feb 2009, 21:59

Eve says:

So I gave up on the banana thing about a month ago. Started using that Scholl thing, that's like Bazooka. I think it's working a bit.. Not sure though. I think there is a little faded black dot.. Does this mean anything? And also, yesterday, it was really stringy and a bit more painful than usual. I tried to pull it out, but failed. I'm not too sure if this is working.. What do you think?

If it doesn't improve much, I might have to start on the vinegar thing.. Your stories are so reassuring. =D

I really wanna get rid of this silly bugger before Summer!

8th Feb 2009, 14:41

emma says:

after reading through EVERY one of the posts and trying to choose which methos of action to take, i opted for the white vinegar. i had about 15 tiny verruca on the side of my big toe. i put some vinegar on cotton wool, and did as everyone on here had posted stuck it to the retchid thing. might i add, that i did this for 3 days with a day break inbetween, and it was agony. i was hobbling along on my foot, someone asked me if i had broken my foot.... but i just kept telling myself; no pain no gain. anyway, this morning had a look at it, and thought i might give it a scrap and file. well, to my amazement, its gone. all i have left is raw pinky skin on show..... amazing!!!!! there is about 2 baby ones left. so still keeping at the white vinegar and what i have been doing. but just thought i would let you all know and to say thankyou... but it does bloody hurt. xxx

9th Feb 2009, 10:33

emily says:

Is it normal when your doing the vinegar and duct tape treatment for the verruca to go very dry....also the skin around it seems to be peeling which doesn't look very attractiveee....the baby ones are turning black and the mosaic s abit but no change really.

10th Feb 2009, 10:19

Seamagpie says:

I haven't commented for a while, but to remind you all, I have been treating my veruccas with vinegar and duct tape. I've been through the dreadful pain and I agree that it goes after a while. But after about 7 weeks I thought that I had won the battle and I stopped treating it. MISTAKE! After two or three weeks I could just see a return of a couple of veruccas. So I have now started again, but this time using Apple Cider Vinegar and the duct tape. I'm having to go through the pain thing again, but Nurofen is dealing with this up to a point.
The reason I got it wrong was because I thought that it had gone. I have been told by a chiropodist that the way to tell with pretty good certainty that the verucca has gone is to check that you can see the natural "print" of your skin. You know, like the whorls of finger prints etc. On good skin with the verucca gone this will reappear. So I will now keep up the treatment until this happens.

Anyway, I think a quick tip is worth putting in here for those people who are going on holiday and want their feet to look better without having to go through a complete cure.
Carry out the vinegar and duct take treatment as written here up to about a week before going on holiday. Then stop and give you foot a good and deep wash. Let it dry out thoroughly and leave it over night. In the morning the skin should be a bit hard. File this down with a hard skin file that you can buy from Boots the Chemist and then wash again. It will take a few days to smooth out, but by the time you go on holiday it will look OK. When the holiday is over you have the choice to resume the treatment to get rid of it altogether.

11th Feb 2009, 11:51

Relieved says:

emilie - I had one massive one! When you get the black dots, that's when it's starting to die. Mine then went like a weird soft scab, then gradually harder and harder. It does hurt ALOT, but mine was already total agony as it was on the bottom on my heel so I could not put any weight on it at all before I started the treatment, so the pain of the vinegar doing it's job didn't really effect me! Once the paid stoped, and it was literally overnight that I put my foot down to find it didn't jurt anymore.... marvellous! I then stopped the treatment, I just kept it clean and carried on usuing the hard skin remover to get rid until gradually the scab when really hard and came off.

I did try the bazooka stuff right at the beginning of mine - DON'T USE IT.. it made my 10 times bigger!! It jsut spreads it in my opinion.

So as I say, I basically did a week and a half of vinegar treatments, and it killed mine after having a corker of one for 6 months +.

Good luck all.

13th Feb 2009, 15:55

Relieved says:

emily - YES, the surrounding skin of mine went very dry and crinkled and weird, but don't worry.. use the hard skin remover across it and it'll peel away.

13th Feb 2009, 15:57

Kayleigh says:

Im 14, and I got my first verruca when i was 3...since then, i've developed over 30. I have several mosaic ones, and I had them frozen yesterday with liquid nitrogen. If this doesnt work, (which i hope it does, at is is very painful) do you have any advice on the garlic method i've heard about? I would try the vinegar method, but i'm allergic to the stuff! please getting so desperate with these verruca's i've even tried hacking the things out. Any advice you have would be brilliant :)

13th Feb 2009, 20:58

Joe says:

I think the acid is the best way to go (and medical studies seem to support this). Homeopathy is just based on superstition and nevers passes any scientific control study, i.e. it is just doesn't work. Freezing helps with very superficial ones. You do have to be very consistent with the acid, though,as some others have mentioned.

14th Feb 2009, 12:24

relieved says:

Thank you!! i thought i was getting some dodgey skin condition but alls good! x

14th Feb 2009, 17:59

Eve says:

Relieved - I agree that it increases in size after using Bazooka. Mine got a lot worse, and spread all around, and now it's huuuge. =/

14th Feb 2009, 22:03

Emily says:

Sorry relieved didnt mean to put your name at the top instead of mine....i was in a completely different world haha!

15th Feb 2009, 13:31

Hazel says:

Just bought some Duck tape on the advice of a different site and am about to apply with vinegar and see what happens...

Had the offending verruca for at least 6 years, about the size of a 50p, with a little improvment with banana skin, but got my first sun holiday at Easter and need it gone..

Steeling myself for the pain and thank you for the advice - will keep you posted!

16th Feb 2009, 17:06

Naya says:

I started off with one small verucca on my left heel which I managed to ignore for about 3 years until it started spreading to other areas as well as my other foot! Now I have about 10 in total!!!

Ive tried various things from Wartner to Salactol but to no avail. I kept putting he salactol on until a massive bit of skin came away which meant I was putting acid on raw skin - painful stuff so I had to stop. I even tried digging the veruccas out but they just came back.

I am now sat with my left foot bound up in duck tape. I have used ordinary brown vinegar as that is all I have. Am willing to try anything now as they are simply getting worse and worse as time goes on!

Will let u know if I get any success - not looking forward to the pain again :-(

16th Feb 2009, 21:38

Relieved says:

Naya - I used ordinary vinegar too.. did the job for me! Just stick with it for a week and half at least.. it will work I promise you.

17th Feb 2009, 13:49

Naya says:

Left the vinegar on overnight and when I got up this mornin the skin had gone white around the inside and a browny colour on the inside of the varuccas. Looked cratery - just as everyone else mentioned. Decided to take a shower to wash my stinky foot and used a pumice to remove as much skin as poss but wasnt sure if I was supposed to do this or leave it a bit longer until it starts turning black or goes scabby???

Decided to wear a couple of vinegar soaked plasters and duct tape under my sock during the day at work so as to really blitz it!!

Not hurting too badly just yet...

17th Feb 2009, 19:44

Argh says:

I've had a verruca on my foot since i was around 11/12, I am now 26!

I had two on my left foot which seemed to disappear within a year or two; whilst the stubborn one on my right foot is still there!
And in comparison with the other foot this one is in really deep.

I've been trying thuja for coming up to three weeks and there are a few black dots but it seems to have plateaud, did anyone have a similar experience?

Should I forget thuja and try the vinegar treatment instead? Or should I just persevere with thuja...

But its really good knowing others are in a similar boat!

18th Feb 2009, 10:54

Relieved says:

Naya - Yes this is exactly what mine did. I did the same as you, just wash it and dry it each day and night before redressing.... I used a small cut out thin(ish) square of vinegar soaked cotton wall and had brown tape over it.... lol (Nothing else stuck).

Keep at it.. mine did start to hurt right towards the end of the first week i think..

18th Feb 2009, 10:57

emily says:

I have a smelly vinegar foot!! But i'll persevere!

18th Feb 2009, 11:32

Naya says:

Thanks for the support Relieved! Im hobbling on!

18th Feb 2009, 20:08

in pain says:

I have had mosaic warts/veruccas on the side of my toes for several years. They just keep spreading. Nothing seems to work. Have just begun looking at natural remedies and the vinegar method seems favoured on here so I've started on it tonight. Will update in a week. It's ABSOLUTE agony so far, so it better be worth it!

21st Feb 2009, 23:26

Jim says:

Stood on a nail almost 2 years ago and damaged the heel of my foot. For months there was dead skin around the area in which the nail had punctured the skin. After a while I went to the chiropidist and he removed the dead skin. However, after a month a verruca had formed, a verruca which I ignored for months assuming it would go away. BAD IDEA!! After 6 months it was huge (about 2 cm wide) right on the ball of my feet sitting right ontop of what the chiropdist identified as a patch of nerves. AGONY to walk on, EMBARRASSING if it were to be seen by others and IMPOSSIBLE to remove. After atleast 8 appointments with my chiropidist in which a variety of different methods from formaldayde and acids being put on the verruca there was no difference. I'd spent about 200 pounds at this point on trying to remove this unwelcome guest. It was at this point it became a psychological battle. I decided to mix my treatments and went to several chiropidists at once (without telling them I was doing as much). I treated myself by freezing it, putting tea tree oil on it and then covering it with acid. All the extra effort although agonizingly painful paid off! For the first time in about a year and a half I can run without feeling pain in my right foot which is something I am very happy about. Freeze it, put acid on it ... my advice is do ALL that you can, not just one thing.

23rd Feb 2009, 00:10

Relieved says:

See the vinegar didn't hurt my foot until about a week in, but I guess that was after it had worn down alot..

vinegar and tape worked for me.. and I spent nothing! I already had vinegar, Cotton Wool and Brown tape at home. Had it for 6 months.. and disappeared in 2 weeks.. brillient.

23rd Feb 2009, 16:55

Naya says:

Well Im still carrying on with the vinegar treatment. Gave it a break for a day as my foot was really sore. The actual veruccas have gone black but I think its mostly blood - eugh! Have been trying to shave the skin away with a corn knife in between treatments and i must say - they are looking better but as time goes on, my foot gets more and more sore!

Im off to have another go...

23rd Feb 2009, 21:15

Angela says:

Hello fellow sufferers,

I have been battling with my verruca's since the first week in January. I had happily ignored their existence for the entirety of the previous year; they didn't bother me and I didn't bother them. However, my mother caught sight of them over the Christmas period - one cluster on ball of left foot and another cluster on the big toe of my right foot - and insisted I go to the doctor with them. I wish I had just left them to their own devices. They are breaking my heart, trying my patience to the extreme and pushing me to the edge of my personal pain-barrier.
It has been quite a relief to find other people in the same situation though and reading your stories has made me feel like perhaps I am not going insane and maybe one day they will cease their inhabitation of my feet. In any case, the doctor recommended Bazooka (Useless, Useless, Useless), which I applied religiously for three weeks whilst filing and cleaning every evening, I was a model patient However, they only became marginally smaller despite serious pain caused from applying to bare skin and over-pumicing. Since then I have tried picking them out, filing them down until my foot bleeds and home freezing them. NOT working. It would seem that all I have managed to do is make the problem much worse than it originally was. I can see from reading all the posts on this page (which are very helpful by the way) that why have failed with previous treatments, for example the bazooka stuff, home-freezing, trying to cut-off the ball of my foot) is partly due to their ineffectiveness but also through my lack of persistance.

I am leaving work shortly and going to buy some vinegar and duct tape etc.

I will keep you posted. I do not see an end in sight with these things.

Sorry for the glorified rant, quite therapeutic though!!!!

25th Feb 2009, 16:02

In Pain says:

I think I started the vinegar and duct tape thing on Saturday. From the beginning the pain has been INTENSE. I think I have got rid of a single one that surfaced quickly but the other toes are so sore that I can't bear to scrape for very long at all. I now walk with a severe limp. Embarassing as I'm a teacher and everyone wanted to know why I was limping. I had to remove my shoe in a Year 6 lesson because I was in such pain. My pain threshold is quite high I think - I've given birth to 4 kids. I don't know how this method will work if I can't scrape through the pain. Will keep trying !

25th Feb 2009, 18:49

In Pain says:

I think I started the vinegar and duct tape thing on Saturday. From the beginning the pain has been INTENSE. I think I have got rid of a single one that surfaced quickly but the other toes are so sore that I can't bear to scrape for very long at all. I now walk with a severe limp. Embarassing as I'm a teacher and everyone wanted to know why I was limping. I had to remove my shoe in a Year 6 lesson because I was in such pain. My pain threshold is quite high I think - I've given birth to 4 kids. I don't know how this method will work if I can't scrape through the pain. Will keep trying !

25th Feb 2009, 18:49

Naomi says:

Wow this forum is so good! I got my first verruca when I was about 14 and since then I've gotten about 3 mosaics on the ball of my foot, and just 2 singular ones on my other. The mosaic ones on my right foot have appeared to spread to my second toe and I discovered a new one there yesterday! I've tried bazooka (didn't work) and as I used to work in a pharmacy I actually told patients that I didn't think bazooka or the equivalents (as well as home freezing which i have also tried) are very good.
Really interested in this vinegar method so am about to pop to the shop to get a new roll of duct tape, I shall keep you posted! I'm a dancer as well so the pain could be interesting...

26th Feb 2009, 12:25

Angela says:

I bought my white wine vinegar yest. evening wrapped up the vinegar soaked cotton balls in masking tape (couldn't find any duct tape in shops). Masking tape is working well though - it sticks to the foot easily and isn't sore to remove as you can rip it easily. I woke up this morning at half 3 w/ foot throbbing and removed bandage. It felt fine again by the time I got up at 7, only a small bit sensitive so I cleaned feet & reapplied the vinegar to them. The good news is ... the verruca's have already started turning brown and therefore they're dying (I think)!!! It's the fastest response I have seen to a treatment for them and I am delighted so the pain I'm experiencing is more bearable. I currently have my feet elavated on a pile of files I have stowed under my desk at work - defo should have brought some neurofen in :( I just keep telling myself that it is all worth it! The vinegar is defo the way to go.
As an aside, I was chatting to a lady at work who had to have ten sessions with a chiropodist (€30 each time) to get rid of a mosaic one on the ball of her foot. On session four. the chiropodist applied a serious amount of the acid stuff. She had to travel by plane that evening and just before they landed she had to request a wheelchair from the air steward for arrival as she could not put her foot on the ground with the pain. This persisted for 2 days & she was hobbling for the week.
LESSON: the professionals do not know more than we do. The vinegar thing is not crazy. NO Pain NO Gain!!!!!!!!!!

Good luck Naomi and hope you're feeling better 'In pain' :)

26th Feb 2009, 13:30

BigBadun says:

Wow after reading these posts from everyone i decided to go with the vinegar and tape on my verrucas. I have one really large one and it is agony! The vinegar definatley seems to be changing however im walking with a limp and its so painful i ended up taking it off at 2am this morning! They have gone black in the middle and round the edge like a white crater type this normal? Also feels like my whole toe is going to drop off! However i will persits if it means they will go away. How long do they hurt for, and when do i stop? .....

26th Feb 2009, 14:03

Angela says:

Vinegar going well ish - time consuming in morning undressing the masking tape, cleaning and redressing with the vinegar. I was a little over-zealous with the masking tape this morning and too lazy to cut the cotton woll ball up and ended up not being able to fit my feet into my shoes!! Had to remove all of the tape and cotton wool and just rush to work with no dressing on. I was really annoyed because I am afraid now that they will be strengthened by the oxygen and re-group! Also noticed that the one on my big toe on right foot spread to the toe beside it :(

It's so frustrating. I feel like I am waging a losing battle :(

27th Feb 2009, 12:09

Naya says:

Its been about 2 weeks since i started the vinegar treatment and I have a theory. The little black dots that appear in the verucca are blood (sometimes mistaken for roots). It is this blood supply that keeps the verucca alive. When you start to wear the skin down, you start to remove bits of skin that contain blood so you are effectively stopping blood getting to the verucca. I bought a corn knife and gently scraped my veruccas every night. I actually stopped with the vinegar treatments a few nights ago but continued to remove bits of dried skin containing black dots (blood) and now almost all 4 of my veruccas on my left foot are gone. The key is persistance. I reckon give it another week of scraping to be on the safe side and my feet will be as good as new!!

27th Feb 2009, 23:47

Naomi says:

So this is the morning after my second night of vinegar treatment (I didnt have it on during the day) One of the newer ones on my toe has turned almost completely black already, the others there are going the same way. however on my older ones I'm not seeing much of a difference yet, but probably because they are much more deeply rooted. I also have a theory, I read about the vinegar treatment on the forum linked in one of the earlier posts, people there have used vinegar, cirtric acid, potato, eggplant - anything acidic. However some other people have sworn by bleach or bicarbonate of soda mixture, which makes me think that a verruca needs an extreme of pH, to be sealed off, and to be filed down regularly as well as PERSISTANCE! what do you guys think?

28th Feb 2009, 01:24

BigBadun says:

I reckon your right with the persistance Naomi. Its so easy to just leave it and think 'it'll go by itself' which is what i did and know ive got 6! However im not letting them stay now. My foot is agony again after another few days of the vinegar, keep filing and picking them down though and starting to get 'holes' which im taking as a good sign. Nice to know other people are in the same situation!

28th Feb 2009, 08:02

in pain says:

Well I'm on day 7 now I think. The vinegar on on cotton wool was puffing up my toes so badly that I had to alter my tactics. On another forum I read about somone who made a vinegar, garlic and salt mix so I decided to give it a go. Morning and night I paint the offending areas with this mix, trying not to get it on healthy skin. Then I wrap duct tape directly round these areas. Once a day I work on the skin with a scalpel type thing. Two veruccas seem to have gone completely but I'm keeping an eye on them. At the slightest sign-they're back on the vinegar. All the other ones have turned brown and are easy to pick at. I'm beginning to see healthy new skin where there has only been infected skin for years. Hurrah! I am extremely hopeful. I think this vinegar thing works better than bazuka because it absorbs in to the skin and causes it to peel away, rather than adding acidic layers which are hard to break through. I'll update in a few days!

28th Feb 2009, 22:57

Angeleen says:

I'm aobut 12 years old and ive got one on my ball of the feet on the right foot. Its so painful and ive tried to get it off with my nbail and it all came off but then came back!! i used to have one when i was 9 to 10 and i used compound w and it went but i used compound w for my verruca and it wont go.... im gonna try the vinegar thing and god> its sounds painful...... i will try and hopefully it will go. im scared other people will see it in PE. I really want it go cas its really painfull

1st Mar 2009, 20:40

BigBadun says:

Im probably on about day 10. Still going with it, but they are still v sore and still there, I know i need to be persistant, but just want them gone! Think i need to buy myself some nice nail varnish for when i can show off my feet as an incentive to carry on when i feel like giving in!!

2nd Mar 2009, 07:54

Relieved says:

Blimy.. I did have pain, but only for a very short time right at the end. Also someone mentioned the white crater - I had this too!! lol I didn't shave anything down.. just filed it getntly with a hard skin remover/file..

Also I didn't use balls of cotton wall.. found it easier to cut a flat sheet of cotton wool (make up remover round one!).. into a small sqaure, slightly bigger than the actual offending area.. was less noticable then!

2nd Mar 2009, 10:39

frustratedsarah says:

This forum is such a comfort!

I have had verrucas for a couple of years now. It started off with one on the bottom of my big toe which I stupidly left thinking it would go away. It didn't. It just got larger and I eventually got another three near to it.

Decided to do something about them last year and went to have them frozen by a professional. It was pure agony, I've never felt anything like it. I couldn't walk for days or sleep through the pain. I also do a lot of running so that didn't really suit my lifestyle.

Decided to home treat with salactol acid but this made them 10 times worse and they spread massively. I now have a cluster of about 15 on my big toe and a couple on the ball of my foot and one inbetween my toes.

I did carry on with the acid, applying every night and filing down but they just seemed to be getting worse so I stopped that.

Read about the duct tape method and have now been doing that for about 1 month. I didn't know about the vinegar part though so might give that a try next.

The duct tape on its own does seem to be doing "something" as they have changed appearance. It makes the skin go all white and puffy and then I file that off once a week. They are still there though, I can see little black dots and holes.

Think I'll try the vinegar although I'm nervous about the pain as it doesn't sound like I'll be able to run during treatment. Anyone know how the pain compares to that of freezing?

2nd Mar 2009, 12:52

Angeleen says:

ive tried the vingar thing over night and my verruca has gone white then a black dot in the middle.... is it suppposed to bee like that? plss help

2nd Mar 2009, 16:12

Naomi says:

I'm on my fifth day of vinegar treatment now, and I am definitly seeing a difference. Angeleen and frustratedsarah the black dots are a good sign, it means the skin is dying in the middle and therefore the verucca is losing its grip and should get pushed out.
I haven't done the vinegar thing 24/7 though, I've done it some nights and left the days, and done some days and let it dry out overnight to file away first thing in morning. However I would advice for those using brown packing tape instead of duct tape that you cover the cotton ball with some waterproof surgical tape before putting the industrial tape on. After having the dressing on my foot all day once I cam home and discovered the tape turned into mush when I peeled it off because the vinegar had broken down the glue in the packing tape.

And frustratedsarah, it does hurt, but nearly as much as compared to freezing, take a couple of painkillers 20mins before you apply the treatment and it should take the edge off. You may have to cut down on running if the pain and pressure is a bit much (I know how frustrating this can be, I had to skip dance class on Monday!) but it'll definitly be worth it, like I say I'm 5 days in and already seeing a massive difference!

Hope that was some help to people

3rd Mar 2009, 04:37

Naomi says:

I'm on my fifth day of vinegar treatment now, and I am definitly seeing a difference. Angeleen and frustratedsarah the black dots are a good sign, it means the skin is dying in the middle and therefore the verucca is losing its grip and should get pushed out.
I haven't done the vinegar thing 24/7 though, I've done it some nights and left the days, and done some days and let it dry out overnight to file away first thing in morning. However I would advice for those using brown packing tape instead of duct tape that you cover the cotton ball with some waterproof surgical tape before putting the industrial tape on. After having the dressing on my foot all day once I cam home and discovered the tape turned into mush when I peeled it off because the vinegar had broken down the glue in the packing tape.

And frustratedsarah, it does hurt, but nearly as much as compared to freezing, take a couple of painkillers 20mins before you apply the treatment and it should take the edge off. You may have to cut down on running if the pain and pressure is a bit much (I know how frustrating this can be, I had to skip dance class on Monday!) but it'll definitly be worth it, like I say I'm 5 days in and already seeing a massive difference!

Hope that was some help to people

3rd Mar 2009, 04:37

Relieved says:

although mine went .. I'm still reading this forum to see if I can help other people in their quest to get rid of these things!

My foot is totally "normal" now.. didn't even scar!! Just never want it back!

3rd Mar 2009, 09:57

Bigdanun (on my toe) says:

Had to take some painkillers this morning, Pain was v v bad! Thought last night id done it, as i scraped a load of dead stuff out (sorry that sounds gross!) But just to be on the safe side put some vinegar on all night and this morning its all now brown again so im guessing i havent got to the bottom of it. Any advice guys?? Just keep going???

3rd Mar 2009, 10:14

BigBadun says:

Oh, and my whole house including me stink of vineger :)

3rd Mar 2009, 10:16

Naomi says:

Haha I know what you mean about smelling of vinegar, as for the brown stuff I read that the verucca is gone when you can see your natural "print" of your skin, after filing maybe you should check if the print is showing through?

3rd Mar 2009, 10:31

Angeleen says:

Hey Naomi, thnx for your advise. its very helpful.... thsi is my 2nd day i think and it has gone brown? im very worried and sometimes in pain. i have tried the banaana treatment and its very painful. i cannot put weight on it :(

3rd Mar 2009, 19:33

argh says:

So, I've been on the thuja tincture for about a month (ish), and tiny black spots have developed as a result.

But, what I am wondering is if the lack of air is one of the biggest factors in getting rid of these suckers?
I was using a microporous tape to stick down the white lint (to which I was adding a few drops of tincture onto), as the tape was rubbish for keeping it in place I've changed it to another type- sticky plaster-type material.
The area has been feeling a little more sore since I have been using it.

Unsure to whether its the thuja or the plaster! (possibly a combo of both).

4th Mar 2009, 23:17

iow girl says:

Hi guys - what a wacky world! I am so glad to have found this forum as it's really helpful to hear that other people are having success. I have had a verucca on my foot for a few years now and a few months ago one appeared on my finger which is difficult to hide. I am now trying the vinegar and duct tape on my finger and although it has been quite painful it is turning black which according to others seems to be a good sign. Hope everyone is having success with their little blighters - thanks for all the information that has bee posted. What would we do without the internet eh?

5th Mar 2009, 10:58

BigBadun (on my toe) says:

The vinegar got the better of me and ive had to stop it for a few days as was in agony, it had eaten through my normal skin and was red raw!! Some have gone black though, so im taking that as a good sign! Been and got some Thuja today so going to take that alongside the vinegar to see if that helps!

5th Mar 2009, 12:36

Relieved says:

I keep reading that people using the vinegar are really filing at their foot all the time too.. and that sounds painful.. I didn't just gently filed mine with a hard skin remover.. basically like a big nail file.. but didn't rub it raw of anything.. just kept it clean and applied vinegar, and I'm talking a couple of drops onto a small square of cotton wool and covered firmly with tape.. it went brown, then harder and harder until it was a scab.. left the scab for about a week. and then picked (sorry but true) at it until the scab came off.. then hoorah.. all gone.

It did get painful for a couple of days at the end, but I would just removed the vinegar cotton wool and replaced with one covered in cold water, then re-taped firmly. This seemed to sooth it but I was still keeping it covered.

6th Mar 2009, 10:42

BigBadun (on my toe) says:

I keep picking at the scabs, maybe i should leave them instead to heal underneath? As i drew blood from underneath one of the scabs this morning ...eew

6th Mar 2009, 12:41

Naomi says:

I have to say I'm with you relieved on the skin removing part, I just gently file the top, dead layer with a hard skin remover then reapply the vinegar to soak through, no blood for me! All mine have pretty much developed black dots in them now, but that happened about 5 days ago and they seem to have reached a plateau. However I am persisting because I feel that when it reaches that plateau they want you to give up, not going to happen!

7th Mar 2009, 03:08

in pain says:

Hi again,

I'm now on day 14. Have scraped white puffy skin morning and night , I then decided to leave the tape off for one night. This meant I could file the skin right down to see what I was dealing with. There are still numerous tiny black dots but the skin is much healthier now. I gues I just need to be patient. I'm cotinuing to apply vinegar, garlic etc. The pain has worn right off. I hope that doesn't mean its no longer working. I'm off to buy some thuja tablets today. I am very jealous of 'relieved'. How long did it take for yours to disappear completely?

7th Mar 2009, 09:46

in pain says:

Sorry about all the spelling mistakes! My daughter is using raw onion on her verucca. She just has the one. It's reacting differently to mine. We're kind of in competition - who's will go first?!

7th Mar 2009, 09:49

Angeleen says:

the bannanna treatment is amazing! i used to have a massive verruca and now its a tiny dot. im so relieved and soooo happy!! i feel like screaming lol

7th Mar 2009, 19:00

Angeleen says:

i hope you all get better results too! x x

7th Mar 2009, 19:02

valmac says:

My 5 year old has a verruca on the side of his foot just below the big toe ,tried silver nitrate before Xmas so now having freezing treatment. In view of his age/soft skin they haven't been too long and 3 weeks apart. Up till now nothing seems to have happened but yesterday it erupted like a volcano with black bits. He has been very brave so far and just wondered what to expect next.

As I have typed this he has just caught it so it is now bleeding...

Have uploaded a picture named Verruca

Any thoughts as what to expect next....

8th Mar 2009, 19:37

in pain says:

That's scary looking. Mine haven't reacted quite like that I'm afraid. Mine are slowly getting smaller and I'm filing skin away bit by bit. If that were my verruca I would cut as much as I could out with nail clippers and file it down but I'm not sure my five year old would cope with that!

8th Mar 2009, 22:14

Releived says:

To "In Pain" - mine was completly gone, and I mean skin healed and everything exactly 3 weeks to the day after I started applying the vinegar treatments.. all my posts are on here or the different stages I went through in them 3 weeks. I had just one BIG one though on the bottom of the heel of my foot.

9th Mar 2009, 09:35

BigBadun (on my toe) says:

I reckon i'm getting there! I can deffnatley see a difference, two of mine have completely gone, still battling with a v large one that i have but the vineger isnt sore any more and its beginning to look like it might turn into normal skin (i can kind of see it coming up underneath). Hopefully i'll be like Relieved and be posting that they've ALL gone soon!

9th Mar 2009, 12:13

iow girl says:

After about 10 days of appying the vinegar and duct tape at night and wearing a plaster during the day the verucca on my finger turned completely black and I have just picked it off (sorry gross) like relieved suggested. It looks as though it has gone! - there is just a slightly red area of healthy looking skin. I shall continue though for a while just in case it tries to come back!!! I shall now have to tackle the one on my foot.

9th Mar 2009, 13:35

Relieved says:

One thing I don't think I've mentioned is that I wore gloves throughout the whole process.. (disposable ones you can buy in packs of 100 from wilkinsons) so that it would not spread to hands etc.. I never touched by feet with bare hands once. Seems to have work.. nothing univited on my hands so far lol

10th Mar 2009, 17:04

Eve says:

So after about eight months, I still have mine.
So far I've tried Bazooka, then the Banana thing, then just tape, then Scholl thing. Clearly you can tell I'm impatient, but I really couldn't stick to these treatments for long. Just wanna get rid of it so bad.
Am thinking of starting the vinegar thing.. But still a bit confused.
What kind of vinegar should I use?
We have Sarsons Malt Vinegar.. Is that okay?

Also.. this month seem quite busy for me. Need to go out pretty muich every day. Then Saturday, going to hang out and go shopping far away, all day. Sunday, going to a protest. Then in about a week I'm going to a gig, and a few days after, am going France for the day. So lots and lots of walking. This verruca is at the sole of my right foot, like under the big toe, on the palm bit. It does hurt when I walk.

So.. should I start this treatment now? Or wait till this month is over? Do you think the pain will get really bad and painful for me to walk?

Thanks guys. =)

10th Mar 2009, 23:01

Relieved says:

Eve - hmm depends on how much pain you in now.. as mine did go after 2 weeks and the pain was only usually when I was resting with my feet up, it would really throb. Not so much during the day.

I used normal malt vinegar for mine! lol

11th Mar 2009, 12:05

Naomi says:

Well for the past few days I've just bound my verrucae in parcel tape to seal them off because I haven't had time to dress them properly in vinegar. Last night I took the tape off and filed away dead skin and a lot of the black scabs came off as I was filing with no pain! I can see healthy skin showing underneath, and I think that maybe as tonight is a quiet night in a shall dress them again with vinegar for a few days and they shall be completely gone soon!
It's only been two weeks to the day since I started treatment, I was so sceptical as nothing seemed to have worked but I'm so please I found this!
As for the vinegar, I just used white vinegar but it seems any sort of vinegar is fine, well anything acidic really!

12th Mar 2009, 06:38

in pain says:

It has been exactly 3 weeks for me
but mine are not gone yet. The wart I treated on my thumb is gone, that only took a week or so.
I think my problem might be that mine are multiple veruccas all in one place. I cut a big one out of the dead skin this morning so I'm hoping there'll be some improvement there. I refuse to give up but they are stubborn little beasties.

13th Mar 2009, 12:43

BigBadun (on my toe) says:

Ive been going about 3 weeks ish with the vinegar. Havent done it for a couple of days and they've turned into yellowish scabs (after being black) do you think they're on the way out? So hope so!

13th Mar 2009, 17:02

Sarah says:

After staying up late reading all your messages i'v'e started the vinegar treatment. i have decided to do thid during the afternoon and wash off before bed as im up at 5am for work. i will keep everyone posted. is it best to keep covered with tape during working hours and do you leave uncovered to let feet breathe???
thanks for a brilliant site

13th Mar 2009, 19:03

Anonymous says:

Sarah, i kept mine covered all night with cotton wool then taped up and also all day. When i saw they were turning black i left it off to let them breathe and to file down and see what was left. Hope this helps, would definatley recommend the vinegar, mine havent gone yet but they are so much smaller and if i carry on for a while i reckon they'll go!

14th Mar 2009, 08:23

Sarah says:

hi anonymous,thanks for the advise,i am using vinegar and duck tape,my biggest problem is the unsociable hours that i work yesterday was the first day that i started treatment so far not too much pain but im walking constantly at work aprox 5 miles in a 8 hr shift. with saftey shoes on.But im willing to suffer if this works for my holiday in july.

14th Mar 2009, 17:54

in pain says:

I had an excruciating night last night. I did vinegar and cotton wool thing after chopping away at foot during day - really not a good idea. I thought I was going to pass out with the pain so had to redress in middle of night. Progress still slow but definitely smaller areas of veruccas now. I've not had any yellow scabs though as mentioned by Bigbadun. Should I have scabs?

14th Mar 2009, 22:08

Argh says:

After getting bored with the thuja treatment, its been about 6+ weeks with very little progression in killing the thing.

I started the vinegar and adhesive tape sat evening, and by today I could see a huge difference.

The skin around the verruca had really 'fluffed' up, all white and swollen. Then I realised that I may actually have about 3 verrucas in one area!! no wonder I have had mine 10+ years.

Im not in any huge pain, but it can be bit uncomfortable at times. If it does hurt too much will just keep to duct tape.

15th Mar 2009, 18:11

emily says:

Hi guys, i have alot of verrucas in one place (mosaic) and have had them for about 5-6 years now...ive tryed EVERYTHING over the counter products,,,and NOTHING has killed them. I have also tried the vinegar treatment and banana thingy a couple of times in the past and the verrucas did go black but i given up and they just went back to normal, so ive been trying again but for some reason the vinegar thing isnt hurting atall....the verrucas arent going black and the verrucas seem to be invisable, is it possible they can die without going black? i cant see them atall, is it a waste of time carrying on with the vinegar treatment? i would be pleased if someone could help me on this :)

15th Mar 2009, 20:45

in pain says:

I don't know I'm afraid, Emily. It's been over 3 weeks for me but I'm only seeing slight improvement. Perhaps we have a particularly stubborn strain. I'm getting fed up with picking at my feet every night, but I'm not giving up yet! I will beat the little blighters!!!

15th Mar 2009, 23:34

Anonymous says:

Emily, it sounds like you don't have verruca's anymore, especially as there are no signs of them!!

16th Mar 2009, 16:45

Argh says:

Emily, it sounds like you don't have verruca's anymore, especially as there are no signs of them!!

16th Mar 2009, 16:45

BigBadun (on my toe) says:

I keep filing, but they're still there :-( The vinegar doesnt seem to be hurting anymore, i hope it hasn't stop working

17th Mar 2009, 16:27

Emily says:

Thank you for the suggestions everyone....just one more question to anyone doing the vinegar treatment...does the skin around the verruca peel! like alot! because thats what mine seemed to do, it looked a mess!

20th Mar 2009, 00:08

sobol (misobol-at-yahoo-dot-co-dot-uk) says:

Hi All

Emily, yes mine does peel a lot!
It actually what hurts me the most, since area with the verruca itself is covered with thicker skin.

I'm not filling it since it can be tricky.
Hear my story.

I had one very small verruca on my big toe about 6 years ago. I didn't know what it is and I've scratched a lot. Then it bigger and problem became serious. I've went through several treatments.

1. acids + filling from GP, no luck
2. extreme freezing with Vartner and Scholl, both used directly without that rubbish foam.

Got it ( two of em ) spread to ball of my foot around that time.

3. Freezing with LN2 performed with my GP. Three times, skin around verruca got purple died and I've filled it but enemy stayed there.

Then I went to see doctor Sunil Chopra from Dermatology Center London.

4. Year ago:
Got fat saturated with Bleomycin so it does penetrate skin + filling as doctor instructed me.
Had for 4 treatments for 2 weeks each.

Guess what got it 50% bigger since filling injure outer skin layer and it get infected.

5. Another doctor in London dermatology center gave me marigold oid and spray. Two weeks therapy + thuja.

No change at all.
I gave up and hoped it will go away it self.

Got mid of foot infected with one.

6. 4 Months ago I went for laser surgery.
Got four of separate ones treated and one half of big colony. There was blood like at butchery. Two wounds didn't fully healed three that did are still infected.

7. I'm vinegar therapy two weeks now. Of 13 days I've used it 9 times as 4 other days were to painful for me.

Area is cleaner now but verruca is still there and doesn't seems to be dying. I'm taking photos every 7 days now so I can compare. Can post them if requested.

I would strongly dis advice against filling, or at least against deep filling.

Vinegar should go through whole layer of skin and if it dies it would re heal itself without filling.

To those who thinking of ignoring it, please see this link:;=634&groupIndex;=0&numcols;=0

Here is some useful general info:

My new approach is, no giving up, treat it all the time with all you have. No deep filling!

Hope I helped some.

20th Mar 2009, 17:34

SoboL (misobol-at-yahoo-dot-co-dot-uk) says:

Oh, and two things I remembered just now.
I have girlfriend and child both are living with me throughout period when I have verruca and non got infected. I can imagine they're immune to type of HPV I've got.

Secondly those small black dots/spots that people got under their skin on verruca. This are particles of blood released to skin layer because of the pressure ie. walking.

20th Mar 2009, 21:11

Rachael says:

Had my verucca for just over a year :(. tried home freezing with no success, bazuca was rubbish....put duct tape on a few weeks and that seemed to work at first - went white - but then no further improvement so i got sick of it tried to pick it out with a pin....BAD IDEA. lots of blood.

put vinegar and duct tape on last night...stung a little but not too bad. this morning the middle had gone brown (but maybe still due to earlier bleeding) and theres a puffy white crator around it. have put more on today....will keep updating on progess!

21st Mar 2009, 15:44

in pain says:

I've been doing vinegar thing on and off due to extreme pain for about a month now. Gave up a few days ago and tried tea tree oil which to begin with seemed to show a marked improvement but now I'm feeling less sure again. I am completely and utterly fed up. I want nice toes for the summer. I keep looking at a website that claims to have the secret for removing all warts veruccas etc in 3 days but I'm not willing to pay up 30 odd quid without knowing what I'm paying for. Surely if there's a quick cure it shouldn't be a secret!

21st Mar 2009, 19:59

been there says:

if ur verruca doesn't hurt then don't do anything your immune system cures it usually within 2 years. mine went away in 3 months.

22nd Mar 2009, 20:15

anodyne says:

Hi everyone!

I know there have been hundreds of responses but I havent yet seen one that mentions a treatment I found that was 100% effective in treating a certain kind of verrucae on one of my feet....but only one kind!

This is important to mention though:these verrucas were of the mosaic kind,on my little toe, and were almost in a kind of ball shape.They were not the hard kind that you get on the sole (of which I have 3 that i cannot get rid of, no matter what i try!and ive been trying for 5 years!). This treatment was extremely effective for ones like these that were more "open" and did nothing for my hard, flattened ones on the bottom of my feet.

Anyway! Firstly what i did was go to see a chiropodist who told me about a treatment involving things called nosoids. Its not really a homeopathic treatment but it is a bit weird.

Basically what happens with this treatment is the chiropodist scrapes a sample of skin from the affected area and then sends it to a factory where they produce tiny sugar tablets made up of your skin cells, taken orally, that clear the hpv virus from the inside out. It basically works on the same principle as a vaccination.

It cost about £40 and the tablets lasted about 2/3months but I cannot tell u how quickly my mosaic verrucas disappeared! I would reccomend this treatment for anyone, it was fantastic!

However, i would like to stress again that it made NO DIFFERENCE WHATSOEVER to my flattened verrucae!

Hope this helps!

22nd Mar 2009, 21:24

anodyne says:

sorry,in that above post i meant to say that they were called Nosodes, not nosoids!

And also,they are apparently homeopathic.

22nd Mar 2009, 22:03

get em out says:

I have just had electro surgery done on mine. I had a few on my first two toes (had a new one frozen off on my little toe and that worked ), a big clump on the pad of my foot and a little clump on my heel. I tried all the over-the-counter stuff (and a bit of digging) to no avail, then my chiropodist tried the acid 5 times but again no results. So I opted for the expensive route of electrosurgery. My foot was numb through the process so no pain there but boy did the injections between my toes and through my heel sting a bit. Quite a lot of pain now too (I would recommend using crutches straight away as it is not meant to hurt if you stay off it completely for the 1st 3 days (doh), bit swollen up now too. Hopefully won't be scarred, and the blighters will be gone.

22nd Mar 2009, 22:26

Argh says:

Bigbadun, don't give up!!

It's incredible how many people are infected AND find it very difficult to get rid of them.

My duct tape treatment, well actually im not using duct tape but a cheaper version called adhesive tape. Found that its working with this too.
The area is white, husband says its an occlusion... hmmm... anyway, a few more capillaries seem to have died which is brill.

22nd Mar 2009, 23:26

AnnaBanana says:

I find it relieving to know so many others suffer with these horrible foot craters.I've been battling them for years, since primary school actually. I'm now 20 and off on holiday in June, I'm desperately trying to get rid, or at least improve them before I go =( have tried the gels, liquid nitrogen, scalpel, filing, thuja, nothing comes even close. What annoys me most about them is the way they swell out after a bath/shower/swim. Ugh! I'm kinda giving up hope, just thought i'd vent a bit about my dirty little secret :(

23rd Mar 2009, 18:48

BigBadun (on my toe) says:

Thanks Argh, im still going with it. Thought id got there last night, but discovered a few more brown spots so im guessing not all gone yet. I must say though i only have 2 left! 4 of the smaller ones have gone.

28th Mar 2009, 07:30

arielle says:

i started off with one verruca on the side of my toe and i ignored it for years but now it has spread to a mosaic all around my big toe and on the ball of my foot. i started the apple cider vinegar treatment on friday night. the pain has been unbearable. it feels like i was shot in the foot - throbbing like crazy and the pain is intense. i can't walk and i am limping around for 2 days so far. dont know how i will be able to go to work tomorrow because i cant imagine having to put my swollen foot into my shoes! so far i put the vinegar on twice - when i took the tape/cotton off the first time i saw white puffy skin - craterlike - with black in the middle of most of the verruca (similar to what everyone else said). is anyone else experiencing this INTENSE pain?? i dont know if i can continue this much longer- i cant function!

29th Mar 2009, 15:02

BigBadun (on my toe) says:

Yes Arielle, mine was like you've described, absolute agony, after they'd gone black i took it off though to see what had happened. The pain soon goes after you've taken it off. Buy try and hold out if you can!!

29th Mar 2009, 18:32

arielle says:

Thank you for your post bigbadun, its somewhat relieving to know that I'm not the only one feeling this crazy pain. How long did you do the vinegar treatment for? Most of mine are black in the middle after just two days, should I just let my foot breathe for a little and leave it uncovered? I suffered through the pain for 48 hours and I don't want to undo any of the progress I have made so far...

29th Mar 2009, 20:36

Argh says:

Arielle, if the pain is too intense just give your foot a break but keep the duct tape there.

I havnt been soo good with the vinegar, so progress has been slow.

29th Mar 2009, 21:41

Desperate MIke says:

Had several of the damned things for many years now. All over the counter cures a total waste of time!!!
Have previously sought professional advise but to date no cure.
I have now completed fourth day of vinegar and duct tape treatment. Pain extremely excruciating for someone who has endured several broken bones in past.

No longer able to use at night as need sleep. Used for a few hours today and then washed foot in cold water as pain so bad ready to cut foot off!!!
Very large areas of black - will await tomorrow and re-assess.

Blackened verruca and puffed skin - then what happens?

29th Mar 2009, 21:54

BigBadun (on my toe) says:

I took mine off after they'd gone black in the middle, let them dry up and i filed away the dead skin, some of them revelaed normal skin underneath (these were the small ones i had) but the big ones im still going with, however they have shrunk. It seemed like only one side of them had died. So now i just do the vinegar for a few days until the blackness comes, each time i do it a bit of it comes up with normal skin after filing. Im just hoping by summer i'll have lovely feet!! Kind of accepting the pain now, but like desperate mike i couldnt even sleep at first!!

31st Mar 2009, 09:33

sobol says:

Here's tips for for those who are in intense pain. Remember verruca spots and thick skin isn't hurting you. It is healthy skin that itches after vinegar.

To minimize this effect use soaked cotton wool bits smaller size then verruca spots and secure them with tape. If you have multiple small ones and normal skin between use many small bits of wool.

As long as vinegar don't touch your healthy skin you should be alright.

ps. I had my vinegar therapy going for 1,5 week every night with extreme pain, to the level where I couldn't sleep. I've made one week break until healthy skin heals. No effect to my verruca though :(

31st Mar 2009, 10:40

Desperate Mike says:

Thanks BigBadun -I have had a couple of days break now and left the skin to dry and can report that the aliens on my foot are now looking a lot less healthy and the black is prominent. I cycle most days - anything up to 100 miles therefore I had to take a break as on Sunday I was in great pain on a long ride!!!
The smaller ones are now totally black and the one on my hand (which I got by accidentally cutting into the skin on my thumb with a modeling knife whilst cutting away at the verrucas) is now a black dot that resembles a mole therefore am convinced that this one is on it's way out!!!
Agree that much of the pain is caused by the good skin surrounding the verruca becoming tender and so I have rubbed cream into that area.
I have found that a few hours on an evening is good enough to allow the vinegar to penetrate and do it's job.
intend to have another go this evening.

Have to say that the results so far are massively better that anything tried before and boy have I tried!!!

Finally having thought that I was the only person on the planet facing this predicament - now have visions of legions of folk picking away at their feet!!!

Good luck to all

31st Mar 2009, 15:22

Argh says:

Bigbadun, your situation seems familiar to mine, in that one side seems to be doing better than the whole verruca.

And I think sobol may be right with the vinegar and healthy skin irritation. When I use vinegar, it doesnt hurt much, infact it was the first time that it hurt this week.

I cut off very small pieces of cotton pads and try to place it only over the verruca.

Also, I have used tea tree oil instead of vinegar too, it seems to be working just the same.

A few more black dots from last nights tea tree and tape treatment.

Desperate mike, glad to hear you're having some progress!

31st Mar 2009, 16:04

arielle says:

Today is my fourth day of this treatment. I have been in agonizing pain since the beginning. My foot is swollen and in so much pain- I had to buy a special orthopedic shoe to wear because I can't walk properly on my right foot and couldn't wear my shoes to work- I told my friends and coworkers I broke my toe! Hopefully this pain will be worth it in the end- the only thing that's keeping me going is the thought that this will finally get rid of them and leave me with pretty smooth feet SOON! This site has been very helpful, thanks to all who have posted with advice and support!!!

31st Mar 2009, 23:40

beth says:

I wonder if it'd be appropriate for me to start mentioning Sc**bies here?

*edit* That's scoob-ies not scabies.

1st Apr 2009, 01:42

helpmyfoot says:

please can you advise how you know if your verrucca has fully healed?

i have 1 mosaic small sized and two small ones near it, have had cryotherapy with doctor and a couple of parts have turned this dead or do i continue, as i previously thought id gotten rid of them with salysilic acid as there was only a small flat ring left which i thought was scarred skin but when my foot are soaked in water there were raised and white with a type of crater.

so how do you know when they are fully gone? what should my foot and skin where it was be like?


1st Apr 2009, 19:58

Relieved says:

Once it had turned completely into a hard scab, and I then picked it away gradually (wearing gloves)... underneath was a nicely healed foot.. totally normal skin.. as it is now a couple of months on! :o)

2nd Apr 2009, 13:01

BigBadun (on my toe) says:

Am sooooo envious relieved!

2nd Apr 2009, 16:28

Sneaky Squirrel says:

I'm currently into week two of the operation to remove the ugly thing from my foot. I have been soaking small cut down sizes of cotton wool pads in vinegar at night and taping it tightly. I have been using tea tree oil on cotton wool pads throughout the day as i find this much more comfortable and less painful - i prefer to use microporous tape (about £3.00 from boots!) whilst i am at work. I have only had one bad day so far, the pain has been bearable but not pleasant. Two weeks on and i am most definately seeing an improvement. Once the black scab had formed after only a few days, i carefully removed this and can see the new skin underneath. Im going to keep up the treatment as it has been the most effective so far and i dont want to go back to square one.
Be persistant peeps!!!
Thank you all for your previous posts and keep us updated :0)

3rd Apr 2009, 14:02

Naomi says:

Hello all, it's been just over five weeks since I started my treatment. mine still haven't gone but to be truthful I haven't been as zealous as I could have been and have been taking breaks for a few days at a time as I've been too busy/too tired at night to strap them up.
There is a DEFINITE improvment though and some are very very almost gone.
For those who are wondering how to tell when it's gone, you should see the natural print of your skin once the verucca has gone, there shouldn't be any scar unless you forcefully cut out your verucca. If there is some sort of scar and it still goes white and puffy when it's wet then it is still there!
Would like to echo sneaky squirrel here and say, be persistant!

4th Apr 2009, 08:04

In pain says:

Having read the latest comments, I feel I should ty again with the vinegar. I have been trying other options in between because the vinegar was so painful and I lost my patience. I actually think my veruccas have spread since I started this treatment so I'm a little discouraged.

However, I too want nice feet for the summer so it's back to the vinegar!! I haven't had any of them scab over yet apart from the wart on my thumb which has completely gone thanks to the vinegar.

Back to the pain............

4th Apr 2009, 10:05

Enough! says:

I feel your pain! I have been treating my verrucas for 8 years now and nothing seems to have worked. The vinegar treatment was so painful I had to give up as it was either that or chop my feet off! They only ever seemed to go white and puffy or red raw and then the verrucas were still there. I now have two warts on my fingers cause of all my attempts to cut the buggers out, so i think it's off to the Dr's to get them frozen.
Hope the vinegar works for everyone else, but until then i guess we all have pain and the embarrassment of walking like a crazy person to put up with. Oh the Joys!

4th Apr 2009, 15:11

In Pain says:

Well, definitely try vinegar on your warts. Vinegar sorted mine in about a week. It's just that my toes are such a mess of veruccas that it's a whole different ball game.

4th Apr 2009, 22:34

In pain says:

Can anyone tell me what you do when the nasty brown/black specs come to the surface surrounded by a lot of white puffy skin. Do I just continue smothering with vinegar and duct tape or do I scrape anything away at that point? Advice please!

5th Apr 2009, 10:24

helpmyfoot says:

would like to thank naomi here for her helpful comment on what to look for when the verruca is fully still tryin with the freezing method and there is a noticable difference.

5th Apr 2009, 12:57

Emily says:

In Pain -- just scrape lightly at the verruca, not too hard as the area will be quite tender, either way scrape or no scrape the vinegar still has the same effect on it.....but the scraping makes it an advantage as more vinegar will be absorbed hope it all goes well for you!!! ...and just to let you no dont srape too much on the healthy skin as i did this and it went VERY soree! good luck!

5th Apr 2009, 22:32

Reliever says:

If the vinegar becomes too much, just soak cotton wool in water and tape it.. whatever you do just keep the thing covered with no air all the time as this is one of the main things that gets rid of them. I didn't let mine breath.. apart from maybe a couple of hours once a week.. and in 2 weeks mine was gone.

6th Apr 2009, 09:30

longtimetryer says:

Thanks for all the helpful comments, I have read the lot! (Really laughed at the amputation suggestion), I have just kicked off the vinegar suggestion (red wine variety as that's what was in the kitchen) after having tried everything including surgery and spending over £3k! (all wasted). Will let you know the results. Thanks again.

7th Apr 2009, 19:33

TimoAwayDay says:

I have no I dea what I've got. I think I have mosaic verrucas but they look nothing like they do online. An area at the heel of both feet has a number of indentations and dots. When wet, the whole area becomes tender and the skin, flakey (a bit like athletes foot). Mostly not painful, just annoying.

Anyone know what I've got?

8th Apr 2009, 10:22

Rachael says:

I dont know whats going on now! have been doing vinegar and duct tape for about 3.5 weeks. after 2 weeks the surface had gone black so i filed it right down and picked at it with tweezers. loads of brown bits came out and i cudnt see any black dots but kept on with vinegar just in case, alternating with banana skin when it got too painful.

now the top layer of skin is white and tough with little red dots underneath, but it seems to look the same every day now :(

8th Apr 2009, 16:54

Sneaky Squirrel says:

Rachael i am in week three now and all i can advise is just keep going! Mine is not so noticeable now although it is still there. It seems to have made such a huge difference to mine. If you are brave enough try taking a little more of the white skin from around the verruca in the evening and leave it for a night, fingers crossed you will see a big improvement once the skin has settled overnight. Remember to suffocate it as much as you can so it does not breathe so cover it with tape at all times. I know how you feel as i have had mine for so long :0( there seems to be light at the end of the tunnel so just keep going and don't give up!!!!!

9th Apr 2009, 16:34

In pain says:

I think I have the most resistent veruccas in existence. I keep going with the vinegar and the pain. I keep peeling away at the skin when it's soggy but there's just a mass of blackish brownish yuk that refuses to budge. If I pick at any of these bits the pain is agonising. I wonder if my verucca is sitting on a nerve. Can anyone tell me how many weeks I should persist with this process before I admit defeat?

9th Apr 2009, 22:48

In pain says:

By the way Timoawayday - anything with black dots sounds like a verucca to me. Nasty little beasts. Get started on it as soon as you can. I left mine too long and now I have a colony.

9th Apr 2009, 22:51

arielle says:

Wow! For all those skeptical on using apple cider vinegar please don't be skeptical any more! I'm on day 16 of using the vinegar/duct tape method and I cannot even begin to tell you what an improvement I am seeing. I've taken pictures almost every day to document the process and I can't believe how different my foot looks after two weeks. To remind you I had started of with one verucca on the side of my big toe that turned into a mosaic after not treating it and then another 6 veruccas grew down underneath my toe and to the ball of my foot (another mosaic one there). Right now I think I've killed the big one on the side of my toe (the mother) and most of the ones down the underside of my toe. Yes the pain has been unbearable even though I have a high tolerance for pain (I couldn't sleep for the first 4 days and cried A LOT) and even now that I'm almost done (I hope) it still hurts for a few hours after I put the vinegar on. I'm not done yet but I am definitely on the road to recovery! I'll post again when I know that I'm 100% free of these boogers.
Also, just a side note- my veruccas never turned black and scabby and never fell off- maybe I never gave them the chance because every day I used a blade to cut off the excess skin on top of the verucca - most of them had mushy skin underneath and a lot of black dots. It is painful and gross but stick to it and you will see improvements!

12th Apr 2009, 15:21

rachael says:

definately agree with above comment...have been using vinegar for about 4 weeks and mines massively improved. again mine isnt going black, just brow/yellow skin with little black dots and when that peels off it white and mushy underneath...getting smaller all the time!!!!

and yes it hurts! i took 2 neur and 2 para about half and hour before treating and was still in agony, at which point i prayed ALOT, which seemed to help lol.

ive put one of those medicated acid plaster things on now to try and finish it off...if not ill go back to the vinegary agony.

definately keep at it ppl!

13th Apr 2009, 00:46

Mouse says:

On days when vinegar becomes too painful, dissolve an asprin with a drop or 2 of water, just to make it mushy. Apply it to affected areas and hold it in place with micropore. This does not hurt and the salycilic acid in the asprin continues to attack the wart. Also useful if you are wearing your best shoes and don't want them to smell of vinegar. A couple of days a week of this helps the vinegar along and continues the attack on 2 fronts.
Also it is often better to change to micropore after a while or only use a small piece of duct tape stuck on with micropore besause the duct tape can make healthy skin soft and open it up to infection by fresh colonies.

13th Apr 2009, 18:12

SeaMagpie says:

I haven't commented for some time now as I have been waiting to see what happens. To recap, I have had a verruca for 3 or 4 years and after spending loads of dosh on chiropodists with no success I decided to have a go at the Duck Tape and Vinegar treatment.
Well I caned the verruca for about 8 weeks and had the most dreadful pain. It definitely got better and I made the mistake of finishing the treatment too early as I noticed it starting to grow back again.
So back with the vinegar and duck tape and pain!
But now I can tell you that my verruca has GONE!!!
BUT.... I modified my treatment a little.
I had read on some other forum that a treatment called AVOCA had shown signs of success on some people, so I decided to search the web for information and a supplier. The main ingredient is basically "Silver Nitrate" and is used by chiropodists for which they charge you anything up to £50 a treatment. It is normally only for sale to the medical profession, but I found a number of suppliers on the web and payed about £4 for a box containing a 95% silver nitrate pencil and some plasters and felt type protection rings.
This is what I did....
I suspended the vinegar treatment and washed my foot thoroughly and let it dry out completely. Then rubbed the hard skin down relatively smooth with the emery board that came with the Avoca pack. Now I very carefully dipped the Silver nitrate pencil in water, shook off excess drops and pencilled over each of the three verrucas that I had on my foot. Then let this dry out and applied one of the plasters that came in the Avoca pack. Then for good measure, covered the whole thing with Duck Tape. I left this until the next day, and removed the Duck Tape and plasters. The whole area I had painted with the silver nitrate had gone black. I then painted over these black bit again and re-applied the plasters. I did this a couple more times and left the lot for a week. There was no pain at all and after a week I removed the plasters and tape and let it dry. The black bits dried to hard scabs and I was then able to rub them down and painted them again with the silver nitrate pencil. Then on with the tape again for a couple of days before removing it all and just leaving the hard black scabs. After a number of days the black scabs started to crack and bits came off. I helped by picking them off gradually over a few days and then after filling down a bit with the emery board I noticed that the verrucas were all gone. I have now noticed that the skin print is growing over where the verrucas were and this is a definte sign that they have gone.

I know this is a long explanation, but I think I may have found a very effective way to deal with these bloody aweful things and I want everyone to know.
If anyone is well into the vinegar and duck tape treatment and would like to go on to the Avoca treatment like me, I would be very interested to hear how they get on.

Lastly, over the past few months I have learned a few things....
1) Don't bother going to chiropodists as they must know about the vinegar treatment but persist is useless costly treatments that make you go back to them time after time which simply makes them more and more morney!
2) Never use bazooka. I have never heard of one person that it has worked for.
3) Vinegar and duck tape seems to work for the vast majority of people and I have a feeling that with persistance it may work for everyone.
4) Pain is a sign that it is eventually going to work for you provided you carry on with the treatment.
5) If you have to stop using the vinegar for a while ALWAYS keep the verruca covered with tape.
The last three things to remember are....
Persistance! Persistance! Persistance!

13th Apr 2009, 20:58

Sneaky Squirrel says:

Thanks for your helpful message SeaMagpie. I am currently working the vinegar treatment although i like the idea of no pain or smell - im so inpatient!! How many times did you apply the pencil to the verruca and how long for? I too have had a verruca for 3-4 years and any help is greatly appreciated. Ill keep you posted, thanks again.

14th Apr 2009, 13:23

In pain says:

I'm interested in the Avoca treatment as its a method I haven't tried but actually I think I've turned a corner with the vinegar. Having been back on the vinegar method for a couple of weeks now, I've finally noticed a change in my worst toe infestation. After using vinegar swabs covered with a plaster and then duct tape for several days without picking, I suddenly noticed some of them had scabbed up. I picked off the scabs with a knife and found the skin underneath much more normal but NOT healed. I've continued to apply vinegar and I am noticing bigger areas of normal skin. Most of one side of my toe was covered with veruccas but many of thm have gone and it's improving every day. I would agree that persistence is the key. I shall keep going with the same treatment and update in a couple of weeks. Keep going may yet have beautiful feet for the summer !!

14th Apr 2009, 21:50

Relieved.. says:

Although mine went a couple of months ago after 2 weeks of vinegar and duct tape treatment, I've kept reading this in case I can help in any ways.. just out of interest, is there anyone else on here the same as me that have been cured after "joining" this forum?

15th Apr 2009, 14:05

SeaMagpie says:

Hi Sneaky Squirrel.
I applied the pencil to the verrucas (three of them close together) for about 4 days running and simply pencilled over the black scab that had formed after the first application etc. Then left it covered for a week. When removing the tape, I could see that the black scab was very hard, so this is when I filed it down with the emery board and then applied the pencil again in the same way as before.
I suppose it wouldn't hurt to carry this treatment out for two, three or four weeks and there is NO pain.
The way to apply the pencil is to dip it in ordinary water, shake off the drops and paint over each verruca, careful not to paint over good skin, in little round circles.
You can buy the pack of Avoca on line with no problem.

If anyone has a go at this treatment, especially after the vinegar treatment, I would really like to know how it went because my results were startling!
This two pronged attack may be the way to go, because the vinegar knocks it back and the Avoca does the rest. We will only know if fellow sufferers try it out and tell their story.

15th Apr 2009, 20:17

Sneaky Squirrel says:

Thanks for that Sea Magpie. I must say i am most impressed with the vinegar treatment - after only three weeks mine seems to have disappeared. I am keeping a close eye on it and will result to Avoca should the little blighter reappear. Everyone on this forum has been so helpful which is fantastic for verruca sufferers. There seems to be no black dots and fresh skin growing over mine at present..........just wait and see!! I will of course let you know if i do try the Avoca treatment its in hand and ready should it come back.

16th Apr 2009, 09:15

BigBadun (on my toe) says:

Still got the little beasts :-( I must admit i havent been as persistant with the vinegar for a while, although its has definatley made them smaller. Im off to the chemist to get some Advoca as im very inpatient and want them gone asap!!

16th Apr 2009, 12:06

Anonymous says:

I think I'd like to try using avoca as a next step since the vinegar treatment seems to have come to a standstill (I'm not noticing much difference anymore even though I've been applying it religiously)
Can someone who has had success with avoca please post the exact name of the avoca pen they used? And maybe a link to the website they purchased from? Any help would be greatly appreciated- I've made so much progress so far and I just want to finish these suckers off once and for all!!

17th Apr 2009, 02:10

BigBadun (on my toe) says:

Anon, i just got my from the local chemist. Its in a green box called 'Avoca'. Havent used it yet but will report back when i do!

17th Apr 2009, 08:48

SeaMagpie says:

I bought my packet of Avoca on line with no problems at all. Here's a link for those in the UK....

17th Apr 2009, 10:56

In pain says:

I've decided to try the Avoca as well. I read online that it's available in the UK at the chemist's. They didn't stock it but I ordered a pack and it ame in that afternoon. £3.33 ! So no online postage to pay ! I started applying it last night. It did sting ALOT though, so the person who said it didn't hurt was fortunate or has a very high pain threshold!

18th Apr 2009, 08:07

Anonymous says:

I've decided to try the Avoca as well. I read online that it's available in the UK at the chemist's. They didn't stock it but I ordered a pack and it came in that afternoon. £3.33 ! So no online postage to pay ! I started applying it last night. It did sting ALOT though, so the person who said it didn't hurt was fortunate or has a very high pain threshold!

18th Apr 2009, 08:07

In pain says:

Oops. Not sure what happened there. I posted twice, once anonymousy ! My veruccas have turned black as promised so I'll keep going, hoping that this treatment finally gets rid of them!

18th Apr 2009, 08:14

SeaMagpie says:

Hi In Pain
When I applied Avoca I had already gone through the pain barrier with the vinegar and duck tape, so you may not be up to that point yet. However, I would be very surprised if the pain lasts very long with Avoca and may even stop after the first or second application. Let us know about the pain because it is one of the the things that probably cause many people to stop the treatment, which we all know will invite the verrucas to come back.

18th Apr 2009, 17:53

In pain says:

Hi Sea magpie,

Second application didn't seem so painful but I had another problem. Despite reading the leaflet and being as gentle as I could, the tip snapped off my Avoca pen, so I'm waiting for a replacement from the pharmacy tomorrow! Finding the tip and dealing with it caused ALOT of staining too, but most of it treatable.

My concern is - my biggest veruccas don't appear to be covered by a brown area, they're highlighted by it but are still evident and a greyish colour. Are my veruccas resistent to EVERY treatment???

19th Apr 2009, 22:48

SeaMagpie says:

In Pain,
I think that after a few more applications of the Avoca pen, you will find the big ones turning black too. Keep painting them over the top of yesterday's application.
Did you give it plenty of time with the vinegar and duck tape before you took to the Avoca?

20th Apr 2009, 18:07

amazed! says:

OMG - I have had a mosaic (2 actually) verruca on the ball of my foot for about 13 years - have spent hundreds of pounds on treatments nothing has made the slightest bit of difference. Started the vinegar and duct tape treatment about 5 days ago after reading it on here and already it has had a massive impact. May take a while to clear up but its definately working. I'm sooo happy. Hopefully it will be gone before my holidays :o) will let you know. I can't believe I'd never heard of this treatment before!

20th Apr 2009, 21:25

In pain says:

Yes Sea Magpie, I've been doing the vinegar for several weeks, always keeping it covered. Lately the white puffy skin has gone and I've seen some improvement but even when the skin seems more normal ad the veruccas appear to have scabbed up, they are underneath - as healthy as ever. Baah!! That's why I thought I'd try the Avoca. Not hurting now but 'm hoping it's not a case of 'no pain, no gain!' The pain was strangely reasuring.

20th Apr 2009, 23:03

Kirsty (kirsty-dot-terry-at-southend-dot-nhs-dot-uk) says:

ive been using bazuka for nearly 2 months now which left a huge white mark on my foot but today a lump int the middle came out and left a hole a few millimetres deep. i could see black bits in the lump that came out - is that the verucca? sorry to be yuk!

21st Apr 2009, 14:03

Sam E says:

Hi Kirsty - it could well be. I had one a few years back now and used Salactol on it every day. After a good while the same thing happened. The whole thing seemed to fall out when I was picking one time and the skin grew back healthy and it was gone - so fingers crossed.

21st Apr 2009, 17:39

poo says:

i have about 8 on my heal and i file it then use veruca gel and they are going now

21st Apr 2009, 21:25

Karlos The Jackal says:

First time poster !

Got a white lump in the middle of my foot just below the toes and it hurts like hell. I visited the Docs, I asked if it was a verucca and she said she didn't know!
Was advised to treat as a verucca for a couple of months and see how I went on.
I bought some of the Scholl plasters and have used them for three days and it is now really sore with a a single black dot in the middle, after reading this forum for an hour I am convinced its a verucca and I am tempted to pick and try and cut the thing out. Obviously after reading the comments on here my problem is nothing compared to what some people have, vinegar treatment sounds promising but as I dont have a bad infection should I persevere with the Scholl acid plasters?

Advice would be appreciated

Ps - This is my first ever verucca and i am in my early fortges!

21st Apr 2009, 23:13

arielle says:

I know I posted last week saying how happy I was with how the vinegar treatment was progressing but I'm just about ready to give up on it and I don't know what to do. I've been applying apple cider vinegar with cotton balls and duct tape for 3 and a half weeks and just when I thought I was reaching a turning point I realized that I'm nowhere near done treatment and I'm actually seeing new ones growing!!!! Ahhhhh!!!! I don't know what my body is telling me by this but I have been in utter pain from the start of this treatment where as before I began with the vinegar my verrucas weren't so painful, just ugly and embarassing. I'm kind of regretting having ever starting this and I am going back to my dermatologist tomorrow (my last appt with him was 2 days before I found this blog about apple cider vinegar). Curious to see what he has to say as he has no idea that I even started with vinegar - he assumes I'm using the perscription medicines he had given me.... I hope he will tell me I've done more good than bad to myself although from the looks of my foot and the pain I'm not so sure! I just can't wait to end the pain and get rid of these things. Jealous of all those who had happy endings after their vinegar treatments. Maybe I have an extreme case of verrucas and that's why I'm not having as good results with vinegar as most, but I'll post again and let you know what the dr tells me....... Wish me good luck, as I feel completely miserable from these verrucas at the moment and my eyes are swollen from crying in pain :(

22nd Apr 2009, 05:15

amazed! says:

well - things seem to be improving still - however, I have had to have a rest from vinegar as the pain was unbearable! It is like pouring it in to an open wound. I am sticking with keeping it covered though and am filing in the morning and the day and am still seeing improvements. I am going to put vinegar on again in a few days.

22nd Apr 2009, 13:19

soo annoying says:

just read so many comments bout the vinager thing, but its too obvious, i dont want anyone to see it. just booked the freezing method at chiropodist so fingers crossed!!!

22nd Apr 2009, 15:01

Reliever says:

Amazed! - Keep at it, you are doing the right thing, just make sure you keep it covered all the time even when not using vinegar

So annoyed - The vinegar treatment is not obvious at all! I used to cut a very small square of a cotton wool pad that would cover the varruca then put a few drops of vinegar (malt) on in (wearing gloves) then put surgical tape on it, then cover with brown (parcel) tape.. job done! Mine was on my heel though so easier to treat.

22nd Apr 2009, 16:14


Have been trying to get rid of mosaic verrucas on the ball of my feet for years.
Had been trying the ACV and black duct tape method for weeks but to no avail.
The chiropodist paird it down the other day and has given me some 76% salysilic acid to put on it myself again.
Also bought an avoca pencil from the above link.
I had previously thought i had been successful with the76% acid the other year as it looked like it had completely cleared up. My mistake here was not keeping on with a treatment for long enough

24th Apr 2009, 13:44

in pain says:

I am waiting to see whether the Avoca works. The trouble is, the area is brown so I can't tell what's going on under there. Have stopped treatment as it says onle apply 6 times. Has anyone found out whether you can use it longer?
Sea Magpie - how many times did you apply and how long til the brown was gone?

24th Apr 2009, 22:13

adam says:

Well it has been a long time since i have checked in here, but i come here with a mixture of good and bad news

I will start with the good. When i first discovered this forum around 8 weeks ago i had been plagued by 15 mosaic verrucas on my feet, the biggest been around 3/4 of an inch in diameter. I also had a few problems with ones on my hands which must have gotten there through carelessness as i wast treating my feet.

I decided to focus on nuking my hands. I have used a number of methods such as the vinegar and duct tape, Home freezing kits and a leave it to it. I now have reduced them to three tiny pin prick sized verucas on 3 sepearate finger which im simply leaving for the moment.

During this period i left my feet alone, i wear socks all the time (in order to prevent infection through bedding as an extra precaution) and my shower has finally been fixed which further isolates my feet.

My feet have more or less completely cleared up! the huge ones are gone and the normal pattern of me feet is now starting to show.

around 3 which had lots of dead skin protecting them are still ther ehowever they seem to be starting to weaken.

Unfortunatly, i have had one or two appearing on my lip. I currently have one on the skin juts above my lip which is quite noticable unfortunatly but i am leaving it and hoping my body will fight it off, and if it doesnt i can always seek medical advice.

Unfortunatly on the actual lip itself there have been a number of verrucas showing. They come and as my lip skin sheds they are removed, however the roots must remain as i seem to develop them again within a week. I have tried freezing them and leaving them to it but i have had them for around 5 weeks and unfortunatly they keep reappearing.

Also do not belive what doctors say about spreading. I was told by doctors that they cannot spread to other people, yet my girlfriend developed two on her lip from kissing me (whne i wasnt aware of them on my lip i feel compelled to add), however thankfully they are gone.

as you all probably know, your immune system needs to fight them off. and since i have left my feet i have beocme a healthier person. I do exercise daily, I take multivitamens, have a good amount of water a day and eat healthily. So, if like me you have tried everything to no avail. give it ago for abit.

25th Apr 2009, 12:58

Simon says:

About two to three years ago I noticed some very slight discomfort from my right foot. I found two small dots and some slight hardening of the skin. I decided it was a verruca despite never having had one before in 42 years. Both of my kids have had verrucas and/or warts (which vanished without a trace without much help) and they looked very similar.

I tried cutting it out needless to say it got bigger. I next tried freeze spray over a 3 month period. It just seemed to make it worse and skin deep cracks formed in a penny sized circle around the original dots. The center of the verruca now just looked a mess. Bazuka was next for another 3 months, then Bazuka and duct tape. The verruca didn’t budge. During this period when cutting the damned thing down I stabbed my index finger. Maybe a month later a verruca appeared there too! I’m sure you can imagine my joy at this!

I went to a chemist who recommended a caustic pencil (silver nitrate) (Avoca). I pared both my finger down and my foot and applied it. It seemed to work! There was a hell of a lot of throbbing pain after a day or so. The skin went very hard and black and it looked like it was doing the job. After about 3 applications I did notice that the verruca on my foot had more or less shrunk to close to its original size so I kept applying. About a month later and about 12 goes on my finger and foot I stopped applying and let my skin grow back. The verruca on my foot re-appeared as did the one on my finger. I will say that I’m absolutely certain that the pencil helped my foot but seemed to have no affect at all on my finger.

I did some googling and found this blog. I got the duct tape again, some cotton pads and some Sarsons white vinegar (not white wine vinegar because my partner mis-heard my request!) I worked on both my foot and my finger. After a few days the pain from my finger was pretty excruciating! I decided to remove the duct tape. My finger looked like it had been in water for about 10 years. The verruca had turned black and there was some blackness around it. I intended to reapply the “fix” but thought I’d wait and see if there was any improvement instead. It’s now a week later, my finger has just about healed up and although I can’t be 100% certain yet there is currently no sign of the verucca. Although my foot looked better the verruca is still present. Needless to say I’ve put the duct tape, vinegar and cotton pad combination back on but I’m very hopeful that it will work.

I would very much like to thank the owner of this blog and all the people who have commented I am absolutely certain that the white wine vinegar/white vinegar cure IS working!

25th Apr 2009, 20:28

in pain says:

I'm not keen on the idea of verruccas on my lips. Thanks for that new worry. I've been filing down my toes where the Avoca has been applied. I'm not sure whats going on. Although some of its brown there are areas of greyish blue colour at the centre of the verrucca. I don't think they're gone. Yet another wasted treatment I think. Back to the drawing board. Any suggestions?

25th Apr 2009, 22:57

Enough! says:

In Pain, why not try Dandelions! It might sound a little crazy, but if you are desperate like me you will try anything. Pick a fresh dandelion and apply the milky sap that comes from the stem. Wait until it has dried and then cover with a plaster. Apply 2 - 3 times a day. According to various sites on the internet it should turn your verrucas black and slowly dissolve them. Whether this is true or not I don't know, but I'm 3 days into trying it and so far mine have turned black and seem to be drying out. Each time I take the plaster off a little more comes away. Just to give it a helping hand I am also filing them down.

26th Apr 2009, 18:04

ladislav says:

Hey everybody. I've put up my "after" picture here. Evidence that, despite what all of you have been saying, bazuka can work if applied correctly and with enough persistence :-)

26th Apr 2009, 18:48

k.kasongo(k-dot-kasongo-at-talktalk-dot-net) says:

I've got a big verruca for 12 years now on my second toe.The thing has virtually eaten my nail away.It started at the corner of my nail and after all these years only a tiny piece of nail is left. the place where my nail used to be as been replaced by the ugly verruca head with its black dots.I tried everything, bazuka gel,liquid nitrogen, trim it myself..nothing seems to work.After reading all your comments I'm determined to try the vinagar and duct tape treatment to see whether it would work.Pain is not a worry for me as I can bear it stoically. I'm really at the end of my tether.I'm sick and tired of it! Now I'm worried it might spread to other toes as some of them starting to get those black dots and bleeding heavily when filing.These are the first signs of verrucas when trying to get hold somewhere. I'm determined not to allow it to spread by virtually cutting off with surgical blade any hard skin with black dot on my foot. Every day I wash my feet, examine any black spot and cut it, it bleeds a lot though but I don't care, the one I've got is givin me enough problem already. I don't want anymore. I just regret I didnt take drastic action when that verruca started 12 years ago.The problem was I didn't know what verruca was back then, even the word verruca was uknown to me untill I fall victim to it. Anyway thanks to all verrucas sufferers out there who have kindly posted their personal war with it and advices on different treatments to try.

26th Apr 2009, 19:48

SeaMagpie says:

In Pain
I know it is soul destroying when you think that nothing works. That was me a few months back after many treatments at the chiropodist! However, as I said before the cure is persistance.
The Avoca treatment did finish my verruca off after a long time on the Vinegar and duck tape treatment.
I applied the Avoca easily six times day after day, then filed down and did is again. Whilst it did not look like it had gone, it had retreated. The next few treatments clobbered it altogether.
I am convinced that if one has a modicum of an immune system, the vinegar treatment will help it to batter verrucas and the Avoca will finish it off.
Try slightly modifying the Avoca, whereby you pencil it over for a whole week, then leave it uncovered and dry until the black scab starts to come away itself. This could take a month, but still try it.

27th Apr 2009, 13:14

SeaMagpie says:

I'd just like to add that when using Avoca, be careful not to get any of the liquid from the pen on clothing or other parts of your skin. When the verruca has gone black and is dry, you can leave off the dressing. Then you can apply it again ON TOP of yesterdays application. Cover it for a day then you can remove the dressing.
Once the Avoca has dried and discoloured the skin, you can remove the dressing and it won't discolour any clothing or damage any other skin.

27th Apr 2009, 13:21

Relieved! says:

Hence to say in one of my first threads... buy a box of disposable gloves and use all the time when treating your foot/feet... then chuck them away! (I bought a box of 100 from wilkinsons for a few pounds).. don't need em spreading!

27th Apr 2009, 14:12

k.kasongo says:

I just started the vinagar and duct tape treatment today 27/04/09.I'm telling you it hurts like hell! that throbbing and burning sort of pain, you know what I mean? But I'm determined to see it through.No pain killers and I won't stop my attack on this bloody verruca until it's gone.If it means months of vinagar and duct tape I'm prepared for it.I know verruca has got many tricks up its sleeves to stay put but this time patience, resilience and determination are on my side and I will let all of you know the end result.Where there's a will, there's a way.

27th Apr 2009, 14:33


Hi guys
Well I'd thought that I had got rid of the one on my finger but alas it is still there. I have also moved onto the Avoca pen and the verucca on my foot and finger are black so can't tell yet if it has worked. The one on my finger was very painful when I first used the Avoca but I hope that means it was killing it!!!

In pain - I think we must have an especially persistant strain.

Anyway I have gone back to the vinegar and duct tape and will keep going as I have come too far to give up now. I might try the dandelion juice or bananna skin. I suppose the more you throw at it the more chance you have of getting rid of it.

28th Apr 2009, 12:01

Mazza says:

My 6 year old daughter has had what I think is a mosaic verrucca on her toe for over two years. Like many others on here I have tried a variety of methods to get rid of it without success.
However we are now in our second week of using the vinegar and duct tape method. I was wary of doing this as she is so young and has a very very low pain threshold! But she has not complained too much so far and I think there has been an improvement in the verrucca, in that it does seem to be getting smaller (fingers crossed). We are applying a small piece of cotton wool soaked in white vinegar every night then wrapping the toe in duct tape. in the morning we remove this, wash the foot and apply a normal sticking plaster for the day.

28th Apr 2009, 21:00

Mazza says:

I forgot to say that before reapplying the vinegar and duct tape every night I try and scrape away some of the verrucca and then file with a metal foot file.

28th Apr 2009, 21:03

k.kasongo says:

As I told you I started the vinegar and duct tape treatment yesterday 27/04/09.I bought from my local Tesco some cotton balls,wine white vinegar and duct tape from DIY store.After soaking and washing my foot in warm water, I dry it and applied a small cotton ball soaked with vinegar on top of the verruca, then I wrapped the duct tape around it, to seal it completely I wrapped micropore tape on top and all around the duct tape. For few minutes there was only a mild burning sensation but after about 10 minutes or so the pain got worse and worse, in fact excruciating...never felt such a pain before.I thought the pain would be temporary and would go after a while but I was wrong.The pain stayed with me for the whole day and night. In fact there was a time when I thought about removing the whole dressing specially at night but I didn't .I just said to myself to resist if I have to win this battle against the verruca...and pain was one of its last defense in order to stay put.I ended up having 2 paracetamol tablets and 1 diclofenac tablet to ease the pain and to help having a little sleep.I'm telling you the vinegar treatment is not for the wimps! And I also believe that the pain depend on the size of the verruca, the place where it is and the depth of it inside you.Anyway, woke up this morning 28/04/09 removed the dressing after the whole day and night, all the skin including the verruca head have turned white and slightly puffy. I had my wash and applied another cotton ball soaked with vinegar and completely sealed the whole lot with duct tape and micropore tape and went to work. The pain was back as before and I started walking with a slight limp although my verruca is only on top of my right second toe. The throbbing pain went on till midday then it turned into a mild burning sensation. I Came home @ 8pm, removed the dressing to put a new one. Then I decided to test the verruca head by twisting it. To my amazement it became loose and was able to pull half of it out, all its head and somme surrounding skin, there was no blood torrent as it does whenever an attempt was made to remove it or the excruciating pain it throws at you. Now I realised for the first time the full havoc caused by the verruca on my toe, the crater is deep and wide, the size of a kidney bean, and remember the heart or the chore of the verruca is left exposed for the first time, it's black the size of a puffy grain of rice, I tried to pull it but it still holding tight. So I applied another dressing straight into the open crater to destroy that verruca chore which I'm going to keep for the night and change tomorrow morning before going to work. The pain has gone now,only a slight sharp twinge now and then.I'm really surprised by this quick result, I never expected to pull it out in just one day and one night of vinegar treatment.I still can't believe it. I'm not claiming victory yet after having this verruca for 12 years.I'm determned to carry on with the venegar long after it's gone. I'll let you know when that verruca black chore will be pull out.

28th Apr 2009, 23:08

jane says:

The best type of vinegar to use is cider vinegar. Tried both and this really works the best.

29th Apr 2009, 16:01

In pain says:

Hurrah ! As far as I can tell the Avoca has finally worked. Thank you SeaMagpie for your help. I had a small verruca on one toe and mosaic veruccas on my big and second toe. The small one seems to have completely gone and the skin is back to normal. On my second toe, half the toe is back to nomal, with a little scarring but a HUGE improvement on the verruca. On the other half, the black silver nitrate scab is still there, so I'm waiting to see. On my big toe I can see alot more normal skin, I'm picking away at the black scab daily and applying a little tea tree oil to help it along. This is by far the best result since I started every treatment known to man. I'm a little worried now because my 8 year old has aquired some warts on the backs of her legs. Does anyone know if this is likely to be the same virus as my verruca. I feel awful if so. I'm taking her to the doctor tomorrow to see if its ok to blitz them with an Avoca pen. Any thoughts? As for verrucas - like SeaMagpie, I think the vinegar treatment knocked mine right back and the Avoca hit them while they were down. If you can be aware of the staining(I have ruined several towels and a bath mat) this is an excellent method to try.

29th Apr 2009, 22:21

k.kasongo says:

could anyone tell me what is the Avoca?avoca pen? where one can buy it? is it really effecient against verruca? Thanks

29th Apr 2009, 22:47

Enough! says:

Avoca is a caustic pencil containing silver nitrate and potassium nitrate. Basically it burns the skin, hopefully destroying the verruca as it goes.
You can buy them at your local pharmacy and should be around £3 ish. It comes with a leaflet on how to use it, but like all verruca treatments it might not work for everyone. Avoca is a brand name so if your chemist doesn't have it they will probably have another make.
The first time I tried a caustic pencil it didn't work, but after years of trying other stuff, including the vinegar method, i'm going to give it another go.
Good luck with it!

30th Apr 2009, 10:39

k.kasongo says:

4th day now into the vinegar and duct tape treatment.After the 1st day of treatment, the head and half of the verruca came off when I picked it away. While continuing picking it way today on the 4th day of dressing change, i just discovered within the half crater left by the head of the verruca another medium size verruca intact hidden underneath what is left of my toe nail.

As I have said before I've been having one big verruca on my second toe nail for 12 years. Over the 12 years the verruca has eaten away almost my whole toe nail, only a tiny piece is left on the corner on my toe. It's underneath that, the 2nd verruca is hiding.I'm really shocked and worried by the extent of devastation it has caused on my toe over all these years.I'm also worried that I might loose my toe.

I wonder whether the black chore of the big verruca that I managed to pick away its head has reached my toe bone because the depth of the crater is deep and half of the verruca still there without mentioning the 2nd one exposed today for the 1st time, I don't know the extent and the depth of that one. I'm really lost!

Regardless of the pain and this setback I'll carry on with my daily vinegar and duct tape treatment. I think about combining my vinegar treatment with avoca until I overcome these verruca.On the other hand I can't help amazing myself to the ingenuity and survival tricks of verruca! Although I pick away everyday the dead hardened verruca surrounding skin, still the thing is trying to rebuild its defences by virtually producing new verruca skins overnight in desperate attempt to protect its chore which is now exposed. It's really amazing! it's something to admire altough it's our enemy.

30th Apr 2009, 21:32

BigBadun (On my toe) says:

Doses anyone know if you can have them surgically removed?

1st May 2009, 07:19

Toms mum says:

Me and my 14yr old son think we have we suceesfully killed off 15 small verruca's and 1 large 5 year old verruca, by using the duct tape and small cotton wool pads soaked in white wine vinegar. The verruca's went white around the edges and black in the middle, the new ones very quickly, and every day we filed the white dead skin and black dots off with 120 grade sandpaper, some bled. These all have healthy scabs on, but how do you know when to stop? Do you re-assess once you have allowed some healing time?

1st May 2009, 10:39

Enough! says:

I asked my Dr if he could surgically remove them and he didn't recommend it. He said that because they are on the soles of my feet there wouldn't be enough skin to re -close the wound, it would be too tight and probably re -open when walking. There is also the chance that the verruca can re-grow in the scar tissue. If the smallest bit of the virus remains then the verrucas will come back and you have a scar and a verruca.
I am wondering when to stop attacking my verrucas. I can see pink skin in places, but last time that occured the verrucas still came back. At the momnet I have kept up with the caustic pencil and it is stinging, so maybe this time I will have more luck. Although they say verrucas stay in the upper layers of the skin mine seem really deep and no matter how much a dig they are still there!

1st May 2009, 13:34

BigBadun (On my toe) says:

Thats a shame. I just want rid of them so much like everybody else! Since i stopped the vinegar treatment thinking they were gone they have come back with even more fight, bigger and even using vinegar for over a week now they seem to be resistant to it.

2nd May 2009, 07:20

Loob says:


I've been reading this thread for a couple of weeks now, as the verrucas on my heel (about 14, mmm, lovely) were driving me insane (just how they look, not any pain). So I decided to try this vinegar thing as Bazooka never worked for me (too lazy? who knows).

So I've been doing it (with brown tape and malt vinegar, for a bit of variety!) for about a week. To start with I was really proud of the lack of pain - ha, I thought, I am immune. Then about 4 days ago, the pain started. I recommend Solpadeine (disolvable horrid tasting but effective pain killer) - really wanted to cut off my foot, especially at night. Also, found that the tighter you do the tape, the less it hurts thru the day and more you can hobble on it!

I think the initial puffing up of the skin in the first day or so may just be the body reacting to the vinegar, and is not necessarily anything useful happening. It was only once the first few layers of skin came off that the verruca was beginning to be exposed and the pain started in earnest. (have had mine maybe 5 years or more). I found that once you could see a grey tinge under the white skin that a bit of picking (gross, but satisfying) would remove the skin and hopefully allow access to the verruca. And once you kinda get the main body out of the verruca, then, hey presto, no pain (or at least a lot less). I am currently enjoying putting weight on my foot for the first time in days. I'm actually amazed by how quickly the terrible pain has stopped once I did some... "evacuating" of the nasty blighters.

Oh and I doubted the "they go black" thing - they really do! It's nasty. Incidentally I have seen a lot of people find they still come back after a while (did you know once you have the HPV - which causes verruca - you never get rid of it? brilliant) but hopefully just so long as they are gone/small for my ball on Wed (time to heal I wonder?).

I've been doing this for a week and a couple of days now - changing the dressing at least twice a day, more if I was bored. Not sure if that aids or hinders the process... Most of the verruca seem to have become holes so hopefully on the final stretch. Have stopped vinegar today as they are I think just raw ski now and I'd rather let them heal (I've taken a photo each day so you can really see how it is progressing if you get depressed).

Good luck everyone - and so far, I think it works a treat! x

2nd May 2009, 12:08

in pain says:

Well, I'm on day 15, I think, of silver nitrate/Avoca treatment. I only used the pen for the 6 recommended days. I'm amazed at the quick result. About 70% of the black scabs have peeled off, revealing fresh, soft pink skin that I haven't seen in years! I'm a bit dubious of the remaining 30% as it's sore to try and pick the scabs, so maybe some of the veruccas have survived under there. The Avoca has been so effective though that I feel confident that another blitz on any remaining veruccas will finish them off. I am soooo happy! I feel the battle is almost won.

2nd May 2009, 23:42

k.kasongo says:

6days now using vinegar treatment.The throbbing pain is worse. How do you stop it?sometimes it feels like the flesh is burning.Despite being attacked everyday, the verruca still defending itself against daily vinegar attack.Altough I did managedto pick away the verruca head without any problem within 1st day of vinegar treatment.

Now I can't pick away any skin, it has become so puffy and tender, any attemp to pick it away the verruca brings unbearabe pain and massive bleeding.I don't understand. Is that what meant to happen?I thought the vinegar would stop the bleeding and the pain would stop after the initial days..It's discouraging but I'll carry on with the vinegar.

2nd May 2009, 23:42

@_@ says:

Kasongo dont pick to much and remmber if the pain gets too bad give your foot time to recover and then attack it again. Vinegar method is no quick fix and is meant to take time!

3rd May 2009, 04:13

Slowlysucceeding says:

Haha like Loob I have been reading this post for just over a week and applying vinegar and tape (white vinegar on tissue and celotape) every day and night thinking I was immune to the pain! Rather than sanding the them back I've been using nail scissors to scrape at them and then disinfecting them overnight.

I have 2 verrucas and lots of little ones around them on one toe. Last night the two bigger verrucas came off quite easily leaving craters underneath them. Feeling quite smug about the lack of pain i bound up the toe and went to bed. About 1/2hr later oh the excruciating pain!! I managed about an hour before I took the tape off.

I'm going to finish off the verrucas through taping them up without vinegar and maybe when they're sealed up a bit better I'll start vinegar again. I'm pretty sure the pain is from the vinegar touching flesh so I won't be as rough with my verruca excavation tonight.

Good luck everyone, it does work! All the smaller ones are gone, I just have one larger one which will fall off soon.

3rd May 2009, 06:24

Loob(k-dot-kasongo) says:

k.kasongo - I think you just need to leave it, doing nothing really to start with - that's what I did, then after around a week you could clearly see under the puffy white skin (which grew thinner) that there was definate grey/black patches underneath. One they're there I think it's safe to start hacking away at them. I found once you make a little hole in the skin (which I found didn't hurt because I think it was dead by then) then you can easily just pull back the rest over the verruca, either bringing it out too, or after a bit of digging, getting it.

Good luck - but yeah, a few breaks in vinegar didn't seem to matter. And yup, mine were so tender that I couldn't really touch then for days. If you're getting blood - I think that's bad, I think the Vinegar is supposed to kill them/surrounding skin, so tehre should be no blood flow to either

3rd May 2009, 09:55

k.kasongo says:

Thank you all for your suggestions, I really appreciate.It's so relieving! today I'll give myself a break as it's so puffy and tender, I will wrapp my tape and vinegar tomorrow.Once again a big thank you.

3rd May 2009, 10:34

anodyne says:

seriously everyone, if you are a person who has a sort of mosaic/sticky out verruca(not a hard,pressed in one as in the sort you might have on the sole of your foot) then the nosode treatment is so effective! I have used it myself and it cleared the more obvious ones up after 2 weeks. Look up nosodes on the internet and you will see their success rate - they work in the same way a vaccination does and treat the virus from the inside out!


3rd May 2009, 14:55

blink says:

please help! :)
ive got about 40 verrucas. for about 8 years. they keep getting bigger though didnt hurt much.
i've been using bazuka extra strength for about 10days. with scrapping them down with a foot grater type thing.
a lot of my healthly skin has got burnt from it. they seem to be getting worse and spreading to where the healthly skin got burnt and im in terrible pain from the gel. should i be getting so much pain?
some of them went a blacky colour and peeled off but they have remained.
should i give up treatment on this? ive gone through a whole tube nearly alreadly. :S
should i wait for my feet to heal before i try the ACV?
I did try ACV for 2 weeks last summer, with no pain. they puffed up some when a bit brown but they remained. i ran out of time in the eves and just gave up.
any advice?

3rd May 2009, 18:13

Gettingthere! says:

hi, right well i have been looking this post for a while now, as i also have been suffering from verrucas for around 4 years and recently they have spread a little. anyway this thread gave me the boost i needed to beat the flipping things!! so.... my method i have got the scholl foot discs, tea tree oil, nail files and a bandage:-d every night i have covered the verrucas with tea tree oil, then added the disc on top with the plaster, then bound the bandage around to keep in place for the two days. using the nail file i have broken off small bits and used this to remove the dead skin/verruca. TOUCH WOOD this method seems to be working and most are gone with two bigger ones left both which appear to be mainly pink skin however a little tender. Although i wont hold my breath!!! i have been doing treatment for 2 weeks so far..anyway hope this helps someone :-s

3rd May 2009, 21:59

Enough! says:

Blink, treating verrucas can be really painful, especially when applying acids so don't give up. If it gets too unbearable just leave it alone for a few days and then try again. I have also found bazuka to be painful when down to a fresh layer of the verruca, in fact my foot stings like hell now after just applying some silver nitrate.
They could be spreading because you are damaging the healthy skin with the file, which then allows the virus in, so instead why not try nail clippers, that way you are just removing the infected skin. They normally say up to 12 weeks for bazuka to work, but after 8 years of having my verrucas and several attempts with bazuka, I decided to call it a day.
If your foot really hurts then leave it a couple of days before starting with ACV or if you're feeling brave go for it!
Vinegar treatment didn't really work for me and all I got was pain, but I hope you have more luck.

4th May 2009, 23:42

abby(abbyleigh_h-at-yahoo-dot-com) says:

VINEGAR!! will get rid of any kind of wart virus or verruca!! I done nails and feet for 14 years and I have removed several for friends and family. Cut the place and get it to bleeding and apply vinegar. Then apply vinegar to bandage or gauze and keep it covered changing it frequently adding more vinegar. It may take several times of cutting and applying vinegar but it will take it away. If it is on the foot cut with a corn or callus remover as much as possible and apply vinegar. The more seeds you can remove and the more blood you see the faster the vinegar will work.

5th May 2009, 02:14

Pistolpete(pjslondon-at-hotmail-dot-com) says:

I'm 31 and I got my first verrucas when I was 14. I visited my Dr who just told me that they will go on their own. Well, they obviously don't!
They spread over the years but not too fast.
Then about 4 years ago I started freezing them and using Bazuka and then file them down.
So my 6 or so verrucas spread, this was due to the filing down which opened up a lot of skin and just pushed the virus into other areas.
So I have 8 on my right foot with one mosaic starting to form there and 11 on my left foot with 3 big mosaics.
I have tried the endless freezing and the Bazuka, neither worked till I read about the duct tape cure.

I have been taping them now for 2 weeks. One new one has almost come away totally and the others are responding well and shrinking by about 50% in the 2 weeks which is a huge improvement.

Rather than file them away which makes them spread and makes the sore I soak my feet for a long time and then I use a RAZOR BLADE to clean the old skin away, just a Bic disposable one (£1.50 for pack of 10). I use it once and then throw away immediately because they blunt very fast.
Just be very careful not to scrape too much away and make them bleed.
no matter what you read before me of what you think, making your feet bleed is a really bad idea (infections etc). Better to do too less than too much. Take time.

I just read here about the vinegar cure so I'm going to soak a bit of flat tissue paper and attach witthe duct tape. I'm also going to but the AVOCA treatment.

For the first time I am hugely confident that this summer I can lie on a beach, face down, without my flip flops on or burying my feet in the sand or I can lie on a sun-lounger at last and have my soles feet pointing away from me.

Has anyone else tried the AVOCA treatment?

5th May 2009, 06:39

Enough! says:

Yes I have, several times. Not so good in the past, but this time I am being slightly more brutal!
It's War!!!!
I also agree with Pistolpete, that making verrucas bleed too much is never a good idea as it can spread the verruca virus present in the blood or cause an infection if not kept clean.

Oh, and abby, verrucas don't contain seeds or roots. The black dots you can see are blood vessels that have burst due to pressure when walking, hence why they bleed a lot.
Although, your cure rate seems very impressive........ I am quite envious!

5th May 2009, 12:13

SlowlySucceeding says:

Well I'm down to white dead skin now, no signs of the verrucas! I've been scraping the skin off with my nail scissors and it's lovely and pink underneath. I believe I'm up to 7 days of vinegar treatment now. Will keep going another couple of weeks to make sure the pests have totally gone.

I agree with Pistolpete about making them bleed - that's what causes the excruciating pain and it really isn't necessary. Mine never bled through the 7 days, I just scrape the white dead skin away and the little blood vessels if they're ready to shift.

5th May 2009, 16:28

Pistolpete(pjslondon-at-hotmail-dot-com) says:

I tried the vinegar theory last night but by the morning most of the duct tape holding my tiny tiny vinegar swabs in place were mostly hanging off, letting live-giving air onto my verrucas.

Have I missed something? Can someone please repeat to me the technique for this method please?
Also I didn't feel any discomfort or pain or anything.

Thanks x

6th May 2009, 09:33

Sneaky Squirrel says:

Hey pistolpete. It would seem that not enough tape was used for the first attempt, I would prepare the foot (all clean, scraped and dry! sorry for that) soak a small peice of a cotton wool pad in vinegar and literally tape my whole foot up. Use plenty of tape so you are comfortable it will not move. Give this a try and im certain in the morning you will see a difference! It worked wonderfully for me although it will hurt for a while. Let us know how you get on. I am still working on mine and do not want to give it the opportunity to come back. I wonder if anyone else can help me, the vinegar no longer hurts and the white skin is no longer crater like and puffy. In the morning i remove the tape/vinegar pads and it is white but i cannot for the life of me see any black dots.
Any help would be appreciated thanks peeps

6th May 2009, 14:04

blink says:

thankyou very much for the advice enough :)
the bazuka really felt like a flame on my feet!
ive stopped the treatment for a bit to see if my healthy skin heals.
bizarrely i did get some verrucas when i was about 7? i remember my dad filing them down and applying bazuka. which did get rid of them :D i remember crying my eyes out lots then.
im finding it so hard and exhausting to file them myself.

with the ACV treatment when i tried it before i found it really hard to sleep with my feet so wet and taped up.
do you find you stink of vinegar? im a bit worried about other ppl smelling it. or my boyfriend wondering what it is :( what do you do?!

i havent actually gone to my doctors about them, should i?

p.s Pistolpete ive found you litterally have to tape your whole feet up to keep the cotton wool in place.

6th May 2009, 14:22

sore foot says:

To sneaky-squirrel - it sounds like it may have gone, why not stop all treatment for a day or 2 and let the skin rest. The best way to tell is if you have a bath and the skin goes white and puffy then its probably still there.

To blink - yes, you will stink of vinegar, my whole house reeks of it, in fact it makes my nostrils burn a bit LOL... if you do go to the doctors he/she may recomment cryosurgery...its painful, after 4 sessions with my GP there was no change in my verrucas but plenty of discomfort, but hey, it might work for you!

6th May 2009, 15:43

This is not funny!! says:

I have a cluster of mosaic verrucas on my heel, have had them frozen 3 times by doc!! have tried everything you can buy over counter i have even ended up in a&e; 3 times after cutting them out myself!!
My question is has anyone tried the vinegar on verrucas that have split - as mine are already very painful and i quite often get bits stuck in the splits - dont think i could handle any more pain!!!! Please help!!!!!!

6th May 2009, 22:43

Enough! says:

Blink, I don't know what is worse, your boyfriend thinking you have smelly feet or verrucas... tough call? Although if the vinegar does work at least he won't catch verrucas from you, so I guess there is an up side some where in there!
I didn't actually find the smell too bad and no one ever complained, but then again I did tape me feet up quite tight so the smell couldn't escape. The only down side for me, despite the pain, was everytime I applied the vinegar I fancied a bag of chips!
I'm currently waiting for cyrosurgery, there is a 3 month waiting list, and reading what Sore foot says I'm heading for even more pain, so maybe the vinegar smell isn't so bad after all.
The other thing I was wondering about was whether I should ask my Dr to check my immune system, as it could explain why I can't fight them off.
Has any one else done this?

6th May 2009, 22:44

light at the end of the tunnel says:

hi there, ive had verrucas on my feet for 10 years....originally started with just 5, and then recently they spread to 12! and i now have one under my nail on my hand.
i had the original 5 frozen when i was younger, managed to get rid of one, but that came back a few years later! im going on holiday in july and really want to get rid of them so for the first time in years i can get my feet out in public, so the mission started!
first off i went to the doctor to have them frozen...waste of time that was, ended up with huge blisters and couldnt walk on some of them for over a week, it managed to get rid of 2, but they were the smaller ones on the skin that is softer. unfortunately the 2 that were on my toe seem to have scarred, and now i have 2 unsightly round lumps of skin on my big toe ;( which can be painful if i get a direct hit on something sticking up on the floor! has anyone else suffered form scarring from verruca freezing??? im not so sure what to do with these, think they look worse than the original verruca! so i moved on to try bazuka, followed the exact rules and did it for at least 6 weeks, but all it caused me was pain, bleeding and general depression! if anyone is thinking of using bazuka DO NOT DO IT!!! i can assure you it dosnt work! so then i tried tea tree oil - does nothing!
so having read this thread i decided to try white wine vinegar. started on saturday this week and i cant believe the results so far! they started off white and puffy and each day i have been carefully filing the skin down and quite quickly the centers began to get back dots. today i had a good pick and my most stubbon one on my heal has lost its top layer and revealed a large completely black area, i had no idea this one was so alive under all its hard skin!!
so im going to continue with the vinegar and see how it continues - fingers crossed! only downside is although as yet putting the vinegar on the verruca isnt painful, they can be quite sore to walk on!
and one more thing, i havent been using the duck tape, just a cotton bud, a plaster over it and some micropore (amazing stuff!) tape over the top - stays in place all day and seems to do the trick just as well as duck tape.
sorry for the essay! will post again to let you all know the outcome! i wish everyone the best of luck with these little blighters - they really are a burden!

6th May 2009, 23:23

SeaMagpie says:

I am very pleased indeed that my advice has helped some people to overcome these aweful verrucas. Reading through the posts here I am convinced that quite a lot of people that are suffering could be free of verrucas as long as they KEEP ON TRYING.
Thankfully I can now confirm that my own verrucas are completely gone and I put this down to Vinegar and Duck Tape as the main attack method, then an Avoca Silver Nitrate pen to finish them off.
I persevered with the Vinegar and Duck Tape for over 8 weeks and stopped before it was fully cured necessitating a return to the Vinegar. It was the worry that I was going to stop too early again that gave me the idea of using Avoca to finish them off and this has worked!

Here's a few tips for those people that are starting or already underway with the treatment...
1) There are a couple of different types of Duck Tape. The one I found the best was the fabric based type rather than the plastic based stuff. This is because I found it moulded better to the contours of the foot and therefore stuck better.
2) In order to keep the Duck Tape in place, buy some Micropore Tape from the Chemist and stick this to the edges of the Duck Tape.
3) Don't use too much Vinegar as it will flood out of the cotton wool and prevent the tape sticking properly.
4) I think that filing down the verruca now and again is good as this lets the vinegar get closer to the problem, but I found that in the early stages it was best to use a disposable razor. Only cut off enough skin to expose the verruca. Try not to take so much off that it causes bleeding. Always throw the old razor away after use.
5) Always make sure that the skin is dry and has hardened somewhat before filing or cutting.
6) PAIN is a big problem whilst going through the Vinegar and Duck Tape treatment. Use Nurofen or a good analgesic that works for you. If the pain becomes unbearable remove the tape, wash the affected area and replace the vinegar cotton wool with a piece of banana skin cut to cover the affected area and reapply new Duck Tape. The pain will subside and you will be able to get a good nights sleep. When you feel confident, go back to the Vinegar.
7) It is VITALLY IMPORTANT to wash everything that touches the verruca. It will spread if you don't do this. Throw away all used dressing where it will not come into contact with anyone else or even yourself. If using a file, wash and if possible clean it with boiling water. Alternatively, use an emery board or emery cloth and throw it away after use.

As I have said before, don't waste your time using Bazuka or going to a Dr or Chiropodist. It's money down the drain!
Verrucas are caused by a virus and can be very difficult to get rid of. Evidence shows that a good immune system can eventually deal with these things, but it can take years. Using Vinegar and Duck Tape is a method of battering the virus by pure destruction and it definitely works. It's a safe method to use on hands and feet because this is a part of the body that deals very well with damage. Feet especially heal up quickly as they werre designed to transport us around the planet without shoes or socks!
But as I have said before, the three most important aspects of this treatment are ....PERSISTANCE, PERSISTANCE, PERSISTANCE.

7th May 2009, 08:54

Enough! says:

Wow!, This is not Funny, A&E; 3 times, you really are a hard core verruca sufferer. When you say split, I take it you mean the skin over the verruca has cracked and become sore? If this is the case then first of all cover them with a plaster to stops bits getting stuck in the splits and then when you feel brave enough to take some pain just go for it! To be honest once you start treating your verrucas with vinegar it won't really matter if you have splits or not because sooner or later you will be filing them down anyway. If however you really can't face it, is it possible instead to just trim the verrucas so there isn't as much of a split?
I hope I have helped a little. Good luck and all my best to your feet!

7th May 2009, 18:13

blink says:

thanks for the info about the smell from the ACV.

im thinking im going to try to treat just one foot atm. which only has 6 on. that way if any go i know how to get them gone on the other! plus i'l be able to walk better.

do any of you protect your hands when treating? ive been using rubber gloves as im scared of them going to my hands. cept im worried some of the virus stays on them. would the throw away plastic gloves protect me?

in the mean time im going to order one of those Avoca pens. how many verrucas does one pen treat?

enough - what you say about the immune system - i have cfs/m.e so mine is pretty rubbish. which i guess is why my body hasnt got rid of them naturally. where as my brothers went naturally in 2 years.

i'l keep you all updated :S

7th May 2009, 18:30

Mazza says:

I have just finished 3 weeks of treating my 6 year old daughter's mosiac verrucca with vinegar and duct tape. Although I don't want to count my chickens before they're hatched (!) there is definately an improvement and it looks like this nasty growth may be on the way out.....We'll just have to carry on and wait and see!

8th May 2009, 19:31

in pain says:

I have to say I agree with SeMagpie's last post. I used vinegar and duct tape for a long time until the veruccas were smaller and most of the puffy skin had reduced. At this point I stepped in with the Avoca pen and it wiped most of the veruccas out after the recommended 6 applications.

I also agree with previous comments about using nail clippers which have been one of the essential tools in this battle. And very good hygiene - cleaning all areas where I've worked on the veruccas.

I still have two areas blackened from the Avoca but the skin feels flat underneath so I'm hopeful that in a weeks time this whole 4 year verucca nightmare will be over.

The Avoca can be ordered from any small chemist; some stock it. When I asked for it at Boots they produced some from under the counter! Be careful with the pen though. I wasn't careful enough with the first one and it broke. With careful use, the one £3.25 pen should do several areas of verucca.

Verucca free feet for the summer. Hoorah!

9th May 2009, 09:58

lala says:

Does anyone know how long it takes the avoca to come off?? Will it just peel away???

9th May 2009, 20:28

gracey8 says:

Would the vinegar treatment work on the more open ones that dont have a hard cover to them?

My little girl is 5 and in agony having had this open one about 5mm dia (poss mosaic as lots of sticky up bits that look granulated) on the front of her big toe for a few weeks.

We bought wartner freeze stuff today , but I didnt use it this eve(despite costing a crazy £13!), as I was concerned using it on such an open wart, as its quite red and sore.

Has anyone else had one like this and used the vinegar treatment? Its seems to be the best remedy on EVERY website Ive read, but my poor little girls going to scream her head off!!!

9th May 2009, 23:07

Enough! says:

lala, in the leaflet I got with the silver nitrate pen it says it disappears very slowly or persists indefinitely, but when I've used it in the past it usually starts to fade in a couple of weeks. I also found that by gently filing the area it reduces the stain quicker. At the moment mine is quite black/blue and looks horrible, so I hope it fades this time as well.

9th May 2009, 23:09

Enough! says:

gracey8, vinegar will attack any type of verruca, open or not, and the healthy skin around it, but whether it will work is down to luck as everyone reacts differently. However, I've tried it and found it to be very painful and not all that effective.
Treating myself was one thing, as I was kind of prepared for the pain, but I don't know if I would be willing to subject a 5 year old to it. Seen as though she has only had it for a few weeks I would probably be tempted to cover it with a plaster to stop any rubbing from her shoes and see if her immune system fights it off. More often then not children get rid of them much quicker and it would certainly be the less painful option. If this doesn't work then I would be tempted to try other methods.
Have you considered the duct tape method? No pain, cheap and less distressing for her.
Hope I've helped?

9th May 2009, 23:48

gracey8 says:

You are right of course Enough, I really didn't want to inflict that pain on her , but it seemed to be the best remedy on every web site!!!

Im assuming the wartner is a waste of time?

Do I literally just wrap it in duct tape, with nothing on the actual verruca? Wont it hurt coming off? Is it about suffocating it?

Im going to look into thuja & some extra vits for her as a boost. Shes been a through a lot this litle one already with hospitalisation for illness(although shes fine right now), but Im concerned this is a sign of things to come again.

10th May 2009, 11:05

Enough! says:

gracey8: Duct Tape for verrucas:
This method just uses duct tape, no other chemicals.
Cover the verruca with a piece of duct tape for six days (if the duct tape comes off early, simply apply a fresh piece to the verruca)
After six days,remove the duct tape, soak the verruca in warm water for 5 minutes and then gently remove the dead skin with an emery board or pumice stone.
Leave the tape off overnight and then in the morning apply a fresh piece.
If it's going to be effective then you will start to see results within 2 months.
Removing the tape doesn't hurt and is definitely less painful then vinegar.
Just try to limit the amount of healthy skin under the duct tape, as this will also turn white.
It might be that once you have the verruca on the run ,so to speak, the Wartner could just finish it off with one treatment. This worked for one of mine and I had it for 8 years!

I'm sorry to hear your daughter has had past illnesses, but if this is the case then maybe it would be better to visit your Dr, as sometimes skin problems can be an indicator to other things going on.
Hope she can fight this, I'll keep my fingers crossed for her.

10th May 2009, 11:57

Sam E says:

gracey8 you could always try just painting it with a thick coloured (as opposed to clear) nail varnish. You would have to apply a few times a day as it would crack and let air in. The key is keeping air off of them (as with duct tape) apparently they are aerobic and need an air supply. I finsished one of my daughters off this way she is a similar age. I did have her take thuja tablets as well, no idea at all if they worked or not just seemed a good idea. Also for a couple of new ones that she hadn't had long I used Avoca which worked brilliantly and did not hurt her at all. Again hitting them with a combination of things seems to work. She is all clear now and enjoying beautiful feet but am very wary and always make her wear flip flops from the pool changing room to waters edge for swimming lessons etc. Good luck!

10th May 2009, 15:28

milly armstrong says:


i just spread bazuca all over my
foot left it 5mins nd then they peeled of it took abou 5 mins leave it a bit then pummice your feet works for meee

10th May 2009, 19:37

SeaMagpie says:


The comment you made at the end of your last post suggests to me that your daughter's immune system needs checking before you try any more lengths to rid her of verrucas. AND get a referal to a consultant rather than a medical practitioner. (This is important as a medical practitioner with the best will in the world covers a large area of medicine to a lesser depth whereas a consultant specialises in an area and therefore attains a vastly superior understanding of it)
I suspect that your daughter could be suffering from a depleted immune system and that is why she has experienced other problems in her life. It is possible these days with the benefit of improvements to medical science to treat many immune system problems. If this is the case she will then be able to deal with the verrucas as well as many of the other issues you mention and what a life improver that would be!

12th May 2009, 07:35

BigBadun (On my toe) says:

My Advoca pen keeps breaking. Im being so careful with it, honest!!

12th May 2009, 16:49

verrucajoe says:

had the same problem with the avoca pen with it breaking. As a result hav not really used it properly. i still hav the small bits of it but tring to get some thing to pick them up get them wet and then not get it on my skin is a hassel

13th May 2009, 08:33

SoboL says:

Just to let you know. The laser surgery I had didn't help on my big toe, verruca came before it healed.

The two ones on ball of my foot, size of head of pin were also treated. The bleeding was going for about 2 weeks after surgery and holes were of size of caliber 9 bullets. Now they were healing for almost 5 month and I can see verruca coming back again ( white skin after bath, react with vinegar ). They are slightly smaller now. Exempt for undergoing vinegar/ACOVA i'm doing another laser treatment in one month time and I hope maybe they are weaker and those two on ball of foot will go away.

I'm thinking that current medicine know nothing about verruca and is only passing old myth ( like one that it goes away after two years ). Here in UK, GP ( regular doctors ) don't offer any other treatment then freezing and any specialist has to be paid from own pocket ( not that they are able to help ). I think we should start fund and hire people to do proper research on vaccine for this, just like there is one for HPV kind that attacks genitals/cause carnival cancer.


13th May 2009, 23:45

blink says:

Just an update. ive given up on bazuca. i tried to go a few more days but i was fed up with not being to walk. the burning was just unbearable!
so im just doing duct tape atm.
a few have turned a browny colour in the middle, anyone know if this is a good sign? im thinking it could just be build up of dead skin, yuk!
least im not in any pain anymore :)
but i cant really see them ever going tho :(

15th May 2009, 01:03

condisering amputation says:


I'm interested to hear yours was on your heel. I have one (4 months now) on the back of my heel, basically it's at the bottom of my Achilles ('heel spur'?). It's excruciatingly painful.

Have tried:

Bazoka - like sticking a plaster on a tumour: pointless.

Scholl Verruca Removal System (little discs impregnated with salycilic acid that you stick on the verruca then stick a duct tape-like square plaster on top) - I thought they were working but they were just one of many expensive false dawns.

I suspect the location of the lesion is making treatment particularly difficult - every time I walk (as my foot lifts off the ground) shoes ensure a massive amount of pressure goes through that part of my heel. I can't really go barefoot to work.....Also I find it very difficult to get a good look at it thus it's difficult to tell how the treatment is going....

Walking is getting difficult and the whole thing is very dispiriting.

I'm in a lot of pain so whatever the vinegar-induced agony involves I think I'm up for giving it a try.

Nurse - bring me a leather strap to bite on!

15th May 2009, 15:22

in pain says:

To all those asking about the Avoca pen -

You do have to be careful with it, mine broke first time. If you try to mess around with the broken bits you end up staining everything.

The stain does persist for quite a while but I found that the areas where the veruccas were completely dead, the brown came away quickest. I found there was still live verucca tissue under the area that wouldn't clear so went for it again. I'm waiting to see if that one is gone too now.

Filing does help. You get there in the end. And where my toes were completely covered in veruccas a few weeks ago, I'm now down to one little area that I hope is the last of it. 95% gone !!! Avoca rules!!

15th May 2009, 22:05

Enough! says:

Well I've been at the Avoca pen for 2 weeks now and seem to have uncovered the real problem. I knew my verrrucas were deep, but this is just ridiculous! The verrucas look really odd, almost like a chewed up ball of skin. On one side I can move it away from the healthy skin, but the rest of it is firmly attached. I tried using a pin to gently remove it, but it hurt a lot and started to bleed.
I really thought I was getting somewhere and now feel totally disheartened, It's like I'm right back to square one!
Somehow I don't think the Dr is going to have any luck freezing them!

Now I've got that out my system.... what can I do?

16th May 2009, 15:58

In pain says:

I think you should definitely get some medical advice. That sounds nothing like my veruccas!

16th May 2009, 22:33

Mazza says:

Now had 4 weeks of persevering with vinegar method on 6 year old daughter's mosaic verruca. It's definately improving but is going to take a few more weeks I think - the original verruca was about 1 1/2 cm square and is now about 1/2 that size with new skin forming round the outside. She hasn't complained about any pain whilst wearing the vinegar soaked pad wrapped in duct tape but is now saying that it hurts when I scrape at it every night with a metal foot file. We will persist!

16th May 2009, 22:40

condisering amputation says:

Day 3 of the vinegar treatment. It's painful but the pain is only a mild version of the pain experienced when I try and walk.

Releiver/Lottie/SeaMagpie/6Yearverruca - is there any consensus of the scraping/sanding side of things? Current technique is:

1. small section of a cotton wool make-up removal pad soaked in malt vinegar

2. place on the b*stard verruca then slightly bigger piece of duct tape over the top then surgical tape over both to hold it all in place. leave on for 24 hours.

3. Every second day I file down with a pumice-like abrader. Best with scissors/sandpaper? I note 6YearVerruca sanded until the blood flows....I find the filing very painful but can take it further if people think I should - anything to get rid of this parasite!

17th May 2009, 09:17

k.kasongo says:

Hello every verrucas suffereres!

If you've been reading this blog then you'd remember that I started my vinegar and duct tape treatment on my 12 year old verruca on April 27. Just to refresh your memory, just on one day of vinegar treatment I was able to get rid of the verruca hard cover skin with surgical blade, exposing in the process the verruca core or root; it was black in color, the size of a small puffy grain rice.

However, I couldn't remove it as it was so firmly rooted and so painful even to touch it with a tweezers. So I carried on with the vinegar treatment in the hope that I would eventually get rid of it. But on one week of vinegar treatment, the toe was so puffed up, so tender ,so painful and bleeding at every attempt to pick it away, .So I was advised to rest the toe for few days for the swelling to subside then would resume the vinegar once everything has settled.

So I did stopped the vinegar for 4 days which helped, the swelling went down but the verruca had the opportunity to regroup.It took it only four days to rebuild itself by covering its inner core that I managed to exposed on the very 1st dy of vinegar treatment.Now I'm back on square one,I'm still using vinegar every day (in my 4th week now), only change my dressing for a shower and trimming the verruca with surgical blade every day, I still yet to expose that inner core again.What a set back!

One thing I realise now is that once you start the attack, don't stop. any break would only give time for the bugger to regroup.I'm here for a long haul and I'm prepared. whether it takes months, years... I'm fully prepared untill I overcome it.

The whole nail on my second toe is already being eaten away by the bugger,if I don't do anything now next time it might be the tip of the toe that might go.So far I'm bearing the terrible pain of vinegar treatment well, anyway I haven't got a choice, have I?

Thanks for everyone advice and moral support by sharing their personal experience on verrucas treatments; It really helps.

17th May 2009, 11:34

Enough! says:

I thought I had problems, but the chance of losing a toe wins hands down!
K.KASONGO, How have you let it get that far without seeking a medical opinion? Mind you, I got some advice and it resulted in my Dr thinking it was a corn for long enough! It was only after I kept going back and insisting it wasn't that he decided to take a closer look.
I totally agree with you though about not being able to leave them alone, because like you, mind regrow really quickly as well.
However, after not really liking the look of them recently I think I'll just put a plaster over them and see how they heal. It could be that the chewed up looking skin is actually scar tissue, which wouldn't suprise me at all after 8 years of digging!

17th May 2009, 11:55

k.kasongo says:

To Enough.

You know what they say (medics).Leave it alone it would disappear on its own, mine never did. instead it kept growing and growing without you realising the full extent of the damage because verrucas never hurt untill you start trying to get rid of them.

And back then I didn't know what it was. I never knew what verruca was, even the word verruca was unknown to me until my GP mentioned it one day. Even then I never really grasped what it can do to someone as I never had it in my life or seen it on someone. I just wish I knew better all the years back! I can assure wouldn't have let it reach this far had I known what I know now. Once again thank you all.


17th May 2009, 17:01

megan says:

hi im 12 and im going on holiday on 23rd cousin is going to be there and she wants me to go swimming with her. I have had a verruca for about 2 years. I have tried the bannana skin and wartner, they both didnt work. I have told my mum...she wants to take me to the doctors... she said this about a month ago and she has forgotten (yippy) i dont want to go to the doctors because im soooo scared af what people have been saying about having it CUT OUT! Im so scared and i do not want to remind my mum or she will take me to the doctors :(. What can I do I only have 6 days!!!! PLEASE HELP ME!

17th May 2009, 18:08

condisering amputation says:


From what other people have been saying I would go for the vinegar and duct tape option. If you cover the duct tape (which need only be as big as the verruca itself) with micropore surgical tape (as I have) then it's not all that visible: the surgical tape is white-ish but is also kind of transparent. Anyway - it's nothing to be ashamed of. Think of it as a problem that need a solution. See above for the details of how to take the battle to the verruca.

BTW - it could just be my own super-painful evil verruca strain but does anybody else find that their verruca(s) is much more painful in the morning that it is in the evening?

17th May 2009, 19:17

blink says:

hi again.

bad news.

ive discovered from trying to get rid of mine on my feet with bazuka the other week ive transfered 2 to my thumb nail :(!!!!!!
so now 3 on my hand :(

its only been there about a week i think.

i wish i hadnt tried to do something now as im sure by scrapping and filing i must have some how got the virus tucked under my nail even with wearing gloves!

im hoping to go to the doctors 2mrw to see what he says about all of the 40 or so on my feet and rest.

hopefully a freeze will help the hands. but i dont think i could cope with the feet - i need to walk!

has anyone had them under a nail? do i have any hope?

really depressed about this all. told my bf about it and hes being wonderful :) and not grossed out. but i feel disgusting. and terrfied he will get them.

or worse now its on my thumb i'l transfer them to my face, lady parts (god forbid!) anywhere :'( maybe i already have as it takes a while for them to show up right?

how can you protect yourself when on your hand?

ive been putting duct tape on my feet to cover them up but worried its making the enviroment more sweaty so therefore it can move to other areas and infect me more :(

how do you people treat yours without infecting yourself on your hands?

17th May 2009, 20:29

Enough! says:

Megan - don't worry about going to the Dr, chances are he won't cut them out. I asked my Dr if this was possible and he told me it is a last resort and not something they tend to do any more. The main treatment Dr's try first is freezing, however with 6 days to go until your holiday I think you will be taking the verruca with you! If you are anything like me and the rest of the sufferers on this site it will take months or years ,instead of days ,to get rid of the problem. Just cover it with a plaster and try to forget about it until you get back from your holiday.

Considering amputation - yes, I also find my verrucas are slightly more painful in the morning, but this is simply because you haven't had pressure on it over night.

Blink - OH NO!!!!!!!! I know how you feel. After dealing with my verrucas I ended up with two warts on my fingers, not under the nail, but alongside it. Luckily with the aid of bazuka and a pair of nail clippers one has gone, but the other is being stubborn.
Even if the bazuka doesn't get rid of the wart I'm hoping it will at least cover it and prevent me from transferring it to other parts of my body.
I guess it's just a case of being really vigilant, wearing gloves all the time, washing your hands after touching anything to do with your verrucas and looking out for any new growths with the aim to kill them off before they take hold.
Don't be too sad. I know it feels crap at the moment, but we will fight this, all of us!

17th May 2009, 21:18

when I first put my shoes on in the morning and take my first step, the pain is so intense I think about investing in crutches. It fades as the day goes on. Is that just the nerves in my heel being pounded into submission the more I walk?

18th May 2009, 10:47

blink says:

just got back from the doctors.

turns out ive got to wait 2 weeks to have my first freezing. i was hoping itd be done today as at home i know my doctor does it in the appointment so wishing id done that now.

worried 2 weeks will give my new hand ones enough time to really dig under my nail :( he told me the freezing for these would be incredibly painful.

as for the feet, he looked at one foot (the one i didnt think was too bad) and said it was really bad :(

he didnt look at the other as it was all duct taped up.

anyway, he shed light on the whole 'wait 2 years and they will go theory' and he said its complete rubbish.

did freezing work for anyone here, feet, hands?
can they spread from freezing?

he told me to keep with the duct tape thing for now so the tissue should be easier to freeze. any tips? what have i let myself in for?? should i take painkillers before i go?

18th May 2009, 12:38

Enough! says:

Oh crap! you have me scared now, I don't want any more pain.

2 weeks for an appointment is good. I'm on a 3 month waiting list to get mine frozen.

My Dr told me to file the verrucas down as much as possible before I have it frozen because only 2mm of skin is affected by the treatment. I guess that's why it can take several attempts, it all depends on how deep your verrucas are.

18th May 2009, 13:55

@_@ says:

k.kasongo be careful when going deep into your foot. I have a verruca on my finger which is quite deep; i noticed if i left it - it would grow super fast and fill the whole i had created.

It turned out not to be the verruca growing back super fast but my body creating a scab to protect what flesh was left - dont mistake scabs for verrucas.

Just let your body form the scab and let it heal make sure to keep it covered. Give it a rest and once the scab is ready to fall off continue with your vinegar dont pick the scab!

Blink i too am really worried about spreading the verruca to my face since i have it on my finger. I spread a few little bits to the palm of my hand after grazing it. I caught it early and placed tea tree oil swab instead of vinegar on them for a few days. The skin went hard and scabby and then fell off - no verrucas. Tea tree oil works kinda like vinegar but without as much pain. Make sure u get 100%

19th May 2009, 06:11

@_@ says:

Would also like to add that tea tree oil does not need to be replaced everday like vinegar since its an oil so u can leave the verruca covered for about 5-6 days without replacing the swab.

19th May 2009, 06:14

k.kasongo says:

To @_@

Thanks for your advice, you might be right because every time I change the dressing I'm disappointed to find the verruca crater full again.It doesn't take it long at all it seems to happen overnight I suspect, hence it might be the scab as you suggest.

So I won't pick it away and see what will happen. Once again thank you @_@ for your advice.

19th May 2009, 13:55

blink says:

some news!!! :D

a small miracle has happened.

i THINK a patch of verrucas on one of my feet has fallen off :O! it looks slightly normal again :S i think!!?! i just rubbed them with a cloth and loads of skin came off.

i dont get why, or how. i was doing bukuca on my feet a few weeks ago, prob applied it 7? times. and scraped the skin off. putting duct tape on top. it got far too painful so i gave up. then tried again on this one foot a week later. i could only put up with a day so then gave up again. ive been using only duct tape ever since.

the few that came off had gone a brown then purple colour and been that way for a few weeks. and smelling really really bad.

maybe knowing they were going to get frozen scared them off :S

im hoping this means the huge one (about 1p) i have which is slightly brown/grey means its dying some how too.

as for the other foot no sign of going. i may start some bakucaing again but only in patches when im up to the pain :S

hopefully this means 6 down and 30so to go.

hopefully i havent spoken too soon.....

p.s thanks for the tea tree advice, im gonna try it on my thumb up till it gets frozen.

20th May 2009, 15:05

me x says:

well...i have been covering my foot in tape over night and then taking them off in the morning, i ave to take them off because i cant wear it to school. will this still work, plus your talking about your ones and my one sound tinsy compared to them all. :S what else could mine be if it is not a verruca? i dont wanna go to the doctors thought :S :(

20th May 2009, 17:47

me x says:

thats ment to say though :)

20th May 2009, 17:49

me x says:

well...i have been covering my foot in tape over night and then taking them off in the morning, i have to take them off because i cant wear it to school. will this still work, plus your talking about your ones and my one sound tinsy compared to them all. :S what else could mine be if it is not a verruca? i dont wanna go to the doctors though :S :(

20th May 2009, 17:49

blink says:

sorry false alarm! :(
had a shower and yes they are still there

me x - i know its embrassing but do go to your doctor, the earlier on you go the higher chance you have of it being gone with a freeze. the buzuka ad on tv says 1 in 10 people have them so its not uncommon. x

20th May 2009, 20:31

SoboL says:

Sea Magpie
Are you guys completely cured?

In pain
Are you guys completely cured?
Can you at least see some completely gone?

Was your verruca on sole of toes/foot, one that are deep and are growing in?

Thanks for all your support.


20th May 2009, 20:46

Jelly.01(jenny123_93-at-hotmail-dot-com) says:

Hi everyone,
i got my first veruruca when i waas about 9 and since then they have spread to a mossaic vurruca of about 50 and just seperate ones doted around my feet.
I'm now sixteen and have have tried a number of things to get rid of them but nothing seems to work,
I'm now at the point where i wont le anyone near my feet and say 'i have a fobia of feet' just so they wont look at them or bring them up.

i've not long got a job as a waitress meaning i'm working till lae at night on my feet constantly, and you can imagion with all the pressure on them how painful their getting!
Any help of what to do to get rid of them would be great as i've now got to the point here their getting to much!


20th May 2009, 22:21

Enough! says:

GO TO THE DR Jelly.01, especially if they are getting too much.
All this self help is good to a point, but what if there is an underlying problem?

I was thinking about this the other day, how long am I prepared to carry on picking at my feet, suffering with the pain, trying strange remedies, stinking of vinegar, going to B&Q; to buy my pedicure supplies and generally feeling depressed because the 100th DIY verruca treatment has failed?
Obviously I have had no luck after 8 years so I'm passing it over to the Dr. Less faff, no cost and hopefully no verrucas!

A bit of a rant I know, but my verrucas are driving me mad.

me x - I totally agree with blink, visting the Dr is nothing to be embarrassed about, although I have to admit I was slightly self conscious myself, however when I saw his reaction, or rather lack of one ,I knew it was yet another un exciting foot for him to look at!

Good luck everyone

20th May 2009, 23:45

SoboL says:

Enough! I have slightly different view on those matter.
I think I've already went through Dr phase. I've lost loads of money but loads of failed hopes which hurt even more.

I will keep trying with DIY stuff, be suffering pain.
And I'm slowly taking into account that this virus is stronger then me.

But maybe some clever will come with HPV vaccine one day.


20th May 2009, 23:52

I'm minded to agree with SoboL here. One GP confidently told me that freezing was the only proven therapy for verrucas. Another told me that duct tape, freezing and salacyllic acid (e.g. bazuka) are all equally effective.

The reality is somewhat different. My job involves regular trawls through vast scientific databases like Web of Knowledge and PubMed. I've done a fair bit of searching on verruca treatment and I can tell you the quantity and (more importantly) the quality of research in this area is pretty poor. For me (an perhaps my judgement is clouded by that fact that I'm currently enduring a very painful verruca) it represents a failure of modern medicine. For understandable reasons, medical research has become increasing geared toward costly assaults on headline areas like cancer but the reality is that common, chronic health problems like verrucas, joint pain, depression offer massive untapped opportunities to make a real impact in the quality of life for large swathes of the population. It just needs quality research....

Give the GP a try but don't expect too much from them. They are (by definition) jack-of-all-trades and can't be expected to know everything about everything.

The DIY options offered on this page have clearly worked for some (I'm currently entering my 2nd week of vinegar-duct tape action - more to follow) so they are worth a go. They may also benefit from an enhanced placebo effect: often a patient taking an active daily role in their therapy (even a sham therapy) can increase the chances of it being effective.

Sorry for the essay!

22nd May 2009, 09:31

iowgirl says:

Hi all
Having used the vinegar and duct tape method for several weeks and had some success - turning black and then filing down - I am now trying a mixture of garlic paste, lemon oil and tea tree oil applying twice a day and covering with a plaster. I am also taking a garlic supplement and a probiotic to boost immune system, I will report back if I have any success.

22nd May 2009, 12:15

BigBadUn (on my toe) says:

Oh my goodness! Im so happy, today they are finally GONE!!! Thank you so much for everyone's advise.

I really thought id have these ugly things for ever. I only used the advoca pen after 2 goes (as is broke) after a few weeks of the vinegar. Keep on going guys it really does work.

Im booking a pedicure asap, no more hiding feet for me :) Thank you once again everyone

22nd May 2009, 13:16

Enough! says:

Considering amputation - Yes, I agree with you that often a placebo effect is enough to chase away many health complaints, but after all verrucas are caused by a virus and therefore convincing yourself that a treatment is going to work doesn't make an anti viral.

In many cases the verrucas were probably already on their way out and it is after all a self limiting virus, but that said there must be some power behind alternative remedies ,other than a placebo effect, if lots of people are finding them to work.

Yes, GPs are a jack of all trades and can't be expected to know everything about everything, but the same can be said about us. We have NO medical knowledge, no wider experience then our own verrucas and therefore surely equally clueless about how to treat them effectively.
It all comes down to trial and error, what works for one might not work for another, but you are right, I will keep trying every treatment I can get my hands, and feet, on and take what the Dr says with a pince of salt!

Oh and BigBadun, I am really jealous!

Thanks for the debate :)

22nd May 2009, 14:09

Sneaky Squirrel says:

Bigbadun - did you leave the verruca after the two applications using Avoca to let the skin heal over? I think i am over paranoid it may return and still treating mine. thanks for any advice

22nd May 2009, 14:16

BigBadUn (on my toe) says:

You'll get there if you keep at it im sure. I nearly gave up. I had a few, one really big one it was so deep i really didnt think anything would get rid of it.

Sneaky Squirrel - I applied the avoca twice and then i just left the black scab it made on all of them, i didnt file away. Today they were starting to peel away so i took them off and underneath was new skin. Good luck guys

22nd May 2009, 16:19

@_@ says:

Best way i have found of getting rid of verrucas is using a salicylic acid (like bazuka/salactol ect) and either tea tree oil or vinegar with duct tape to finish it off.

Apply salicylic acid to the verruca and cut at it (do not file and DO NOT CUT TO DEEP AS TO BLEED) everday until you are farely sure you have removed 90% of infected skin.

Once you are happy then move onto the next stage of vinegar/tea tree oil and duct tape. This stage has 2 objectives to either highlight any infected skin you have missed (since the skin will turn black) and to finish the bugger off while allowing fresh skin to grow back.

Now either 2 things are going to happen either some skin will turn black meaning infected skin is still there or after 2 days no black skin and the skin will just go hard.

1) If little bits of skin goes black then there is still infected areas - allow the skin to dry out and and continue with salicylic acid until you are happy you have removed any infected skin.

2)If the skin goes hard and nothing black shows up it means you have defeated the verruca - discontinue with any further treatment and just cover with a plaster to avoid reinfection and allow to heal. Closely monitor and maybe even apply a further vinegar/tea tree oil treatment after a week of healing to make sure it has been eradicated.

This is the method i have used for my verrucas and i only have 1 left - which is on my finger which i am treating now with this method.

23rd May 2009, 05:57

@_@ says:

Fogot to add this important bit. When using salicylic acid and cutting away at the skin be very careful not to cut to deep as to cause pain/bleeding. This will allow even deep infection and also cause problems when applying the vinegar/tea tree oil.

If you apply vinegar/tea tree oil to even the smallest cut the body may try and produce a scab to protect itself which u may mistake for a verruca. be very careful not to do this or you will have to wait for the wound to heal first before continuing with this method!

23rd May 2009, 06:01

considering amputation says:


I take your point and you are right to say we are fishing around in the dark here but when you say the following:

'We have NO medical knowledge, no wider experience then our own verrucas and therefore surely equally clueless about how to treat them effectively'

I think you may be overstating the case for medical training here. Treatment should be led by high quality peer-reviewed research rather than a GP saying 'I've seen this work for a few of my patients so give it a go'. Sadly this is often not the case. That's not necessarily because doctors are unaware/unwilling to follow the research, it's often because the research evidence just is not there or is of poor quality. Given this, a doctor will often end up suggesting treatment on the basis of a beefed up version of anecdotal evidence (i.e. 'I've seen this work'). I think this site offers a similar resource but has the advantage that it is tailored for us poor souls who have persistent long-term verrucas.

With our collective knowledge they shall be defeated!

24th May 2009, 08:05

valmac says:

Update on son's gross verruca...After looking like an exploding volcano had another freezing treatment end of March at the doctor. 10 days later the whole black head just fell out.

Gone and no sign of reappearing



24th May 2009, 13:32

lala says:

has anyone ever used glutarol?? Ive just got some along with avoca to try to get rid of these things! Been using vineger treatment on/off as well as the avoca and it is doing something, just very painful!!

24th May 2009, 23:30

Pistolpete(pjslondon-at-hotmail-dot-com) says:

I was using just duct tape and then filing them down with razor blades in the bath with some success. They had become a lot thinner so then I used one treatment of this AVOCA pen.
Caused black scabs which I kept covered with ducts tape. After a week I started picking at the scab. I really wish I had not done this because the ones I did not pick at the scab, after 2 weeks now the black scab just came away with the verruca.
So now I have been doing the vinegar+duct tape and have a new AVOCA pen.
This AVOCA pen really is amazing.
It kills ALL the skin underneath it.
Follow the instruction religiously. Also think about buying 2 pens as if you have many verrucas like me, you will need it.
Seems the most important thing is ti lave the scabs alone until they fall off on their own.
Seems they take the whole damn thing with them.

Also if anyone is going to go to their Doctors, I think it is worth asking your Doctor to refer you to a SPECIALIST WART CLINIC.
He may not want to do this, insist that he/she does this.
The way to get them to do this is to say that you are in intense chronic pain , even if you are not. LIE!
Because they will not refer you unless you are in this pain.
You may have to wait a while but I think it is a much better solution than seeing a GP who has no idea how to treat our verrucas.

Remember the AVOCA!!!
You can buy from any chemist, if not stocked try the next chemist.

25th May 2009, 12:39

In pain says:

Hi SoboL,

I am delighted to report that the final bits of black came off my toe today and my feet are COMPLETELY veruca free. I just wish I'd taken before and after pictures as my toes were so gruesome. I actually painted my toenails yesterday! I haven't done that in several years.

Yipee! Wonderful, wonderful Avoca.

I do think that the vinegar treatment helped to prepare the way and the silver ntrate finished them off. It took a long while for the black dead skin to come away, but underneath was NORMAL skin. Where the very first verucca was, the skin is a little scarred but a trillion% improvement on the verucca. The original verucca definitely held on the longest but even this one was defeated by the Avoca.

If you haven't tried it - GO FOR AVOCA ! Hurrah!! I had tried everything else and this was the only thing that worked for me. Thanks very much for the advice, SeaMagpie.

25th May 2009, 21:34

In pain says:

Today I've decided there's not even a scar to speak of really. Even better. Yippee again.

26th May 2009, 14:30

SeaMagpie says:


I can confirm that I am now totally cured of my verruca. Bloggers on here will be aware that I treated my infection with a big dose (weeks) of vinegar and duck tape and finished it off with Avoca.
Having read through every entry on this blog over many weeks I think that the vinegar and duck (duct) tape seems to be the most successful treatment. I'm sure that like me, lots of people "finish!" the treatment far to soon and the verruca then has a change to regrow.
When it looks like you have beaten the problem, carry on for another couple of weeks to make sure.
I'm also starting to think that keeping the thing covered with vinegar and tape is better than fiddling with it too much. It seems that the people that fiddle and pick at it on a regular basis are maybe not as successful as those that cover it and forget about it.

27th May 2009, 20:57

SoboL says:

In Pain, SeaMagpie
Thanks for your confirmation, that's certainly giving hope.

In turn remember all my treatments, salicylic acids, freezing, Bleomycin, Marigold, laser which did nothing.
I have taken photos of my verrucas before and after each therapy and if hopefully my will go away after black scabs fall off ( used AVOCA ) I will post all this on my site and link here.

Thank you all for contributing here, our collaboration seems more effective then Doctors and Specialistic Clinics ( which only charged me a lot with ).

28th May 2009, 00:27

Enough! says:

After leaving my feet alone for a week to recover from me attacking them a bit too eagerly I have noticed the skin over the verrucas has gone really hard and it hurts all the time, like I have a nail stuck in my foot. Wondering whether I should leave it alone or keep up with my self help, I decided to carefully cut small layers away each night. At the moment it's not bleeding too much and the skin doesn't look that bad, but it's just the pain that's bothering me.
I remember on one of my visits to the chiropodist she told me that when she had a verruca it seemed to hurt more just before it disappeared, so I was just wondering if anyone else has found this to be true?
Mind you, the amount of chemicals, lotions and potions we are all putting on our feet, the verrucas are bound to hurt.
Oh well, I guess it's wishful thinking, although having tried just about everything else wishing it away might just do the trick!

28th May 2009, 01:00

Ouch says:

Hey all, I've been following this blog for a good few weeks now, thanks for all your advice (and keep it coming please!)

I've currently done around 4-5 weeks of vinegar treatment with some initial success. Managed to get rid of one of the newer verrucas which was great. It seems to have all come to a standstill so today I went and got one of these avoca pens and applied it.

Problem is that it's somehow transferred off the verruca and spread all over my little toe and turned it a horrible grey/black colour! so now I know this stuff is pretty strong, but should it do too much damage to my normal skin? I have visions of losing a toe! helpppp please! i just want them gone!

28th May 2009, 17:25

SLE says:

Your toe will not fall off, it will just remain back for many weeks! It is impossible not to get the silver nitrate everywhere - anyone who says it is, is lying!

28th May 2009, 19:29

in pain says:

I agree.You have to be extremely careful with the Avoca. It loves to stain. But nothing has happened to my skin when its had contact accidently. Just takes a long time to go. Filing helps.

28th May 2009, 21:41

BigBadUn (on my toe) says:

Ouch, if youre really concerned about the Avoca staining i think you may be able to go to the pharmacist and they may be able to give/do something to unstain it .... im not 100% sure, but i think i read it when i was doing mine. On the other hand it'll probably do the trick with the verrucas as you'll probably get a big scab which peels off with fresh skin underneath. I really did think nothing would get rid of mine (i know i keep saying this!) and this just finished them off.

29th May 2009, 07:53

Ouch says:

Thanks for the helpful comments. I'm not overly concerned about the how the staining looks (I've put up with verrucas for years and years!), I was just concerned that I would have damaged the normal skin. Looks like it'll be ok though.

Just wondering how many applications of avoca you would all suggest? the leaflet says that 3 should be enough for normal verrucas. Do you think I should do 3 applications and see how it goes? or should I go for all 6?

sorry for so many questions.. this really is my last idea to get rid of them! my GP said they didn't do freezing anymore and they couldn't refer anyone, because duct tape was proven to be just as effective. So after avoca I'm out of ideas! fingers crossed!

29th May 2009, 13:25

SLE says:

Do all 6. The pen will probably break before the 6th, just get another. Do not touch them until the scabs fall off about 2 weeks later. the middle will come away and may leave some black in a kind of circle around the edge, but this will come off a little while after with some normal skin, but it will be fine.

29th May 2009, 15:00

SeaMagpe says:

Don't worry about the Avoca staining other parts of your foot. Remember that the skin on your feet is extremely tough. After all, it was designed to walk on without shoes and socks!
As for the verruca, my advice would be to hammer it with vinegar and duck tape first. Never mind the pain and don't pick it too often. If you are very persitent you should see it diminishing. Then remove all the tape and dressing and file and pair it down and then is the time to hit it with the Avoca.
If you're very careful, you can apply the Avoca straight to the verruca without making a mess. Don't "blob" it onto the verruca, just gently paint it after you have shaken the excess water off the end of the Avoca pen. Then let it dry and if you want use a hair dryer to do this. When it is dry put a small plaster over the treated area and leave it till tomorrow. Then apply another layer from the Avoca pen OVER yesterday's application and let this dry too. Build this up over about five days and then on the sixth day take the plaster off and let the whole thing dry out. When it is totally dry you can forget about covering it over and it won't stain anything. Then just leave it for a few days (five or six) and then have a go at the scab with an emery board or file and repeat the treatment as above.
If you have really given it a good clobbering with the vinegar and duck tape then most of the skin covering the verruca will have gone and the Avoca will be able to deal directly with the base of the verruca.
When you are into the Avoca part of the treatment keep checking during the filing stage and if you see that the verruca has gone then carry out one more treatment and leave it till the scab come off more or less on its own.
If you follow this method I would be very surprised if you don't have success!!

29th May 2009, 15:53

Seriously fed - up! says:

I am 15 and i've always had a verruca on my foot since i was 5! I useed to have one for ages, then it rose to two, three, four .. and i thought, well i have to attack them full on!

So i did, with bazuka gel, compound w gel (wich seemed to work on my mam's corn), and a home freezing kit. but nothing worked. so i went to the doctors to get it freezed. yes, it worked, it reduced in size, but to get rid of them i'd have to go back within 2 weeks, but the bloody machine broke. I asked him 3 times if the machine was back working, but it wasn't - he said he had to buy a new one .. but he hadn't got enough money or something!!

So after trying to file them down continously and digging in there with scissors, i have now got 30 verrucas! YES 30! and i am fed up! i've never heeard of someone with as many as that before ... it makes me go all emotional when i talk about it!!

I've been standing on one foot in the shower for probably about 9 years now .. and when i go swimming, i don't care what other people think, i wear one of those rubber socks - cause i don't want another verruca if i can help it!

I am going to the chiropodist in 2 weeks, and i can't wait. I am contemplaiting amputating the front of my foot off, and replacing it with a plastic model. I think it would be much easier!!

30th May 2009, 21:24

kw says:

I got my 1st verruca about 18 mnths ago. Have used whole can of Wartner, tried Bazooka Extra Strength which resulted in them multiplying until I had 4. About a month ago I found this site and started using vinegar and duct tape held on with microporous tape and then filing with emery board. This has been working well as I am now down to 1 again but this one is stubborn & doesn't seem to want to go, although it is smaller. I think I got carried away with filing - skin near to verruca started to bleed. I stopped vinegar & put plaster on with tree tree cream. For past 2 days the skin surrounding the verruca (about size of 10p and which is new pink skin after treatment) has been extremely itchy with tiny red dots showing through (almost like a graze) and the bit which bled is puffy and weeping today. Also bit sore to walk on. Think I may have infection. I am still putting tree tree oil on and covering with plaster. Hope this will clear up soon. Has anyone else experienced this? Hope the red dots aren't new verrucas as I thought I was winning the battle......

31st May 2009, 00:37

@_@ says:

For some reason tea tree oil for prolonged period of times cause a large blister/infection.

Cool it with the tea tree now and let the skin harden - the blister is most likely a good thing and will aid in the removal of the verruca butgive your body a chance to get rid of the blister and the skin to harden and then proceed as you see fit.

31st May 2009, 02:20

@_@ says:

"Undiluted tea tree oil may cause skin irritation, redness, blistering, and itching."

quote from a site

31st May 2009, 02:21

@_@ says:

Would also like to add that aslong as the fluid is clear its fine and nothing to worry about. If the pus becomes white then you may have a serious infection.

31st May 2009, 02:24

kw says:

Thanks @_@. The fluid was clear yesterday and today looks like it has stopped weeping. The patch that was weeping is now white and puffy (and still bit sore to walk on - you can actually see it throbbing slightly - at least my foot still has a pulse!!) and the verruca looks like a small hole in the white patch. I'm leaving it alone today to let it calm down before going back to vinegar.

31st May 2009, 14:03

getting there... says:

ive now been attacking my verrucas for a month or so now, and there is definately an improvement! ive had them for years so they are quite deep but i can now begin to see the end of them YAY!
a major tip that i would say though, is dont pick them too much! i found that afer a few days the white puffy skin around and covering the verruca just pealed off and revealed a dark grey area of spots which is what all the hard skin had been hiding, dont pick at this bit, leave it at least a week before you attempt to take any of the skin off, you will find u get much better results, and only take it off if it is ready to peel, i was a bit hasty and consequently mine have persisted longer as the whole thing never came off.
finally, dont be disheartened by it all, it takes time, but eventually we will all get there!!

1st Jun 2009, 00:34

considering amputation says:

getting there,

I also have a lot of puffy white skin around my verruca (which appears to be at the bottom of a crater in the center) and aggressively file it down once a day. Can you are anyone else tell me the best way to expose the verruca without causing bleeding? BTW, I'm using the vinegar+duct tape+surgical tape combo in between filing sessions.

1st Jun 2009, 14:20

Emily D says:

Hi :)

I've had verrucas since i was about 8, and the only thing that seems to be working for me is the vinegar!

My little toe is covered in mosaics, and they have just spread till the whole toe is covered...they are turneing black now, but i just want them gone!!

Hope it works as well as it has for all you guys!!

1st Jun 2009, 16:32

Emily D says:

ps: its actually so infested my toenail isnt visible..i dont even know if its still there... :(

1st Jun 2009, 16:33

Enough! says:

Well, I think I might be getting somewhere! The intense pain from a week ago has subsided and carefully cutting a layer away every other night and applying a mixture of lemon and tee tree oil seems to be doing something. Each verruca is red in the middle with a white puffy edge, so I think I'm getting down to the core. Even if I can't get rid of them by the time I go for my first freezing treatment, it might give me a better chance of seeing them off with less freezes!
I've had them for so long now that I can't really remember what it was like without them, not that I want to keep them. Paying this much attention to my feet is definitely a daily rountine I will be glad to give up!

Considering amputation- even though we have slightly disagreed on treatment in the past ,this time I hope you agree with me :) and have some luck!
I find the best way to get rid of the puffy white skin is to use a pair of nail clippers, as filing it seems to shred the skin instead of removing it cleanly. By using a file you could also catch the centre of the verruca and make it bleed.
Hope this works :)

1st Jun 2009, 18:11

Seriously fed - up says:

Well i'm in pain! i've started the vinegar & duct tape combo .. (this will be my third night) some of my 30 verrucas are actually already truning black! But my biggest verruca is really hurting .. wel the skin around it! Its puffed up white and its really hard! Anyone got an idea what it could be or if its okay?

ps. I find this really amusing that we're all here trying to fight the verruca infestation on our feet!


1st Jun 2009, 21:38

blink says:

hey all! a update....

i had my 1st freezing on my 30, 40 odd. +4 on my hand

was and still is very painful on my hands (as have them under my nail beds) feet painful too.

figuring out how to do everything without thumbs! lol.

wasnt expecting so much pain. nearly cried, maybe im just senstive!

anyhow he reckoned my duct taping had helped take off some skin, so he could get deeper, but i was in too much pain for him to do m feet that deep.

he says i'l need to come for about 5 sessions, hopefully some will go after this time but he said i should keep going until one day they have gone! i liiked the hope one day they would!

he seemed to think they should never be cut out.

got my next app in 3 weeks.

glad to hear some of you have had success!!! :D

1st Jun 2009, 22:12

no name says:

my verruca sounds really small compared to all of yours. how can i tell if my one is a corn or if it is a verruca.

2nd Jun 2009, 18:01

Enough! says:

A verruca normally hurts if you squeeze either side of it and depending on how new it is, you will usually see black dots within it, these are blood vessels not roots and will bleed alot if picked at too much.
A corn just looks like hard skin and occurs on areas exposed to pressure. They can however be equally painful.
If it is a corn then you're the lucky one, but it could also be the start of a verruca and these are always best treated early.

2nd Jun 2009, 19:38

ahhhh says:

i have like 20 vercuccas only bout 4 are big others smallish. I have had them since about 8 years old in 14 now. WHat to do!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????!!!!!!!!!!!!

2nd Jun 2009, 21:49

geting there.... says:

considering amputation:

i would continue with the vinegar but dont file it for a few days, i didnt file mine, and after a few days of just vinegar, after a shower i was able to peel off the white stuff covering the grey centre with no bleeding as it was all just dead skin. i only really file mine to tidy them up a little, nail clippers are the best to use, but only if the skin is dead! im now down to the very core of mine...but they seem pretty stubborn! am hoping in with a couple more weeks of vinegar and persistance i will be able to walk around bare foot with no pain or embarrassment! :)

3rd Jun 2009, 00:42

SeaMagpie says:

In my opinion anyone with verrucas should first try to deal with the infection using Vinegar and Duct tape. Read through this blog and you will see over and over again how people are having success with this method. OK, it is painful, but the emotional pain for some people is clearly a lot to bear too.
Chiropodists are generally a waste of money as they are rarely successful. This is mainly due to the relatively long period between treatments. All verrucas need constant attention and persistance and you simply can't get that from a Chiropodist.
So get that V
vinegar onto the cotton wool and tape it onto the verrucas. Don't fiddle and mess with them too much, but keep on with the Vinegar.
They will start to go, but be patient!

3rd Jun 2009, 19:24

veruccas enemy says:

i have had veruca's for nearly three years and i hate them i dont understand how you guys dont scream after having them for nearly 10 years any way

i have tried basuka - no luck
trying tea tree oil - painful could be a good sign

might try the duct tape and vinager as it seems to have worked for a lot of people im 16 and i feel embarressed to sleep over at a m8s bare foot or go swimming

please help me :'(

3rd Jun 2009, 19:51

SELon says:

Hello folks - been following thread for a while now.

Had my one for 9 months and tried salactol, vinegar, garlic, duct tape and basuka - still there. Even been to chiropodist - waste of time.

Duct makes my skin rash so have difficulty keeping it on.

A question to people - when I peel the scab off after using salactol/basuka there are 3-4 little strands of skin attached to the scab that comes off (about 1m across and 2mm long). Looking at the foot I can then see 8 to 9 of the little white nodule things remaining. I have used a tweezer to pull them out - are these verruca roots? They are painful when I pull out.

Does anyone else have these?

3rd Jun 2009, 23:09

Enough! says:

SELon - verrucas don't have roots. It sounds like you are pulling bits of the verruca away with the bazuka, which is a good thing ,as it means it is having some effect, but it will be painful because within a verruca you have lots of nerves and blood vessels. The white nodules are most likely the remaining bits of verruca. I have a similar problem on my foot and find you need to be persistent to finally reach the core. Instead of tweezers try nail clippers, this will help get rid of more verruca in one go, but be careful not to make it bleed!
Good luck :)

3rd Jun 2009, 23:26

considering amputation says:

Enough! & Getting there...

Thanks for the advice. I can see huge quantities of dead skin around the crater housing the verruca so I feel the urge to machete it off. I went at it with a craft knife this morning (I think you guys are right about the filing issues - I was using sandpaper but it's too blunt an instrument) and sure enough, like the cretin that I am, I sliced my heel open causing profuse bleeding.... I think I shall take your advice and keep applying the vinegar+duct tape but leave out the hacking/scraping part of the routine for a few days.

4th Jun 2009, 13:32

verucas enemy says:

ive tried the duct tape and it just fell off again no good really

i dont no what else to try im going to have to result to going to the GP to see what they can do ! its my ast option

4th Jun 2009, 20:10

SELon says:

verucas enemy - stick a plaster over the duct tape, should stay on then.

4th Jun 2009, 22:59

SeaMagpie says:

Verucas Enemy
Make sure that your foot is totally dry before you stick the Duct tape on and also make sure that you haven't put too much vinegar on the cotton wool as this oozes out when you apply the Duct tape and stops it from sticking. If you still have problems making it stick, go to the chemist and buy some Micropore tape and use this over the edges of the Duct tape to keep it down.
Remember that all the time that you have Duct tape and Vinegar on the verruca it is doing good and all the time you have the verruca uncovered it is trying to grow back again!

5th Jun 2009, 08:23

Enough! says:

It could all be in my imagination, but my verrucas seem to be getting better, in fact one of the five I have on my right foot seems to have vanished!
After totally mutilating my foot a few weeks ago I decided to re try lemon and tea tree oil, as well as slowly cutting a layer of verruca off every other night.
To date this seems to be the least painful and most effective method I have tried. For me the vinegar treatment was a little bit too harsh for my skin and found that it was far too painful to touch in order to remove the dead skin.
Fingers crossed that I can get rid of them for summer!

5th Jun 2009, 11:30

Seriously fed - up! says:

Well, I just have to tell everyone to try the vinegar/cotton wool/duct tape thing, its working for me!

After trying literally everything, I came on here and saw that it worked for everyone - so I decided to try it straight away!

I have nearly 30 verrucas on the top of my right foot, and about 10 of them have turned black.

The others I haven't come round to attacking yet, and plus, I'm going to see the chiropodist on Thursday, so I'll guess it'll give him something to do! haha!

So everyone try thr vinegar/cotton wool/duct tape thing! But don't put too much vinegar on the cotton wool - and don't constantly scrape the verruca off - do it every other day or somehting, just so it doesn't bleed.

Good luck on killing these verrucas everyone!

7th Jun 2009, 12:27

Sue says:

I can't believe I haven't looked at this site before or that there are so many others with painful and long-term verrucas. I've been (unsuccessfully) treating a large verruca on the ball of my foot for about 15 years with all the "over-the-counter" treatments plus banana skin and duct tape. I use Scholl salicylic pads to keep it under control, but I walk a lot which is extremely painful, so today is my first day of vinegar and duct tape.Thanks to everyone for all the advise

8th Jun 2009, 16:41

Sue says:

I can't believe I haven't looked at this site before or that there are so many others with painful and long-term verrucas. I've been (unsuccessfully) treating a large verruca on the ball of my foot for about 15 years with all the "over-the-counter" treatments plus banana skin and duct tape. I use Scholl salicylic pads to keep it under control, but I walk a lot which is extremely painful, so today is my first day of vinegar and duct tape.Thanks to everyone for all the advise

8th Jun 2009, 16:41

Emily says:

Does anyone have any good tips to get rid of a big wart on my elbow its driving me mad! will the vinegar and cotton work on it? x

9th Jun 2009, 16:24

@_@ says:

Vinegar would work well however since you have described it as "big" i would not recommend using vinegar straight away. The reason for this is it is quite painful and it would take weeks of vinegar to remove a large part of the verruca.

I recommend first removing as much of the verruca as possible using salicylic acid such as bazuka - once you believe you have removed near 70% of the verruca then begin the vinegar and duct tape method.

This method will reduce pain (due to less infected skin; you have removed majority of it) and it will also reduce the amount of time it will take to remove it.

Since the biggest difficulty with verrucas is not removing the infected skin but the stuborness (removing 99% of the verruca and having it grow back).

Another method would be to use salicylic acid to remove 90% of it and then use an avoca pen (silver nitrate) which would cause a dark scab and is highly effected at removing infected verruca skin.

11th Jun 2009, 00:07

Enough! says:

Ok, so it was wishful thinking, my verrucas are still there! I don't understand why they are so difficult to get rid of? I have been cutting off the dead skin, applying lemon and tea tree oil and trying not to make them bleed, but these things are deep!
Finally I have my first freezing appointment in 2 weeks time so hopefully that will help, but in the mean time I am having one last go with the avoca pen.
THIS IS WAR!!!!!!!

12th Jun 2009, 16:09

Emily says:

Started with the vinegar treatment on the wart on my elbow the other day and has gone very well seens as basically th whole thing is covered in browny blacky dotss!

13th Jun 2009, 01:09

@_@ says:

Enough if I was you I would let it heal a bit, then attack it with the avoca pen and then cover it up for ages. If it is indeed very deep your body will finish it off aslong as you have removed majority of the verruca.

13th Jun 2009, 02:05

Enough! says:

@-@, sounds like a good plan, I will give it a go and report back!

13th Jun 2009, 17:24

In pain says:

Just another success to report on the Avoca front.

My 22 month year old daughter picked up a verucca from me I reckon. I went to the doctor to see if I could use the Avoca on her. The doctor prescribed the Avoca happily and I treated her with the pen for 6 nights after she'd gone to sleep. It was a relatively new verucca, obviously, but tonight, after the black 'scab' had hung around for at least 2 weeks, it finally fell off. To my delight the verucca was gone. No need for any vinegar. I am convinced this is the best treatment of the lot.

For those of you still suffering - give it a go!

13th Jun 2009, 21:15

@_@ says:

Ya the avoca pen is amazing for finishing off the verrucas (which is the pain problem with them; stuborness).

I think it had something to do with obviously killing the skin but also helping the body recognise the verruca. Dont know why I keep coming on here; got rid of all mine probbably last time I am gonna comment anyway GL all :D

15th Jun 2009, 05:29

SELon says:

stop peeking @_@...I know you are back on to look at responses


15th Jun 2009, 21:25

Alex says:

Hi guys!

I'm hoping somebody can help me...
i've had verrucas all over my right foot now for about 5 years.
I'm currently doing the vigegar + duct tape treatment and my verrucas have gone black.
What does this mean?

Also, when is it the best time to file the skin off around the verruca? Is it when you take the duct tape off in the morning and it's puffy and white, because it's painful when i do it then.
Or is is better to wait until the verruca has hardended again later on in the day?

Please help me!

Cheers :D

16th Jun 2009, 08:52

My Big Toe says:

Yesterday I went to the Chiropodist to see what could be done about the foreign object on my big toe. The nice lady told me I had a mosaic Verruca. She gave me several options of how I could try to get rid of it

1. Sell it (Who would buy such a thing I asked myself and what would Ebays policy be on Verrucas?)
2. Rub a piece of meat on it and bury it in the garden (I live in a flat, would a window box work just the same I wondered?)
3. Have it sliced off layer by layer

I am pleased to say I wasn’t charged for my appointment but my quest to remove this thing from my big toe has led me to this blog. Reading through every ones experiences I am a concerned that this is going to be a bigger challenge than I originally thought. I am swaying towards the duck tape and vinegar method as this seems to be the majorities preferred method of cure. My only concern is I am a hairdresser and on my feet pretty much all day, will the level of pain be so bad I cant put any pressure on my toe/foot?


16th Jun 2009, 12:47

Enough! says:

Alex - when I tried the vinegar and duct tape method the only black I could see was the usual black dots ( blood vessels) within the verruca, but if the whole thing has gone black then I don't really know what it could mean, but I'm sure it's perfectly normal when using this method of treatment ,as others have described similar results.
I did however find the same problem as you when removing the dead skin, as it also hurt. Because of this I waited until it had hardened slightly and then removed it with nail clippers instead of a file, as it was more effective, cleaner and didn't mess up the healthy skin around the verruca.

My Big Toe - Sounds like you visited a witch doctor not a chiropodist! Oh dear!!
Yes, I also found the vinegar and duct tape method very painful and couldn't walk properly for days, so if you're on your feet all day then it might be a good idea to try something else first.
Lots of people on this site have also found silver nitrate pens just as effective and it seems to hurt less. You can buy them at chemists, usually going under the name Avoca. If your verruca is fairly new and hasn't had time to establish itself then this might be all you need to see it off.
Further up the page on this site there are some good tips on how to use it, but it also comes with an instruction leaflet, so give it a go. If it doesn't work then try vinegar and duct tape, but just be prepared for the pain and perseverance, it could take some time to see results.
Good luck :)

16th Jun 2009, 17:01

getting there... says:

well, its been 7 weeks of treating mine so far, they still arent gone but they are nearing the end of their life, though im not suprised seeing as i have been standing on them for 10 years!!
i did however before the vinegar treatment have them all frozen, of which only 1 of 12 vanished, unfortunately 3 of mine, one on the ball of my foot and 2 on my big toe blistered badly and have left a rather large round raised and very ugly scar :( which despite filing down will not go, they are itchy and also sore when they are pressed.
has anyone else had this from freezing??
i am so upset as they are 3 times bigger definately uglier than the verruca than was there before!
i advise anyone who is thinking of freezing to make sure whoever applies it to use one of those funnel things, my nurse didnt and consequently my feet are a mess :( freezing is brutal, i will never use it again

16th Jun 2009, 18:18

Alex says:

Also, how long ahould I keep going with the vinegar + duct tape method?

17th Jun 2009, 10:38

Alex says:

Also, how long ahould I keep going with the vinegar + duct tape method?

17th Jun 2009, 10:38

My Bloody Verrucas says:

Hello everyone

I've been keeping up with this blog over the past few weeks, reading religiously as I dare to hope against all hope that the vinegar/duct tape combo will kill off these bloody verrucas once and for all!

I am into week 4 of the treatment. I've had mine for almost ten years (TEN YEARS!!) and even though they are not painful they are big, ugly brutes that seem to multiply year on year.

Anyway! The great news is that the two big ones...about the size of a 10p piece are slowly but surely diminishing in size. In fact the original one, which I thought would be the hardest to shift, is the one I think is well and truly on its way out.

my method;

1. Before I found this blog I had used duct tape (sans vinegar) for about 10 days. This had reduced the cauliflower appearance a bit but not much else
2. Week 1. Vinegar and duct tape every night before bed, then just duct tape during the day. Big puffy verrucas. Sliced off excess puffy horribleness with a corn knife (who would've imagined such a thing existed??)
3. Week 2. Verrucas going black and crusty in some places, white and puffy in others. Quite painful at times though never excrutiating. Also bought Avoca pen for the little 'uns. Despite being exceedingly careful at all times somehow managed to stain myself and clothes/sofa etc!
3. Week 3. Definate improvement in size of verrucas. No more pain. Filing down religeously and re-applying vinegar most night. More brown stains on fingers and clothes from avoca pen.
4. This week. Still with the programme but not much progress so far this week.

Reading this thread i realise that the key is to keep with it and not get lazy or stop the treatment. It's a real faff doing your feet every night but it will be worth it when they are finally gone!

I'll let you know how I get on and if I get rid of them completely.

17th Jun 2009, 18:26

Verrucas make me cry says:

I have 13 verrucas on the ball of my foot, had them for 4 years now! I'm thinking about trying the duct tape and vinegar method as nothing else for me has worked. Does anyone have any advice about it? xxx

17th Jun 2009, 21:01

SELon says:

I'm trying vinegar & duct tape (recommended on here) at night and salactol and duct tape (recommended by my doctor) during the day. Hopefully one will work!

I have a question though - I put the vinegar on a very small bit of cotton wool and then a square cm of duct tape on top and then microporus tape over the top to hold it in place.

However the duct tape never sits flat (because of the cotton wool under) and the vinegar oozes out. How to people keep it in? I assume the aim is to keep the vinegar in and an airtight seal with the tape - however the wet vinegar prevents the tape from sticking watertight....!

as for shaving it I usually wait a couple of days and after the day application (salactol) the duct tape usually is dry and I pick the scab off off the top - it comes away with lots of little white stems of skin attached...its not getting smaller so not sure if this is the best approach!

17th Jun 2009, 22:17



19th Jun 2009, 10:47

Enough! says:

So I took the advice from further up the page and applied the avoca for 6 days ( over the top of previous days application), then let it dry out for 3 days, should have been 6, but i'm too impatient, and to my suprise it seems to have taken loads of verruca away with it. I had no pain removing the dead skin, no pain whilst treating it with the avoca and think so far this is the best method I have tried.
I'm at the Dr's next week for my first freeze and now I'm disappointed to be having it because if I can get rid of it myself, with less pain, I'm all for that option! Oh well, maybe the progress I've made with them in the last week will help reduce the amount of freezes I'll need.
Here's to hoping!

20th Jun 2009, 12:06

seriously fed up says:

aaaargh! 3 weeks into the duct tape/vinegar combo, and my verrucas are still here. i'm not trying to say that it doesn't work, cause it does - a large quantitiy of my 30 or so verrucas have turned black, but my you need deteermination to keep doing this thing for 3 weeks now. however, i am determined, and i'm going to get rid of these buggers - even if it takes a year to make them go away with the duct tape an vinegar.
PLEASE just vanish will you verrucas!!!!

21st Jun 2009, 15:00

SELond says:

Giving up and vinegar and salactol - went out today and bought avoca. boy did it sting when I put it on!

question to avoca users...the little round patches they give you to put on before you apply has such a small hole in it - my verucca is more than the 5mm hole - do people bother with these patches or just paint straight on?

21st Jun 2009, 20:13

Enough! says:

SELond - The avoca pen I buy doesn't come with round patches, so I just apply it straight on. It is easy enough to keep to the areas you need and it dries relatively quickly. Even if it gets on the healthy skin surrounding the verruca it doesn't really matter and will eventually come off when you finish treatment.
Fingers crossed it will do the trick!

21st Jun 2009, 21:09

SELond says:

Thanks Enough - I think I will scrap the patches tonight and go freehand!

(Depending on what it looks like when I take the plaster off tonight after Day 1 !)

22nd Jun 2009, 12:37

Twiglet says:

My daughter has had a large verruca for years. In May I took her to our GP practice nurse who treated it with the freezy stuff. Then 3 times a week I painted Grapefruit seed exract on it. It was gone in less than 4 weeks. However, the four much smaller verrucas she has on the other foot have not responded at all.

Grapefruit seed extract (GSE) is an alternative remedy that comes as both liquid and capsule. I have never seen it in shops, a friend buys it for me with her own order on-line.

22nd Jun 2009, 12:46

Naya says:

Hi guys, I had several veruccas on both of my feet back in Feb. I tried the vinegar treatment and my veruccas disapeared within 3 weeks. I still have no veruccas! I tried lots of other things but nothing got rid of hem like the vinegar.

22nd Jun 2009, 20:45

Enough! says:

Arrrrrrgh! Off for my first freezing treatment tomorrow.
Is this going to hurt?
Hopefully it is the last time I will see my verrucas, but something tells me they are going to be like a baddy in a film....... they always come back no matter how many times you kill them!!!!!

23rd Jun 2009, 23:06

Enough! says:

OH MY GOD!!!!!!
Just had my freezing treatment and the pain is so intense.
First it felt like I had my hand in the freezer, but now it feels like I am being stabbed in the foot as well as a burning sensation.
I just hope this works otherwise amputation is my next step!!!!

24th Jun 2009, 16:04

SELond says:

Oh deal Enough! - I'm on day 3 of Avoca and it seems to be going well - I have a nice silver crust forming! Goodness knows what is going on underneath. I do hope it works by day 6 as I really don't want to try the freezeing now!

24th Jun 2009, 23:14

SeaMagpie says:

As seasoned readers to this blog will attest, I have been championing the Vinegar and Duct (duck) tape method and finishing off with the Avoca pen. This combination definitely cured my verrucas after many years of having them. But you HAVE to persevere.
Listen..... When you put the vinegar onto the cotton wool, don't soak it. Otherwise it will squeeze out when the tape is on or you put pressure on it by walking. The acid in the vinegar is what kills or maims the verruca and more doesn't increase the effectiveness. But what most certainly will increase effectiveness is to keep a vinegar pad on the verruca for 24 hours a day. No putting it on at night and leaving it off during the day!
If your verruca goes black, you are onto a winner as this means that your verruca is really getting clobbered. Mine did not go black at all, but showed black dots and this is why it took me about 12 weeks in the end to become completely cured.
Now I've said it before and I'll say it again, going to the Dr or Chiropodist is a wast of time in the first instance. The chiropodist will be pleased to take ££££s off you and probably knows that the chances of clearing your infection are very low indeed.
Don't bother with Bazuka, I have no idea why they have not been done under the trades description laws by now!
Freesing is painful, rarely successful and can cause skin damage and some have been charged a lot of money too.
I know from bitter experience how it feels to have a verruca. It is very embarassing, one feels in some cases dirty and it is very depressing. I don't think that the medical proffession take this part of medicine as seriously as they should do as it affects peoples lives. I am passionate about getting the message across to fellow sufferers that YOU CAN cure it yourself in the vast majority of cases. All it needs is a few weeks of dedication and persevereance and hardly any cost to your pocket.
Follow the Vinegar/Duck tape and then the Avoca Pen course as I have described earlier on in this blog and I'm sure you will succeed.

26th Jun 2009, 17:17

Enough! says:

Hmmmm! 3 days after my freeze and the pain is now just an ache, although it does look really black and swollen. Hopefully the blister will dry out, fall off and leave nice healthy skin underneath, but who knows ,I may be one of the unsuccessful ones Sea Magpie is referring to :-(
I agree that persistence is definitley the answer, but how long do you try something before you realise it isn't going to work?
I would say all of us on this site are pretty dedicated to getting rid of our verrucas and yet we still have them, so maybe it takes a little bit more!
I don't know about everyone else, but after 8 years I was willing to try anything and as long as I was doing something the possibility of wasting my time at the Dr's was the least of my worries.

27th Jun 2009, 17:14

SELon says:

A question to Avoca that I have finished my six applications - do I pick the scab off or just leave it??!!! If left, how will I know it has gone and is not starting to grow again underneath? thanks

28th Jun 2009, 15:41

SeaMagpie says:

Leave It.
It will eventually crack and start to come off bit by bit. Then, if you're lucky, you may be cured. if not, keep up the treatment.

29th Jun 2009, 00:42

SELon says:

Thanks SeaMagpie - although the curiosity is killing me!

The packet says apply no more than six times then consult a doctor.

29th Jun 2009, 21:23

Enough! says:

SELon, don't worry about it saying 6 times only, unless you are down to raw skin and then I would stop!
I've lost count how many times I've applied the avoca pen and my foot is ok......Well actually it isn't because the verruca is still there, but you get my drift!
The temptatation to peek is difficult to resist and being impatient I cracked under the pressure, but even then I was impressed by how much dead skin and verruca I could remove. Hold out and I'm sure it will be worth the wait.
At the moment I'm also trying to resist the temptation not to burst the blister I have on my foot from the freezing session, but something tells me it won't be long before I give in.

30th Jun 2009, 19:20

SELon says:

The edges are lifting....oh do I want to peak...grrr...resist....grr...

30th Jun 2009, 21:06

helpmyfoot says:

I first commented on this site on 1st April, i am still battling with a smallish mosaic one on the flat of my foot under the toes and a small one on my toe, they have considerably improved after using salycilic acid, although i have been quite lazy at times and not stuck to the treatment method religiously. Perhaps if i had they would be gone now.

anyway, i moved to italy and the pharmacy here doesnt sell the treatment i got in the UK and so i got their alternative, its called Verucid and is a combination of salycilic acid, lactic acid and turpentine! it seems to be working alot better than the scholl treatment and i can see all the small black dots after a couple of weeks of using it, hopefully not long to go.

im not sure if you can get a similiar treatment to this in the UK but i would recommend it as chunks of skin come away after an application.

Regards and good luck

2nd Jul 2009, 23:14

[; says:

i have verrucas all over my left foot its really embarassing :( i cant go to my friends without wearing socks, and i feel like i cant show my feet to anybody its awful! i really want rid of them before summer so i can wear flipflops and go swimming, im tryin bazuka at the minute but it isnt doing anything so im goin to try the garlic thing? and if that fails then the banana thing :) x

9th Jul 2009, 16:29

SELon says:

can confim the avoca has not worked ;-(

it does however seem to have reduced the size, but there is no sign of black dead skin - just a smaller area of verucca type dots and raised skin.

so back to day 1 of 6 again with the avoca pen!

11th Jul 2009, 00:44

ellls says:

Hi All,
Im a long time sufferer of a massive verruca on the ball of my foot. Plaqued me for 5 yrs. Ive tried bazucca though never had success. I then tried laser treatment - had little effect, very painful and emptied my purse.

It was starting to cause me a lot of pain and i think it has spread to another place so i decided im going to try every thing to hit. it.

I decided on cider vinegar treatment. except i have read that soaking them in HOT water twice a week is another cure plus garlic and tea trea oil are other cures. I combined all in desperation. I filed it down till it bled. I then put it in a bowl of HOT water with apple cider, chopped garlic and tea tree oil. held it in till water was cool and foot was soggy. Then for three days I repeated this morning and evening: soak it in a mix of vinegar, tea tree oil, garlic and hot water (make sure the water is hot as you can handle) . filed it down (try not to make it bleed as hurts in vinegar but get it low) and put cotton wool soaked in apple cider vinegar on my foot taped it on left till morning.

For three days I repeted soak in morning and evening and re-appy vinegar and tape after.

I literally could not walk for three days. I woke up in the night with awful pain. My whole foot hurt not just the verruca be warned. luckily i did it when i had no plans and three clear days. Do not try the vinegar treatment when you need to go anywhere!

My varruca has now stopped hurting as much when i put it in vinegar, it is also black totally, you can see how big it actually is compared to what you thought and im hoping will drop off. Seeeing as i have to go back to work i will keep bazuccaing it till it drops. I just thought id let you know my experience and hopefully you will get to yours too one day!

12th Jul 2009, 18:38

Marcela(mmcboyle-at-aol-dot-com) says:

I have been using the vinigar and plaster every night and must confirm it really works. At night I applied the vinegar, morning I put clear nail polish to stop from spreading. I kept doing this for 1 week and as you keep appluing the nail polish on it bulds up a hard layer, which can be pealed of together with verruca. Week 4 gone and I'm still at it. Three of my 6 verrucas are gone. On places where verruca has actually dissapeared I still apply the vinegar and nail polish. I even bough myself a magnifying glass to see if those black devils are still there. I will keep going for another 3 to 4 weeks, but I can see a great imrovement. Good luck everyone. And if you want to visit U TUBE, type in either ACV or verruca, there is a video clip of a girl removing a verruca from her finger using Apple Cider Vinegar and clear nail polish. It really does work. x

12th Jul 2009, 23:24

Mars says:

TRY THIS IHAVE AND IT WORKS.........................I have been using the vinigar and plaster every night and must confirm it really works. At night I applied the vinegar, morning I put clear nail polish to stop from spreading. I kept doing this for 1 week and as you keep appluing the nail polish on it bulds up a hard layer, which can be pealed of together with verruca. Week 4 gone and I'm still at it. Three of my 6 verrucas are gone. On places where verruca has actually dissapeared I still apply the vinegar and nail polish. I even bough myself a magnifying glass to see if those black devils are still there. I will keep going for another 3 to 4 weeks, but I can see a great imrovement. Good luck everyone. And if you want to visit U TUBE, type in either ACV or verruca, there is a video clip of a girl removing a verruca from her finger using Apple Cider Vinegar and clear nail polish. It really does work. x

12th Jul 2009, 23:26

ihatemornings says:

Ive been doing the vinegar treatment for over two months now (One month solidly, one month off and on) and although everything has gone white and puffy, it doesnt seem to be doing much else apart from hurting like hell!! Some seem to have a grey tint to them but i have had none of the black and falling off which other people have reported. Please help!!!

17th Jul 2009, 08:42

leah(glitterbabe_81-at-hotmail-dot-com) says:

how long did it take the blister to go, i had mine done of monday afternoon, its now friday morning and it still hurts to walk , i am worried as im going to london next thursday and friday and will be constatntly walking around

please email me!

17th Jul 2009, 11:48

Enough! says:

leah - Did you have your verrucas frozen?
It took 2 weeks before the blister formed a hard scab and I was able to walk without pain, but I suppose it depends on how quick you heal.
I had both my feet treated and they each reacted differently. My left foot was fine after a week.

The down side is I have to repeat the whole process again, which means another two weeks of pain!

Hope this helps

17th Jul 2009, 13:34

Enough! says:

ihatemornings - It sounds a lot like when I tried the Vinegar method, lots of pain for no result. If I was you I would give up and try something else, as what works for one might not work for another.
Why not get them frozen?

17th Jul 2009, 13:41

ihatemornings says:

Enough! I had them frozen before and nothing happened! Ive tried avoca as well after only doing vinegar treatment for a week or so so i might try it again after giving them a few more weeks with the vinegar. Avoca worked well and did distroy alot of the verruca but i think it might just need another dose of that to finish them off! I hope so anyway!!!

17th Jul 2009, 16:09

Mars says:

LOOK ON YOU TUBE AND TYPE IN APPLE CIDER VINEGAR !!!! There is a video clip of a girl in stripie T-shirt doing the Vinegar thing. TRY IT I DID AND IT WORKS. !!!! :)

18th Jul 2009, 10:16

Anonymous! says:

Im going on holiday witeh my sister but im going in the pool, im scared she will find out i have a veruca i have read all these remedies and i haavent tried eni, i have one rather small one but am scared it will hurt, im 13 and worried Help !!!! ASAP !!!
Im going away WEDNESDAY !

20th Jul 2009, 14:15

mars says:

Anonymous........Don't do anything with it. Deal with it when you are back from holiday. If you only have a small one, it's likely noone is going to notice. Don't worry. Once you start tamper with it you have to carry on. So leave it....... If you want to seal it to protect from spreading, apply clear nail polish on it.............Have a nice holiday !!!!

20th Jul 2009, 21:55

James says:


Thankyou thankyou thankyou!

Ive had a huge mosaic on the heel of my foot for about 10 years.

I did a year of salicylic acid. with 50 quid trips to the chiropodist. Worked to start with, then seemed to stop having any effect.

So I found this site.
I started off with malt brown vinegar (Sarsons!). This seemed to be having an effect, then I switched to Cider vinegar. I read up on it it seems Malt is acidic, and Cider is alkali? Anyway not much happened for a while, and the verrucs started coming back! Eventually I fought through the pain and kept going. Every week or 2 weeks I would get a new stanley knife blade and carefully slice off the hard skin.

2 months later and I have no verrucae left at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

23rd Jul 2009, 12:30

Shande says:

I would just like to say, found this site in June, and literally must have had bot 30 verrucas on one foot, tried the vinegar thing, for first month i put it on twice for 7 hours in a day (so thats 14 hours out of a 24 hour day) and then this month only every four daysish for a top up. literally nothing before this worked, but after the first month the verrucas started going by themselves!! they were all black and just needed a few helpful nudges with extra treatments of vinegar every 4 days to fall off. never thought id be confident like i am now to finally not have them!! had them since i was about 9 and now im 20!!! really really does work, would advise ne1 to give it a go. but would have to warn, yes for the first 3 weeks it bloody hurts, but after that its ok. Stick with it if you want them to go! and thank you so much everyone on this site!!! :):)

27th Jul 2009, 21:45

Danielle says:

hiya i used the avoca nitrate pen on my hand for my wart, however i seemed to wipe the nip of the pen all over my hands now there litteraly black dus any1 know how to get it off, ive used nail varnish remover scrubs and bleach but it wnt buge helppp :(

27th Jul 2009, 23:09 says:

after reading the remadies i decided to give one a try as i have about 100 verruca's on my one foot and 2 on the other. i have brought vinegar, duct tape and cotton wool to do the vinegar remady, does it matter what sort of vinegar it is, as i have got distillated malt vinegar and it a clear white liquid, will that still work aswell as other vinegars?

29th Jul 2009, 00:55

fed up says:

Have been tracking this blog for a while. We've been using banana and tea tree but its really hard to know when you've finally got rid of them completely.

We've found this site which is intresting

31st Jul 2009, 12:06

Enough! says:

Danielle, I'm afraid you have to wait until it wears off! I always wore gloves when using this stuff and made sure my clothing was protected, but i'm sure you know that now!!!!, it shouldn't matter what vinegar you use, but persistence is the key. I have to admit i tried the same vinegar as you and serveral others for a long time, but had no luck, however lots of other people on this site have, so I guess it's different for everyone.

fed up, when you think you have got rid of the verrucas it is best to keep on treating them for a while, just to make sure. All it takes is one remaining bit of the virus to start the verruca/wart growing again.

Good luck everyone.

31st Jul 2009, 13:15

SELon says:

second treatment of avoca nitrate and the scab has finally peeled of to reveal...the veruca is still ther ;-(

I have now run out of ideas - done Bazuka, Salictate, duct tape, Vineagar, garlic, silver nitrate...

I think I'll have a days break and ponder my next course of action!

2nd Aug 2009, 17:06

verrucajoe says:

shock horror my 7 year verruca is no more and this thing was a beast! have been going to the chiropodist every few weeks and have been getting it frozen then 50% acid on it. HAve combined this with some avoca here and there, occlusal, duct tape and verrogon kit (think thats how you spell it) which is 50% salysilic with pads and plasters)

3rd Aug 2009, 13:54

RED says:

Hi, after having one verruca left after 8 years I decided to try the vinegar and duct tape method with scalpel. I tried it mabe for 4 days until a member of my family (a nurse) said she said it looked like it had pus on it and should stop. I went to the nurse and she said I needn't have stopped as it was fine, and in fact it was good there was no hard skin anymore. I went back to the method 2 days ago and I cut it by mistake. As I have previous painful experience of why it's not a good idea to then place vinegar on it I just put the duct tape on. However when I took it off that night the whole verruca was red. I stupidly thought it was just red new skin, and it was gone so put a plaster on it. Now I realise it must be still there as it didn't get smaller, nor black.

Basically does anyone know why a verruca goes red?? And what to do about it?

3rd Aug 2009, 22:36

down in the dumps says:

i got my first verruca in yr 4. im now in yr 11 and i just feel the odd one out, its horrible.
I cant swim, i cant wear flipflops, and people just think im weird for wearing boots in the summer.
I tried banana but quit too early and im back to square one.
Ive got around 30-35 though ive given up counting because its too depressing. The banana did kill quite alot but obviously not many.
Im now onto vinegar. Applying each morning covering with tape, scraping when i can bear it every so often.
my verrucas havn't gone black though, which is worrying me.
Some have gone slightly darker, but nothing big. Im scared there will be no cure for me, and i cant bare the thought of them spreading even more.
Please if anyone has any quick suggestions/help for me i will be so so SO greatful.

my site is this

for anyone who wants to look at these horrible photo's.

i honnestly, well and truly feel eew.

4th Aug 2009, 14:14

Enough! says:

Wow down in the dumps! no wonder you feel depressed. I've had a look at your photos and although they look really bad to start with, by the end you look to have done quite a good job. The best way to find out if your heel is verruca free is to check for your finger print/footprint pattern. If this is starting to return on the newer redder skin then the treatment has worked.
Have you ever visited the Dr with this problem. I know lots of people like to treat themselves due to embarrassment and being sceptical, but I have had one freezing treatment for my verrucas of 8 years and there is a big improvement. It can be quite a painful option, but by the looks of your feet it can't really get any worse.
Unfortunately there are no quick fixes for verrucas as they are notoriously difficult to get rid of, but keep at it and I'm sure they will eventually go.
I hope you have some luck and your feet get better soon. :-)

5th Aug 2009, 14:22

annoying! says:

go to a chiropodists!!!!!!!!
i got mine frozen and most have gone!!! a few are too small to be frozen but gona keep goin back until he agrees!!!!!!

5th Aug 2009, 16:57

down in the dumps says:

enough- yep ive been to the docs on two occasions with my mum. Both as much use as a chocolate fireguard!
The verrucas were too well established.

Im using vinegar as the verrucas came back because they hadn't quite gone.
Certain verrucas are extremely painful so i hope this is all worth it.
Have avoca pens on order.
Lets hope this gives the nasty things a run for their money.


6th Aug 2009, 11:26

Ihatemornings says:

I was having the same problem down in the dump. The vinegar looked like it wasnt really doing anything but I carried on for over a two months using it on and off. I then started to scrape away any dead skin with a razor blade and applied occulusal (I think thats how its spelt!) for about a week which has made a bit improvement!! Lots of pink skin is starting to come through and they deff do not feel as deep or as painful now. Im now going to change to verrugon for a week or so. I think changing treatments frequently is helping to get rid of mine!!! After that I have a avoca pen ready to finish of any last bits! Im really hoping this is them gone!!!!

7th Aug 2009, 10:02

down in the dumps says:

today i am feeling slightly more positive.
the verrucas had formed this white/yellow kind of base.. when you touched it it was as solid as a rock, so decided to use a razor blade and scrape, had quite a good effect actually. Over the really painful parts of my foot(i cant walk properly!) i was gentle.
On t he top of my foot the verruca top actually came off, so for the first time i used the avoca pen.
On my other foot my toe had swollen. I think this was the tape. So i thought long and hard and decided to scrape on verruca and the most painful one, used vinegar and gentle taped it. My toe was in alot of pain though.
I used vinegar for the others again, but even so this is a tiny step forward, i maneged to touch the verrucas and they have been SO painful, its almost releived a bit of pressure of them.
Im now thinking of the next step forward. Hmm...

i hope this works.

7th Aug 2009, 15:11

Optimistic says:

After using the vinegar/duct tape method for a week my verruca has gone black (so happy!). I was wondering what to do now. Do I continue with the current method? If so til when? Or do I use that Avoca pen that people say has been useful?

8th Aug 2009, 00:15

Euphro says:

Boy, this post has legs, or, should I say, feet :D

8th Aug 2009, 00:17

Enough! says:

Optimistic - I would keep doing the vinegar for a bit longer just to make sure you're not being fooled by the little buggers and then when you think you have them on the run, go in for the kill with the avoca.
If your verruca has gone black it might be a good idea to see what is going on underneath. Use nail clippers to remove the dead skin and then reapply the vinegar. I suppose it's trial and error, but good luck fighting it!

8th Aug 2009, 20:22

mogami says:

Have had v. large verucca on foot for over 5 years. tried EVERYTHING from Bazuka to banana skin. Just had 2 sessions of pulse-dye laser treatment on NHS at hospital - and consultant has discharge me - because it's not working"!! The pain was excruciating - and each time i couldn't walk for 3 days. HELP!!! I'll try ANYTHING! Should I try the vinegar (already tried duct tape) or the avaoca - or both??? Verucca is on the ball of my foot - and is SO painfull.
I feel so sorry for everyone who has added to this site! Please help!

8th Aug 2009, 20:36

Optimistic says:

Thanks Enough! I'll do that. I'm starting to get used to the throbbing pain in my foot anyway, a few more days of the vinegar to make sure will be worth it!

8th Aug 2009, 21:56

SELon says:

Still on the vinegar at night and nail varnish during day to stop it breathing.

everyone says vinegar hurts - I can't feel a thing! all very odd

9th Aug 2009, 22:35

ellls says:

just to report back - my varruca has gone through the cider vinegar and tape treatment. took about a month in whole. Im so pleased thanks for your help!!

10th Aug 2009, 22:25

limp on says:

Find that applying nail varnish to skin surrounding verrruca 20 mins before doing overninght vinegar +tape reduces the pain and allows a bigger/more saturated piece of cotton wool to be used than I'd otherwise be able to bear. Haven't got time to mess with nail varnish in mornings so no longer do vinegar during the day.

13th Aug 2009, 17:03

unbearable says:

Lord oh Lord! Thank goodness I found this page - I've just ditched my Chiropodist after almost 3 years. I'm at my wits end and almost £1300 lighter in my bank!! They sure know how to charge. I've got a mosaic on my heal as well as under my big toe. Granted, they are much better than they were 3 years ago but I now feel the Salicylic Acid treatment (50% strength) is getting beyond a joke as well as being seriously painful. I consider myself to have a high pain threshold but my Verruca's have reduced me to a sobbing wreck on several occasions!

Just about to start day one of the vinegar and duct tape method - here's to hoping & I'll update on my progress soon.

Good luck to all the long term sufferers out there.

15th Aug 2009, 02:06

Optomistic says:

Welcome unbearable! I found this blog helpful too, not just as a source of guidance, but also as a reminder that you're not alone out there! Oh and just to warn you the vinegar will hurt quite a lot too, but it means it's helping-well for me at least!

I've now significantly reduced the size of my verruca. I was wondering when it came to applying the Avoca (or cotton wool for that matter), do you cover the blacky/brown middle bit only, or do you cover the surrounding white raised skin aswell?


15th Aug 2009, 11:20

fed up says:

Well I feel a bit more optamistic now. We are in week 3 of vinegaring and tape. We have filed down the craters and we are left with white patches which are slowly going black in the middle.
We decided it might be time to start with the avoca pen.
Can someone tell us how you know the avoca pen is working as you can't see the verruca as it all goes black?

15th Aug 2009, 11:31

SLE says:

You can't really tell if the Avoca pen is working at the time. IF it has worked about 2 weeks after you have finished treatment the verruca scab will come away and nice new skin will come back. There will still be some black on the surrounding skin but this will come away with time.

16th Aug 2009, 18:22

unbearable says:

Day three of the vinegar & duct tape treatment and all seems well. I'm actually very surprised at the lack of pain... I expected it too be far worse - perhaps it's the calm before the storm.

17th Aug 2009, 01:23

help my foot says:

My last post was on 2 Jul, and i can confirm my verrucas have GONE!!!!

i used a treatment called verucid after id been trying for almost a year with the scholl treatments.

i did have some problems though as it turns out i used too must of the verucid and my foot where the verrucas were seemed to have burnt a large patch of skin off and was red raw wish fresh skins and was all watery and gooey, i went to the doctors and he gave me some antibiotic cream and wihin a week i was all better.....minus the verrucas

i wont recommend over using the product as it seems i did but i must stress that perseverance is the key to getting rid of them, dont lose hope guys!

good luck

19th Aug 2009, 15:12

meme says:

Okay, did the ACV on my toe and on the 2nd day got to the little black dots out and can see a big black spot under that. The skin around is all white and my foot felt like it was going to throb off so i went to the acid. My question is now that the little black spots (i guess it looked more like pencil lead) are gone is that the end of it or do i need to get the big black stuff under out as well. Thank you so much! This blog has made me work extra hard in getting rid of this thing i've had for 2 years!

21st Aug 2009, 01:00

Helen! says:

soak cotton wool in vinegar, put vaseline on your foot around your verrucas to prevent damaging your foot, then duct tape the cotton wool on to your foot.

21st Aug 2009, 23:20

swamprose says:

this post has legs for sure.

22nd Aug 2009, 03:26

meme says:

Thanks Helen but my toes can't handle the ACV or duct tape right now due to them both being so raw. I think it's just because my plantars warts are in between my 2nd and 3rd toes right where they touch so when the vinegar made them swell up it irritated the area in between my toes from all the stretching in opposite ways. Yea just a heads up to anyone that has 2 on toes that touch, it’s a very very VERY bad idea to treat them at the same time. Heck it looked like I had an extra toe for a little while! Anyway, with them being swollen along side of the constant friction it’s just agonizing because it just rubs the vinegar into the area every time I move let alone walk! I'm going to keep up with the acid gel and see how it goes. The ACV did a great job getting down to the actual wart though.

22nd Aug 2009, 06:00

meme says:

At the moment every time I think about vinegar on my toes I want to start punching babies! Dear God that hurts to no end. I'd rather go through labor again. At least you know at some time it will end!

22nd Aug 2009, 06:02

man defeats verruca says:

After 8 months my verruca is finally gone.

Here's what I tried.

Bazoka - no joy.

Freezing with liquid nitrogen - no effect whatsoever.

Vinegar and ductape - 2 months of solid treatment. Masses of dead skin and excruciating pain. I think it did help but in the end the routine was so time consuming that I switched to Scholl's verruca removal system. You place a little disc (impragnated with 40% salycillic acid) onto the veruuca then place a sticky spongy duct-tape like pad on top of that. You replace the pads every couple of days but when doing so you must cut away dead skin before applying the next disc & pad combo.

If anything really made the difference then I think it was working out the importance of removing the dead skin in an effective manner. I found that corn planes, corn knifes, sand paper, pumis stone ect ect were all ineffective. What I found useful was the small razor blades you get when you buy a corn plane. These are usless when actually used with the corn plane itself but take the blades in isolation and you get a good tool for cutting deeply into the dead skin. This helps to expose to core of the verruca and I think that is a factor in how effective new applications salycillic acid can be. All the acid does (and I suspect this is true for bazoka (same active ingrediant) and vinegar based treatments) is to soften the skin hopefully the verruca itself. Obviously, if it's just re-softening skin that is already dead then you are not going to get much progress. Before any skin removal, I found 20min soak in very hot water made the removal process a lot easier.

I had to be very agressive with the razor blade and often drew blood until I learned the optiomal trajectory for the razor blade. Once I had figured this out, I then went as close as possible to the 'bleed zone' then finished of the last millimeter or so with sand paper.

Having said all that I can't really be confident that my interventions were genuinely effective. If I get another verruca I would try them again but you cannot rule out the possibility that my immune system finally overcame the verruca and that my tratment was incidental. This applies to all the treatments mentioned on this site. Treatment can only really be consdiered effective if it is faster than the 'do nothing' option or the 'sham tratment' (aka placebo) option.

Sadly, the high quality research that is needed to disentagnle these scenarios is just not out there. It means we are reduced to this kind of highly anecdotal self-help stuff.

I really never thought my verruca would ever go. It was so painfull and was really starting to depress me. Having people ask why I was walking with a limp (for months!) was embarrasing to say the least.

All I can say is that I wish you all the best of luck. I think the most important thing is persistence - stick at one treatment (and follow the routine religiously) for at least two months before swapping to something else and perhaps try my skin removing regime.

Death to the verrucas!

22nd Aug 2009, 09:23

Chan(angel-hearts-at-hotmail-dot-com) says:

Guys .. how do u cut of the hard bit ?? Um too scared to do tht .. I have a verruca just above my heel and its really hurting me alot ..
I wana try wartner? as my verruca is not that large in size .. although very painful due to its position ...

Shud i go for wartner?
Or vinegar?

What should i do ? GOD HELP ME PELASE

22nd Aug 2009, 22:12

meme says:

Go for the vinegar and then once it's open go for the wartner if the vinegar hurts to much. The vinegar is very fast in removing the top portion of the skin to get to the wart while the wartner will take weeks. Once the wart is open though you can go for the over the counter meds and they are much more effective because the vinegar has removed the extra skin around it already so the product can get to it.

23rd Aug 2009, 01:15

meme says:

After 6 days total... 4 days with ACV then 2 days with acid my 1st wart is gone! I'm still working on the other but wow! To the person who started this post let me just say, I would gladly drink your bath water so send your address. I'm on my way over lol Anyway, I've had the 2 warts for over 2.5 years and tried to get rid of them time and time again only to have it pop up more on that toe and move on in to the other. I just wish I would have found this site years ago because I wouldn't be dealing with this 2nd one at all. Thank you so much! I owe you my (almost) pretty feet!

23rd Aug 2009, 05:08

man defeats verruca says:


That's exactly where my verruca was. I'm convinced this location (just above the heel) makes it particularly painful when walking. Also mine was pretty small to look. What are you using to treat it at present?

You need to kill off the skin around the verruca then remove it religiously before applying more treatment. See my advice in an earlier post (22nd Aug 2009, 09:23) and let me know if you don't have any joy.

26th Aug 2009, 11:54

Viv says:

:) as Euphro said some time ago this post goes on and on and on - how many comments I wonder?

26th Aug 2009, 12:06

MOGAMI says:

Started the ACV treatment 2 weeks ago (see previous entry - 8/8/09) and verruca is definitely showing signs of going ...... have recorded progress with photographic evidence - which I will be delighted to send on to hospital consultant if the verruca goes completely.ACV versus this space!

27th Aug 2009, 20:27

kayley says:

hey, had a verruca for about 4 years now, just started year 8 and we do dance and pe lessons bare foot three times a week. ive just started the vinegar and duct tape method ( couldnt actually find any duct tape so using normal plaster) really hope it works as i have, like most people, tried EVERYTHING. i'll report back in a few days on the progress of it !!!!

TOP TIP : never give up , they will go with percistance!!!!!!

31st Aug 2009, 21:35

I hate my feet says:

It is such a relief to know that I am not alone! When I found this blog I read it from start to finish. I have been treating four verrucas with salycilic acid (50%) for just over five weeks now. I think they are shrinking (extremely slowly) but I have been in agony the last fortnight. Does this mean they're dying?? Or should I switch treatments? Thank you for your help...

2nd Sep 2009, 20:36

Optomistic says:

I was wondering if anyone knew what chemists in the UK stock Avoca? I live in Scptland specifically, and I know 'Alliance'/Boots don't stock it anyway.

And I hate My Feet, from other peoples comments it does seem like pain is linked with the verrucas dying. Saying that mine are huting alot and nothing seems to be happening. oh well!

5th Sep 2009, 11:26

Unbearable says:

I have to say that I have no idea if the vinegar treatment is working or not??? Both Verrucas look like enlarged cauliflowers, and I've had mild to medium pain. I can't honestly say that they look any better than they did, but it's still early days I guess. I have to confess I went on hol for a week but didn't carry the treatment on (just wanted a pain free week to relax).

Oh, I've found a fantastic alternative to a corn knife. I bought a 'breakable blade'
trimming knife from Wicks. It does a fantastic job. Once you've trimmed your verruca, all you do is snap off the blade and a new one's ready for the next time (no reintroduction of contamination) - brilliant!

6th Sep 2009, 15:10

I hate my feet says:

Thanks for the encouragement Optomistic.. Limping got so bad that I feel down the stairs at the weekend, so I've temporarily resorted to just duck tape until I can bear treating them again. II hope they're not getting worse. haven't seen Avoca in Ireland either, but I think an earlier post provided a link to where you can buy it online. Oh, and in my experience home freezing treatments have had no effect on my feet, but it did get rid of a wart on my finger in one treatment:)

7th Sep 2009, 21:49

mars says:

Wooohooooo.......All 5 gone now. Happy me, happy feet!!!!! Thanks to ACV, clear nail polish and plasters..............and of course u tube video clip........FANTASTIC....I can even rest my feet up around all.......:)))))))))

7th Sep 2009, 22:22

SLE says:

look up verrucas and avoca on a google search and several pharmacies will come up and you can order on line. Got some from Payden's very quickly. I would buy two though as they are v fragile and break easily after a couple of applications and having to break to order more probably not a good idea. It is ever so cheap so don't worry about cost.

8th Sep 2009, 16:12

Optomistic says:

I hate my feet, I have also had no luck with doctor or home freezing. With regard to the current treatment, are you scraping the top everyday? That's when my feet were too painful to walk on. Although I have been on the vinegar treatment for 5 weeks and it seems to have stopped doing anything so maybe I should go back to it, and try withstand the pain!

SLE, thanks very much for the advice. I was trying to avoid the delievery costs but like you said it was cheap anyway. So I have 2 on the way!

I was wondering how long other people carried on with the vinegar treatment before resorting to Avoca? I've been at it 5 weeks, and seems to now stay at a squished pea size and if you scrape the white top bit off it's just red underneath.

10th Sep 2009, 10:08

mars says:

To Optimistic..........I did mine for 7 weeks...... When I sraped the top off and underneath red skin appeared I rarried on with the vinegar regardless every night and every morning I put clear nail polish on. When you apply leyers of nail polish every morning for about 4 to 5 days it will form into hard layer and you can actually use a needle to prick and lift it. Once you remove it keep doing the vinegar even though you think that verruca has gone, until you see a brand new skin growing. Carry on for another week or so and you'll be pleased with the results....Good luck

11th Sep 2009, 21:10

Optomistic says:

Thanks Mars, I was just about to give up but I'll carry on a while longer. It's made all the more difficult because I'm off on holiday for 3 weeks in a week!

I am a little confused about part of your method, as you said you scraped off the skin, but also left it on for 4 or 5 days before taking the varnish off? Were you meaning that you used to scrape it off before the varnish method?

Also, I have the problem that if I scrape of the top and apply the vinegar at night I can't sleep. It can actually get to the point I have to sit up with throbbing pain. Does the varnish act as a barrier to this?

Thanks for your help!

14th Sep 2009, 19:49

SELon says:

Optomistic - I got mine in Boots Lakeside so you can probably order it in if you need more.

Anyway I am glad to report that my one has gone. I tried all of the above and in the end it was the cider vinegar with cottonwool (and vasiline around) during the night and clear nail varnish during the day.

Mind you I have tried all of the suggestions in the above postnigs so who knows maybe it was the Avocca that weakened it and the vinegar was the last straw for it!

I some ways I will miss it - how will I fill my evenings now!

Good luck folks

14th Sep 2009, 22:30

I hate my feet says:

Optomistic - I emphasize with the throbbing pain... I found a couple of days break did help, and also walking everywhere in walking boots! I do try to remove skin before reapplying treatment..two have now turned white? Is this good, I don't know?! I'm still treating them, other people's testimonials are very motivating... Enjoy your holiday!

15th Sep 2009, 23:26

Optomistic says:

Thanks for letting us know SELon, gives the rest of us hope!

I hate my feet. Yeah I think I'll try scraping in the night time, but waiting til the morning until putting the vinegar on. Means I can sleep at night!

18th Sep 2009, 18:02

mogami says:

Still keeping up with the ACV every night. Not using the nail polish during the day as I thought that would be conflicting - as the ACV softens the skin & the nail polish hardens it? Have managed to peel off several layers of skin over the verucca - and it does seem to be improving - but still lots of brown bits underneath. Now on week 5 - and won't give up till it goes!!!!!

18th Sep 2009, 19:48

Kymmi(chocolate_desire90-at-hotmail-dot-com) says:

I love the way Drs n Choropodists say oh they will go on their own!! Grrr!
I've had mine for about 4 years...I've started the duck tape treatment and its now revealed to me how many I actually had!!! Turns out I have lots and lots of tiny ones surrrounding my one BIG one...I want to try the vinegar method but I'm afraid of the pain :( Has anyone done the vinegar method and NOT suffered with pain?? Also does anyone think if I was to just soak my foot in warm water with vinegar in it once a week, that I might be spared the pain???

All the information has really helped so hopefully it'll give me a confidence boost in beating the buggers!! Does anyone think maybe taking immune boosting vitimins might help too????

21st Sep 2009, 13:45

SLE says:

You could try taking Thuja tablets. No idea if they actually work or not, but they are relatively inexpensive small and tasteless and you never know they may just help. Unfortunately there is no actual proof of effectiveness, but they won't hurt you. Gave them to my 5 year old daughter when she had some. We did get rid of hers in the end with Avoca and nail varnish.

23rd Sep 2009, 18:42

Anonymous says:

having this verruca thing and HPV virus is so depressing..

27th Sep 2009, 03:40

SLW says:

I know how you feel anonymous, I have had verrucas twice in my life and with trying different things have got rid of them, but was distraught when my 5 year old got one. We got rid of hers as well after constantly trying different things, You just have to keep at it. Once they have gone, don't ever go into swimming pools or gym areas with bare feet, keep them covered and wear flop flops everywhere!

27th Sep 2009, 14:27

Anonymous says:

Oh no!!! Thought I'd cracked it & got rid of the awful thing - but when the skin healed over ........some black spots were still there!!!!! Noo!!!!!! I've now resigned myself to the fact that I'll have to start again every night with the ACV & tape - It's now nearly 7 weeks of this treatment - how long can a lady go on smelling like a bag of chips!!!! Yikes!!!
Hopefully .... nearly there!

2nd Oct 2009, 20:36

mars says:

To Anonymous.....................Do your ACV at night before you go to bed. in the morning apply clear nail polish on it. This way you won't stink like a bag of chips....Keep going for another couple of weeks even when you can't see anything underneath........ Keep doing ACV at night, clear nail polish in morning and after few days you can prick/peel of the layer of nail polish and keep checking the new skin underneath....carry on carry on carry on.........Mine only took 6 weeks, but it can take up to 10 weeks. Good luck!

2nd Oct 2009, 20:42

anonymous/mogami says:

IT'S GONE!!!!!
I can't begin to say how grateful I am to have come across this website. After 5 1/2 years of misery with a huge, painful verrucca on the ball of my foot - it has finally gone! I've had every treatment under sun - from bazooka gel, cryotherapy & banana skin - to pulsed - dye laser treatment at the hospital. The hospital discharged me after 2 excrutiating treatments - as it wasn't working. My 87pence bottle of Apple Cider Vinegar & duct tape did what nothing else came near to doing- and I can't say how delighted I am.
To all fellow sufferers out there - DONT GIVE UP! Persevere every night with the ACV (it took me 8 weeks in total - but what's that after 5 years!) and you will beat it!!
Good luck everyone - and thanks for this life-saving help!

11th Oct 2009, 21:58

bethmadethis says:

Aw ace, I'm glad you found a cure!

12th Oct 2009, 00:07

I hate my feet says:

Good work Mogami! I am very happy for you! I'm still treating the damn things (10 weeks), but this blog helps me persevere...

13th Oct 2009, 22:39

Harry says:

Just found this. Had some big veruccas on the ball of my foot for about 6 years now. I did have one on my other foot but that has gone! I'm gonna try this vinegar and tape method. Just wondering is it just normal vinegar you put on chips or is it something else? Thanks, good luck everybody

14th Oct 2009, 22:40

USB2.0 says:

just took picture of my feet and retouched it in photoshop -:) just took them out with the healing brush and patch tool .. sounds mad but hey - we all are .. well dunno if that works but i hope somehow it will - my latest placebo haha

17th Oct 2009, 22:24

hobble says:

Update from way back - the podopyllum and linseed was agony to use, and I had to take it off after 2 days. Then switched to pyrogallic acid, which is a good old-fashioned remedy. It took several applications, spaced out over months, but it didn't hurt and finally got rid of the little so-and-sos.

20th Oct 2009, 13:21

Jo says:

Wow! I'm not alone! Fed up of people saying oh you just buy such&such; at the pharmacy and get rid of it in 12 weeks.Usually avoid talking about them now! had 1st treatment of bleomycin injection at NHS hosp yest, so stuck indoors today on painkillers trying not to walk too much. I'll let you know how it goes - the consultant told me it was five years ago when he last tried this - okay so I already know I'm odd!

I have a cluster on the side of the heel on 1 foot and a cluster on the ball of the other foot. Had them over 10 years, can't remember what life was like before them!

Have tried salycylic acid, ignoring them, garlic oil (too smelly!), glutarol, duck tape by itself, tea tree oil, cryosurgery, cantherone, more salycylic acid at 60% strength (agony sometimes and started to get allergic reaction all over ie itchy arms etc). The vinegar treatment and the avoca sound interesting, good to know there's another option if this doesn't work!

3rd Nov 2009, 15:39

Enough! says:

So, after 2 very painful freezing sessions at the Dr's I have my 3rd appointment looming in 2 weeks time! But what should I do? The 1st treatment worked really well, reducing the size of them by half, but the 2nd didn't really do much. I'm now wondering if I should have them frozen anyway or move onto something else.
8 years of thinking about my feet is really starting to irritate me, I too have forgotten what it is like to have normal feet and wish something would work.
In fact just recently I bought myself an Aloe Vera plant and have read that they have antiviral and immune boosting properties, good for warts and verrucas. 3 times a day I rub the gel from the inside of the plant on the verruca/warts and hope that by 2 weeks I won't need to be frozen again! I've also bought some Scholl verruca medicated plasters as they have the highest Salicylic acid content I could find (40%). Anyone else tried either of these treatments and had success?

10th Nov 2009, 14:52

anon 17 says:

I have four, not very painful verrucas one on my big toe and three on the sole of my foot and I would like to remove. My family is being horrid to me about them and my sister won't even enter my room for fear of catching them.
Have tried freezing once but didn't work and i am not likely to try it again as i am not good with pain.
Have tried duct tape but it caused all the skin on the top of my foot to go red and become extremely itchy.
Am currently trying salt as recommended to me by a friend but i have no ideas on how to apply it.
if anyone has any not-so-painful methods or suggestions on the salt method i would like to know.

14th Nov 2009, 22:14

Enough! says:

Hi anon 17, I feel for you, I've had my verrucas for 8 years now and my family haven't caught them yet, but it's horrible feeling like a leper. Just make sure you wear socks round the house and flip flops in the shower and they should be fine.
Hmm, the salt method? I have tried this before, but had no luck, even after keeping it up for a few months! Luckily we all react differently, so give it a try, what have you got to lose?........ hopefully the verrucas....., but the way I applied it was by making a paste with salt and a little bit of water, putting it on with a Q - tip and then a plaster over it. Change everyday and see how you get on. I did however find that the area I was treating became a bit sore, but that could have been because I was cutting away the dead skin as well.
Good luck!

16th Nov 2009, 13:13

anon 17 says:

am on first day of vinegar
had to do PE on it today
pity me

18th Nov 2009, 06:08

Enough! says:

Well, it's been nearly 2 weeks since I started using fresh Aloe Vera and I'm pleased with the results. On my left foot the rough area where my verruca was has returned to a normal footprint and the same can be said for my two fingers. My right foot still has two noticable areas of verrucas, but they have become smaller, less painful and much improved from two weeks ago.
I have decided to go to my freeze appointment just to get them blasted one last time and then hopefully I will be verruca free for the new year!!!

22nd Nov 2009, 12:06

mac says:

The NHS podiatrist says that only your own immune system will heal a verucca - cos it's a virus. On that basis, they won't treat them - saying that liquid nitrogen, salycic acid etc can have 'adverse effects'. So waiting 2 months for that appointment was a waste of time!
They ought to 'burn' them out - as they did years ago - which worked - and save everybody having to go thru all this stuff endlessly. Same old same old with the NHS these days - time-wasting and ineffective.

23rd Nov 2009, 18:21

mac says:

The NHS podiatrist says that only your own immune system will heal a verucca - cos it's a virus. On that basis, they won't treat them - saying that liquid nitrogen, salycic acid etc can have 'adverse effects'. So waiting 2 months for that appointment was a waste of time!
They ought to 'burn' them out - as they did years ago - which worked - and save everybody having to go thru all this stuff endlessly. Same old same old with the NHS these days - time-wasting and ineffective.

23rd Nov 2009, 18:21

Enough! says:

Yeah, I agree. I have to wait 3 months in-between each freeze appointment, so surely the virus has time to come back?
I am impressed with the Aloe though, so anyone who hasn't tried it yet and all else has failed, go out and buy an Aloe Vera plant! Simply cut a fresh piece of the plant and then apply it to the verruca/wart slimy side down, cover with a plaster and replace with a fresh piece everyday. It can take 2 - 4 weeks to work, but when you've had them for years a month is nothing!

23rd Nov 2009, 21:15

Anon 17 says:

Wow vinigar works! One down (I hope) and I think one more on the way. thanks guys

24th Nov 2009, 07:26

Jo says:

wow the bleomycin injections have really helped! saw chiropodist today and he confirmed that 1 foot is looking better than it has for years! worth all the pain then, will see consultant and arrange for next injections. maybe the end is in sight! This is with an NHS dermatology consultant, in case anyone else wants to get referred. After so many years i just want rid!!

26th Nov 2009, 14:16

Enough! says:

Had my 3rd freeze yesterday and the pain is quite bad. The area over the verrucas has gone black and formed a blister and the rest of my foot is slightly swollen as well. In fact to add to my embarrassment I am using my Grandma's old zimmer frame to get about the house!! Well, if I don't laugh I think I would cry :-(

If this doesn't work though I might just have to try the injections.

Fingers crossed!

26th Nov 2009, 14:27

dozens of verrucas says:

hey enough, ive been keeping up with this blog for the past few days. ive been looking at a few ppl at the beginging of the year like seamagpie and inpain who seemed to have success with vinegar and ducttape. but u didnt seem to have this. i was just wondering why that was the case? ive on my 2nd day of vinegar n duct tape treatment and im really hoping it works!! how long did u keep at the vinegar?? also how many verrucas do u have? i have like 13 :(:( on BOTH feet making it ridiculous to treat cos i cant walk when i do. i dnt think im ever gona get rid of them. also i tried tea tree for a week but it seemed useless!!

2nd Dec 2009, 17:14

Enough! says:

Hi dozens of verrucas! When I first started reading this blog I was hopeful the vinegar treatment would work, as like you say Seamagpie and inpain had some luck, but unfortunately my feet resisted and after 3 months of almost none stop treatment I had to give up. (The pain was bad, my skin was raw and I couldn’t walk). I soaked cotton wool in Distilled Malt Vinegar (cheap stuff), taped it in place over night and then repeated the next day. In total I had 6 verrucas and 2 warts on my hand. As with all treatments for verrucas not everyone has the same positive effect, if we did you and I would be verruca free. But in the end, after 8 years and countless home remedies, I went to the Dr for freezing. 3 sessions later and the 2 warts on my hand have gone, along with the one from my left foot, and the remaining verrucas have shrunk in size. However, because I am impatient I couldn’t wait until my next freeze to have a go at them so I bought some medicated verruca patches from Scholl, treating for 2 weeks, got rid of all the dead skin and then tried Aloe Vera for another two weeks. I was amazed by how much they had improved so if you have no luck with the vinegar give it a go.

Let me know how you get on :)

2nd Dec 2009, 22:10

dozens of verrucas says:

hey thanks for ur response enough! oh no 3months of vinegar and it didnt work thts terrible :( its so depressing isnt it....when u dont find a treatment that works for u but other ppl have :(:(:(
how do u find the pain from the it as bad as vinegar treatment?? see i was about to start cryo sessions but i gave that up to try home treatment stuff. i heard tht works best on small ones but not so much big ones. but i have like 4 DADDY verrucas literally massive!!!!!!!!!!! the rest are fairly small but still pretty big compared to the average verruca. how big are urs?? also ive had mine for 8 yrs as well!!! and i feel for tht long theyve had time to deep root themselves so much in my foot i have to practically slice into the bone to remove it its that far in!!!

thts really good uve got rid of the ones on ur hand and one of ur foot tho :D things are looking up for u hopefully!!

just another qu about vinegar treatment, when exactly do u start scraping and filing away dead skin??? i was thinking of only filing once a week but putting vinegar every day. what do u think? and did urs ever go completely black and scab like as some ppls seem to have? mine are only white and puffy :(:(

also, just incase u want to try it out.....something im trying on a few of my verrucas to see how it goes is bicarbonate of soda mixed with water to make a paste. and put it on daily. this is app quite a good cure. so u might want to try it out!

anyways ill let u know how it goes!!

3rd Dec 2009, 00:14

Sad :( says:

I have had a verucca on the sole of my foot for years! I can't seen to get rid of the little buggar! I've tried on numerous occasions Bazucca Gel, but it doesn't seen to work for me. I have also tried the home freezing kit, but it also hasn't worked either. I have also tried salicylic acid plasters, but again, they haven't worked. I went to the doctors about a month again and have been using Salactol Wart Paint, but I don't really know if it has been working or not. I woke up today and its now really painful to stand on the heel where the verucca is or even touch it gently and when I do touch it, it sends sharp throbbing pains up my foot! :( It's seriouslt uncool! I'm thinking about just persisting with this treatment even though its agony to walk on. Has anyone else used this stuff and had results or experienced any dicomfort?

3rd Dec 2009, 15:10

Sad :( says:

Oh god! my mum thinks my foot is swollen. great. i just want rid of it! i dont want to stop the treatment! maybe its sore cause the skins soft cause of the paint?

3rd Dec 2009, 15:41

Enough! says:

Hi dozens of verrucas. The pain from cryo has been slightly more painful than the vinegar this time round and especially stings when it's sprayed on, mind you, -196c is quite cold! it brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it, but then again using the vinegar actually made me cry one night the pain was that bad!
Like you, I think my verrucas are down to the bone as nothing I previously tried touched them.
If I was you I would definitely try the cryo on the smaller ones, I had to wait 4 months for my first appointment, which allowed time for the verrucas to get bigger.
I think you have me beaten on size though! I wouldn't call them massive, in fact at the moment they're not looking too bad, but you can't exactly miss them.
When using the vinegar I was the same, all that happened was my skin turned white and puffy, then red raw, then back to white and puffy! No black scab or hope that it was going, just pain and still the verrucas. I found that by scraping the dead skin off every three days was enough, as everyday and even every other day was making it sore. Also if you leave it too long then the vinegar isn't really touching the living bit of the verruca. I used nail clippers to take the dead skin off as sand paper seemed to shred the skin, but recently I have started using a corn knife. It has a really sharp blade and cuts better layers of skin off rather than chunks.
Hmmmm, bicarbonate of soda? That's a new one on me, but if my current treatment fails I'll raid the baking supplies!!!!
Hope I've helped :)

3rd Dec 2009, 19:13

dozens of verrucas says:

hey enough! thanks for the reply again! just a quick qu ive been using vinegar on one of my verrucas for nearly a week now but ive felt NO pain wotsoever. so im a bit worried it means the treatment isnt working. did u ever have this problem?? also have u ever had success with avoca??

6th Dec 2009, 17:09

Enough! says:

dozens of verrucas, I didn't feel any pain with the vinegar method until I got rid of all the dead skin covering the main part of the verruca, but once you do get ready for THE PAIN!!!!!!!!!! As for the Avoca pens the short answer is NO! I think I went through at least 4 pens, trying different combinations of applying it, but no luck. It might work for you though, give everything a try at least once!

7th Dec 2009, 12:22

dozens of verrucas says:

hey enough! thanks for the reply! yeh i think ur right, one on my heel i was applying vinegar all of last week and felt no pain and this week scraped off the dead skin and now its feeling a little tingly but still not excruciating pain every1 keeps talkin about! i waiting for this excruitating pain then i knows its working!

how are ur verrucas coming along?

i went to see my chiropodist today to scrape off the dead skin, and hes trying to get me to do cryo, i think hes sussed out im trying every method of home treatment and isnt pleased! cos it means less business for him!

newys hows cryo going for u? has it erradicated ne yet? hope they are going well.

i took one look at my feet today and was just sooo depressed :(:( dnt think the will ever go.

oh also, did u ever find ur verrucas spread to other areas when using vinegar treatment? i think i saw a new one today :( p.s bicarbonate of soda i tried for a few days and even though it really hurts so i thought it was doing something, it takes ages to see a result so i gave up! so i wouldnt bother with that one!

newys ill keep u updated :)

7th Dec 2009, 22:08

bethmadethis says:


7th Dec 2009, 22:52

Viv says:

I have wondered - have you counted the students' loan one?

7th Dec 2009, 22:55

Enough! says:

Hi dozens of verrucas. At the moment I’m still hobbling about and it’s been nearly 2 weeks since I had them frozen! The blisters have popped and now I’m left with 2 raw areas of skin. I think it will take another couple of weeks of healing before I can tell if the verrucas have finally gone, but it’s looking promising. I don’t think I could stand another session of freezing, but out of everything I’ve tried it’s certainly been the most effective and that’s even on the most stubborn ones.
As for my verrucas spreading with the vinegar method I can’t say that was a problem for me, although over the years of treating them I did get more, but my Dr said this can happen anyway and may be I scratched the healthy skin with the clippers I was using to treat the verruca?

Hope the vinegar works, but if not I think you might have to give the cryo a go!! Good Luck :)

8th Dec 2009, 13:50

Losing Motivation says:

Hey Everyone,
I am really starting to get fed up with my verruca's. I have loads on both feet.
About 2 months ago I singled out a group of three on my left foot. I first tried covering them with Duck tape everyday. They went white and a bit puffy. I would then scrape them all down till they all bled. I did this for a few weeks but no joy. Then i thought i would try the vinegar method. I bought some distilled white malt vinegar from tesco. I have been trying this for about a week now and it causes a lot of pain. The pain only really kicked in in the last day or two, but I have to be able to sleep at night and concentrate at work so I had to put the vinegar on hold for the rest of the week. I am also losing a bit of hope in the vinegar as it doesn't really seem to be having an effect. Its just more painfull then the Duck Tape. I think my verrucas are very strong and have no intention of giving up. I have also tried getting them frozen a couple of times at the chiropodist last year. That wasn't really working either. I really don't know what to do next, they are getting really annoying. I want to be able go swimming again and not be paranoid of where i'm walking. It would be so great to get rid of them all and have nice smooth feet. I needed to get that off my chest. I am also trying to figure out what to do next.

10th Dec 2009, 10:55

J says:

Hello everyone,

Wished I knew about this vinegar and duct tape treatment ages ago! It's so much more convenient than the current method I'm using to get rid of them!

Bit of background, I've had a verucca on the heel of my foot that got cauterized. It came back and spread to a few verrucae. I have been having them for months and have tried nearly everything but had no good effects and they kept spreading. I have hyperhydrosis (excessive sweating) which make them grow more.

GPs and cryosprays at the specialist's were no good. One even told me to leave them alone (despite them spreading) and to stop being a princess about it!

Just like quite a few of you have said about getting rid of these bastards, it's all about trial and error.

This is for the people who don't find the vinegar / duct tape treatment helpful. You might want to try this. This is what I'm currently doing and it seems to be working so far:

Scholl Corn Removal plasters,

every other day I'd remove the plasters and dig them out as deep as I dare / to as much pain as I can stand,

soak with a strong solution of sea salt for about 20 mins

apply a vitamin enriched moisturiser (sounds crazy but it actually does work!). don't put too much as it might cause a lot of sweating which is not good.

Cover with cotton wool / duct tape

Because of my hyperhydrosis, I wear flip flops to work now.

But i'm going to try the vinegar. With it's already known medical uses, hopefully it'll help to make them to never come back!

10th Dec 2009, 14:12

hc says:

Haven't read all of the posts but at the age of 29 I got my first verucca about 6 months ago. Tried cream and freezing kit from chemist but didn't work. Heard that a good cure is using a pumice stone in the shower (softly - try to stop just before it bleeds) and putting 100% pure tea tree oil on every morning and night. And...about a month later...its worked! Turned black anyway and not sore like it was. Hope this helps

12th Dec 2009, 21:11

dozens of verrucas says:

hey enough! thought I would just update with progress - well not really much to say, still got all verrucas, none have gone but everyday the verrucas look different so im not sure what that means. i was wondering if i could just tell u what the stages have been and see if i could compare them to ur prgoress with vinegar.

1. when i first started it, the skin went white and just had black dots in the middle.
2. left that for a week without scrapping and then after a week got my podiatrist to scrap it and it sort of fell out and left a little hole in my foot but STILL had verruca.
3. so carried on with vinegar everyday and still saw white skin and a few more black dots
4. carried on with vinegar for a few days and saw the same thing but then a few days later the whole verruca went RED with RED DOTS!!!! and almost looked like larger and had spread!!! i was very depressed by this as thought it was just spreading
5. next day verruca went dark brown/almost blackish
6. this has continued for the past few days and not seen much change so think it has reached a plateau- but not sure if this is the peak people keep talkin about when it reaches the black phase. havent attempted scraping yet.

throughout most of this had terrible pain which never lessened.

but what i was wondering was that did u ever get the stage where there was red dots and the whole verruca went RED and did it go black straight after???

was this similar to ur vinegar treatment?

sorry with so many questions! hope ur verrucas are going ok! :)

14th Dec 2009, 17:05

Enough! says:

Hi dozens of verrucas. I don't mind the questions!
When using the vinegar my stages were:-
1) White and puffy
2) Black dots could be seen in the white dead skin
3) After scraping off the dead skin I could see more black dots!
5) Verrucas started to turn red and eventually looked like raw patches of skin
6) The verrucas were still there, but never turned black
Remember that the black dots or red ones are tiny burst blood vessels from walking on the verrucas, all of which feed the little buggers! It is normal to see these. I would attempt to scrap the dead skin off to see if you have killed them or not. However, all it takes is one remaining bit of the verruca virus to regrow, so if I was you, keep treating it for a while after you think it's gone. Just to make sure!

At the moment my verrucas look like they’re still there, even though I have endured over 2 weeks of agony from the freeze. How deep are these things? :(
Let’s hope that you are finally getting somewhere with the vinegar.
My fingers and toes are crossed!
Have a great Christmas and hopefully a verruca free New Year! X

14th Dec 2009, 21:29

dozens of verrucas says:

hey enough! sorry for the late reply! my internet was broken last week which was very annoyin! im not having success with vinegar i dnt think :( im really depressed about it all. im tryng to boost my immune system with multivitamins and vit c/zinc tablets i hope that helps!! :( how are urs going?? i really hope u have a verruca free new yr too!!! wouldnt that just be the best xmas pressie in the world??? ah i can only dream! X

24th Dec 2009, 00:13

dozens of verrucas says:

hey enough! sorry for the late reply! my internet was broken last week which was very annoyin! im not having success with vinegar i dnt think :( im really depressed about it all. im tryng to boost my immune system with multivitamins and vit c/zinc tablets i hope that helps!! :( how are urs going?? i really hope u have a verruca free new yr too!!! wouldnt that just be the best xmas pressie in the world??? ah i can only dream! X

24th Dec 2009, 00:13

Enough! says:

Hi dozens of verrucas. Sorry to hear you're feeling down about it all, but I know how you feel. I don't think I'm ever going to get rid of these bloody things! Like you I tried boosting my immune system with Zinc, garlic and Vit C, but soon gave up! I'm not very patient when it comes to waiting for things to happen! Like I mentioned before, Aloe is also supposed to be good for boosting the immune system, so why not try that too. In fact, I think I'm going to try attacking mine with everything. If that doesn't work I might just give up and admit defeat as it's got to the point where I can't stand looking at my feet anymore! Getting rid of them though would be the best prezzie ever and who knows, it might just happen for next year! Arggghhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

27th Dec 2009, 13:07

dozens for verrucas says:

hi enough! ok i have something that i found out today and wanted to come on here to share it with u! my podiatrist recommended this supplement to take which is a real immune booster apparently a collegue of his trialled this for 30days on 30 patients who had numerous long lasting verrucas. and all patients had resolution of verrucas! now i know u said uve tried all immuneboosting products but apparently this is contains more vital minerals and vitamins needed for overall wellbeing. its not harmful as its herbal as well! i havent tried it yet but im off to buy some from holland and barrett tomorrow. i think we should both give it a go, i really do! im so depressed and think i will have them for life so we can always see if it works for us:)

the product is called BioStrath Elixir- type it into google and ull see loads of info on it! it looks like just a regular supplement but if people with verrucas have had success, its worth a shot!

anyways this is just a thought! have a think about it :D

merry christmas and happy new yr!!

28th Dec 2009, 21:41

Enough! says:

Hi dozens of verrucas. Thank you for thinking about me when trying new products, I got all excited until you mentioned the name. I tried Bio - Strath Elixir about 2 years ago and had no luck :( Granted I only took 3/4 of the bottle before forgetting to take it , but in that time my verrucas got worse not better. I hope you have more luck with it though and like you say, it's worth a try. Be warned though, it stinks and tastes just as bad, a cross between molasses and strong yeast. YUM!!!!

29th Dec 2009, 14:02

dozens of verrucas says:

hey enough, oh noo :( thats made me all depressed again! i thought it would be my cure!!! :( but if uve tried it and it didnt work it means its not bulletproof :( and acv treatment didnt work for me like for u so maybe bio strath wont work for me either. nooooo. :(

did u take bio strath with the intention to cure ur verrucas or just for general well being?? did u hear that bio strath had worked for some peoples verrucas?

how about immunace have u tried that??

p.s took my first dose of bio strath today and had to spit it out ewwwwwwwww it was gross!! then attempted another go but this time with juice to wash it down as fast as i could without tasting it and also holding my nose to stop smelling it!

30th Dec 2009, 13:50

Enough! says:

Hi dozens of verrucas. Yes it's all rather depressing isn't it, but the image of you spitting out the Elixir gave me a laugh! I have to say I managed to keep my first mouthful down even though I thought it was going to come straight back up. It's not just the taste, but the thick mucus like consistency and rather conspicuous shade of brown that doesn't help either. Oh well, just a whole bottle to go!
I hadn't heard about Bio Strath until going into Holland and Barrett to find my next home remedy. The assistant said it was excellent at boosting the immune system and seen as though verrucas can be linked to this I gave it a try. As for Immunace, I've never heard of it or tried it, so i'm off to check that out now.
Is this something you have tried or is that your back up plan?

Let me know how you get on with the Bio Strath. You never know, if it works I might just have to crack open the remains of the bottle, although.......... YUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I think I'll take me chances with the verrucas! :)

30th Dec 2009, 22:55

dozens of verrucas says:

lol bio strath is pretty repulsive i have to admit! it looks yucky as well!

immunace i started but then heard of bio strath so abandoned immunace to try bio. i only took 2 tablets tho so i wudnt have seen any effect with it anyway. its an immune booster tho so it shud have the same effect as biostrath.

give immunace go i reckon it app is very good at boosting the immune system for hiv patients so it must be pretty powerful.

if biostrath doesnt work for me im going to try immunace

happy new yr for 2moro! x

31st Dec 2009, 00:14

Enough! says:

Happy new year dozens of verrucas! How are your feet?
Mine don't look too bad at the moment, but I have decide all the same to attack the problem from the inside out. I normally eat quite well, but just incase I've been missing important verruca killing vitamins I'm going on a detox diet. I found a book on my sisters bookshelf called 'A new you in 21 days', so let's hope that's what happens. It's all about boosting your vitamin and mineral intake, flushing out toxins and exercising. I have to admit, the last bit is not so appealing, but 21 days isn't that long. Just think, by the time you finish your Bio Strath I will be detoxed and then we can see if either of us have got rid of our unwelcome companions!

2nd Jan 2010, 17:52

Optomistic says:

I thought I would update my progress on my one large verucca...
I used the vinegar method and that reduced the size of my verucca to about a squashed pea size, but it reached a certain size and stopped. I then used the Avoca treatment. I was a bit bad and picked off the scab (sorry for the ew) before it dropped off. However, there was only a very small verucca left. I gave the Avoca another go, but leaving the scab to fall off naturally this time, but sadly I think it's still there. Was hoping to have this gone by the time I went travelling as I started this summer but ho hum! Bit at a loss as how to tackle the last bit, maybe back to vinegar??

3rd Jan 2010, 10:40

Anonymous says:

I have had a verruca that turned to verruca'S on my big toe for a few years now. None of the gels worked. Doctors freezing didn't work. Then I came here a while back and tried vinegar and duct tape. That started to work really quickly, but I had to stop when I went on holiday with a friend. When I got home, they had started to fight back. After that, I started using just duct tape, which seems to have nearly, if not worked. That's my problem, I'm not sure?

I was wondering, how do you know when the verruca has completely gone? i currently have now white patches of skin where my verruca's were. Just this morning, I've put some acid gel thing on to see if that will burn away the white layer so I know what's left.

So is that still verruca or is it just skin now? I'm confused. Sorry for the woffle :D

3rd Jan 2010, 14:35

Anonymous says:

I have had a verruca that turned to verruca'S on my big toe for a few years now. None of the gels worked. Doctors freezing didn't work. Then I came here a while back and tried vinegar and duct tape. That started to work really quickly, but I had to stop when I went on holiday with a friend. When I got home, they had started to fight back. After that, I started using just duct tape, which seems to have nearly, if not worked. That's my problem, I'm not sure?

I was wondering, how do you know when the verruca has completely gone? i currently have now white patches of skin where my verruca's were. Just this morning, I've put some acid gel thing on to see if that will burn away the white layer so I know what's left.

So is that still verruca or is it just skin now? I'm confused. Sorry for the woffle :D

3rd Jan 2010, 14:35

Anonymous says:

I have had a verruca that turned to verruca'S on my big toe for a few years now. None of the gels worked. Doctors freezing didn't work. Then I came here a while back and tried vinegar and duct tape. That started to work really quickly, but I had to stop when I went on holiday with a friend. When I got home, they had started to fight back. After that, I started using just duct tape, which seems to have nearly, if not worked. That's my problem, I'm not sure?

I was wondering, how do you know when the verruca has completely gone? i currently have now white patches of skin where my verruca's were. Just this morning, I've put some acid gel thing on to see if that will burn away the white layer so I know what's left.

So is that still verruca or is it just skin now? I'm confused. Sorry for the woffle :D

3rd Jan 2010, 14:35

Anonymous (again) says:

Sorry for the repeated comments! That wasn't intentional! :)

3rd Jan 2010, 14:37

ladislav says:

Anonymous (again): they're gone when the ridges on your skin are uninterrupted. Yes, you need to stop treatment and let the skin heal back a bit before you can see this.

3rd Jan 2010, 20:36

Anonymous (again) says:

ahhh right! so should I stop for a while and see what happens? It won't make the duct tape less effective if i leave it off? Because I don't want to completely undo what I've done. How long should it take? Sorry for the questions! :)

5th Jan 2010, 13:11

Enough! says:

Hi Anonymous. Like ladislav says, you can tell they have gone when your fingerprint/footprint lines can be seen clearly across the area that was infected. However, if you're not sure I would keep treating them for a couple more weeks just in case, as all it takes is one remaining bit of the virus for it to regrow.
If it hurts to press, chances are it's still there, but I hope for your sake you have finally seen them off!

5th Jan 2010, 18:49

whitevoxen(sidone-dot-adams-at-yahoo-dot-co-dot-uk) says:

my 5yr old has a varucca and we've been trying this gel from the doctors, i think its just like bazzuca but the generic anyway when it cam to pulling of the whitened skin as it said.. my son pulled one way and i pulled the other and it kinda pulled the varucca half out the foot..!!! it bled all over !!! and he was in agony...!!! we need help ..!!! i'm gonna have to wait til the docs re-open on monday but if i could get near his foot long enough.. what would happen if i tried 'pulling' or 'cutting' the rest of it off.. ??

9th Jan 2010, 13:57

whitevixen says:

i'm tempted to try the vinegar on my son but if it causes that much pain for an adult it's probably gonna be unbearbale for my 5yr old.. the banana may be the way to go for now if its a bit less painful.. it cant get any more painful for him then before we started the other treatment.. plus its banana so he might find it quite funny to go to bed with banana taped to his foot.. hellllp...

9th Jan 2010, 14:14

Enough! says:

Hi Whitevixen. That sounds quite painful! If you can get to the Drs on Monday it might be best to just put a plaster over the verruca and not aggravate it anymore, but if you are able to get near his foot then trimming the exposed bit of the verruca won't harm it, infact you would be getting rid of some infected skin and allowing the gel to penetrate the underlying area of the verruca that hasn't had the gel on it. As you have found out verrucas bleed alot and can get really sore, this is normal, but if he really can't stand the gel I wouldn't attempt the vinegar. I'm 28 and it made me cry! :(
Hope this helps

10th Jan 2010, 12:46

Swimming says:

Me and my sisteers have had verruccas on and off for years. Now i am at univeristy i plan on getting rid of mine as there is a much smaler risk of catching them again off anyone...
one thing to note is that my sister had a sizable mosaic verruca which went after a week in the swimming pool on holiday. The chemicals in the water actually help kill the virus and the weakened cells that are infected.
I have not had such luck with mine, and despite trying freezing and salicylic acid (and brutally cutting at the verrucas) i have not managed to get rid in three or four years. I fi spot a young new one early enough i can cut it out with a craft knife without it bleeding and it never needs any further treatment. I have managed to stop them spreading using this method... but i cannot get rid of the last two... Argghhh

10th Jan 2010, 12:50

whitevixen says:

hi.. i bandaged it u[ and left it bur let him soak it in warm water before bed then i put a small amount of the stuff on again.. he said that doesnt hurt.. tonight i've put some duck tape on it after the stuf and not gonna touch it for abit.. bless he couldnt really walk on it today.. but as 5yr olds do ..he carried on regardless !! lol.. i'm ringing the doctor in morning so i'll keep you posted.. (i couldnt get near it to do anything other then put tape on) i think this is going to be a right stubborn one !!

10th Jan 2010, 20:17

jimbo says:

try fileing it down and soaking ur feet in white spirt it will dry them up them file again and repeat!

11th Jan 2010, 10:59

Enough! says:

Hmmm, white spirit! Isn't that used to clean paint? Maybe a little bit harsh for a 5 yr olds skin.
I found filing the verruca only spread them as you're damaging the surrounding skin, but if you use nail clippers it limits this possibility.
Jimbo, have you had success with the white spirit? I don't know if i'm brave enough to try it yet!

11th Jan 2010, 12:50

whitevixen says:

cor white spirit.. are you trying to burn the whole skin off...we've been given some antibiotic cream to use incase its got infected from when it got pulled half out.. oh dear.. this is gonna take some time now to get rid of... i'll use the duck tape as well tho on top .. and hope for the best .. in the meantime .. we'll wait ..and wait.. and hope my son will be brave enough to let me clip it bit by bit...

11th Jan 2010, 15:42

Swimming says:

A nail clipper is a good option. When i said "brutally cutting at my verrucas" i meant with some special fine tipped angled nail cutters [i don't know what they are meant for but they work really well]
i am continuing with my salicylic acid twice a day and it seems to work. my verrucas are getting smaller slowly. but most importantly, painlessly!!

Whitevixen... sounds like you son is going through hell!!
i have found the key for the previous berrucas i have banished is to cut as much off as possible without it bleeding. And then applying my treatment. if it bleeds i let it rest for a day. and if it aches when i walk then i stop untill it doesn't (but neither of these happen often now i know how much i can get away with cutting).
Hold in there!!

14th Jan 2010, 00:37

dozens of verrucas says:

hey enough...havent been on here in a while! i thought i wud check to see how ur detox plan is going? is it having an effect on the verrucas?

if after ur detox thing ur verrucas havent dimished in size....i want to recommend something you u!!

do u remember how i told u i was going to use strath? well, ive been using it for 17days.,,,im on my second bottle now and im just using ductape covering them up and when i can be bothered i dab a bit of tea tree oil on like a few times a week. and ive seen a drastic change. they are diminishing in size and becoming very dry that when i pull the duct tape off its actually pulling the middle of the verruca off with it too.

im not sure what is going almost thinking its not really happening and its just my imagination but im telling u ive never seen my verrucas look this good before ever. this is the first time they are getting smaller in size and also flat on the surface of my foot.

im not sure which treatment is doin this....but i definately think boosting ur immune system is needed TOGETHER with topical treatment in order to fight the verrucas off. ive used duct tape and tea tree oil b4 with no avail so im really thinking is the strath! enough.........plssss try the strath again....i kno it tastes and stinks like vomit but just hold ur nose and drink it with orange juice. ive had to do that every time i take it...but i really really think it is making a difference. but dont give up this time....keep taking it for 30 days and dont miss any day. ull have to go throu 2 bottles cos 1 bottle only lasts about 2 weeks. actually they sell it in tablets as well i just remembered, so u cud get them, that way u wudnt taste it at all.

i really really hope u give it a go!! ill keep u updated on my progress. i hope im not jinxing my feet by thinking they are getting better!! touchwood!!!

16th Jan 2010, 00:05

Swimming says:

I have just cut away the dead skin on my verruccas and have found no black dots in the middle... :D
Hopefully it will only need a few more treatments with my salicylic acid to be sure. I have only used a half tube this time for two veruccas [5ml tube]( I had not treated them for ages before now and they were as big as they'd ever been, so i don't count previous treatments)
Will post in a few days when i know if it was a success...

17th Jan 2010, 15:12

Enough! says:

Hi dozens of verrucas :)
My detox is going really well actually, I never thought I would have the will to keep something like this up, but I really want rid of these verrucas! Since starting the regime I have also noticed the skin over the verrucas looks healthier and it almost looks more like dry skin then anything really bad. However, looking through a microscope I can still see a couple of tiny black dots and the footprint hasn't quite come back, so I guess they are still hanging on! I have two more weeks to do and then unfortunately my 4th freeze session is booked :(
I'm in two minds whether to bother or not, but there can't be much more to get rid of.
I'm really glad to hear your verrucas are improving and if what I'm doing fails then I will try Bio strath again.
I hope it's not just your imagination too, but even if your feet don't benefit the rest of your body will.
Keep me posted

17th Jan 2010, 16:04

dozens of verrucas says:

hey enough! aww im really glad ur detox plan is working|!! it sounds good from what u said about ur verrucas....thats similar to mine as well black dots still here n there but just getting smaller in size so im hoping the black dots will disappear with it.

from the sounds of it the detox is just as effective as strath. cos ur still boosting ur body with lots of healthy foods. and with ur cryo it might give them that final boost to to disappear!

i found that book that ur doing ur detox from of amazon! i bought it for £2 from amazon good bargin i thought! lol hehe, i think i might give the detox a go as well after this 30 day bio strath binge is over. the book looks good. i like the way they did the food section and gave a menu everyday! did u stick to that exactly?? also did u do the exercise section they said as well? hope ur verrucas disappear soon! ill keep u posted with mine as well....i have 2 weeks left for my strath as well.....i hope both of ours have reduced by the end of the 2 weeks :) would be miraculous if they did :) xx

17th Jan 2010, 16:34

Enough! says:

Hey dozens of verrucas. That's amazing that you have bought the book, £2 is cheaper than mine cost and that was from a charity shop!
I have suprised myself by sticking exactly to the detox plan and exercise regime in the book, as well as keeping up with all the beauty regimes as well. Having never looked after my body like this before and feeling depressed about my verrucas I have found it's given me a well need boost.
I think between us we are declaring war on these bloody verrucas!!!! :)

19th Jan 2010, 11:26

dozens of verrucas says:

lol haha we are indeed!!!!!! altho.........i think i might have spoken too soon about strath!!! my veruccas have seemed to have reached a plateau and are staying the same now.

im actually thinking of soaking my feet in detol a few nights a week now. thats if i can be bothered! diluted in water of course! lol

oh enough :( they are never gona go!!!!!! :( x

19th Jan 2010, 22:53

DieVerrucas! says:

I love the feeling that I get reading this thread, everyone working together against the b******s that plague our feet.

I've had at least one verruca since I can remember, and currently have what I suspect is a mosaic one on my left heel, a small one on the side of my left foot and a large one (that used to be a blister?!?) just below the toes on the left foot (as well as two or three small ones on the right foot).

I've used bazooka and the likes many times, but they've never even made an improvement, and after so many suggestions of vinegar and duct tape, I've decided to give it a go.

So tonight I had a proper dig around, to try and remove as much dead skin as possible, then soaked cotton wool in white wine vinegar and then wrapped the foot in duct tape, because a little bit alone wouldn't stick. I'm leaving the right foot alone for now, as it's not as bad, and it sounds like I won't be able to put weight on my left one once the vinegar starts its magic

I'll let you all know how I get on soon :)

20th Jan 2010, 02:08

DieVerrucas! says:

5 nights of treatment so far, and I can't honestly say that there is much improvement. There is a dark bit under the skin, but it has been agony to walk on, and last night I couldn't sleep because of the throbbing.

Tonight I will only use duct tape, I can't take another night of vinegar for now

24th Jan 2010, 23:45

Enough! says:

Well, the detox is over and I'm feeling good!
All this exercise, fruit and veg and generally eating less like a pig seems to have had an effect on my verrucas.I can't believe it, but they look to have improved loads! Hopefully if I keep on track and with the help of one final freeze, I might just be able to get rid by summer!!!!!!!! :)
How are things going with you dozens of verrucas? Finished the strath yet? I would recommend the 21 day regime if the strath has failed.
For the past 2 weeks I have also been applying a dab of lemon oil and then a layer of Champneys perfect pedicure intensive foot butter to the verrucas. Could this have helped or is it a coincidence? Either way, I will keep using it.

25th Jan 2010, 16:30

DieVerrucas! says:

What a difference a day makes! I was ready to pack it in yesterday, but today when I took off the dead skin, there was a big black spot (a scab I think). One looks like it has a few more days fight at most, and the big one that was causing all the pain before I started the treatment looks only a few days behind!
The one on my heel doesn't seem to be doing anything yet, but you can bet your bottom dollar I'll carry on trying to free my feet!

25th Jan 2010, 23:44

Pharme31(johne373-at-aol-dot-com) says:

Very nice site!

26th Jan 2010, 16:39

chris says:

I have had a huge plantar verucca on my heel for over 6 years now. had every trype of treatment including all the usual salcylic acids, freezing privately and by gp and surgical removal except it just came back as it is a virus. used thuja and formaldahyde. also used duct tape but am going to try the vinegar now. have been referred to specialist to ask if i can have radiotherapy or laser treatment. meanwhile i may start something called light treatment. does anyone else know about this treatment and if so did it work and can i get it privately. i do hope so. in the last 6 months i have now acquired two warts on my fingers!!! they are being treated with occlusal but its not working!!! specialist also prescribed verrugon for verruca on heel but this seems to be unobtainable at the moment.

27th Jan 2010, 14:31

Enough! says:

Hi Chris. I haven't heard about the light treatment, although unless you research into these things yourself Drs don't seem to bother mentioning treatment that could help! I have been struggling with verrucas for 8 years and like you they ended up spreading to my hand. Luckily the freeze treatment sorted them out, but the ones on my foot are slightly more persistent. I have also tried many things, but I think you are braver then me..... radiotherapy sounds very drastic!!!
Mind you as it's a virus, like you say, it is probably a good idea to boost your immune system and even though thuja can help, obviously it didn't for you. However, the other day I came across some information on Sterols and Sterolins. Have you ever heard of them? They are 2 plant fats and boost the immune system. They are in most fresh fruit and veg, but due to the way we process our food a lot of their benefits are lost.
I did some more research and found information on a tablet called moducane ( containing these 2 plant fats) Apparently they have been used in the treatment of Aids, certain types of cancers and auto immune diseases, all with degrees of positive results.
I have found health sites which sell the product, but it's American and doubt whether it is available in the UK or prescribed by Drs.
Check it out. You never know, if all else fails this might just be worth looking into.
In the meantime I hope your chosen therapy starts to work.

28th Jan 2010, 17:28

gone! says:

Hi, I have had a verucca for over 5 years, tries few treatments, inlcuding home freezing etc none of which worked. Stumbled across this site and read pratically all the messages and decided on trying the vinegar and duct tape method with some additional banana and nail varnish therapies! After about 2 weeks of treating my foot looked worse than ever and panicked that I had done the wrong thing attempting to get rid. Anyway, good news i think verucca has gone!! waiting for a bit more fresh skin to grow etc, but would fully recommend these methods!

30th Jan 2010, 18:05

whitevixen says:

hi.. its ben a while.. my son's foot had a slight infection from when it got ripped out half way but the cream quickly made it better.. shame the varruca treatment doesnt work so quick..!!!

Because it was hurting him so much we decided to leave it alone for a few days.. then start again.. with the gel stuff from the doctor covered in duct tape..

it seems to be working... very slowly.. if I was my foot I'd try the vinegar (I have some white vinegar in the cupbaord as well..) but its not my foot and from reading the newest posts just above above the throbbing pain.. I cant put him through any more pain..
Last night he had a really long warm bath (until he was pruny) the skin was softer but still hardish .. i cut the top of the skin of the varrucca area (through his pain- I hate doing this by the way.. i'm not some saddistic mum who likes conflicting more pain..!!) it does look flater and the black dots are smaller so what ever were doing is working VERY slowly but surely..(hopefully) it did bleed last night so again it'll be left for a few nights.. bless him.. I do give him lots of cuddles afterwrds... I'll keep you posted x

1st Feb 2010, 12:29

chris says:

As i mentioned before if anything seemed to make any improvement it was the formaldahyde. I did use it tho for two months - soaked foot every night for twenty minutes!!!!!!! so bit time consuming. now plucking up courage to do the vinegar but mine is so sore anyway that i guess its going to hurt a bit!!! will let you know. did read comments earlier that someone took 2 months with that and it still didnt work so wavering a bit as dont fancy my foot soaked in vinegar and covered in duct tape for two months!!!!!!!! still hoping for radiotherapy and to hear from someone who has received that treatment as GP did tell me it would definately work.

1st Feb 2010, 21:26

DieVerrucas! says:

Without wanting to jinx it, my left foot seems free of verrucas now! I've just cut a load of black off with the nail clippers and underneath was what looked like new skin! I'm still taping it for a while as I've heard this is the worst time for them to come back.
I ended up not going back to the vinegar, as it did hurt quite a bit, but only after 5 days of continued use. I reckon the vinegar exposed the verruca virus, then keeping the thing covered stopped it from breathing. If there is no sign of a comeback in the next week or so it'll be time to start on the two on my right foot!

1st Feb 2010, 23:48

Enough! says:

Arghhhhh!!!!! My 4th freeze is tomorrow. Fingers crossed this will be the last time. Either I have no pain threshold or it's a really painful thing to have done, but by this time tomorrow I'll be dragging myself around on one leg! The things we put ourselves through for verrucas!!!!!! :(

2nd Feb 2010, 20:28

chris says:

hi enough says. hope your 4th freeze works but i had at least twenty freezing treatments - ten done privately at two different podiatrists, the first gave up after 4 treatments and said i needed to boost my immune system (hence the thulia - ) and my gp treated it at least another ten times weekly and fortnightly intervals and really blasted it. it was painful but not as bad as when i had it surgically removed and it was injected down the middle to freeze it . ouch!!!!!!! he said it would be like the dentists needle. i did tell him that he lied and it was mUCH worse than the dentist's needle!!!. They dug down about an inch!!! but it still came back!!! anyway best of luck. i am onto the vinegar treatment as i am going to give up completely. (no sign of my radiotherapy being offered yet!!)

3rd Feb 2010, 11:14

Enough! says:

Hi Chris. OH NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! 20 Freezes!!!! You have to be kidding me? I don't think I can cope with one more let alone another 16! I think I might just cry :( I'm never going to get rid of these things am I!
Removing an inch of your foot, oh my word, if only you could see the expression on my face :0 I didn't even realise we had an inch of skin on our feet, wasn't that down to the bone?
I thought I had problems, but you take the award. Is your next step amputation then?!
Ok, off now for the torture. I will report back with the results, but I bet you already know it’s not going to work :(

3rd Feb 2010, 11:42

dozens of verrucas says:

ive just been trying duct tape by itself without vinegar treatment for the past month now. i did vinegar for about 30 days and even tho if it massively help remove dead skin it KILLED so much that i just couldnt take it anymore. thats probs cos ive got about 10 on each foot!!

but the past month, all ive been doing is duct taping (no vinegar) just plain on duct tape and keeping it on for 3days at a time and boosting my immune system at the same time. it is really having an effect!!! i dont even have to scrap skin off and slwoly the black dots have just been disappearing by themselves without any scraping needed JUST DUCT TAPE. i really wish i took a photo of my hideous feet to show every1 how awful my feet were. i think i have one of the worst pair of verrucafied feet ever! but u wud be shocked to see the difference. im still not going to say any of gone even tho they might be just cos i dont want to jinx myself. ive said theyve gone b4 in the past and they never did so i dont want to jinx my feet this time. but its def the least painful method and msot effective method ive tried!!

3rd Feb 2010, 15:09

Anonymous says:

sorry i just re read my message and noticed about a million typos!!! hope ppl dont find it hard to read lol!

3rd Feb 2010, 15:11

chris says:

sorry enoughsays didnt mean toput you off.might work for you.the specialist i saw (who was useless but i am still hoping she might get me the radiotherapy my gp has asked for as he gives up - only patient he hasnt been able to treat he says!) said i must be positive!!! (I am it wont go!!) she didnt mean that! i did ask for it to be cut out again - it took 3 months to heal (pardon pun) back up tothe surface and it was cuotorised (cant spell that as tired tonight) to burn any bits!! so reckon even amputation woudnt work, it would just appear somewhere else as its a virus!!!. message for dozens of verrucas.isnt the duct tape making whole fott very soggy and smelly because it did mine. it just seemed to go rotten!!!?????

4th Feb 2010, 21:59

SLE says:

whitevixen - my little girl had 3 verrucas when she was 5. the thing that finally got rid of them was avoca. it is really cheap and doesn't hurt when applied on subsequent occassions. she did flinch a little on the first application, but didn't complain. just follow the instrucions (get 2 packs though as the tip is brittle and always breaks) and hopefully after about 2 weeks, the core of the verruca will come away and new skin will grow underneath. it takes a few more weeks for all the blackness to disappear but you can file it away gently. it really did work for her and she has pretty little feet again, but I am completely paranoid now and make both my girls wear flip flops everywhere especially to swim lessons.

5th Feb 2010, 13:46

whitevixen says:

Hi SLE..
i've never heard of avoca so i googled it to see what it is.. but all i got was countries, cafes, beaches, cookbooks, clothings, and various other companies using that name..hahaha....
does it have any any other names and where can I buy it from..??
we've just been using duct tape the last few days.. it seems to be working, slowly.. i'm not going to say anymore for fear of jinxing we'll see... the doctors wife is soooooo slow at setting up this new cryo clinic (i think for the stuff to freeze it..???).. the receptionist told me theres loads of people waiting, i'm just going to keep pestering for them to set it up.. the surgery is on my way to shops... so a little detour may be in need each time i go.. hmmmm.,..

5th Feb 2010, 21:30

chris says:

doing the vinegar and duct tape. verruca defiitely looks diferent. heel all white and spongy and very sore - think its as sore as its ever been even after all the cyro!just read people who it didnt work for so feel less optomistic. still going to persevere for a while.i have appointment at the hosital on 16th to see about radiotherapy or laser.also meant o start the light treatment but as yet no dates!!! therefore doing the vinegar!!

5th Feb 2010, 21:49

chris says:

doing the vinegar and duct tape. verruca defiitely looks diferent. heel all white and spongy and very sore - think its as sore as its ever been even after all the cyro!just read people who it didnt work for so feel less optomistic. still going to persevere for a while.i have appointment at the hosital on 16th to see about radiotherapy or laser.also meant o start the light treatment but as yet no dates!!! therefore doing the vinegar!!

5th Feb 2010, 21:49

chris says:

doing the vinegar and duct tape. verruca defiitely looks diferent. heel all white and spongy and very sore - think its as sore as its ever been even after all the cyro!just read people who it didnt work for so feel less optomistic. still going to persevere for a while.i have appointment at the hosital on 16th to see about radiotherapy or laser.also meant o start the light treatment but as yet no dates!!! therefore doing the vinegar!!

5th Feb 2010, 21:49

chris now fed up says:

iits really sore this morning and looks horrible. its bigger than a 50p and almost covers my heel!!!!!i cant walk on it today without really hurting as i guess any hard skin protecting it slightly has dissolved in the vinegar!! however it is now exposed but couldnt possibly file it as cant bear to touch it at the moment. am trying to be optomistic but strugglling. why o why cant we get rid of this virus??

6th Feb 2010, 10:57

Enough! says:

We are all with you Chris! I feel exactly the same, but when I asked my Dr that very same question he said.... The virus is extremely clever and in some people starts to mimic healthy cells in the surrounding area. Therefore, your immune system doesn’t notice it as a threat. Clever hey? But also very annoying. In the last week before I had my cryo my verrucas started to hurt a bit more than usual, which apparently is a good sign. This means inflammation is occurring and my immune system is recognising them as a threat. The Dr also told me that my verrucas look very superficial now and that I might only need one more treatment. Fingers crossed that is the case, but like you I feel less optimistic when 8 years later I still have them!
The vinegar treatment sounds really bad for you. Why not try something else. Like I said in my earlier posts I ended up with raw skin when using the vinegar and still they came back, so if I was you I'd try something else. I think both of us have clever strains of the virus, but we will kill them, mark my words!
Hi Whitevixen. Avoca is a trade name for a caustic pencil. These are used for verrucas because they gradually burn down the layers of skin hopefully removing the verruca with it. I have tried them repeatedly with no effect, but you may have better luck. They are better in treating smaller, newer verrucas than well established ones. You can buy them from chemists and cost from about £1 - £3 depending on the make and strength.
Hope this helps.

6th Feb 2010, 11:50

chris nw fed up says:

hi enough says. i think you are probably right re them being very cunning little devils as i cant understand why my immune system doesnt recognise them for what they are. i wouldnt care if i hadnt tackled mine (its just the one HUGE one on my heel ) six years ago whenit was very first spotted and no bigger than a pin head!!! still thinking about asking the gp to surgically remove it again. well, i did ask about 6 months ago but he was very reluctant to do it again and explained that as it a virus it wasnt surprising that it reappeared!!. (he didnt say that when he cut it out the first time though! He then opted for more freezing in his surgery and said he hadnt failed yet and he would get it!!!! But when i went for my umpteenth (more than 20 times!!!!) he refused very nicely to do it again as it was wasting his and my time and just giving me pain!!!!Thats when he referred me to a dermatologist to ask for radiotherapy but she was useless. she just prescribed verrugon (but its not available at the moment and my gp said even if it was it wont do me any good as mine so resistant. I am going to persevere with the vinegar as its now really painful and i am hoping thats a good sign and it means its dying or at least being attacked by my immune system. I have trouble getting the duct tape to stick tho, and i suspect not letting it breathe is essential. Going to take more thulia too as many people think attack it in every which way!!!!She presecribed occlusal for the two on my fingers (caught after 5 years from the one on my foot i guess) but thats not doing anything for these either. seriously fed up.

6th Feb 2010, 14:53

chris now really fed up says:

It hurts like mad now. cant walk on it!

6th Feb 2010, 23:17

christ fed up and hurting says:

Think this last time i am going to write anythng as foot excruciating!!! i thought other people who said how painful the vinegar was were wimpish. Apologies to them. I couldnt sleep and this morning i have given in and wahed off the vinegar that was on the cotton wool on my foot under the duct tape!!!!!!!!i cant stand on my foot!! Pain worse than when had it surgically removed!!!!!!!!! I might tryand be braver tomorrow but not sure this agony is worth it as it still probably wont die!!!!!

7th Feb 2010, 09:27

chris still fed up says:

Had hoped that someone would have said "no stick with it it will work! "pain much less now vinegar washed off. maybe will try again tomorrow tho still cant stand on that foot!!!

7th Feb 2010, 12:34

Enough! says:

Chris, I would love to say stick with it, it will work, but from my experience it's just alot of pain for no results and to be honest if surgically removing the verruca and surrounding skin didn't help then I doubt very much that vinegar will do the trick.
Like you I have tried all sorts to get rid of these things, but there might be something I have tried that didn't work for me, but might just work for you. here is the list:

1)Crushed garlic and lemon oil - apply three times a day and cover with a plaster. If no improvement within a month give up!
2) Avoca pen - pointless!
3) verruca removal medicated plasters - hmm? got rid of alot of skin, but didn't get down to the heart of the verruca.
4) freezing - Still working on this one, but probably not for you!
5) Banana peel - twice a day and cover with a plaster - foot turned brown, verruca seemed flatter, but still there!
6) Cutting it out myself!!!! OUCH!!!! Maybe not ehh!
7) Teatree oil - applied on its own three times a day and cover with a plaster or mix with lemon oil.
8)Anti viral or immune stimulating essential oils - Rosewood, White camphor,Lime, Lemon Eucalyptus, Eucalyptus, Hyssop, Scotch pine needle, Patchouli, Rose or Clove oil.
9) Aloe vera plant - cut a fresh leaf from the plant and apply slimy side down. Cover with a plaster and replace with a fresh piece twice a day. As it has antiviral and healing properties I found this work quite well for a while and even reduced the verrucas size, but then I started again with my freeze treatment and stopped. WHY? I don't know!
10) A mixture of salt and water - make into a paste and apply over the verruca, cover with a plaster - I found after a while this started to get really sore.
11) Vitamin E cream - Apply for about a month, three times a day, to my suprise the black dots in the verruca started to disappear.
12) Vinegar - OH MY WORD!!!!!! never again is all I can say! Who knew you could make yourself cry with a bit of vinegar. Also the other side effect I got was wanting a bag of chips every time I got a whiff of my foot!!!
13) After a visit to the chiropodist I came away with some flesh eating potion on my foot, YUCK!! it wasn't pretty and guess what?........ it didn't work!
14) Duct tape - With the amount of tape I went through I'm sure B&Q; thought I was up to no good, but even this didn't work.

You see Chris, you have to keep going. Even if I can't get rid of my verrucas I will try and help you get rid of yours. :)
P.S - Have you ever asked the Dr to check your immune system is functioning properly? Just a thought. If you have real problems getting rid of these things then maybe you have an underlying ailment preventing you from fighting off the virus.

Good luck and keep at it!

7th Feb 2010, 13:12

chris still sore but less so says:

Thanks enough said. i have tried most of what you suggested. formaldahyde showed the most promise, but it was only promise.thin i might not bother with the vinegar after your comments as hurts so much. i cant beleive how much, but maybe i should just put it on at night and not all the time?? The vitamin E cream sounds nice - not used that and that doesnt sound as if it will hurt so might go with that. have you ever heard of anyone having radiotherapy? I havent but my gp said that would DEFINATELY work so i keep hoping for that. gp just asked me if i ate a healthy diet re immune system, and when i told him that i did, he said then thats all you need. I did take the thulia and might take it again - not that it did nay good as far as i could see. thanks for your help though.

7th Feb 2010, 15:24

chris still sore but less so says:

ps did walk around france on summer holidays a year ago with a banana skin attached to my foot for three weeks. foot just went black and slimy!!!! and the french friends thought i was mad!! gave up explaining!!!

7th Feb 2010, 15:26

chris now got bright idea!!! says:

someone suggested super glue and although i thought he was joking he assured me he wasnt!! I guess it would starve it of air or whatever it needs so maybe i could try that?????????

7th Feb 2010, 15:29

chris sore but less so says:

anyone tried super glue? just an idea someone gave me.

7th Feb 2010, 15:29

Enough! says:

Hi Chris. I have never heard of radiotherapy for verrucas, well not until you mentioned it, but sounds too drastic. I bet it does have a good outcome though, mind you, what about scaring and the pain afterwards? OH NO! I don't really have that much of a pain threshold!
Now you remind me, I did try super glue and clear nail varnish a few years back and he's not joking, it really is a treatment, but for stubborn verrucas I found it just as bad as leaving them alone. Looking back I wish I had realised I had verrucas right at the start when they were tiny and frozen them, as the smaller ones I have all responded to treatment.
3 down, 4 to go!

7th Feb 2010, 21:26

chris persevering says:

being brave and have put vinegar back on for tonight - tho not got cotton wool soaked in as before, and covered with duct tape. already hurting but hope it lessens. i still want radiotherapy as gp said one dose and pesky thing will be gone for sure? i paid privately to freeze my verrucas by the way as soon as i spotted it - one on foot was size of a pin head and the two on the fingers were even smaller when i asked my gp to freeze them.! still didnt work. gp says it doesnt work for me!!!

7th Feb 2010, 22:22

chris persevering says says:

just been told by a friend (not medically qualified) that its the adhesive in the duct tape that works to kill pesky verruca so going to remove pad of cotton wool and stick duct tape over it. (tho did try that about 2 years ago and foot went soggy and thats all, still will try again!!! not painful now - well not like it was anyway

8th Feb 2010, 15:45

dozens of verrucas says:

hey chris only just saw ur question to me today about the duct tape!!

yes duct tape does make ur foot a little bit soggy but not that much i wouldnt say!!! and my feet def dont go rotton with duct tape, they only went a little rotton lookng if i used banana skin but even then its just the banana skin going rotton, not the actual foot!

i really believe duct tape works. but u must only put duct tape on, not anything else on underneath with it. what i mean is- dont try and mix and match treatments like for example, using a dab of tea tree oil with duct tape, i did that for ages and it never had an effect, thats why i assumed duct tape method was useless. but then i staretd putting just duct tape on- literally one single piece to cover the area and then a plaster on top to hold on. the reason this has an effect is cos the duct tape is sticking to the foot completely without any air gaps ( at least for the first 2 days ) if u use tea tree oil with it, it takes off the adhesive and stick properly, therefore, doesnt work.

yes, i do agree, if u leave it on for many days, it starts to get slightly soggy and the duct tape slips off but just replace it with a fresh piece and carry on leaving on for a few more days b4 u try to cut off any skin.

i think its partly to do with the adhesive and partly due to the fact that ur reducing the amount of oxygen to the virus so it cant breathe and slowly dies.

ive only just started doing duct take since january 5th and im already seeing improvements. i promise u it does have an effect. i cant stress how bad my feet are, i have like 16 in total ( 5 large ones) rest smaller ones but all very long lasting for about 8 yrs. but i must also stress, im taking an immune boosting supplement daily and even though that isnt going to just erradicate ur verrucas in a flash- ur own immune system has to fight it off eventually bcos its a virus. viruses can only be kept at bay with an intact immune system. so take any immune boosting supplement u want, along with any treatment u do, whether it be vinegar, cryo, acid- whatever treatment u decide to do- at the same time, take the supplement as well. it will def def help ur own body get rid of it sooner.

there are lots of immune boosters ppl say like vit c, zinc, echinena, selenium- these are all single immune boosting compounds, and while they are effective against colds and flu viruses, they arent strong enough to fight HPV virus. u need a complete set of multivitamins- i suggest immunace by vitabiotics or biostrath elixir. type them both into google!

infact type this into google- "wonder tx bio strath" and click on the top link which says "new verruca pedis "wonder tx"? - podiatry arena "

look at what it says- u may be suprised, i wud suggest u give it a go!

anyways mine are slowllyyyyyy going down very slowly but patience is a vritue i guess! i have had these bastards for 8 yrs so i cnt complain- and ive heard duct tape treatment takes like 10 weeks to work!!! but anyways good luck with ur verrucas!! hope they disappear soon!

hope ur verrucas are getting better as well Enough!


8th Feb 2010, 16:28

hopeful chris says:

thank you dosens of verrucas. i will stick to the duct tape as you suggest. i seem to have great difficulty keeping it on as mine is so huge - verruca that is!! i have a shower or bath at least once a day so is it ok just to renew each time or does the fact that it then gets a supply of oxygen for 10 minutes enought to sstop the duct tape working??? I cant believe my life is revolving around duct tape !!! i am becomming completely obsessed with killing the thing!!!!!!!! How sad am I? No dont answer

8th Feb 2010, 16:55

hopeful and grateful chris says:

sorry meant to say thanks for tip about bio strath. did what you said and will definately buy some and give it a go. have nothing to lose apart from a few pounds and ive already spent about £200 on private treatments so its not a lot to risk!

8th Feb 2010, 17:02

hopeful and grateful chris says:

sorry meant to say thanks for tip about bio strath. did what you said and will definately buy some and give it a go. have nothing to lose apart from a few pounds and ive already spent about £200 on private treatments so its not a lot to risk!

8th Feb 2010, 17:02

SLE says:

Whitevixen - Avoca is silver nitrate. If you look up a pharmacy lke payden's and search for Avoca it will come up. usually in a green packet. you can order on line which i did as you don't often see it in chemists.

8th Feb 2010, 19:04

dozens of verrucas says:

hey chris, thats ok let me know how it goes!!! if the treatment is going to work on u, you should see a change after about 2-3 weeks. when u see the change occuring- u kno its working and ur on the right track!

let me know how it goes. urs might even disappear b4 mine do cos uve only got one so hopefully it wont take too long!

8th Feb 2010, 21:49

Enough! says:

Hi dozens of verrucas. I thought you must have cured your verrucas cause we haven't heard from you in a while. Still using the Bio strath then? I thought you said it wasn't working or are you finally seeing some results?
Let's hope something is finally working for one of us!

My verrucas are not as painful now, just had my 4th freeze a week ago and have my fingers crossed that it will reduce them in size.

Chris, like dozens of verrucas I tried the Bio strath and immune boosting vitamins but had no effect and the duct tape used on its own was no good either, but you are right, you have nothing to lose, especially when you have already spent loads of money on other things.

Verrucas definitely seem to be taking over my life as well. Just think how much time we'll have on our hands when we finally get rid of them.
What if we miss them?
YEAH RIGHT !!!!!!!!!!!!

9th Feb 2010, 12:30

chris says:

mine not painful now not keeping the vinegar on. is is something in the duct tape that is supposed to kill the virus or is it the fact that no oxygen can be there for it???I am still a bit confused and undecided which treatment to do. i had decided to give the bio strath a go, but now enough says it didnt work, nor did the duct tape on its own i am less hopeful again!!!!!! oh!!!

9th Feb 2010, 19:43

DieVerrucas! says:

Just an update on mine, which will hopefully give you some hope chris.

I only applied vinegar at night, and that was only for 5 nights consecutively, then it was too much. During that time, I always had duct tape on apart from when I went in the shower. When the vinegar started hurting too much I stopped, though continued to cover with duct tape all the time (except the shower).

After about 9 days they started to go black, though it then seemed to go backwards for a few days after that. After 13 I got fed up and dug around and found that a load of crap would just come off.

Three weeks in since I started, and I'm not sure they have gone. There is a little blackness around the edges of where the craters used to be, but new skin is forming in the middle of the craters. I've heard that a sign of the verrucas being gone is that you get your footprint back, but I can't tell yet if there is the normal print on the new skin. I really hope so though.

I would definitely say stick to the duct tape chris. If it doesn't look like anything is happening within two - three weeks you can always give up.

9th Feb 2010, 22:17

chris persevering says:

i shall continue with the duct tape. the vinegar was just soooooo painful. i wouldnt have believed it if someone else had told me but its true. It was agony!!! the ones on my fingers havent gone either and i am using occlusal on those. having no efect whatsoever. (I had them frozen too when they were just dots altho my gp said "I dont want to freeze them as it wont work in your case!!" He was right once again!!! Have appointment at podiatrist on the national health on 16th but not holding out much hope!!

10th Feb 2010, 19:45

whitevixen says:

after that last time i cut the top layer off and just used duck tape and white bandage tape to secure it in place for a couple of days at a time.. it looks quite promising... fingers crossed.. the doctors wife finally sorted the cryo clinic out(its new in our surgery..the nearest one is miles away) the doctor there then said..his varucca is too small and it is quite a painful procedure even for an adult.. so he's not going to freeze it.. and he said to just carry on with what we're doing.. but they can sometimes take up to 2years to go away.. when i told him i was covering it in duck tape.. he looked at my dumb.. duck tape..?? i said i'd heard it had something to do with the sticky and no oxygen and he was like..oh - whatever!? haha just shows how much doctors my son is really happy now because it doesnt even hurt in the middle of it all when he presses it.. now he just needs to get back into the habit of walking on his full foot properly not just the back half.. bless him..!!

11th Feb 2010, 23:10

whitevixen says:

after that last time i cut the top layer off and just used duck tape and white bandage tape to secure it in place for a couple of days at a time.. it looks quite promising... fingers crossed.. the doctors wife finally sorted the cryo clinic out(its new in our surgery..the nearest one is miles away) the doctor there then said..his varucca is too small and it is quite a painful procedure even for an adult.. so he's not going to freeze it.. and he said to just carry on with what we're doing.. but they can sometimes take up to 2years to go away.. when i told him i was covering it in duck tape.. he looked at my dumb.. duck tape..?? i said i'd heard it had something to do with the sticky and no oxygen and he was like..oh - whatever!? haha just shows how much doctors my son is really happy now because it doesnt even hurt in the middle of it all when he presses it.. now he just needs to get back into the habit of walking on his full foot properly not just the back half.. bless him..!!

11th Feb 2010, 23:10

whitevixen says:

oops sorry about the duplicate .. silly internet..
i think its duct tape ... not duck tape ...hahaheehee.. :o)

11th Feb 2010, 23:12

chris says:

a podiatrist told me yesterday to take the thuja or is it thula again as its an immune booster pretty much specific for the virus that causes warts and these pesky things. (I did take it before and it didnt have any effect, but am going to try again) He also said its a good idea to make it bleed????????? Since if your foot keeps bleeding your own immune system should say "Oh what;s up with my foot and kick in!!) So going to try that. The duct tape doesnt seem to be doing much but I havent put the vinegar back on as that hurt soooooo much. But might start again with the vinegar. will let you know!! fellow sufferers

12th Feb 2010, 09:45

Enough! says:

Let it bleed? Is he mad?????
Won't that run the risk of spreading the virus to the surrounding skin? Also, you would think with the amount of trauma you have inflicted on the area with surgery, cryo and acids, your immune system would have been alerted to a problem already! I'm not sure if these Drs and specialists know what they are talking about, as all the ones I've seen don't seem to know much about them.
In the past my verrucas have bled loads, obviously due to me cutting at them, but if bleeding was all it took to get rid of them then mine would be well gone.
Good luck though!

At the moment my verrucas are looking quite promising. After my freeze I didn't think much was going to happen, but 10 days later it looks like the verrucas are going to flake off with the blisters.
I won't hold my breath though!

12th Feb 2010, 11:04

chris disillusioned now says:

yes enough says, i reckon you have a good point there!!! I'd always thought bleeding wasnt a good idea as virus could spread! They dont seem to know what they are talking a bout do they. I would like to add that when i had mine frozen on the oh so many times, each time when my gp finished i said "no give it another blast until i really couldnt stand it any longer and NOTHING happened apart from painful foot so i really wish you luck. maybe you will be one of the people who respond to the cryo? i do sincerely hope so.

12th Feb 2010, 13:32

chris says:

good point too because as you say with the surgery and all the freezing you would have thought immune system would have spotted something was up!!!! wouldnt you. so maybe i will ignore this podiatrists opinion!!

12th Feb 2010, 13:34

whitevixen says:

i know what you're saying about the bleeding may cause it to spread.. but my sons bled loads when it nearly got pulled out.... earlier on i'd said i was cutting it and he pulled his foot and it was like it had half ripped out..but still attached.. but since then it seemed to 'look' better .. and now we cant see any black dots.. it doesnt hurt him anymore .. so now we're just going to leave i for the skin to refresh around the area.. it wasnt intentional to make it bleed.. but because of it bleeding that time and when we had to get the top of it after the other treatments it did bleed slightly again.. so we left it a few days before carrying.. if it was the bleeding that was helping .. like your body/brain saying.. oh my god whats happening.. to give it a nudge and a kick start.. then it certainly worked in this case.. but i dont think i could intentional make it bleed... but alls well with my sons foot at the moment so fingers crossed it stays that way.. and good luck to you all x

14th Feb 2010, 11:01

Emily says:

This forum is brilliant, I can't believe there are so many people suffering with the same as me. I have had mine since I was 7 now im 22. I have tried thurija, bazoka, garlic capsules, zinc, home freezing, duct tape. And currently banana skins. I have one mosaic and a few others. I had one on my hand which went with home freezing and another next to my nail on my hand which always bleeds. I am going to try vinegar now so I really hope it works. Godd luck everyone!

14th Feb 2010, 16:38

Emily says:

I forgot to say that some people think if you kill the mother (the first one) the rest go... nice thought!

14th Feb 2010, 16:40

Verruca sufferer says:

Also clean your shoes and with dettol or similar and socks in a hot 90 degree wash or the virus can live in them and keep re-infecting your feet

14th Feb 2010, 16:44

chris says:

herbalist today convinced me to buy Veintain - to boost circulation as i do have poor circulation and Echinacea an immune booster plus thuja capsules and tincture plus elastoplast aqua protect silver healing plasters!!!!!Yes i know!!!! Still worth trying anything so am going to give it a go and make sure tights get washed every day and shoes, slippers etc disinfected wherever possible. an all out attack! Seeing specialist tomorrow.!!

15th Feb 2010, 21:55

chris says:

herbalist today convinced me to buy Veintain - to boost circulation as i do have poor circulation and Echinacea an immune booster plus thuja capsules and tincture plus elastoplast aqua protect silver healing plasters!!!!!Yes i know!!!! Still worth trying anything so am going to give it a go and make sure tights get washed every day and shoes, slippers etc disinfected wherever possible. an all out attack! Seeing specialist tomorrow.!!

15th Feb 2010, 21:55

chris says:

ps meant to say to emily i tried the banana skin for ages - had no effect whatsoever, but people did give me funny looks when i explained why I had banana skin on my foot! I wish you better luck!

15th Feb 2010, 21:56

Emily says:

I chucked in the banana skin and am on the vinegar. It didn't hurt the first day and I have got one on my hand which kills, kept me up last night, but its working!! The ones which are hurting the most are going the quickest. They are going black already which I think means dying. I would urge people to try to deal with the pain and use the vinegar I have tried everything before for years and nothing has worked this well! Intertesting you say about circulation as I have bad circulation... It's weird how some people are more likely to get verrucas than others. P.s. the only thing is the vinegar STINKS.. I feel bad for my boyfriend

16th Feb 2010, 15:32

Emily says:

Also, does anyone know how long to leave the vinegar on, for example now that they are going black should I take it off to let them dry out and hopefully fall off or keep going with vinegar and plasters?? Thanks!

16th Feb 2010, 15:35

chris says:

saw podiatrist - waste of time atlho there is a message on my answer phone to ring the secretary back tomorrow! He said that ive probably had it for over 6 years as ive been worrying about it and stressing!!!I told him i hadnt been stressed for the first two years!! as thought it would go! Neither was I stressed after having it surgically removed as i thought it had gone!!!!!! So dont think much of that opinion. He then said not to use too many treatments and he hadnt heard of any success with duct tape!! (Doesnt know much does he!) Actually using something called gorilla tape now! No Emily I wondered that myself. I gave up with the pain of the vinegar pressed onto my foot continually after 3 days but am now just putting vinegar on and then letting it dry before putting the duct tape on. So i joiin you in wanting to know how long and perhaps I should go back to putting the cotton wool soaked in vinegar back on. Ps our bedroom stinks of vinegar!! Podiatrist did say let it bleed as that stimulates immune system. Still not convinced on that one.

16th Feb 2010, 22:39

Emily says:

Vinegar is brilliant, stick with it! after just 3 days I left the one on my hand with just a plaster for a day and tonight managed to pick out the black with a blade and now it's all gone, just sore skin. So although it was excruciatingly painful for one night it did work. I think the one on my finger died first because it's more sensitive than feet. Seriously though nothing has ever worked before for me and now one has gone in 3 days! So next its feet, most are going black I have filed down the skin so im feeling hopeful. There are really deep ones which aren't going black but i think they might be a different kind of verruca or something. I will let you know how the others go....

17th Feb 2010, 22:01

SarahG says:

I'm doing vinegar and duct tape. First they swell and go white and i kept trimming them down with a sterilised blade . Now they are going black from the centre out (i have a cluster of 3 large ones). Let's hope that's them dying!!! Hurts so much but i will persevere :)

18th Feb 2010, 05:31

Red and Raw says:

Hi, I have been doing the Cider Vinegar and Duct tape for almost two weeks now on a group of mosaic verrucas on the sole of my foot. After two weeks one has a large black centre and the rest are all red and raw (they didn't go black) Has anyone else experienced this? I am trying to work out if this means they're dead and new skin is growing or they are still alive?
I have been applying duct tape and vinegar every morning without fail and replacing the next morning.

18th Feb 2010, 12:14

Ami says:

When a verruca dies does it fall out? Like a chunk??

18th Feb 2010, 15:05

Enough! says:

Hi Red and Raw. When using the vinegar method my verrucas never turned black, just white and puffy and then red raw. I thought this meant they had gone, but unfortunately no! Even though the skin was unbearable to touch and it look like fresh healthy skin the verrucas still came back. In all, the only thing I experienced from the vinegar method was pain, more pain and a nasty looking foot! Remember all it takes is one bit of the virus to remain for it to regrow, hence why it is important to still treat it for a short time after you think it has gone. Although, when your foot is raw there's not really much you can do with it.
I hope you have more luck with it than I did. Keep us posted.
Ami, I would love to say yes, the verruca comes out like a chunk, but mine have never gone so i'm still waiting to find out! Although, with the verruca living in the layers of the skin I would expect it to peel off. When I have my cryo the area forms a blister, then hard skin and then peels off leaving newer skin underneath, no big chunk or hole though.

19th Feb 2010, 12:00

Red and Raw says:

Hi Enough,
Thanks for the advice- I'm so disappointed :O( I really thought I was winning the battle. i think I'm just going to duct tape for a couple of days as my skin is too painful to do anything other than that really. Although thinking ahead pulling off the tape is going to kill! After that I may go back to the vinegar. I have definitely got rid of some of the layers of verucca anyhow.
Out of interest, how many years have you had yours for? (I'm coming up to 7 years- gross I know).

19th Feb 2010, 13:44

Emily says:

Ive had mine 14 years :(
They sort if come out in a chunk but more like in little bits then there is a hole with raw skin at the bottom its gross to think about...

19th Feb 2010, 15:21

Enough! says:

Ha Red and Raw I have beaten you by 2 years! I have been 9 years with my verrucas, but I think Emily has us both beaten with 14!!!!!!! If mine stay with me that long I think amputation might be the only option. Sorry Emily for making you feel even more depressed about the situation, but why do these things hang on, isn't it about time they spread their love and infected someone else?!!!! No I'm only Joking, I wouldn't want to inflict this on anyone else, but enough is ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!

20th Feb 2010, 16:08

chris says:

ok. latest news for emily and enough says and anyone else is that ive received a letter to attend hospital again this coming week for a biopsy on my verruca!!!!!!!!!! Not sure why, as i thought the virus that caused them was already identified etc. Will let you know. Ive changed to thuja tincture and duct tape as vinegar was just tooooo painful for words and mine didnt turn black as i was hoping. its just a large (bigger than 50p) white horrid raw patch. i am seriously fed up.Like Enough says I am with you. enough is ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

21st Feb 2010, 09:32

chris says:

Have received a lletter to day dong the biopsy to assess whether lesion on heel suitable for phototherapy (light treatment). Letter also says that radiotherapy has not been deemed as suitable treatment for the warts on my legs!! I HAVENT GOT ANY WARTS ON MY LEGS!!! It really does make me wonder if anyone knows what they are doing in the health service!!!!!!! at my local hospital!

23rd Feb 2010, 12:46

Enough! says:

Hi Chris. I know I shouldn't laugh, but how the hell did they think you had warts on your legs? These people are idiots. You couldn't make this stuff up!!! No wonder we have chosen to treat ourselves all these years, after all, who would trust a medical professional?! I hope they have given you the right biopsy results. So when do you start your phototherapy?
At the moment I'm still waiting for my blister/scabs to fall off before I can see if the cryo worked. They are still quite sore, but apparently that is a good sign.
Finger and toes cross for you with your treatment.
Let me know how things go.

23rd Feb 2010, 17:49

chris says:

biopsy is thursday and thats to see if it suuitable for phototherapy which i doubt they will say it is!!! think have to wait two weeks for result. I am abroad for about the next ten weeks so will have to wait until i am back but I give up. I think i shall carry on with the thuja (6 tablets a day and the echinacea - both meant to be immune boosters) and of course the DUCT TAPE which is making verucca white and puffy but not going black. May start with the vinegar on but at moment putting thuja tincture on it. Will let you all know WHEN it goes. Am trying to think positively as specialist says its because i dont think it will ever go that it hasnt!!!Thats the best they can do for me! AAAAAAARGH!!!!!!!!

23rd Feb 2010, 21:12

chris says:

biopsy is thursday and thats to see if it suuitable for phototherapy which i doubt they will say it is!!! think have to wait two weeks for result. I am abroad for about the next ten weeks so will have to wait until i am back but I give up. I think i shall carry on with the thuja (6 tablets a day and the echinacea - both meant to be immune boosters) and of course the DUCT TAPE which is making verucca white and puffy but not going black. May start with the vinegar on but at moment putting thuja tincture on it. Will let you all know WHEN it goes. Am trying to think positively as specialist says its because i dont think it will ever go that it hasnt!!!Thats the best they can do for me! AAAAAAARGH!!!!!!!!

23rd Feb 2010, 21:12

chris says:

biopsy is thursday and thats to see if it suuitable for phototherapy which i doubt they will say it is!!! think have to wait two weeks for result. I am abroad for about the next ten weeks so will have to wait until i am back but I give up. I think i shall carry on with the thuja (6 tablets a day and the echinacea - both meant to be immune boosters) and of course the DUCT TAPE which is making verucca white and puffy but not going black. May start with the vinegar on but at moment putting thuja tincture on it. Will let you all know WHEN it goes. Am trying to think positively as specialist says its because i dont think it will ever go that it hasnt!!!Thats the best they can do for me! AAAAAAARGH!!!!!!!!

23rd Feb 2010, 21:12

chris says:

sorry silly thing did it twice

23rd Feb 2010, 21:13

chris totally fed up says:

had biopsy. in brief, i asked why and was told as they only 90% certain its a verucca (dont even go there) they just making sure. Even tho its been seen and treated as such by at least 4 podiatrists privately and 4 gps including one who surgically removed it!!!!!!!!!!! Specialist then prescribed salycylic acid 50% but guess what its still not available (I told her this too) I am going to take the stitches out myself as not here for a while. There is enough blood now soaked through the bandage that my immune system must kick in now I would have thought!!!!!!!!!!!. This might appear twice. sorry folks if it does. I will update anyone interested at end of May!

25th Feb 2010, 15:04

chris totally fed up says:

had biopsy. in brief, i asked why and was told as they only 90% certain its a verucca (dont even go there) they just making sure. Even tho its been seen and treated as such by at least 4 podiatrists privately and 4 gps including one who surgically removed it!!!!!!!!!!! Specialist then prescribed salycylic acid 50% but guess what its still not available (I told her this too) I am going to take the stitches out myself as not here for a while. There is enough blood now soaked through the bandage that my immune system must kick in now I would have thought!!!!!!!!!!!. This might appear twice. sorry folks if it does. I will update anyone interested at end of May!

25th Feb 2010, 15:04

chris totally fed up says says:

sorry appeared twwice. meant to add radiotherapy has been ruled out as i am not old enough for one reason and it might scar for a second and it could cause something else like skin caner for a third!!!!!At least thats what i think she said but she is difficult to understand. (I actually guess its because its expensive!) But there you go

25th Feb 2010, 15:07

whitevixen says:

just an update on the varrucca on 5yr old son's foot... its gone..!!! woo hoo.. he is soooo happy.. and so am I .. what a releif.. and now i've said it.. it'll be back next week..haha..hope not :/

chris totally fed up.. with the radiotherapy.. it is quite expensive and so they probably save it for people with cancer (which is probably what the doc was trying to say).. as it is quite a drain on the nhs.. i know varrucca are a nasty pain and take forever to go but at the end of the day they aren't fatal like cancer can be ..

i'm just glad the one i had when i was a teen didnt take this long to go .. and my son with him being young his immune system it still young so probably kicked in to beat the if it was me, i'd be tempted to try the vinegar but everyone says it hurts sooooo much... but i'd still want to give it a go.. but duct tape on its own worked for my son.. we just suffocated the nasty thing for days on end, ..hahahaha.. then replaced the tape every 2days..

good luck everyone.. i'll pop back now and again to see how everyone is getting on :)

27th Feb 2010, 14:32

ryan says:

Ive read nearly every comment and noticed that people are saying that when they are getting a black dot that it is dying? Ive had mine for nearly a year and since then Ive always had black dots in mine. So was just wondering does that mean its dying?
Agreed about the bazuka treatment it made mine bigger and gave me 2 minute ones just above my varucca.
I am tempted to try this vinger method but just want to know on a scale of 1-10, 10 being the highest how muh pain I will be in? As i have to be on my feet 8 1/2 hours a day sometimes 10 and if its really bad then I dont want to risk it.

1st Mar 2010, 16:33

Enough! says:

Hi ryan,
The black dots in the verruca don't mean they are dying. If this was the case then mine would have gone years ago! The black dots are tiny blood vessels that have burst due to pressure when walking. Sorry!
As you haven't had your verrucas long you might be one of the fortunate ones and get rid of them within 2 years, but if not, and you want to self treat I would think twice before using the vinegar, especially if you are on your feet most of the day.
To be honest, the pain from the vinegar method varies from person to person, but if I had to rate it I would give it 10 out of 10, in fact for me it was off the scale! At first it didn't hurt at all, but as the days move on and the skin grew less I was in so much pain it reduced me to tears. I couldn't put any weight on my foot and the area became red raw. Eventually I had to give up and even though the verrucas looked to be no more, they soon came back with vengeance! At the moment the only thing that is touching the verrucas is cryo and that is just as bad!!
Whatever you decide to do there is the dilemma of whether yours will disappear on its own, in which case the best thing is to leave it alone OR you are stuck with it for some time yet. If this is the case then the best thing is to treat it as soon as possible, otherwise they will get deeper, tougher to treat and become totally depressing.

Good luck and keep us posted :)

3rd Mar 2010, 10:25

Ryan says:

Thanks Enough.

I started the vinger 2nights ago and as I didnt have any duck tape I decided to put a plaster over it then just tape it too death. Im not sure at all if it is working as it just looks saturated all the time. I have also putt more tape on it for the day and its still just looking saturated. Is this meant to happen? Ive got some parcel tape for tonight.
The pain there is no pain (well fingers crossed at the moment there isnt).
Although I am unsure if I am doing it right I will keep up and keep everyone posted. :)

4th Mar 2010, 16:37

Enough! says:

Hi ryan,
Whilst I used the vinegar method my verrucas never turn black like others have mentioned, it just went white and puffy and then after about a week, red raw! The pain seemed to start after a couple of days, so it might creep up on you, but I hope it's not too bad. As long as the cotton wool isn't soaked too much in vinegar then it should stay put with the right tape.
Sounds like you are doing everything right, but will it work?
Let's hope so! :)

4th Mar 2010, 22:27

Ryan says:

Thanks again enough! :)

It has gone all puffy and white around the verruca which seems like its sunk even deeper into my foot now.
Still no pain (touch wood).
I am literally soaking the cotton wool in it.
I have also reccomended the vinger to my girlfriends brother so will keep you updated on his aswell.
He's in day 1 and Im in day 3 so not too much difference.

5th Mar 2010, 15:19

dozens of verrucas says:

hello i havent written on here for a while but thought i would update on the progress!

so i have about 14 verrucas ( 9 on the right foot and 5 on the left foot)

people who have been keeping up to date with the blog might have read that i was using the duct tape and bio strath method. ive been using it since jan and its now early march!!! so thats a good 2 months of patient waiting around with reels of duct tape stuck to my feet!!!

but 2months on, 8 of my verucas have gone!!!!!!!!!!!! its taken a long time, the larger ones more than others but 8 have finally gone. i think they have gone because there are no more black dots at all, i can see the lines of my normal skin over that area and its soft to touch like normal skin ( not hard like verrucas skin) but thats only half way there....still got another 8 to get rid off but they are all looking very promising and going down in size. there are no more black dots in any of them but i can still see outlines for the wart in the ones which havent gone completely so im thinkin another 2 months and hopefully they will have all gone!!!

ive had these for EIGHT YEARS!!!! my feet were disgusting, i was so embarrased to show them ANYWHERE. i was so embarrased to even tell my bf!!! ive had to wear socks all the time with him and he always asks why but i never told him, even in the shower i used to wear socks with him- thats how disgusting they were!! buttttt there is hope. i put my hand on my heart and say to every single verruca sufferer out there that they can go with perserverence i think. i wish wish wish i took photos to show every1 to prove how horrible my feet were. but i ddidnt :( im sorry, i can only hope u believe what i have to say!!!

i hope everyones verrucas on here disappear on day. i know the pain, the embarrasement, the depression ppl go thorugh with these things.

i know everyone is different so one treatment for me may not work for another so the treatment course which was most successful for me may not be for another. but just so u know if anyone decides to give it a go, my treatment was this.

biostrath elixir -available from holland and barrett ( immune booster liquid supplement) , 2-3 times a day for 2 months ( and still taking it)

together with duct tape ALWAYS on my feet covering the verruca. did this since january too and still doing it as well now.

it sounds too good to be true that this is all i have been doing but it is. i just cant explain it!!!! its like a miracle!!!!

if anyone gives this treatment a go, I would love to know how they get on.

p.s you must carry on for at least a month. u will not see an improvement after a week or even 2 weeks. u will only see an improvement after at least 4 weeks with this procedure. its slow and gradual so if ur looking for a quick fix to get rid of the verrucas, this probs isnt the best choice but i def recommend to anyone whos tried all other routes and is clutching at straws for another treatment. and its the least pianful method ive ever tried might i add!!!

hope this is helpful to any fellow verruca sufferers out there. good luck!!!!!!!!!!xxxxxxxxx

5th Mar 2010, 21:08

dozens of verrucas says:

p.s another thing i forgot to add was that i havent cut out or grated or scalped or even touch the verrucas with any sharp instrument for the past 2 mohths and they disappeared on there own. almost like my own bodys army of cells ( thats what i call the immune system hehe) has engulfed them and got rid of them without the need to cut them out myself.
its really bizzare i know and i can imagine people thinking ive made this all up!!! but seriously, if ur curious about this method. do exactly what i wrote above and see for yourself if it works!!! xxxxxx

5th Mar 2010, 21:19

Anonymous says:

Hi readers

God i need some help with these verrucas!! i have 4, fairly large ones on my right foot, one even on my little toe!! (OUCH) i have been going back gettin them froze and gettin the dead skin taking off but there still growin, and gettin more painful, i even have a very small one on one of my fingers, there horrid! i have had them for about 3-4 years and there driving me crazy!! please help!!!!!

7th Mar 2010, 09:58

Enough! says:

Hi Anonymous,
I have the same problem as you, but mine has been going on for a bit longer! Whilst I tried to treat my verrucas I transferred them to my fingers, but luckily the freeze only took 2 goes to get rid of them, my feet however are another story. No matter what I try they seem very resilient and even though I'm onto my 4th freeze they still look to be there, although they are much improved.
I would recommend you try everything to treat these things. Read all the above posts and see how some of the lucky ones have finally beaten their verrucas.
Try the vinegar method, try aloe vera, try duct tape on its own, try boosting your immune system, try tea tree oil... etc..... It could be that none of these work, but if you try them all at least you'll know and then you can try something else.
If you are anything like the rest of us on here then you are going to be with us for some time, but for your sake I hope they go relatively quickly.
Good luck and remember you're not alone with this problem.
Keep us posted. :)

7th Mar 2010, 14:24

b says:

i have had verrucas for about 5 years now and they really started to get embarrassing. As i am doing the london triathlon in the summer i decided to get rid of the things. i have one mosaic on the heel of my left food with about 5 on. and the right foot with about 4 on. I thought i only had two one on each however last night did the vinegar technique and this morning i have lots of dots (verrucas) which i didn't know i had.
Day 1 and not going to lie its very very painful. i cant really walk properly however I am guessing the pain is a good thing.
they are all white and puffy.. i shall do the same tonight and se how it goes.
ill keep you al posted.

8th Mar 2010, 10:33

Ryan says:

Day 4 I think? Haha!
Still no pain all white puffy and hard skined around the actual varruca.
The varruca seems like its lifting out of the foot? I had a little pick yesterday and it seems to be hardish skin there almost like a scab.
Still no pain, it ocassionally seems like its going to start but it doesn't.
As tonnes of people have had pain I am starting to question whether I am doing the treatment correctly. I think I will go another week and a half with the brown tape then perhaps go out and but some duck tape.

8th Mar 2010, 16:31

Sam says:

Thankyou for the advice everyone, i will try some of the different methods and keep u posted. x

8th Mar 2010, 19:14

Richard(hutchingsrj-at-gmail-dot-com) says:

Sorry if I'm asking an old question but I've bought a bottle of OCCLUSAL from a seller on Ebay!
I've tried other creams from Scholl but they never worked.
After a week of the OCCLUSAL it has turned my mossiac white, with a black dot, and the surrounding skin has all gone white.
Is the white the new skin growing or have I damaged the skin?

11th Mar 2010, 20:29

Ruby says:

I've had verrucas since I was about 7, and whilst the actual thing has gone, I now have white crater-like things in their place. They make me really self-conscious of my feet and I can't do PE without wearing socks or shoes..

11th Mar 2010, 21:57

Ruby says:

I forgot to add;
Is this normal and is there any way to get rid of them?

11th Mar 2010, 22:01

Swimming says:

The white skin is dead. Usually, i file off the dead skin so that the treatment can get to the living verruca tissue underneath. Read the product advice slip. It may give more specific instructions.

Since i last posted thinking that my verrucas were gone, they have come back. Grrr. I think i am just gonna keep cutting at them, but sitting religeously applying treatment just doesnt seem to work for me.
Hope you all have better success...

13th Mar 2010, 00:11

Richard says:

Thanks for your advice, sadly the advice slip basically says paint it on for two weeks!
My heel is getting a bit painful , so i'm going to leave off the treatment for a few days and see if the skin grow back and hopefully the pain will go.

13th Mar 2010, 09:24

Anonymous says:

Thanks for your advice, sadly the advice slip basically says paint it on for two weeks!
My heel is getting a bit painful , so i'm going to leave off the treatment for a few days and see if the skin grow back and hopefully the pain will go.

13th Mar 2010, 09:24

Richard says:

Thanks for your advice, sadly the advice slip basically says paint it on for two weeks!
My heel is getting a bit painful , so i'm going to leave off the treatment for a few days and see if the skin grow back and hopefully the pain will go.

13th Mar 2010, 09:24

San Miguel says:

I've had a verruca on the ball of my left foot now for several years recently like in the last year it's become painful like pushing on the flesh beneath.
I been trying the wine vinegar route for some time, using cotton wool and micropore.
The beggar is still there but I feel shrunk in sixe, just been plastered up again about an hour ago and the pain is just easing, here's for a brighter future :)

16th Mar 2010, 23:11

shar says:

Thanks to everyone who has posted on here! Recently I have felt like I was the only one with verruca's!

I've had two verruca's for the past three years. I went to the doctors to have them frozen last year to then find that instead of them going I gained another one!

Over the last six weeks I have been continueing to have them frozen until last week when the doc said he would not continue with freezing them as he did not think it was working.

The doc also told me to take a minute each day to concentrate on thinking about them going and they would go! I was like...what do you think ive been doing for the last three years!!

I'm determind to beat them so started the vinegar and tape treatment last night. Had no pain so far.

Good luck to everyone else. I will keep you posted!

18th Mar 2010, 14:42

..... says:

i have had verrucas on the heel of my foot for about 7 years i find them very embarrassing iv tried freezing, cream but nothing seems to work.. is duct tape the way forward? and ruffly how long will it take? its nearlly summer and we all need to get the flip flops out ha

21st Mar 2010, 21:33

Frequency says:

I opened mine up (got a sharp edge n opened up the hard skin on top of the core of the verruca) n has put vinegar n them, taped it, n put a sock on to hold, Its meant to go right to the virus. Hope it works.

22nd Mar 2010, 19:50

shar says:

re the last post, i think it can take different amounts of time depending on the size of the verruca etc. from reading the posts i think the duct tape has worked for a lot of people so give it a try!

after trying the vinegar and tape for two nights i have moved on to using avoca.

the vinegar smelt awful and i found the tape to be really uncomfortable - but whatever works for you!

i have applied the avoca for the last three nights. my verrucas are now black. not sure what i am suppose to do now with them as the instructions say to only apply for up to six times. i file them each night before apply the avoca.

if any one has used avoca before and can let me know any tips for success then please post on here!

will let you know what happens!

22nd Mar 2010, 19:52

SLE says:

Shar - we used Avoca on my daughters feet when she had a couple. We applied the 6 times, then left it. After 2 weeks the core kind of came away. Luckily for her, new skin grew back and the pesky things were gone. There was a circular black mark still which was outside of the core part which faded after a while, helped by some filing.

24th Mar 2010, 21:21

SLE says:

Shar - we used Avoca on my daughters feet when she had a couple. we applied the 6 times and then left them. After 2 weeks the core came away. New skin gre underneath and luckily the pesky things were gone. A circular black mark was left around the core which faded after a while helped by some filing.

24th Mar 2010, 21:24

shar says:

SLE - Thank you for getting back to me.

Have carried out the treatment 6 times now so i will wait to see what happens!

Think I filed a little too much two nights ago as my foot was left really sore.

Hopefully something will happen soon! Thanks again for your reply - much appreciated.

25th Mar 2010, 14:25

Tazlilly says:

My son has had veruccas on his feet (now 12 of the little blighters), 3 on his palm (was 1) and now one just below his lip.
We have tried all sorts of options and today got Avoca from the doctor. Used it tonight and it broke, so will have to buy another one on the web.
Hope this works as he's getting really naffed off with them

25th Mar 2010, 22:30

whitevixen says:

well its been a month since i did anything on my 5yr old sons foot and the skin is looking fantastic.. it has definatley gone :o) the only problem he had afterwards was getting out of the habit of walking on his heel all the time becasue it was too painful for him to put the front part of his foot down properly, but even thats sorted now.. he's happy now he can run and walk properly and went swimming for the first time this spring the other day .. for those that missed how we did it.. it was just duct tape.. a nice big square to cover the varruca then put some masking tape over that to go round the foot to keep it in place over night and the next day .. we refreshed the tape every night, but never went a night without it .. we did that for about a month.. it went abit white and hard so i cut the top off it.. it was painful for him..(lots of hugs afterwards) then more duct tape.. the doc said just keep doing what we were doing but didnt believe me when i said it was duct tape..!! hahaha ..doctors eh..!!?? what do they know.....??!! I hope everyone who has them gets rid of them eventually.. good luck x

26th Mar 2010, 15:43

Sam says:

I have been filing them and applying the bazuka stuff, and then stil going back to the nurse when i can (once a month) to get them froze, slowly i think that have gone down abit, i want to try the duck tape, i would do anything for them to be gone for summer so i can wear my sandels!! i hope everyone is getting on okay, any extra advice anyone has plz let me know, x

26th Mar 2010, 21:29

Sam says:

I have been filing them and applying the bazuka stuff, and then stil going back to the nurse when i can (once a month) to get them froze, slowly i think that have gone down abit, i want to try the duck tape, i would do anything for them to be gone for summer so i can wear my sandels!! i hope everyone is getting on okay, any extra advice anyone has plz let me know, x

26th Mar 2010, 21:29

Snoopverruc says:


I have had a mosaic v on the sole of my foot for 4 years- started off small but grew on its own and it was bothering me so I went to see a Podiatrist who suggested leaving it to nature but filing it to alleviate discomfort. Filing it caused it to spread further!! I tried Wartner freeze and it got bigger again and I got satellite ones!

I went to a Chiropodist who did scraping, cryotherapy, salylic acid and the most painful treatment of all- crystals which are incredibly potent and cause erosion and major blistering- I have done really well with the pain side but only managed to keep the crystal on half the night- it left a big hole in my foot (which shocked the Chiropodist too!!) but the mosaic survived. The little B!!

I have tried tea tree, duct tape and immune boosters but nothing has shifted it. I now have the mosaic and about another 12 on the right foot and 2 on the left. I was really chuffed to find this site and am now on the vinegar treatment- I really think it is working after just a week! I put a combo of white wine vinegar and acv with cotton wool and masking tape overnight and then just apply masking tape in the day (as the vinegar is putrid!!) I am cutting away the resulting dry sking with nail clippers.

I will keep you posted- just to thank everyone for sharing their stories- when I first got these I didn't think it was common to not be able to cure them with over the counter products. I have spent a fortune and experienced a lot of pain but it'll all be worth it to sunbathe again without feet in the sand!

I am going to replace the immune booster I am using with Thuja and will try Avoca once I have exposed the base of the mosaic.

Sorry for essay but it is such a relief to find this forum! My view is that you just need to find the right thing to kick your immunity and then do what you can to get to the root and deal with it.

30th Mar 2010, 00:29

Snoopverruc says:

OMG- just did a quick recalc and it's actually nearer 7 years!! Wonder if that Podiatrist is still working??

30th Mar 2010, 00:31

heather says:

i have 2 small varuccas on my hand and one next to my nail on my middle finger. Have been to the drs continuously for months now to freeze them and one looks like it is gettijng better. One has gone black. Does that mean it is dying?

1st Apr 2010, 17:08

heather says:

i have 2 small varuccas on my hand and one next to my nail on my middle finger. Have been to the drs continuously for months now to freeze them and one looks like it is gettijng better. One has gone black. Does that mean it is dying?

1st Apr 2010, 17:08

heather says:

i have 2 small varuccas on my hand and one next to my nail on my middle finger. Have been to the drs continuously for months now to freeze them and one looks like it is gettijng better. One has gone black. Does that mean it is dying?

1st Apr 2010, 17:08

shar says:

heather - i think them turning black does mean that they are dying.

fingers crossed they go! - keep us updated.

mine on my foot are still black. hoping they they go soon! its been a week and a half since i finished the treatment.

2nd Apr 2010, 14:26

shar says:

i think my verrucas have gone!!! finally.

definately recommend avoca!

4th Apr 2010, 11:51

Sara says:

Argh, I never knew there were so many people with them! I honestly thought I was pretty much on my own being nearly 17 and having my feet full of the little bastards since I was 12!
I too am fed up of being told to let ‘nature take its course.’ Nearly 5 years nature – come on!
For me it’s just an embarrassment, as I also have a boyfriend who has no idea about them and I’m not sure how much longer I will be able to hide them for. With summer coming up I want to be able to talk around bare foot and be able to wear pretty shoes again! When they first appeared I had them frozen, but nothing happened. I’ve used possibly every single over the counter product and all they’ve done is spread! I have also used duct tape, filed them till they’ve bled and even used a RAZOR to try and get them to look smoother and less noticeable. As you can tell, I am desperate! I am currently using Glutarol which makes the area a brownish colour – again, it seems to be failing!
I am going to try the vinegar idea thanks to you guys, and this will hopefully work, I’m willing to give ANYTHING a go just so I can have pretty feet again.
Just wondering if anyone has had the treatment process where a small probe to be used with a tiny energy current to try to remove it? Is it effective / worth it?

4th Apr 2010, 12:41

sh says:

hey ppl ive read all ur coments and i have started using the viniger and tape,ive been doing it for 3 days now the center ov the veruca is starting 2 go brown ish colour,hope its working? ive got a big hole were the veruca is and its white around it,should i file away round it or leave it?

7th Apr 2010, 21:40

Snoopverruc says:

Well, they all shrank after several nights of the vinegar and duck tape treatment and so moved onto avoca over Easter weekend along with thuja and immunace plus. I started getting fresh pink skin around the mosaic so was chuffed but just before I looked and it was White and puffy ( put just duck tape on it today to see what happened so the whiteness was the result). So, seeing the White has sent me backto the vinegar.

Still hopeful nonetheless!

7th Apr 2010, 22:13

... says:

so i have been using duct tape over my verruca for a couple of weeks now and around the verruca i get white puffy skin does this mean my verruca is going? please help :D

7th Apr 2010, 22:20

shar says:

sh - the brown colour sounds like something is working! i did not carry on with the vinegar treatment but went on to avoca and mine went brown/black before they went.

snoopverruc - good luck! sounds like something is working!

..... - my skin also went white and puffy and nothing seemed to change on the actual verruca. i think the verruca is suppose to change in colour. a more darker colour. why don't you try avoca? it cost £2.40 from boots and only have to apply it for 6 days.

8th Apr 2010, 10:59

Snoopverruc says:

Hi Shar, how Many treatments if avoca did you do? I did try it and applied it twice before the stick broke- no change to verucca I don't think, although that was when got pinkness which has gone White again- but might have needed more avoca? Went straight back to vinegar treatment when saw White but despite leaving I on all night it didn't hurt. Sorry to be gross but chipped away loads of White yesterday and actually caused several verucca to bleed. Did 4 hours of vinegar after on the mosaic and 2 v's that hadn't bled and didn't hurt, which is odd as it normally does. and surely the closer the verucca it is getting after stripping skin the more I should hurt? Have been away this weekend so just used masking tape

11th Apr 2010, 09:33

JennyBean says:

Hi, i have had mosaic verrucas for like 4 years now, freezin them doesnt work, the bazuka stuf doesnt. I might try the vinegar method or the banana one. What do you have to do for the banana one?

11th Apr 2010, 19:54

JennyBean says:

Hi, i have had mosaic verrucas for like 4 years now, freezin them doesnt work, the bazuka stuf doesnt. I might try the vinegar method or the banana one. What do you have to do for the banana one?

11th Apr 2010, 19:54

katty says:

does the vinager treatment hurt because i have tryed all the others and i always though it would be painfull i have about 20 verrucas on 1 foot and only 1 on the other they are really starting to iritate me now i have had them for about 5 years and they are slowly getting worse HELP?

11th Apr 2010, 20:09

katty says:

also i forgot to say how do you do it?

11th Apr 2010, 20:14

sh says:

hey katty ive been doing the viniger 4 7 days now and it must be working coz it has reduced in size, it was a big crator and has shrank loads,its not painfull 2 walk on no more,i just soak a little bit of cotton wool in viniger ,roughly the same size as my verruca,and then use surgical tape 2 stick over it,its working a treat so far and its just been a week,

11th Apr 2010, 23:33

sh says:

p.s as 4 the pain it honestly i havnt felt any pain wat so eva

11th Apr 2010, 23:35

katty says:

thank sh i will give that a go let me now if they go compleatly good luck

12th Apr 2010, 09:49

Snoopverruc says:

Great news! I left masking tape on all wkend except las night an started using another immune booster yesterday from hollan and Barrett. I don want to get over- excited but I think several have gone!! I scraped them this morning and they jut came away- also the mosaic has shrank dramatically an there's loads of pink skin showing through between the v's. Have taped them up again. Going to keep masking tape and immune booster and thuja going this week and will update. Fingers crossed that by this summer I can wear open shoes for the first time in 7 years without feeling paranoid ... And stop worrying I will pass them on! Advice to all is keep the masking tape going if nothing else! I think it shrink them and the rest mAy be down to diet and immunity.

12th Apr 2010, 14:18

katie:] says:

i have 5 verrucas one my left foot, i tried digging them out, but that made them much worse. So i left them until they werent as painful and as visious and i gently used one of those things to get the dead skin of your feet and filed them down. I didnt do it hard, but it worked and they look better and not as big. The bannana treatment and the vineger treatment sometimes work, but the bannana makes them go black :s.The vinegar makes it very painful, and makes it look like youve been in the bath for too long !.
So this is what i did altogether
1. gently fille them down with a foot scrub.
2. spray your entire foot with savalon antiseptic spray.
3. get some clear nail varnish and cover the verrucas in it.
(the nail varnish may fall off, so cover it will some tape or a plaster)
and they should have mostly been reduced in size and look better.

12th Apr 2010, 17:45

katty says:

how do you do the bannana treatment ? :D

12th Apr 2010, 20:47

dozens of verrucas says:

hey snoopverruc..... i just read ur last post and u said some of ur verrucas have gone! how are they now? thats really good. i used bio strath as my immune booster and duct tape covered on them for literally the past 3 and a half months and practically all of mine have gone now. just a few more left. i was really really shocked that such a simple method worked to get rid of the 16 bastards that ive had for about 10 yrs!!

i think this method reallly works and more ppl should try it if they are finding other methods are too painful!

also sara, i totally know how u feel- its so embarrasing:( i have a bf and omg ive had to hide it from him for like a year. its not easy if ur feet are full of them like mine lol but ive managed it! i swear hes gona ask me to remove my socks one day and show him my feet...! ah! lets hope not lol

12th Apr 2010, 23:18

Enough! says:

Just got back from my 6th cryo treatment and the pain is unbearable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thankfully he said they all look really superficial now and that fingers crossed this would be the last time I needed to see him. Who knows, that could be true, but knowing these things they will be with me for some time yet. I HOPE I'm wrong!
In 9 years I've tried just about everything, so if this doesn't work then that's it, the verrucas can have my feet!
OH my god! what am I saying? The pain is making me talk b***ocks.
Off to go and scream now, the neighbours will probably think I'm being murdered, but no pain no gain...... yeah right!


14th Apr 2010, 16:11

noushka says:

This website is a godsend! I'm not surprised there are so many posts on here. Having veruccas is so depressin!

I've had one stubborn one for almost 10 years and have tried bazooka, wartner, cyrsosurgery, acid, tee tree oil. About a year ago, two more appeared and I started having laser treatment which has cost me several hundred pounds in total. The only effect from the laser is that I now have about 15 veruccas! I would not recommend laser treatment to anyone.

I am going to try the duct tape and vinegar method as the people on here seem to have had most success with it. Is there anyone who would NOT recommend it? I really don't want my verrucas to spread anymore.

14th Apr 2010, 17:21

Snoopverruc says:

Oh...enough I feel so bad for you- I had mine frozenseveral times a while back an it was sore! The book was just icing on cake, huh? See I reckon none of us who have had them for years would moan about pain if we knew it was a guAranteed cure! It's feeling sore and nit knowing...

Dozens- it's random! They're still there when the masking tape come of if the White is Nything to go by but when my foot's left alone you can't see them if that makes sense? I know this because I ran out of tape at friend's house and didn't wantto tell them so did without for a few hrs and they calme down. Have carried on with tape bow replaced to be sure so they look worse but I hope it's short-term! Who knows?

The immune boosters are thuja and bio- glucau. I feel great!! :) eating loads if fruit and veg and trying to dink more water. How are yours? How did you know they'd def gone?

The mosaic is still taunting me and the one on the other foot seems to be on way out.

Noushka- I know I wad do relieved to find this forum after years of Reading posts here and there but never knowing the full journey people had from Start to finish!

15th Apr 2010, 07:57

Snoopverruc says:

Sorry- typing on phone in hurry!

15th Apr 2010, 08:12

ck says:

I have had a large verrucas on both my left & right feet over about 20 yrs. They have bever really bothered me as such, never got any bigger or spread into more of them. They just look awful. I decided it was about time i did something about it. I used the duct tape only treatment for 12 days and this got rig of huge amounts of thick unsightly skin and exposed the verruca itself. 10 days ago i decided to use the cuct tape & Apple Vinager method. It hurt a lot after a few days, so bad i couldnt hardly walk first thing in the morning but it started easing by lunchtime. ANyway i have persevered, They are definately dying. They turned black strsightaway whilst using the vinager method and i could eventually after a week file the black stuff away. The largest one on my right heel actually has healthly pink skin showing throgh in places ehich was all verruca. I can hardly belive it. My verrucas have not had any oxygen since i started the treatment 3 weeks ago (except for 12 hrs every 6.5 days). I am sure that this has helped weaken them.
I am going to contiune & hopefully will have get rid of them once and for all.

15th Apr 2010, 14:02

ladislav says:

ck: Twenty years? Blimey. I reckon that puts you in third place after "verruca face" and Limpy Liz. But I think verruca face might not have been entirely honest with us...

Good luck, anyway!

15th Apr 2010, 14:21

Enough! says:

I love this site! Where else could you find someone called "verruca face" and "Limpy Liz"....... and have something in common with them?! Not many places!

Finally today I can just about walk. The skin is starting to blacken and blister and although when I walk I look like I've shit myself, things are looking up!

Wow CK, 20 years! and I thought 9 was long enough. I really hope you get somewhere with the vinegar method. :)

Good luck everyone

16th Apr 2010, 17:50

Snoopverruc says:

20 years?!! I wonder why people say to leave them alone! See I would on face value suggest looking into boosting your immune system; however I have ha mine since 2003 but I generally avoid bugs and fight any I do get really quickly so I wouldn't say my immune system is low. On the other hand I do have a lot going on, don't ten to drink enough water or get enough sleep so I am taking an immune booster as an addition to the vinegar and masking tape treatment!

I left masking tape on last week all week and took it off for the weekend to see what was happening under it! When I first took it off it was still White and puffy but after a couple of days they have gone really dry so have scraped them, got rid of some layers and started with te vinegar again! Off work today so going to leave it on all afternoon and night if possible. Last time it was on all night it didn't hurt so am hoping that the scraping and leaving it on all that time will cause more of a reaction. Not that I like pain or anything but at least then I know it's getting somewhere! Going to drink lots of water once I've finished this coffee! Enough, how are yours now?

19th Apr 2010, 15:26

Matt says:

Both of my feet are covered in verrucas; I've tried duct tape, silver nitrate, apple cider vinegar and various strengths of salicylic acid, but, so far, nothing has worked.

I noticed no one has mentioned the 'needling' technique, so I thought I'd post this thread I found a few weeks ago on a podiatry forum:

It's a long read, but it's worth checking out. Some of the before and after photos are incredible. Could this be the treatment we're all searching for?

19th Apr 2010, 22:55

Enough! says:

Hi Snoopverruc. My verrucas have improved a lot since starting my cryo treatment, but as they seem so resilient to everything else I've tried I'm not that hopeful. I guess I'll just have to wait until the blister hardens and falls off before I can be really sure. I did the same as you by taking immune boosters and have even tried detox diets and becoming an exercise animal in the hopes that my immune system will work with me to fight these things. If not, at least I have toned legs and a smaller ass for the summer!
Good luck with the vinegar treatment, I hope it works for you.

Matt, I had a look at the podiatry site and must admit, I've never heard of the needling technique, although I have stabbed, poked and prodded mine with various tools over the years and made them bleed quite a bit, so I'm a bit skeptical about its effectiveness, but if I still have them in a years time I would definitely give it a try!

20th Apr 2010, 14:56

Snoopverruc says:

Another year of them?! Noooooo!

21st Apr 2010, 17:51

Snoopverruc says:

Another year of them?! Noooooo!

21st Apr 2010, 17:51

spamonamish says:

I used to have several verrucas when I was a younger but, like james, every few days I would carefully take a sterilised stanley knife through the hard skin, essentially 'raising' them to the surface and they were all gone within in a few weeks. I've had another cheeky wee bugger for a couple of months now and i'd say its only got about another two chops to left to go. If you do try this slightly masochistic verruca busting method however, be very careful not to get impatient and cut yourself too deeply cos that don't half hurt!

27th Apr 2010, 00:12

Everhopeful says:

I have had verrucas for over 3 years,having been told they dont grow on the side of feet I assumed they were corns and cut them back a bit every now and then...I found out last summer that yes they are verrucas,and started on bazuka for a few months while waiting for the cryo clinic at my docs.I started the cryo in Feb and go back for my 4th lot next week.I have never known pain like it and I had half my knee replaced last year and I thought that was sore!Ha!LOL.

Anyway,I have been saddened by how little the cryo seems to be doing on my left foot,as it hurts like heck but doesn't blister,whereas at least the right foot results in a big blister.So I started looking on the internet.

I have been shocked to find that cryo may not work as I assumed it was the be all and end all!So I decided to start trying the apple cider vinegar on my left foot and see what happens...

I am on day 5,and yes the pain has come and gone,but neurofen usually takes the edge of it nicely.I cut the top skin off the biggest verruca again today and it exposed what I hoped was the verruca but I now think it is just the blood spots but even so,I've never seen anything but solid skin there so I think that's a good start :-)

I left the vinegar off today and just duct taped but tonight have rubbed the skin back some more and put the vinegar on and by gum the pain is back,but I just keep telling myself it's killing the little blighters hopefully.

I hope hope hope that this method works,and with next weeks cryo that just maybe I mught win at some point,I am thinking about getting the avoca pen to use if I do seem to have won,as suggested in earlier posts...but I think I'm still some way off having to decide that one.

So glad I found this forum :-)

So off I go ever hopeful...LOL>

27th Apr 2010, 21:54

Be off with u :( says:

Hi all ! Been reading the comments and decided to give the vinegar treatment ago. I'm on day three and I change the dressing twice a day morning and night, both times with the cotton wool soaked vinegar and suffocating it with duct tape !!!!
Today on day 3 the inside of the crater had turned a grey colour and I managed to get some out. Oddly this did not hurt at all!!! It was just well "spongy" for want of a better description v gross !! Will update asap :)

28th Apr 2010, 21:38

I0WGIRL says:

Hi all. I have been following the comments on this site for over a year now and as I have finally got rid of my verucca on my foot and the one on my finger I thought I would post. I tried the vinegar - very painful- tried the avoca pen - again painful. Ended up having very expensive freezing treatment which was excruciating. I think I must have had about 6-8 of these sessions and I do think it helped to weaken them however it got so painful that I stopped going and instead bought the Carnation Verucca Care kit. I probably used one of these every week for about 6 weeks but each week when I filed down the area the verucca got smaller and smaller. it is now gone. For the one on my finger I jsut kep applying Oclusal ( the chiropodist sold me this) and wore a plaster on it and kept cutting it away with a corn knife. Like most people here I despaired of ever getting rid of them and I'm so glad that they have finally gone. Good luck everyone - they can be beaten but you have to be persistent and just find the right combination of treatments that works for you.

29th Apr 2010, 09:05

Be off with you :( says:

To all fellow suffers. I have decided to become a human guinea pig !!!!!! I have been using the vinegar tretment for the wart/verruca on my finger, nail varnish on the small one on my foot and a prescription treatment for what I suspect is the "Mother" verruca on my big toe !! I have another on my foot which I am undecided what treatment to try on it. I,ve boosted my immune system with vitamins .Will give it some thought and will update. We will fight these things !!

29th Apr 2010, 20:56

katty says:

i have been doing vinagar treatment for about a month now nothin has happened i am goin to give duck tape a go does duck tape work?

4th May 2010, 18:11

Enough! says:

Hi Katty. In a word 'NO', duct tape doesn't work or at least it didn't for me! After a whole role I finally gave up and signed up for the cryo. Finally the blister has fallen off and left me with some nice new skin, but 5 treatments later there still looks to be something there :( Looks like it's back to self treating as the Dr has taken me off the list for cryo cause he said it would be gone after this session.... yeah right!
Just to add insult to injury i think i'm also getting a wart on my finger. I will start to treat this one with everything just in case, but fingers crossed it's a cut or thorn.
Iam really fed up of this now, when will these things go.
It looks like my whole 20s are going to be taken up with verrucas!

5th May 2010, 22:22

Soopverruc says:

Hiya all,

Well, I thought I would update on where the little b's are up to. A few weeks ago I made the mistake of getting all prematurely excited, after promising myself I wouldn't do it again!! I posted that after a weekend of just duck tape following the vinegar and duck tape treatment a few were gone. Harshly, there was pink 'fingerprinted' skin when I cut them down and that was a suggested sign that they'd gone by others who've managed to shift them. I was made up... until the white came back over the top of them. I was so frustrated that I took a corn knife to them and just kept going until it really hurt... I scared myself a bit because the reaction to being cut was dramatic to say the least!! It took ages to stop the bleeding - I must have hit one of the blood vessels!! Anyway, since that the mosaic has shrunk and the others seem a lot more superficial.

I have been taking immune boosters and vitamin e oil from Holland and Barrets, which can also be applied to the verrucas.

Like Enough I am soooo fed up of them now. I can't wait to be able to walk around barefoot without worry again- although knowing my luck I'll probably step on a wasp.

I am still determoned.

Ladislav I really reckon you're on to something here! My Podiatrist (ditched some time ago after failed cryo, crystals, silver nitrate, potions etc) was amazed by some of the treatments I said people had had success with!!

5th May 2010, 23:36

Snoopverruc says:

Just a quick question...

I have read in various posts on this forum and heard from others that people have managed to pull their verrucas out by the roots. I am just wondering how many people have gotten rid of theirs and not seen a dramatic root extraction??!! A couple of mine look really superficial so am wondering whether they've come to the surface gradually with all the treatments??

5th May 2010, 23:45

Enough! says:

Hi Snoopverruc. I don't understand what people mean when they say they have pulled their verrucas out with the roots attached, as verrucas don't have roots! The verruca virus lives in the layers of the skin, so constant removal of this is what finally gets rid of them, however, verrucas do wall themselves off from healthy skin, looking round with a definate outline, so maybe the people who think they have removed it down to the roots have been successful in removing the verruca as one big lump?
I think with your verrucas, which is the same with mine, they look very superficial because we have taken so much infected skin off they are now right on the surface and ready for us to kill them once and for all!
Let's hope!
Good luck and keep us posted :)

6th May 2010, 21:51

Everhopeful says:

I'm back to say that I managed 6 days of the white cider vinegar and duct tape before the pain stupmed me as I had 3 days where I needed to walk a lot and friends didn't seemt to understand why I was shying away from walking...However I did for the first time in 3 years see the black dots that I'm lead to believe on here are bleeding from blood vessels which I was thrilled at!lol.
I have my 4th cryo this week,and was told by the nurse that my right foot ones appear to be gone so she didn't treat that foot,although I remain sceptical and will see what happens.
She really gave the left foot a good dose of the freezing and the first 5 hours were agony yet again but since then it has been bearable.I have a blsck area where the largest verruca is,I'n not sure whether to be hopeful about that or not!
So I will go back to the vinegar and duct tape I think for a bit once the cryo has healed.
So frustrating not knowing if and when these things will ever give up and die!!

8th May 2010, 15:22

Snoopverruc says:

Cheers Enough! Here's hoping! Am cutting away at them constantly and using vit e oil from holland and barret. Good luck with yours!

Ever h- sounds promising! Just don't give up when they look gone- keep a really close eye. Mine looked gone and came back. One that looks gone when I take skin layers off keeps getting dry White layers back now and not sure if verucca or not!

9th May 2010, 22:18

nightsky says:

well i've had my verucca for about 8 years sso for a school girl thats hell :| well i suppose it is to anyone :P i've read quite a lot of responses on this forum and it's amazing how many people have written on it :) it's my second day with the vinegar thing but i only put it on at night..?? it doesn't hurt.. from your comments it should be very painful but my verruca has not really been "painful" but annoying. is there something i'm doing wrong?? but i do suppose it is only day two...!

10th May 2010, 22:30

Snoopverruc says:

Hi nightsky,

I think you're ok- it may take a while to get to the actual verucca if there's a lot of hard skin over it which is usually the case- trust me, you'll know when you've hit it! :)

10th May 2010, 23:20

Enough! says:

Well, I have been using my verruca medicated plasters (40%) for a few days now since the blister/scab from my cryo treatment fell off. I have got quite a lot of dead skin off with a corn knife, but the verrucas still seem to be there. At the moment my foot is really sore and looks like red raw skin, so to give my foot a break I am going to apply aloe vera to the area over night and then start again with the plasters. Even though it hurts and I'm limping again, I am at war with these things and this time I'm going to win!...... I hope!

11th May 2010, 23:09

Everhopeful says:

Enough,did you verrucas ever go black in the area that had been cryo'd?My biggest one is a solid black area,which I am assuming is frozen dead skin,still sore to the touch a week on.
I have to go back on the medicated plasters tomorrow but am not sure how the black area will except them this time as it's not happened before.

nightsky,what Snoopverruc says is spot on,I had no pain for the first few days but once the hard skin had started to break doen the pain hit,the first 2 hours after applying the white cider vinegar were the worst and then it eased off to a dull throb.

I can't face the thought of going back to the vinegar yet,foot still to tender.

12th May 2010, 11:10

Enough! says:

Hi Everhopeful. Yes, after some cryo sessions the area treated did go black, but other times it was just a normal looking blister.
Before I start using other treatments, especially medicated plasters, I always wait for the blister to fall off and let the underlying skin recover a little, as all you will be treating is the dead black skin and not the actual verruca.
Hope everything goes ok.
Off to look at my verrucas now, oh joy!

13th May 2010, 16:08

nightsky says:

thankyouu Snoopverruc!! well it;s gone black in the center but it doesn't hurt yet.. :P

15th May 2010, 11:13

Snoopverruc says:

Mine have regrouped! Very fed up now- was looking forward to a worry- free hol in 4 weeks :(

17th May 2010, 12:07

the boyfriend says:

So, i sent my girlfriend to the doctors as she has two verrucas on her foot that combine to cover about half of her sole. He sent her away saying there was nothing that could be done which annoyed me a lot. With a verruca that size is it going to leave a big hole once it is killed? Is it best just to leave it alone? I cant find any real information online.

17th May 2010, 14:34

Everhopeful says:

the boyfriend says I think your girlfriend should go see another doc if there is one in the practise as mine have said to me all along that if I could'nt get rid of them myself to go back and they'd freeze them.
There are many treatments you can buy over the counter.I am using scholl medicated verruca removal plasters,not sure how much they do,but they do more that bazooka treatment seemed to.
The other option is for your girlfriend to go and see a chiropodist and see what they say,but it's not cheap...
Let us know what happens.

17th May 2010, 14:42

Everhopeful says:

ps the boyfriend says I'm not ignoring the hole in foor tquestion,it's just that I have no idea!

Snooperva,I can't believe the little blighters have regrouped on you!!Keep trying...

The black areas came off mine at the weekend,nice skin underneath but looks like verrucas still present so am back on the medicated plasters,however the 3rd verruca in the group is still ef there and I think there may now be a 4th that is new or else I never noticed it before.
The other foot still feels lump free,but am still waiting and seeing.

17th May 2010, 14:48

snoopverruc says:

Hiya Ever Hopeful,

I am trying to keep upbeat but sometimes it just gets me down. I have spent hundreds of pounds now! The vinegar had such a dramatic effect and I got so excited... then it all just stalled and I am not 100% where to go from here!

I am still taking immune booster, as well as Vitamin B6. I have been putting Vit E oil on and am now trying the medicated plasters from Scholl too as just found them today.

Other than that I am hacking at them at every opportunity!!

I am soo worried that when I',m in the shower etc I might be spreading them- apparently they can sit dormant for ages without you knowing you have them!

The Boyfriend Says - how long has your gf had hers for? Has she tried anything else for it- home remedies etc?


17th May 2010, 20:20

Enough! says:

Hi The Boyfriend. It sounds like her verrucas are quite bad, but just because they are big doesn't mean that they will leave a scar.
Sometimes treatments such as cryo and laser run the risk of scarring, but this is quite a small chance. They often say that verrucas can take up to 2 years to go by themselves, but if she is like the rest of us on this site then 2 years has come and long gone! Not all Drs feel verrucas need treating and some surgeries don't have cryo clinics, but this shouldn't stop her either going to a chiropodist or self treating, as the sooner you deal with them, the better it is.
I had quite a bad one on my heal and I treated it with everything as well as digging it out on many occasions and now it has total healed with no scar.
Try to buy a corn knife and remove as much of the dead skin as possible, revealing the heart of the verruca. It should be a noticeable round area that seems walled off from the healthy skin. This way, once you have identified the verruca, the chosen treatment can be limited to the actually verruca, preventing more damage to healthy skin.
With verrucas it is a bit hit and miss with treatment so I hope she finds something that works for her.

Good luck and let us know how it goes.

17th May 2010, 22:01

Emma says:

I have been suffering from verrucas for about 5 years now, and I am relieved after reading all of your comments that I'm not alone. I have tried freezing both home and at the doctors, all sorts of different acids, but nothing has seemed to work. I'm going to give the vinegar and duct tape method a go, and I will let you know how i get on!

19th May 2010, 22:48

Everhopeful says:

I was all set to come on here with a new thing to try using but I've left it in Kent where I went to visit a friend today :-0

It is a grapefruit based liquid that you can put drops in liquid and drink it and also massage it onto the verrucas 3-6 times a day,which I'm told is working for the health food shop assistant...I will pick it up week after next when I go back to see my friend,and let you know what it is called.She said to sandpaper verruca daily,clean,and add the stuff.
Can't believe I am such a wally coming home without it...

She also said it is painless which appeals greatly at the

20th May 2010, 18:49

Everhopeful says:

Good luck with it Emma :-)

20th May 2010, 18:54

Emma says:

thanks! I will be wearing sandals this summer!! i'm determined to beat them!

20th May 2010, 20:40

day says:

after plenty of treatments and lots of pain the ONLY treatment that worked is soaking the verucar with vinager on cotton wool and cover with tape when you go to bed. Then once the skins starts to draw out cut it back everyother day with a scalple. Repeat until the veruca dies..about two weeks.

21st May 2010, 21:22

sh says:

hi every 1 ive been using the viniger and surgical tape 4 6 wk now and my verucas have all gone,yey

21st May 2010, 21:52

Snoopverruc says:

Nice one Sh! I think it weakened mine but didn't get rid- am following ladislav's advice
now with the salycilic acid and corn knife!!

23rd May 2010, 21:32

Brooke says:

I have had verrucas for 3 years and find them very frustrating! However, I did use the vinegar and duct tape method about 6 months ago and it did remove one of my verrucas and I am now wondering why I stopped! I have just started again on this method as of tonight, I will keep you filled in when any changes take place! Feel free to ask questions :)

23rd May 2010, 23:57

Enough! says:

Been using the scholl medicated plasters for the last 2 weeks now and there is a big improvement. My verrucas don't hurt, i'm getting loads of dead skin off and the underlying skin is looking healthier. Let's hope that with the cryo and plasters I'm finally getting somewhere!

27th May 2010, 10:25

Brooke says:

Ok, so it's been three days, and this stubborn verruca is closer to being removed, It seems in a couple more days it should be gone! I really do reccommend the vinegar and duct tape method!!

27th May 2010, 14:04

Nicko says:

Starting with the tape and vinegar method today. I'm gonna take photos each day so I can mark any improvements.

Stay tuned...

28th May 2010, 12:58

Brooke says:

Don't know if anybody is reading this... but it's been 6 days and one has completely gone :D and the other is on it's way out!! After that there's only a few more to go!

29th May 2010, 23:32

Nicko says:

I'm pretty jealous Brooke! With the Duct tape - i'm leaving the vinegar on over night, and then just taping it during the day. How long can you leave the tape off for? I need to let me feet breath a bit!

30th May 2010, 07:58

Brooke says:

I've only been putting the duct tape and vinegar on over night and letting them breathe in the day. And I've got pretty stubborn verrucas and that's working!! Just make sure you put it on every night and thn file them down. :)

1st Jun 2010, 10:43

Yay !! says:

ok, i found a remedy thing and it works, but now im stuck with the skin left over by them, all i did was cut a clove of garlic in half, and rub it over them, and it worked, they started to come out, so i got my tweezers and pulled them out (it hurt, but now there gone :) ) i cant get rid of the left over skin though

1st Jun 2010, 11:29

chris finally gone!!!!! says:

My verucca of over 6 years finally gone along withthe warts on my fingers!!!!! I am so thrilled and really cant believe that its gone but it has!!!!!! I went away at beginning of march (not been on this site since then) Stayed in France where local mayor gave me some magic beans!!! which I had to throw in a river that I didnt know well with my eyes shut and believe that they would go!!!! Yes I know what you are all thinking, me too. I did this. Mayors son told me to go to a church I didnt know and put my hands and some money (wasnt totally sure as his french is so rapid) and then place my hands on the church wall and put the money in the box. did this same day as bean throwing. (when i had opened my eyes and saw a woman on a bike riding past wondered what she thought. But english friend said "she probably just thought theres another mad english lady trying to get rid of her veruccas"!!!! Another local french person said hers had gone completely after 4 years when a person from Belgium who was staying in her gite cured it. She phoned up this person from Belgium on my behalf who she thought might need to know date of birth, place of birth etc (although it turned out she didnt!)- french neighbours crafty way of finding out your age I thought!!) but didnt lie as soooo wanted the cure to work!! Anyway end of story is that Belgium lady told me to rub verucca and warts with "lardon" eg piece of fatty bacon which I did and then bury it in the garden - which I did and believe it would work which I DID!!!! Next day the warts REALLY hurt but day after I felt that they and the verucca were going to go!!!!! Yes I dont expect any of you to believe it but its true!!!! My family didnt believe it and all my friends thought I was a bit mad. But I did all three things, bean trowing, church wall touching and the rubbing of fatty meat and burying it int he ground. (I am NEVER going to did it up!!)They have completely gone. took about 6 weeks in total but were miles better after two weeks!!! You could see they were going . so must be worth a try but suspect Belgium lady had some sort of healing powers???????????? Anyway mine have gone!!!!!!!!!!

2nd Jun 2010, 16:14

chris finally gone!!!!! says:

My verucca of over 6 years finally gone along withthe warts on my fingers!!!!! I am so thrilled and really cant believe that its gone but it has!!!!!! I went away at beginning of march (not been on this site since then) Stayed in France where local mayor gave me some magic beans!!! which I had to throw in a river that I didnt know well with my eyes shut and believe that they would go!!!! Yes I know what you are all thinking, me too. I did this. Mayors son told me to go to a church I didnt know and put my hands and some money (wasnt totally sure as his french is so rapid) and then place my hands on the church wall and put the money in the box. did this same day as bean throwing. (when i had opened my eyes and saw a woman on a bike riding past wondered what she thought. But english friend said "she probably just thought theres another mad english lady trying to get rid of her veruccas"!!!! Another local french person said hers had gone completely after 4 years when a person from Belgium who was staying in her gite cured it. She phoned up this person from Belgium on my behalf who she thought might need to know date of birth, place of birth etc (although it turned out she didnt!)- french neighbours crafty way of finding out your age I thought!!) but didnt lie as soooo wanted the cure to work!! Anyway end of story is that Belgium lady told me to rub verucca and warts with "lardon" eg piece of fatty bacon which I did and then bury it in the garden - which I did and believe it would work which I DID!!!! Next day the warts REALLY hurt but day after I felt that they and the verucca were going to go!!!!! Yes I dont expect any of you to believe it but its true!!!! My family didnt believe it and all my friends thought I was a bit mad. But I did all three things, bean trowing, church wall touching and the rubbing of fatty meat and burying it int he ground. (I am NEVER going to did it up!!)They have completely gone. took about 6 weeks in total but were miles better after two weeks!!! You could see they were going . so must be worth a try but suspect Belgium lady had some sort of healing powers???????????? Anyway mine have gone!!!!!!!!!!

2nd Jun 2010, 16:14

Snoopverruc says:

I HATE them!! Don't they know they're unwelcome?!!! Chris... Nothing ceases to amaze me!! I am do fed up with mine - I really don't know what to do- am persisting with scholl salycilic acid and corn knife.

5th Jun 2010, 16:57

Enough! says:

These things are really starting to take the piss!
Just tried to take some dead skin off the verrucas before putting on the salycilic acid platers and they started to bleed!
I must be down to the last of these things by now. How deep do they go?!
I am really reluctant to go back to the cryo and everything else I've tried, which is a lot, has failed.
What do I do now?
What if I just have to live with them? :(
At least I got rid of the warts on my fingers and 2 other small verrucas on my feet.
Maybe thet other verrucas got used to the treatment and I need to try something more brutal with the remaining stubborn ones.
I wonder.........?

6th Jun 2010, 13:16

help says:

Has anyone ever had Dry Needling done on their verrucas?

Have had a verruca on my foot for a few years. Have had it frozen several times and kept coming back. Had acid as a final resort last year which was really painly and it came back with a vengeance. My podiatrist has recommended dry needling, but am a bit scared.
Anyone tried it before?
Is it painful?
Does it work?

7th Jun 2010, 21:29

ladislav says:

help: I've never heard of it, but judging by all the other quack therapies people have tried here, I'm going to go out on a limb and say "Yes" and "Probably not" :-)

More seriously, Wikipedia suggests that "dry needling" is basically acupuncture; it says that it appears to have some effect on pain and may be useful as an adjunct to standard treatments for chronic lower back pain, but says nothing about verrucae.

OTOH, a Google search throws up a few podiatrists who offer it for verrucae, and some of them claim to do the procedure under local anaesthetic. The "how it works" bit sounds like pseudoscience to me, but then sometimes treatments do work for reasons we don't understand. Anyone got access to PubMed?

Bottom line: it's your money.

8th Jun 2010, 10:04

chris says:

to enough says. i had mine surgically removed (before belgium lady and the rubbing and burying of fatty meat workded!) and my gp cut down i would say at least half an inch!!! and then quartorised (or however that is spelt) the remaining area. it took about 3 months for the wound to heal from the inside upwards and because it is a virus, it didnt work!!!!!!!! so , in reply to your question they can go very deep.

9th Jun 2010, 14:02

Enough! says:

I don't know whether to laugh or cry, so I'll do both!
:( :0
Half an inch? I didn't realise there was that much skin on the bottom of a foot. I think I need to try Plan.....????????...........Z (I have used all the other plans) and then I'm out of options.
Unless...... I can get hold of a Belgium lady, some fatty meat, a bean and a church wall ,then I may just have cracked it!
I swear, if I dig down any more I think i'll hit bone!

9th Jun 2010, 15:33

reggaemum says:

dry needling rules ok!

you are basically pushing the virus further into the body to invoke an immune response.
one small injection of local anaesthetic and then your done! check up 6 weeks later and verucca gone

9th Jun 2010, 18:12

Brooke says:

I'm not sure whether you guys are planning to go an touch churches in the (very slight!!) hope that they will even remotely make a difference let alone get rid of the verrucca, but if I'm honest with you just tape a soaked bit of cotton wool (soaked in vinegar btw!) and duct tape it to your foot and within days you will notice a huge difference. Don't knock it until you have tried it!!! :)

11th Jun 2010, 00:45

Enough! says:

Hi Brooke. After 9 years with these things I've tried just about everything, especially the vinegar. I have had many sleepless nights because of the pain with the vinegar, raw skin because of the vinegar and the stench of vinegar following me around, so believe me I have tried it and found it to do NOTHING!
I don't think I'll be rushing to a church any time soon or stalking Belgium ladies in the hope they will utter some words and cure me, but I'm sure something out there will get rid of these things and hopefully it will be the verruca plasters I'm using at the moment with a corn knife. It looks promising! :)

11th Jun 2010, 13:06

MissElainey says:

I've suffered with verrucas and warts on and off for as long as can remember. I'm 31. Both my father and sister also had a horrendous amount of warts on their fingers in their teens, perhaps 100 per hand. They both report that shortly after moving to another country (Bahrain and France) they all fell off. Perhaps it's a climate/water/diet thing, who knows.

I believe that my finger warts started when using the same handtowel as my sister, which then spread to my legs. They are infectious little sods. I had one on the fingerprint of my thumb, and one to the side of my little fingernail which caused the nail to grow in a tight curve away from the wart. I also had one on my knee and one in the middle of my thigh. I used to scratch at the thigh one which loosened up the wart around the edges and made it bleed horribly, but it was always too painful to pull out.

I also had a mosaic wart on my big toe, which I attribute to stubbing my toe really badly at a public pool. I lost a big flap of skin and, despite soaking it in sea water, I was soon left with a patch of about 50 joined up warts. I also had a variety of other verrucas on my feet.

Anyway, I didn't treat any of them and suffered the pain of stubbing my mosaic toe quite often. This went on for years, then one day I looked down and they were all gone. Just normal skin remained and I was completely shocked. I never even noticed bits of dead skin that must have fallen off. I expect that my immune response kicked in and booted the lot in one go, so there is some truth in the GPs telling you that they will eventually go.

Elated, I enjoyed wart free hands and feet for some years, but then found another verruca lurking on the ball of my foot. I left it for a couple of years, hoping that it would too disappear by magic. All it did was get bigger and more painful.

I went to the GP, only to be told that the glorious NHS no longer freezes verrucas. She pared the skin down with a surgical blade and told me to go and get some Bazuka. Dutifully, I got on with daily treatment and paring away the dead skin with a blade. After about three weeks, I had a very sore area of skin which I just couldn't go on abusing, so I stopped treating it. It grew back with a vengeance and also spread. I now have six in that area and wish to stop the spreading.

I'm back onto Bazuka and blades (Swan Morton No. 20) for a week now but have pared away so much skin that it's getting difficult to cut into the crater any more without taking too much surrounding skin and drawing blood. I'm also worried about them spreading into all the blade cuts so have been looking into other method of getting rid. Since the skin is now quite thin down there, I've done some home cryo, although I feel quite pessimistic about it, and will be shopping for duct tape today. I also intend to give tea tree oil and vinegar a go. I'll start with these as soon as I know the progress from the cryo.

A reminder to all when treating these things; practice good hygiene! Use surgical gloves when handling, wash hands thoroughly if you've touched them, wash away all pared skin, dry carefully and keep them covered with tape at all times to stop skin bits getting away and forming new ones. I'm determined to kill these by whatever method is necessary!

Thanks for hosting the thread and thanks for all the entries. They have made for interesting reading.

13th Jun 2010, 11:24

help!!!!!!!!!!!(rakelita16-at-hotmail-dot-co-dot-uk) says:

hi, Hi, started the verruca treatment Thursday night, I have had them for about 6 years never bothered me so i just left them then I got more so I decided that I was going to take them out. Yer….big mistake it bleed alot and it was very painful so I just ignored them for about another 2 years, 17 now so its embarrassing and I will be going on holiday in 2 weeks.
The vinegar treatment really hurts and god it hurts. But I will not give up they will be gone by June the 27. Can anymore give me any tips???? Plz I really need help.. thanks

13th Jun 2010, 17:04

help!!!!!! says:

lol sorry some spelling mistakes there..

13th Jun 2010, 17:06

Arghhhh says:

Hi all, I've been reading your comments over the past week, trying to get some helpful hints on getting rid of my mosaic verruca, Originally there was just 1 tiny black dot about 4 years ago, but after unsuccessful treatment with the evil Bazuka I am now the (not so)proud owner of a 1 and a half inch monster on my left foot....grrrr,, Tried all the usual treatments, wartner, home cryo, Dr Surgery cryo, Duck tape, Duck tape with the added aroma of manky banana, Silver nitrate, Scholl plaster thingys... to no avail... Am now trying the Ducktape and vinegar...(completely agree with Enough about craving fish and chips on this one...) The pain is excruitiating tho, so have only been applying the vinegar and tape during the day for as long as i can cope with the pain, then using Veracur gel and waterproof plasters for the rest of the time... I was just wondering if any one else has tried this stuff? (Haven't seen Veruca gel mentioned) If so, has anyone had any positive results? Happened across it after watching embarrasing bodies then Googling Formaldhyde treatments for verrucas... Not sure of progress at the moment as my foot is extreemly tender to touch but the top layer does appear to be forming a fair old scab... All thoughts gratefully received!!! And good luck to everyone which ever treatment you choose!!

13th Jun 2010, 22:24

ladislav says:

MissElainey: I don't think it's necessary to slice the skin off every day. I only used to get the blades out once a week or so, and that seemed to work fine. As you must have noticed, it's very painful to put bazuka on to an open cut, so it's best to avoid that. Do peel off the old layer of dried stuff before reapplying, though. And don't give up on it after only three weeks - in my case, it took more like six months of daily application (but progress was apparent much earlier than that). Giving up even temporarily gives them a chance to re-establish themselves, and you don't want that.

14th Jun 2010, 11:24

Anonymous says:

Arghhhh says:
i did the gel thing for about 3 months gave up, but give it a go , and mine a very painful to just like yours so i stopt the treatment because i cant walk and if i move my feet to fast its so painful. so i put my feet i some hot water for about 10min every day and just put some vinegar for about 1h more if i can take the pain.
don't know if this is working i just know that the water really makes you feel so much better hahaha
( hope this helps you good luck because we need it )

14th Jun 2010, 22:57

Brooke says:

The verrucca gels that you can buy are merely there to stop the spreading, they do not actually have anything in them to "kill" the buggers, so they essentially do the same as putting a plaster on. I am about to get cracking on my next foot after the vinegar treatment has successfully removed two veruccas of mine.
The advice I give for the vinegar treatment is to do it in the day when you have time to yourself as I have found myself waking up in the night in pain!! It's worked for me though and I am just using normal balsamic vinegar on a tiny peice of cotton wool and taped over the verrucca, I use a large amount of tape (not sure if that makes a difference). I believe you should do this for at least two weeks, although a change can be seen after as little as two days :) hope this helps.

15th Jun 2010, 00:46

Angryfoot says:

I have been inspired by the blog and gave the vinegar treatment a go for a couple of days. I am now on day three and I have applied AVOCA. It looks (and feels) like I have been shot in the sole of my foot. Can't hardly walk. No pain, no gain..

17th Jun 2010, 23:00

jamie(jamie-dot-benstead-at-tiscali-dot-co-dot-uk) says:

after coming across this site i saw the vinegar method..

before it i had done the extra strength bazuka cream for about 2 months, and it only made them spread. and also had them froze twice but that did nothing..

anyway, after 2 nights on the vinegar the biggest one i had for about 7 years went all black.. a few days later the skin came off too show fresh healthy skin underneath.. some off the verucca remains though so im carrying on with the vinegar :D its magic

also, i only use it at nights, but during the day i rub the verucca with either garlic, or vitamin E.. also i have been taking a extra strength vitamin A,C,E and zinc tablet daily too help boost my immune system.. so far so good

20th Jun 2010, 10:58

Jew says:

Give Israel Money, yahwe will cure you of your ailments then.

20th Jun 2010, 23:46

timmy marma says:

if a verruca bleeds does it mean its going away ???

21st Jun 2010, 17:18

Arghhhhh says:

Just a quick update, have given up with the veruca gel stuff and am now just using the vinegar duct tape and avoca method.... does anyone know if doctors will prescribe painkillers for self infilcted verucca removal methods? Seriously considering trying to tap mine up for some, even if only enough to get 1 good nights sleep!!! I can cope with the dull achey thing it does most of the time but the sensation of blunt needles being pushed into my heel at random moments of the night is causing a certain lack of rationality during the day...The warm water option helps, (foot enclosed in plastic bag, dunked in a vat of water so as not to negate the treatment) but the pain is driving me a bit scatty... any suggestions? Also wanted to check if your supposed to remove the scabby icky bit before applying next avoca treatment (i have been, hence excrutiating pain), it does kinda look a bit better tho... but this may just be wishful thinking and pain avoidance...

22nd Jun 2010, 01:54

Arghhhh says:

Apologigies for girly whiney rant above, I know... no pain, no gain and all... and i know load of you are having to go thru the same thing...(and are doing so a lot more stoically than me) I'm not going to give up ttrying tho...

22nd Jun 2010, 02:13

Enough! says:

Hi timmy marma. The short answer to your question is NO!
A verruca has lots of tiny blood vessels in it, so when it bleeds you have most likely caught one of them, or it could be that you have dug a bit too deep. Sorry, you haven't got rid of them yet!

Hi Arghhhh. My Dr just let me put up with the pain and told me to use over the counter painkillers if needed. Like you I had sleepless nights, pain and raw feet so in the end I gave up and tried something else. The vinegar method had no effect on my verrucas anyway, but I would suggest trying Scholl verruca medicated plasters if you already haven't. After 9 years I finally feel like I'm getting somewhere and they don't give me any pain. After two days of application you use a corn knife to remove the dead skin and up to now it is the best thing I've tried, including cryo!
With the Avoca pen I applied it straight over the last application for more than the recommended times, but other than black skin it didn't really touch the verruca.

Good luck with it :)

22nd Jun 2010, 17:37

Everhopeful says:

Oh dear it's depressing how long we have all been fighting...

I went for my 5th cryo at the start of the month,and was told by the nurse that mine had gone,well I knew she was wrong and today I wnt to doc and yep,she agrees they are still there.The cryo has remover 3 possibly if they don't come back,so just 3 to go,but my doc is brill and has said 30-40% of treatments don't work and it's a case of keeping tryng different things.I have the salactol acid now to try.

I have been using the Grapefruit Seed Extract for a few weeks now,can't say I see a whole lot of difference,but the woman in shop did say 6 weeks min...I foget to do it 6 times a day so have been putting it on a plaster and leaving it,changing it morning and night so perhaps that's no good...

Enough!,I used the scholl discs for 5 months and although I removed so much skin,it didn't seem to do anything,but when I read on here about using the vinegar and tape,that removed a lot of the covering skin,so perhaps the discs would ve worked better if I'd done it in the start.

I am gutted that I still have yuchy feet as I was so hoping that by my friends wedding next month I could wear open shoes without them shoing but it's obviously not going to happen.

22nd Jun 2010, 19:31

wartfree says:

Hello everyone,

First of all, let me just say I know how utterly depressing verrucas and warts can be. I was a miserable wreck reading this thread religiously only this time last year, and really had given up all hope of ever being in the position I'm in now - HAPPILY WART FREE!!!!

I developed a mosaic verruca on the ball of my left foot, which I had for about 8 years before deciding to do something about it. By that time it had spread to one or two isolated verrucas on the right foot and one wart on the base of my left thumb.

I had four or five months of regular cryotherapy at my GPs, but by the time we both conceded defeat they had actually spread further. NB. Cryotherapy will NOT work if your verrucas are at all deep -- it will simply damage the surrounding skin causing the virus to spread into these areas.

Eventually, I found an amazing chiropodist who warned me that the treatment would be long and painful, but that it WOULD work. By this time my mosaic was huge, and I was rapidly developing a second cluster on my right heal, plus a number of isolated verrucas in various places on my feet, and about ten warts on my hands that were caused, I'm sure, by my useless and messy attempts to self-treat my feet.

My chiropodist used strong salacylic acid and pyrogallol (a chemical found in bleach that can only be used by professionals as it can cause the skin to ulcer; I'm sure it's been mentioned somewhere on this thread before) on a weekly basis between May 2009 and January 2010, combined with occasional cryotherapy in the later stages (once they were a lot closer to the surface).

The whole process took some considerable time before we really started to notice big improvements. My feet were wrapped in bandages for about three or four days out of every week, which meant I had to shower with latex gloves on my feet, secured at the ankles by rubber bands.

There was huge pain, and though I was supposed to keep the treatment in place until Tuesday morning following treatment on Friday afternoons, there were many times when I simply couldn't take it and ripped the dressing off early.

The pain from the acids was at its worst in the earlier months, but later on my chiropodist would often use a scalpel to dig out parts of the verruca from my open wounds ---- this was very painful too!

By the autumn we could see that the verrucas were not quite so deep, and we simply pressed on until they had all cleared. At the same time, I had a few treatments from my GP to freeze the warts on my hands. In most cases, common warts on the hands will be much easier to treat than verrucas on the feet. These were clear after a few sessions.

I did not have the willpower to stick with any regime of self-treatment for very long, and in the end shelled out for a professional. I was recommended my chiropodist by a family friend who had had a little problem with verrucas. Needless to say, I was convinced that what worked for him wouldn't work for me, but I was happily proven wrong.

I am lucky enough to live in London where I obviously have a big choice of chiropodists --- I can let y'all know the address of the chiropodist who treated me. Those of you naysayers who don't believe a chiropodist will help: you just need to find a good one. Verruca treatment is not an extensive part of a chiropodist's training, and most only learn about freezing them these days. I am ever grateful to my chiropodist, for encouraging me to stick with the treatment and for getting rid of them in time and with patience.

You will get there with help! Now go for it!

23rd Jun 2010, 08:56

Brooke says:

The one above sounds far too painful. Honestly all I can say is stick to the vinegar treatment and you WILL see results I promise you.
Depending on the size of the verruca and how long it's been there, the time shouldn't be too long. I had a fairly new one of about 6 months and that was gone after a week of the vinegar and duct tape method. The 3 year one is now half gone and i feel that by Xmas they should be gone. Longer than I wanted, but if they are gone at some point I'm not complaining :)

24th Jun 2010, 02:03

Angel says:

It has been really gr8 to find this site. I have had one fairly large verruca on the ball of my right foot for 10 years now. I didn't realise that this time span was not so unusual for a verruca to hang around! You get told by all & sundry that 'it'll go within 2 years', and when yours doesn't budge after dozens of different treatments & thousands of pounds spent on chiropody fees,it leaves you really depressed!
I will definately try the vineger & tape solution, as it seems to have helped many of you fellow sufferers. People really don't comprehend the pain we have to deal with every day when we put pressure on our affected feet!
I have more than once felt that amputation might not be a bad thing! LOL
Seriously, though, we might be forgiven for wondering why, when we can split the atom & send men to the moon etc, that there is no sure cure for these wretched viral invaders!
Am not looking forward to yet more pain on the vinegar front, but will try & persevere and get back with an update.
Meanwhile, I can only say how much admiration I have for those amongst you who have to cope with more than one of these mysery mongers.

24th Jun 2010, 05:40

Ady (Linc's) says:

I've been following this message board for a while now,

Just thought I'd let you know, I had 4 verrucas, treated them with two applications of Avoca, following a good rubbing down with a filoe board prior to & job done, hardly a trace remains.

Be very careful with the Avoca pens tip, it IS very fragile.

Best wishes


24th Jun 2010, 07:16

Snoopverucc says:

Well, I have been in hol for a week so gave the bazuka treatment a rest- I spent as much time as possible walking on sand, rocks etc to grind them down. They were already looking better after the bazuka and corn knife treatment and then half way through the hol I used the corn knife and loads was coming away. They went really flat where before they were raised. I was so chuffed and thinking about my celebratory post on here. However, back home and they are back. You can see all the round, White raised areas. I am trying to decide what to do next- have now tried:

- leaving alone
-range of immune boosters- thuja, b6, holland
and Barrett etc
- bazuka normal and extra strength
- silver nitrate/ avoca
- combined acidic treatment at podiatrist
- Scholl medicated plasters
- scholl gel
- vinegar and duct tape
- duct tape alone
- tea tree oil
- vitamin e oil
- corn knife
- crystal put on by podiatrist that caused big hole but verucca came back
- sand walking
- cryotherapy

I am open to any more suggestions!

Ladislav, did you use normal bazooka or extra strength? When you say you peeled it off I cannot get it to peel as it dries hard, but on the extra strength so maybe the other is better??

Thanks guys

24th Jun 2010, 15:15

ladislav says:

Snoopverucc: extra strength, I think. Actually, I used both at one time or another, but on the final doing-it-properly run I think I used extra strength. Can you get your fingernails or the edge of a knife under the edge of the dried bit? I don't remember it peeling cleanly, but I do remember being able to peel most of it off. Don't worry about anything you can't get off - the corn knife will get that next time you use it.

My suggestion would be that since bazuka/corn knife was working, and that the verrucas started growing back when you stopped treatment for a week, that you go back to what you were doing and this time don't stop until they're completely gone :-)

24th Jun 2010, 15:21

Snoopverucc says:

Thanks Ladislav- I'll get cracking again. Think it's the 4th tube on this run but you're probably right that the hol break has been detrimental rather than helpfull- although I think the sand has kept them in check a bit! Find a bazooka review site with mixed reviews and those able to peel it off and file it had best success I think (although I will use corn knife as think filing spreads them).

Ta for quick reply!

I'll let you all know.

24th Jun 2010, 15:40

Snoopverucc says:

Thanks Ladislav- I'll get cracking again. Think it's the 4th tube on this run but you're probably right that the hol break has been detrimental rather than helpfull- although I think the sand has kept them in check a bit! Find a bazooka review site with mixed reviews and those able to peel it off and file it had best success I think (although I will use corn knife as think filing spreads them).

Ta for quick reply!

I'll let you all know.

24th Jun 2010, 16:15

Angel says:

Funny you should mention the sand aspect, Snoopverucc. I noticed my unwelcome visitor seemed to HATE me walking along the beach barefoot! It seemd to be 'wriggling' under my skin. Ugh! I am moving to live near a beach next month, so am going to try the sand treatment every day. I think it acts as an irritant and the verucca feels under attack!
The things we sufferers will do to be free of them for ever! Mine has become an 'albatross' around my neck, so to speak. I can't remember what it feels like to be pain free on walking!
keep up the good work, everyone.

24th Jun 2010, 17:47

linz says:

hi everyone i have just come across all these comments while on net lookin 4 a verucca cure,i have tried everything i have even been part of the york verucca trile which did nothing,i started with 1 verucca at age 13 and was told it would go but it didnt so started treatment wi everything available ,beware!!!!!cutting with a corn knife has made mine spread into nearby skin now i have 5 on 1 foot 1 on the other and 2 warts on my finger caused by touching my feet WARE GLOVES,i am gonna take before pics and start the vinigar and tape method tomorrow i will keep you all posted i am sick of them now.

25th Jun 2010, 14:01

Angel says:

Welcome, Linz
Sorry to hear yours have spread. I 'pare'.mine down with a scalpel once a week.It helps to ease some of the pain when putting pressure on the ball of my foot. Once there is a hard crust over it, then it starts to hurt more. I have now got a referral to the local hospital podiatry clinic to see if they can help.
The way things have gone with this wretched 'thing' in the past, I'm not expecting a good prognosis!
Good luck with the vinegar etc. I'm plucking up the courage to try it!

25th Jun 2010, 19:08

Brooke says:

After half removing one of my verrucas I have been using verruca plasters with salisyllic acid on, and they seem to be doing the trick!! Will keep informed :)

26th Jun 2010, 01:07

Anonymous says:

Hi, Brooke
I steer clear of any acid treatments now. They can cause the surrounding skin to turn white & mushy unless you are very precise with the application. I'm sure that's what's causing everyone the same symptoms during the vinegar (acidity high) treatment. Hence my reluctance to trying it out!
Anyway, I hope the plasters work 4U.

26th Jun 2010, 13:41

Snoop(bazuk)verucc says:

Ow ow ow ow ow!!

I just tried to peel off dried bazuka without much joy so ended up removing it with a corn knife. The skin underneath looks healthy in parts - yey!! Unfortunately, in other parts it was pure white- almost like the bazuka is highlighting the verucca patches! Thinking this was a handy indication of where to dig I got going with the corn knife... distracted by Desperate Housewives I went a bit deep and caused a small oil well-like erruption which I stopped with a big plaster. I did this a further 2 times on 2 other areas- perhaps a bit stupid I know but I have decided vigour is the way forward.

Anyway, after all 3 were calmed with plasters I proceeded with the extra strength bazuka application. You're right Ladislav, it does smart a little.

On a positive note I have some rose wine waiting in the fridge and the bazuka has turned pink also. Lol- if I didn't laugh I'd cry!!

I have promised my feet a pedicure when this is all over!!

I do think there is a lot to be said for Bazuka if used properly- when I first used it I would put it straight on and just keep adding to it- after coming on here and reading Ladislav's posts I now soak feet first, then apply, take it off the next night (at same time each night where possible- getting into a routine is good) then I apply a fresh layer. I pare the verucca with a corn knife about 3 times a week- will prob drop to 2 when I see more progress to show have got through layers.

Definitely seeing progress- they are flatter and smaller and they aren't as painful to walk on- except when sliced, lol!!

Thanks again Ladislav for hosting this and for your advice.

26th Jun 2010, 20:15

snoopverucc says:

Oh, should have said Bazuka doesn't hurt at all, except if you've cut the skin before application- don't want to put people off it!!

26th Jun 2010, 20:17

Enough! says:

When is this going to end? I've been doing the Scholl medicated plasters and corn knife combo for about 2 months now and even though I'm getting loads of dead skin off I don't seem to be able to get the last layers off without it bleeding. Just had a go now and sliced the skin causing it to bleed loads. I'm in pain and walking with a slight limp, but have decided to put some eucalyptus oil on it and leave it until I can brave the next plaster!
It's so hot today and I've had to have my feet in a pair of shoes and socks cause my feet are not flip flop ready!

27th Jun 2010, 16:51

linz says:

ok an update for ya all lol..i started the vinigar and tape method friday night i put it on the 1 verucca i have on my left foot omg the pain is unreal but i want these little buggers out my feet so i just laid on the bed an put up wi the pain i only managed 2 hours then washed my feet and went 2 bed ..the next day i was workin all dat and on my feet alot so i just put a plaster over it i finished work at 2pm and came straight home 2 repeat the painfull prosess no pain no gain i was AMAZED when i removed the plaster the verucca had gone black and was smaller in size it had gone quite hard so i took the hardskin off wi a blade and repeated the process ,altho its painfull i will grin and bare it as it seama 2 be working ..god i hope it does this space !!!!!!!

28th Jun 2010, 13:34

Snoopverucc says:

Hi Linz,

Well done - keep going and hope it works for you! The vinegar did turn mine black and they shrank, but then I didn't notice a change so I left them for a little while and then when they didn't go I started the bazuka / corn knife treatment. I think if I'd done this straight after the vinegar they'd have been weaker and probably less reilient! If you hit a plateau with the vinegar then move on to your next treatment asap.

28th Jun 2010, 20:08

snoopverucc says:

Well actually, I didn't just leave them - I was taking immune boosters and puttin vit e oil on them, but not aggressive enough for my particular breed!

Seeing progress with the bazuka still but think I've a way to go.

28th Jun 2010, 20:10

Crimson101 says:

Hi this seems a brill website that i disscovered last night after joining a Virgin Gym and desperatly wanted to use the pool. I have 4-6 Verrucas on each foot, round the heal and towards the toes-Plus one more on my right hand index finger, under the nail which is kinda painfull. It seems is the Vinegar treatment the best way to go? ive had these for a few years now and not really found anything to get rid of them.
And just a quick question is Cider Vinegar/White Wine Vinegar best to use for this?

29th Jun 2010, 12:28

ladislav says:

Hey Crimson101.

Lots of people seem to have had success with the vinegar, but bear in mind that even if it works it will take a long time to kill your verrucas completely, and it will almost certainly hurt like hell.

I'd be very surprised if posh vinegar was more effective, but you never know.

29th Jun 2010, 13:03

linz says:

it dont matter wot vinegar i dont think i am usin malt vinegar i can only leave on 4 short periods at mo but after the first initial time the pain does ease i carnt believe the difference in 2 days they are smaller less painfull i am using the vinegar till i carnt stand the pain then put on corn plasters with the acid in far a big improvement .

29th Jun 2010, 18:30

Snoopverucc says:

I struggled to walk on mine today!! Think I'll give c.knife a rest til weekend!

30th Jun 2010, 18:18

Enough! says:

My foot is a mess! I feel like I'm digging for gold, these things are so deep.
Should I go back to cryo? The thought of getting back into that loop makes me want to cry, but I really can't see an end to this.
I will keep trying as these things are not going to beat me!

1st Jul 2010, 10:49

Brooke says:

It doesn't matter what vinegar you use, about 6 months ago I used the malt vinegar and that got rid of one and have now recently been using white vinegar on another one and they both seem to have the same effect!! All I can suggest is bear the pain and don't give up, as long as you keep the skin soft then the verrucca can't grow or be protected! But I just reccomend to persevere through the pain and think of the outcome :) x

1st Jul 2010, 12:23

Snoopverruc says:

Hi enough, maybe give the bazuka and corn knife a go?

1st Jul 2010, 12:54

linz says:

ok here is an update!!!!!i am determind 2 beat these things i am still usin the vinigar but just plasters over the cottonwool as they stay in place better then duct tape,i wont lie an say they dont hurt cause they do i could cry sometimes while i am hobbling round work but i am not giving up ,the wart on my hand looks like its gone but still doing it just incase as 4 the verrucas still improving.

1st Jul 2010, 13:14

Rid! says:

I have had verrucas for over 2 years now and have tried most things, i thought i was making progress as they were getting less noticable but have realised they are also spreading. I had never heard of the vinger and duct tape and wish i had earlier. I am a bit worried about the pain but i want them gone. The only thing is, is in a week i start work where i am on my feet the whole time doing sports, my friend is also doing this and staying with me and kinda want them gone for then as it is quite embarrassing for her to know i have them. Will they go within a week with the vinger and duct tape treatment?

4th Jul 2010, 20:27

Lissy says:

I got rid of a large verruca last year, that I'd had for 6 years with glutarol and those scholl medicated plasters, however 3 other verrucas will just not go. The chiropodist told me I had the most sensitive skin of anyone he'd ever treated and not to use the glutoral on the others as the one i got rid of got really infected, but it went. He won't treat them cos 1 is between two toes, and two are on another toe, he won't freeze or laser as he says my bones will be damaged. I have problems with the glutoral spreading onto healthy skin, and I'm going to put vaseline round them to stop that - after reading it on here. I'm amazed how many people have verruca problems and think more should be done to solve this!

4th Jul 2010, 20:41

boohoo says:

paid 150 to chiropodist no joy,gonna try vinegar and tape method tomorrow,just plucking up courage and getting pain killers ready..brill site by the way,wish i'd looked here before waisting all that cash.

4th Jul 2010, 22:49

BeGone says:

First Post

Caught my verruca while in hospital 3 years ago. since ive been on immune suppresant medication for another condition. Therefore dont think my immune system will get a chance to clobber the thing.

Ive tried Bazuca, tea tree, sholl, home freezing and digging it out. nothing worked and the latter made it spread yo a 5pence peice size,
I then went for cryo at doc's which spread it futher, then went to chiropodist who kept freezing it for £50 ago and a lot of pain later and £600 spread to a 10p peice shape.

Have been doing the cider vinegar and duct tape for a week and it was so painfull on day 2,3 4 that i go my friends crutches as i could put any pressure on my foot. have persisted though.

Went a bit grey in a few parts at the begining which i scraped of but most of all the verruca has stayed white and puffey but has cracked down the middle as i think i have 3 platers next to each other which are seperating. It hurts but resist ppl, im going to!!!

A few questions;
1. Does anyone know, as i have a supressed immune sys does this mean i have no chance or can i kill the virus from the outside in?

2. Alot of you talk about mosaic verruca but mine are planter (im pretty sure) does this make any difference or the vinegar less likely to work?

3. my verruca does not have a raised crator like look but is raised outwards (on the ball of my foot) the vinegar increased the raizedness and made it so tender i couldn't touch it let alone put a blade to it...... Is that a good sign??

Well done to this site and everyone who has written and managed to get rid of these evil things that we will conqure.

BTW. my home stinks of vinegar!! lol

5th Jul 2010, 00:18

Enough! says:

Hi BeGone,

Wow, £600. I hate to think what I've spent on these things over the 9 years.
Like you I have planter verrucas instead of mosaic and the vinegar didn't get rid of them, but whether this is because I've had them longer, they are deeper or I'm just immune to that type of treatment I don't know. It does seem though that mosaic verrucas respond better to treatment.
I also found the vinegar made the skin very white and puffy, never black, extremely painful and tender to touch. It also went red raw in patches, but soon came back to full verruca strength.

Sometimes if the verruca starts to hurt, becomes sore and more noticeable, it can indicate that your immune system is reacting to its presence, but again I have had this many times over the years and still no joy of seeing the back of them!

I would have thought that by having a suppressed immune system made you more likely to catch them in the first place, be prone to them spreading easily and having more difficulty getting rid of them, but my immune system is fine and I still have a problem with verrucas, so maybe we are just unlucky.
The verruca virus lives in the layers of the skin, walling itself off from the surrounding healthy skin. So if you slowly but surely remove the infected layers of skin by your chosen method, technically you should have a good chance of removing the entire virus or at least reducing it to a manageable level for your body to start fighting it.
However, all it takes is one tiny bit of the virus to remain and then the whole process starts again!
That is why it's always a good idea to keep treating the area for a short time after you think the verruca has gone.

Good luck and hope I've helped

5th Jul 2010, 12:19

Anonymous says:

Hi enough,

Thank you for your quick reply. you certaintly have helped. i have decided to run the vineger/duct tape for a few months, before i give any conclution on if i will continue, no matter how painful.... and it is as you probably know lol.

I have a hospital appointment with the Dermatologist on the 15th but dont want any more cryo. wonder what hey will suggest? any ideas what treatment i should ask for, like lazer/sergical removal?

Also, has anyone sucssefully got rid of planter verruca's using the vineger method????????

I will keep you all updated with my progress.

5th Jul 2010, 19:27

Anonymous says:

one other question. ppl talk of the verruca going black and scabbing... how does this happen if the verruca is always soggy from the vineger? sorry if im missing something.

5th Jul 2010, 21:06

jamie says:

So i did the vinegar method on a my biggest verucca on my heel.. did it for 5 days straight, and after it turned black and slowly started too seem evlated. i cut it away and found a patch off skin.. no verucca in sight!

but then 2 weeks later, as the skin grew back.. the verucca returned.. same as ever.. so may give it another try..

also, had one on the corner off my nail on my finger.. same mthod, turned black, came off.. now waitin too see if the wart returns or not!

7th Jul 2010, 16:40

Enough! says:

Hmmmm! I might just have to give the vinegar another go.
My verrucas are really getting me down again and I can't see them going. I'm wondering if I should go back to the Dr for more cryo or ask to see a dermatologist.
I have been using the scholl verruca patches and corn knife combo for about 2 months now and even though I'm getting loads of dead skin off, I can't see healthy skin underneath, just red bumpy verruca looking stuff.
What else can I do?

8th Jul 2010, 12:51

linz says:

hi again quick update !!!my wart has hopefully gone and i hav stopped using the vinegar 4 the moment as its just 2 painfull but i have started on the extra strength bazucca i think the vinegar has made them weaker so i am hammering them wi the bazucca it is workin 1 has gone so doing the others watch this space !!!!

8th Jul 2010, 17:44

Everhopeful says:

Enough,I went back to doc and said no more cryo as 4 hadn't killed them all,and she said each type of treatment will only be successful 40% of the time...I found the scholl plasters never actually got to the verruca so I gave up after about 6 months.

I am still using the citro-protect.I am supposed to rub in on them 6 times a day but forget and am now putting the liquid on a plaster twice a day and sticking it on.Not sure yet if it's working,Will keep going for a few more weeks as I was told min 6 weeks before I see anything.

8th Jul 2010, 22:11

russetflame says:

Dear all

I must say I have laughed until I almost cried reading all of the comments on this page...and that is not because I have no sympathy for you all it is because I too have had verrucas for over ten years now and thought I was the only one who had these horrid things on my feet. The comments take me back to the things I have cutting them out to the point where I have twisting the core of the verruca whilst my ffot was bleeding hoping I would get the whole thing out if I could bear the pain!! I have been filing down my verrucas whilst reading and have run to the kitchen to get the vinegar but I only have malt....will that work??? Do I have to have duct tape because I can't find any.

8th Jul 2010, 22:50

Meeza(maria-dot-hermus-at-gmail-dot-com) says:

Has anyone had their verruca's surgically removed? I'm pregnant and so emotional about these stupid warts. I have about 4 on one foot and 10 on the other. I HATE THEM. Doing the duct tape and acid method atm. Hurts to walk but I think I will switch to vinegar and duct tape tonight. Why is there no simple pill cure for such an annoying problem?

9th Jul 2010, 03:37

Enough! says:

Hi Everhopeful,
I had cryo done 5 times, so by the sounds of it I would be wasting my time going back for more :(
6 months is a long time to be doing the medicated plasters, after 2 months I'm already giving up hope so will have to find something else. I've never heard of citro - protect. Is it prescribed by the Dr or can you buy it over the counter? I really hope it starts to work for you. Let me know.

russetflame - Yes, any vinegar will do. Duct tape is best to use because it seems to hold everything in place better than a normal plaster. All D.I.Y shops will sell duct tape.
Good luck with it :)

Meeza - I asked my Dr about having my verrucas surgically removed, but he said because they are on the sole of my foot once they have been cut out there isn't enough skin to close the wound without it reopening. Also there is a chance that the verrucas will come back in the same area.
I feel the same as you. Why can't they find a cure to such a common virus?

9th Jul 2010, 10:45

linz says:

it dont matter what vinegar you use i didnt use duct tape as it didnt stay in place i just used plaster but alot of it is stayed in place better i also heard if you can stand the pain soaking ya feet in a bowl of vinegar inbetween makes a big difference..i found it was better leaving it 2 dry out as then it went hard and was easier 2 remove wi the corn knife than when it was soggy from the vinegar..i carnt believe i have never been this far down them in such a short period of time i think the past mistake for me has been not been consistant with them i think this is key now i am constantly at them i see light at the end of this long tunel

9th Jul 2010, 12:30

Brooke says:

Seriously you can ask me about any treatment and I'm pretty sure I'll be able to answer... or at least give it a go. I removed a verrucca with malt vinegar just over 6 months ago, and actually found that the malt vinegar doesn't hurt as much.

As for an update on how I'm doing...
I was using the white vinegar and duct tape method for about 2 weeks and then stopped and cut (with toe nail scissors) the verruca and all the hard skin off but then realised that if I let air get to it, it will just grow back as I could see one black dot. I have been applying plasters everyday and only taking them off for the shower and in all honesty they are going!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've never been so relieved to see fresh skin in my entire life.

I'm not saying that my method will 100% work for you but it's definitely worth a go! Verruccas are absolute NIGHTMARES!!!

10th Jul 2010, 00:23

Angel says:

Hi again, everyone.
This is my first blog since 26 June, as I
wanted to let you know the outcome of my hospital podiatry appointment.
Well, she said there was no sure & fast cure for these blighters. What works for some will have no affect on others. I can live with the actual verrucca, it's just the pain when walking. (Mine is a ball of the foot scenario). She then suggested that the best way to alleviate the pain would be to make a 'relief' pad to put inside my footwear. She stuck a special thick type of plaster (with a hole cut into it the size of my verrucca to relieve the pressure) onto an ordinary shoe insole. I can now walk free from pain & if my verrucca decides to leave of its own accord, all well & good. The reported pain with the vinegar treatment really put me off trying it, & the time spent on these intruders is just beyond a joke. I just feel relieved that I can now walk pain free again. Simples!

10th Jul 2010, 04:49

Everhopeful says:

Enough,it may be worth the cryo once or twice more if you can take the pain.
I had half my knee replaced last year and coped better with that pain-although it went on longer-than the instant OW of cryo.

The citro-protect I got in a health food store,as a friend took me in it as the woman who runs it is really full of alternative knowledge.The bonus for me is it doesnt hurt,and as I say,I'm just waiting and seeing...It is apparently a brill antiseptic too.I will keep going for a few more months yet.

The reason I carried on so long with the scholl plasters is since having my knee dome bending my leg into a position to actually reach the verrucas is a challenge so the plasters were easy to slap on!lol.

Have I missed anyone actually saying they ve got rid of the little blighters totally and they ve never come back?

Angel,my verrucas are on the side out side of my feet so for me it is cosmetic that I want to get rid of them,great to hear you can walk without the pain now.

10th Jul 2010, 11:25

Angel says:

Thanks, Everhopeful
I am trying something completely new!!!
I picked a small dandelion & squeezed the white juice out of the stem. This was rubbed into my verrucca and I can honestly say it hasn't been too sore since! Maybe it's wishful thinking, and I guess it should have been a marigold as they are used in verrucca treatments by a guy in a London clinic. Anyway, most wild plants have some healing properties so I just thought I'd give it a go.
These nasty interlopers tend to drive you over the edge, eventually! LOL.

10th Jul 2010, 23:54

Enough! says:

Thanks Everhopeful, but I'm not sure I can go through the pain of cryo again, not to mention the fact that I can't walk for about a week after the treatment! A 28 year old on a zimmer frame isn't a good look!
I have decided to give Calendula cream a go. It has antiviral properties, soothes the skin and helps with healing, but most of all it's painless!
Like Angel mentioned, I'm just glad I can walk normally again. I have a slight sore feeling in the verruca sometimes, but my limp has gone.
I've lost count what number this treatment will be, but If it works I'll let you all know.
Who knows, maybe this will be it!

11th Jul 2010, 10:50

ladislav says:

Everhopeful: my verrucas went, and (so far!) haven't come back, a year on. "After" picture.

BeGone, Enough: "plantar" just means "on the foot", so "plantar wart" = "verruca". It's a mosaic verruca if it has several heads in one area.

11th Jul 2010, 13:57

Snoopverruc says:

Enough- I am 28 too and got these at 23

13th Jul 2010, 12:59

Jamie says:

After a few weeks then verucca returned excatly the same aftr trying vinegar on my foot, and one on my nail..

When it turn black, should I keep using the vinegar then or leave it?

13th Jul 2010, 14:19

Em says:

please someone help!!!!

I found verrucas on my foot in feb and I had at least 15, so I must have had them ages and not noticed, there on my left heel right round the side so its diificult to look at.

I've been using scholl stuff for 5 months and have now swapped too basuka extra strength and have been on that for 2 weeks, but that has just ripped off layers of skin, and my heel is now red and bloodstained but there is a big collection of verrucas still there (although about 6 have gone)

I can't put gel on its too sore, I cant rub it with an emery board or even step on my heel anymore, its making me feel physically sick, i'm panicking about the state of my foot and am fighting back tears.

I can't cope with the pain anymore or the humiliation anymore I'm going on holiday with my family in a month and thats just stressing me more!!!!

what can I do now, should I see a doctor???

13th Jul 2010, 15:38

Everhopeful says:

Em,The best advice I can offer is to say relax about them and accept they will not go quickly no matter how much you wish they would...For going on holiday get some 'Heal and Seal' which I think is scholl s version of bazuka.This means you won't pass them on to anyone at least.

I also say, give the skin on your foot a rest for a few days.Living with the pain makes them seem worse...

And yes,go see you doc and ask about cryo as it may well work for you after a few treatments but it can be painfull!

I had truly hoped when I started to try and kill my veruccas last summer that they would be well gone by now,and I'm dissapointed that I am going to my friend's wedding in 2 weeks time with them still showing on my feet,but I have come to terms with the fact that I may never win this battle but I will keep going for a long time yet.

ladislav,fantastic news,keeps me slightly hopeful of winning my own fight!

Jamie,I don't know the answer to your question,hopefully someone else will :-)

13th Jul 2010, 20:45

Snoopverruc says:

Don't want to jinx it but the bazooka has definitely done some good to the mosaic!!

15th Jul 2010, 12:27

LINZ (HAPPY) says:


15th Jul 2010, 13:39

Enough! says:

Well, I've been using the calendula cream for 3 days now, applying it 3 times a day directly to the verrucas and then putting a plaster over it. So far the pain that I had in the area has gone, the skin surrounding the verrucas looks healthier, but they are still there.
I think 3 days is too soon to know whether this is going to work, but it's painless, cheapish (£3.65) and worth a try.

16th Jul 2010, 13:55

GOT THEM!!!! says:

This site was my lifesaver last year! I had tried EVERYTHING to get rid of the massive verucca (and 2 smaller ones + 2 on my fingers) on the sole of my foot - which was the most painful thing I've ever had - and I'd had it for about 5 years.
I was eventually referred to the laser dept of the hospital, and received 3 sessions of pulsed light laser - which was awful - couldnt walk after each treatment for about 4 days. I had 4 weeks in between each treatment. The consultant then dischardged me - as he admitted it wasn't working. I then found this site - and persevered with the duct tape & apple cider vinegar, and after about 8 weeks - the verucca was gone!
Please try this method - and don't give up. My before, during & after photos are now used by the laser dept of the hospital - and best of all - my veruccas have not returned in 8 months!!

Good luck!

17th Jul 2010, 12:25

Snoopverruc says:

Got them- are the hospital suggesting it was the laser treatment that worked when they display those pics???

20th Jul 2010, 15:45

Enough! says:

Yeah, I was thinking that as well Snoopverruc.
If the laser treatment did nothing, then why would they want your pictures GOT THEM?
If it's down to the apple cider vinegar then it kind of puts them out of a job!
At the moment my verrucas look ok, if verrucas can look ok, but I have no pain, the Calendula cream seems to be exposing more of the verrucas and I don't have to faff with them much, so all round I'll keep going until I've used all the cream.

22nd Jul 2010, 11:32

Brooksie says:

Such a relief to find other people suffering the same embarrassment. Didn't realise how glum it was making me feel until I thought about what it would be like if they were all amazes me how much having them has affected my confidence and my way of life, always having to take extra precautions so as not to inflict this onto others. Anyway, I have counted my 6th on my foot! and 1 beacon like one on my thumb, which I am incredibly self conscious of, people at work must think me strange having had a plaster on it for the past 8 months! I've got my next cryo appointment in 2 weeks, this will be my third, I'm not holding out much hope. But bar chopping my foot of I'll try anything so vinegar and tape it is. Thanks for the advice!

22nd Jul 2010, 21:22

dozens of verrucas says:

hey! i havent posted for a long time but just thought id let everyone know that i am completely cured of my verrucas after 6months of continous treatment!. in the past ive tried acid, cryo, banana skin, tea tree, garlic. However, the only method which i found to be effective was duct tape and an immune booster taken daily for about 4 months. this may sound long but you will see results after 4 weeks of treatment. baby ones will disappear within 4 weeks easily, but larger ones take up to about 2 months. i kept duct tape constantly on them all day and night and took an immune booster to boost my immune system 3 times daily (e.g. biostrath which you can get from holland and barretts)

i am still reeling from the shock of how this managed to cure my verrcuas. but it did. my whole family are shocked and so am i. maybe praying helped as well, i really have no idea. but they are gone!!!!!

I know many people will be sceptical about this method because they think its just too simple to be effective. But it works and it the most effective way i have come across of getting rid of verrucas.

Good luck

23rd Jul 2010, 11:10

Sallie says:

I've had verrucas for years and nothing has made them go, but I read about the vinegar treatment on here... some of you aid you used ' cheese graters' from boots on your feet. What are the actual names of these please?

25th Jul 2010, 20:09

Sallie says:

I've had verrucas for years and nothing has made them go, but I read about the vinegar treatment on here... some of you aid you used ' cheese graters' from boots on your feet. What are the actual names of these please?

25th Jul 2010, 20:09

Sallie says:

Opps sorry I put that last comment ^ twice.

25th Jul 2010, 20:10

jamie says:

Went too holland and barrets and got one off there tubes of 30c thuja pills. followed the dosage guides for a week until i ran out off pills.

not noticed any real difference tbh, but ill go back and get some more tomorrow and keep trying.

also, best thing i finding too help the pain in a hot bowl off water, with alot of vinegar in it, soak my feet and then file away the skin around verucca and it turns white and puffy very fast

25th Jul 2010, 21:20

Enough! says:

Hi Sallie, the 'Cheese grater 'things are just a foot file for dead skin. You will find them in the same section as bazuka gels, corn plasters etc...., but I would get yourself a corn knife. It takes off layers of verruca rather than mashing up the skin and reduces the risk of the verruca spreading.

26th Jul 2010, 16:12

Snoopverruc says:

Been looking into marigold therapy- high success rates and available through nhs. Anyone tried it?

I'm controlling mine with bazuka but think placating rather than curing at the moment. Costing a fortune too but I am persevering in case a sudden breakthrough ensues!!

27th Jul 2010, 12:29

Snoopverruc says:

Been looking into marigold therapy- high success rates and available through nhs. Anyone tried it?

I'm controlling mine with bazuka but think placating rather than curing at the moment. Costing a fortune too but I am persevering in case a sudden breakthrough ensues!!

27th Jul 2010, 12:29

Enough! says:

Hi Snoopverruc.

At the moment I'm trying Calendula cream from Holland and Barretts which is another name for the pot marigold. It is supposed to have anti - viral properties and so far seems to have improved the verrucas.
If the NHS offer the treatment go for it, as you have nothing to lose and it's free!

Let me know how you get on if you decide to try it.

27th Jul 2010, 15:09

nightsky says:

it's been a while since i was on here but my original verruca is gone!!! yup... G.O.N.E.!!!! i think so anyway (: but i've just got another one :@ but i'm certain thats nearly going - thank the lord!! this forum has helped me soooo much - i used the white wine vinegar method - i think you can use any vinegar but thats the one i used :) - happy happy happy!!
thank you <3 xx

28th Jul 2010, 18:54

Anonymous says:

what does it mean when your varruca split in farlf and you can see ot and it quite deep ?

28th Jul 2010, 21:23

em says:

what does it mean when your varruca split in farlf and you can see in and it quite deep ?

28th Jul 2010, 21:23

em says:

also hurts ???

28th Jul 2010, 21:24

em says:

also hurts ???

28th Jul 2010, 21:24

em says:

also hurts ???

28th Jul 2010, 21:24

Enough! says:

I don't know, what does it mean?

Is it split in half (farlf)?

If so, mine have done this several times, they are all deep and have hurt alot in the past, but I still have them so I can't think something magical will be happening, although you might be one of the lucky ones and they have decided to give up!
Let's hope so.
Try cutting as much of the dead skin off as possible and keep killing it with everything you've got. Maybe it's getting weaker or.........? I don't know, I'm out of ideas, fed up with my feet and just want rid of these things!


28th Jul 2010, 22:43

Snoopverruc says:

Enough- I know the feeling!

Mine aren't bleeding so dramatically anymore but probably more to do with blunt corn knife!

We WILL get there! I started the bazuka corn knife combo 6 weeks ago properly after doing nothing for a week while on hol. They are looking better but time will tell if they are being controlled or cured altogether. I have 2 tubes of bazuka extra strength left at home and am praying that they'll be enough. I'll have so much more cash once the litle b's are gone!! I am taking bio- strath again as well and dabbing tea tree around the v's each day to keep the surrounding skin clean.

29th Jul 2010, 14:52

Brooksie says:

Well 5 days in to the vinegar and duck tape experiment.
The one on my thumb turned black pretty much straight away but I carried on with the treatment regardless until it became quite painful and then stopped. Since stopping I have just been continually filing down the black surface and trying not to pick at it, as I think the verruca is still underneath the scab and this is helping to starve it of air and moisture.
The one's on my feet don't seem to have reacted in the same way to the vinegar maybe because they have been their longer? Who know, but I'll carry on regardless! Keeping the duck tape on in bed is proving to be tricky.

30th Jul 2010, 21:08

Brooke says:

I have just been applying plasters on my feet for the past 2 months and it safe to say that this ha been working. By applying the plasters I am sarving the verruccas from air and therefore not allowing the skin to get hard and thus making the verrucca weak and killing it. I honestly suggest you try it as it is painless and covers them up so no-one can see them :P. If someone asks and you are too embarrassed to tell them they are verruccas, you can say the plasters are covering a cut. Theres my attempt to help :) it's worked for me, but you have to do it for a while, as it seems with all the treatments.

Good luck with whatever you are doing and let me know how you get on :)

30th Jul 2010, 22:38

BeGONE says:

Well, I'm plucking up the courage for vinegar... since I was about seven, I've had about 25 verrucas altogether. I am so glad to have found this site... they're so embarrassing! I'd be mortified if anyone found out, just 'cause I'm still a student and you know what verrucas are like... not nice press. Actaully, you know what? I'm gonna take some nurofen now (I'm scared of pain... but take it better than others... it's more the idea of it I hate...) and just do it. On only maybe three, though.

If this works, I love you all!

2nd Aug 2010, 00:05

smartiescan says:

i am so glad to have found this! i thought i was the only one with a terrible verruca problem. Its been about 5 years now. i had one on my left foot but used to do a lot of dancing and every time we did a show a new one would appear. now i have 10 and 2 half 10p sized ones on my left foot and 4 more on my right as well as one on my thumb. Too embarrassed to tell anyone so going to save the vinegar for when I go back to Uni, i know my family will wonder what the smell is otherwise! have been using scholl medicated discs and bazuka to try and keep them at bay as well as cutting away as much as i can with nail scissors. i THINK they might be shrinking, but they are nasty sneaky things! Has anyone bought Avoca in the UK? I tried to get some but boots pharmacist lady said they didn't do silver nitrate pencils and fobbed me off with bazuka again. would really like to try it. so tired of the mess and faff! I want a pedicure and not to cover my feet constantly.

2nd Aug 2010, 00:44

CK says:

I added my oroginal comment at end of April. Just thought i'd let you know my progress.
I had 2 large verrucas for 20 years. One on my left foot has gone. Using apple cider vinager until i reqched pink skin & then using AVOCA. The Avoca make me cry in pain & was worse than the vinager.
The other huge verruca is still hanging in there. It didi come back as i stopped with the vinager too soon & i had to start from scratch again. Its now on its way out. Ive used Apple Cider Vinager and then a home freezing kit. This has weakened it & now i am going to apply avoca, i am dreading the pain though!
Sometimes its a combination of things which is successful. Fingers crossed i finally get ring of my verruca once & for all

2nd Aug 2010, 14:21

Enough! says:

Hi Smartiescan.
I have bought Avoca in the UK from my local chemist, so I would have thought Boots would stock it, however it didn't really do much for me, about the same as Bazuka, but worth a try. If you can't get hold of the Avoca from any chemists in your area then they are available online.
I totally agree with you about all the mess and faff and even though I'm not really into pedicures myself, it would be nice to walk around without socks for a change, although I bet you I'd catch another bloody verruca!

Good luck with your chosen treatment. Keep us posted.

2nd Aug 2010, 15:10

Verrucas love me says:

I have had a couple of verrucas on one foot for 2 years and have tried freezing a coupl of times but it is rubbish.I have also tried gels and they dont work.I am going on holiday so wanna make them as gone as possible.Best method for curing quick and painless please......

3rd Aug 2010, 16:06

Everhopeful says:

Thought I d come back with an update...

I have used the citro protrct for a month ish I think,for the last week I had 2 weddings to go to,and worse shoes that show where my verrucas are,so I used heal and Seal to cover them,and it didn't stick for more than a few hours,I assume this is where my skin in now so damaged by all the things done to it.

I have 3 large areas of black spots.I assume these are the verrucas,this is the best I ve ever seen these though.

I am back on the citro protect,I have the acid from the doc to still try but don't know where I ve put it.I am now sick of these things again.

3rd Aug 2010, 21:13

jamie says:

I read that warts and veruccas can be worse if you have a lack off potassium in your body.

So, I soaked my feet for 1 hour in a bowl off water with the so-low salt stuff.. (basically 50% salt 50% potassium).

every 10-15mins i would use a file too grind down the verucca, when you soak it alot off the skin becomes easier to file off.

after a hour i tried my foot, and used new so-low salt and rubbed that into the verucca until it hurt.. then i left the salt on too dry (stung ALOT).

after I taped some banana skin onto the verucca for the next 3-4 hours..

done this 3 times now on my biggest verucca and its looking much much smaller.

also a note. I have been taking Thuja 30c.. 2 pellets 4x a day.

4th Aug 2010, 14:49

verruca village says:

Hi everyone

just a word of warning regarding the vinegar method; if your verrucas have a tendancy to spread this may not be the best method to use as the vinegar can weaken the surrounding skin allowing the introduction of new verrucas. (I have approx 10 new ones from this method).

I am going to the chiropidist next week to discuss a dry needling technique which seems to have good success rates, will update when I know if it has helped or not. Hopefully this will be the thing that works out of the 30plus treatmentsIi have tried previously!!

5th Aug 2010, 13:59

Enough! says:

My foot hurts!
In the last couple of days my verrucas have become really painful. Maybe the Calendula cream is working because I remember my Dr saying that when the verruca becomes more painful than usual it's due to your body trying to fight it off.
Whether this is true or not I don't know, as I've had plenty of pain in the last 9 years, but my verrucas do look to have improved, so fingers crossed!

5th Aug 2010, 22:18

BeGONE says:

Ok, so I started vinegar maybe five days ago... so far, the worst one has gon a bit black but the rest just puff up a bit... and there's been little to no pain since trying it... Does this sound like it's not working? I'm going to keep with it... maybe for another week and if nothing happens after that... :/

8th Aug 2010, 11:08

peter p says:

Does it make any difference to the vinegar treatment if you do it am rather than pm?

8th Aug 2010, 18:29

BeGONE says:

I spoke too soon. The worst one has began to hurt...

Warning for those who use selotape: It's noisy. Can't really walk around surreptitiously. I'm gonna try switching to Gaffa tape...

8th Aug 2010, 18:50

BeGONE says:

I spoke too soon. The worst one has began to hurt...

Warning for those who use selotape: It's noisy. Can't really walk around surreptitiously. I'm gonna try switching to Gaffa tape...

8th Aug 2010, 18:50

Snoopverruc says:

Still persisting with bazuka and corn knife... 7 weeks in now. Not sure how long to keep it up. Some days they look better. I'd keep it up for a year if there was a guarantee it will work!! I hope there's no danger from using it long- term?

9th Aug 2010, 15:21

Rachel says:

Wow this site is really helping me! Bazooka doesn't work unless you have a really small verucca and I tried the freezing thing at the doctors and it's really painful! :(
So I tried this last night and it's gone all shrivelled up, also i didn't have any duct tape so i used parcel tape. Is that ok?

10th Aug 2010, 09:43

smartiescan says:

managed to find the avoca and have tried that on a couple of little ones to see what happens!

just a thought - i saw verrucas on that channel 4 embarassing illnesses show and this poor little girls foot was one giant verrucca growth, it was so horrible (we could all have it a lot worse!) and they got her to soak her foot in formaldehyde to get rid of some of the growths. i was thinking, isnt that what they pickle things in? do you think thats why the vinegar works? it pickles the verruca and so it falls off??

the biggest problem ive had is getting something that sticks in the same place as i walk so got so cheap fabric based gaffs tape the other day. put bazuka on the biggest one and covered it in gaffa, as well as a coupe of the avoca-ed little ones. its been 2 days and theyve been so tender to walk on (mine have never been before) but this morning a big lump came out!! its seperated from the other skin so im hoping this combination is having some effect.

on with painkillers and carrying on as best i can! hope everyones doing well x

10th Aug 2010, 12:46

Everhopeful! says:

great reading everyone s attempts at killing these things...

I am now using the calendular cream during the day and the citro protect at night as the citro protect has made such a mess of my shoes is oil based i think.

I have been filing the area down every other morning but I ve reached the point that one area bleeds every time,so I think I may stop for a bit, but then I worry that it ll stop the stuff I'm putting on getting through to the verrucas.

I am truly sick of the verrucas now.1 full year on trying to kill them and I ve not won yet!

10th Aug 2010, 21:48

Enough! says:

Try having them 10 years on and see how sick of them you are!
I've got to the point now that I've just had enough of the things and prefer to just slap the calendula cream on ,cover it with a plaster, forget about them and do the token cutting away of dead skin every now and then.
Maybe if I touch them less I will look one day and they will be gone. Or maybe not, but I've spent enough time, money and pain on these things to just be totally fed up!
Good luck though to all of you that have had them for a shorter time. They might just respond to treatment and take the hint.

11th Aug 2010, 11:41

Everhopeful! says:

Enough keep me posted on the claendular cream,I am following your way in the hope you may have found a cure.
I have only been trying properly to kill the verrucas every day for a full year,I have had them for about 3 years now,and i know who and where I blame for me getting
I really don't want to believe that I might have them for 10 years and you have my sympathy...

Shame the medical geniuses haven't come up with a failsafe sure yet!

11th Aug 2010, 17:40

Enough! says:


The Calendula cream is working quite well up to now, I'm actually pleased with this treatment.
It stops any pain I have in the verrucas, makes the skin easier to remove and all the black dots I had in the verrucas seem to have gone, so fingers crossed this is it.
I tend to apply the cream at night so It has a good chance of absorbing, reapply for a couple of nights and then cut away any dead skin, repeating the whole process. I've been doing this for about a month and it has made more of an impact then other treatments I've tried.

Good luck with yours. I really hope this works. :)

11th Aug 2010, 19:17

Rachel says:

Is the Calendula cream more effective than vinegar and duct tape?

12th Aug 2010, 09:29

Enough! says:

Hi Rachel.

Whether the Calendula cream is more effective for everyone, it is hard to say, but for me the vinegar and duct tape did nothing but give me pain.
Calendula cream has antiviral properties and has been used for centuries for all sorts of skin complaints, but like every verruca treatment what works for some might not work for others.
I would say it is worth a try, especially if you have exhausted other methods like myself.
If you don't want to give up the vinegar treatment then why not try both at the same time. If your foot gets really sore and as long as it's not bleeding , apply the Calendula cream on alternate days.
If your verrucas are anything like the rest of ours then attack it with everything you've got!

Good luck.

12th Aug 2010, 11:24

BeGONE says:

Well, update on the vinegar... They've become more obvious and a few sting a bit. But with the vinegar.. just doing it at night doesn't work very well... it seems to be a lot better to do it24/7, only duct tape and stuff comes off pretty easily. How has anyone remedied the sliding about of the duct tape?

12th Aug 2010, 11:43

neil(na_heyes-at-hotmail-dot-com) says:

@BeGONE I tried the vinegar but its on my heel and hurt too much to walk on, but I did find a technique to hold on the tape. You can get tape from the chemist called Mefix which is a paper/fabric based tape like a plaster, put a smaller piece of duct tape on then tape over (cover) that with the mefix and it should stay on all day. You can get the Mefix in 5cm widths which is helpful.

12th Aug 2010, 17:33

Everhopeful! says:

neil,Mefix sounds good,I find my plasters rub off my foot a lot...

BeGONE,when I did the duct tape and vinegar I used an elasticated bandage on my foot to hold the duct tape which I had wrapped round my foot in place.

Anyone else find their verrucas itch sometimes?Is this a positive thing?

12th Aug 2010, 20:02

BeGONE says:

Ahh, thanks guys! I'll try find this Mefix stuff then.

And yeah, sometimes mine itch... I have no idea if that's good or bad... it annoys me, though. You can't properly itch them and it doesn't feel nice..

Oh, and the vinegar makes a lot of my surrounding skin white. My oldest tactic of dealing with verrucas is to use something and then use tweezers to pull of as much as possible. Suddenly occurred to me yesterday that maybe pulling off skin from around the verrucas might not do much good... will it do more harm than good?

13th Aug 2010, 10:13

jj says:

jus wondering.. has anything tried using Wartabater

Read its got a 100% success rate, but not alot off things i can find on the internet about it.. there is a few on ebay, and u can see it on there website too
Wartabater .com

13th Aug 2010, 20:45

Enough! says:

I looked up wartabater and it seems brutal! Giving your verruca an electric shock seems drastic, but then again I am feeling somewhat desperate.
I need to find myself a plan B, although the length of time I've had these things I think I've used up the whole alphabet!
Hmmmmmmm, what to do next?
Calendula cream seemed to work well at the start, but it's just not quick enough for me.
I need............... I need........... What is it I need?
Any new ideas out there, apart from electricity?!

16th Aug 2010, 17:53

smartiescan says:

so far duct tape with salicylic acid discs now and again to speed it up is working pretty well, big chunks have been coming off the mosaics and the little ones have separated from the surrounding skin a couple of times, but hurt too much to pull out with my special verrucas tweezers so had just trimmed down with nail clippers (the 2 main weapons in my verruca fighting arsenal!! i already got 1 wart on my thumb, not repeating that mistake). fingers crossed its going well. plus my boyf (who has never seeen my feet and does now know) is away for 2 weeks so working INTENSIVELY!

has anyone tried the wartner for kids?? theres £2 off in boots atm so have bought it to try, it puts the gas directly on the wart for 3 seconds rather than pressing the foam thing on it for ages like the other ones. was still pricey at £18 but thought i would def pay that if it works! its got 16 applications in it so hoping itll freeze the hel out of the one on my thumb. any one had any experiences with it yet??

keep fighting!

16th Aug 2010, 18:26

Snoopverruc says:

smartiescan - special verruca tweezers??

I didn't have any joy with home freezing kits- actually think they spread them more but could be wrong.

I got 2 on different fingers and managed to get rid of them very quickly.... by biting them. Lol! Honestly it worked- they went within a few days!!

Still battling with the bazuka on my feet, as even if I was completely supple that would just be wrong, ha ha!! Have used about 15 tubes now, no joke! That's £105- add that to everything else I've bought and it's quite unbelievable!!

Smartiescan, I still haven't told my bf, but I suspect he knows- he knew about them a couple of years ago and I've never let him see the bottom of my feet- actually really depressing!

I am praying that they go soon- it's just beyond stupid now. I have been getting more sleep, more exercise and drinking more water and really don't think it's immune- related. I think it's just a horrendous breed some of us have :o(

16th Aug 2010, 20:26

Snoopverruc says:

Someone told me about 'Cosmic ordering'... so have ordered verrucas to go by 9th Sept!!

I'll keep you posted......!

16th Aug 2010, 21:49

ladislav says:

Snoopverruc: I think this thread may have just hit a new low of irrationality and desperation :-(

17th Aug 2010, 14:57

The Pesky Verruca says:

Thanks for this suggestion. I've been doing vinegar and duct tape for a week now and am really noticing a difference.

One question though - I've read about people 'plucking' their verrucas out with tweezers. How on earth do they do this? Mine don't seem to have any little bits sticking up to be plucked (like you would on a splinter for example). Do they really mean they're just plucking at the flakes of skin (so, really the same as just filing it?).

18th Aug 2010, 09:21

Enough! says:

Hi The Pesky Verruca.

Like you, I have never had bits of my verruca able to be 'plucked', but those who do are probably just pulling chunks off their verrucas instead of getting at the whole thing. I use nail cutters to get all the dead skin off mine ,as I found filing spread them a bit.
Hope the vinegar works for you.

18th Aug 2010, 12:27

Enough! says:

ladislav, I think we're all getting a bit desperate and irrational.
These verrucas are starting to mess with our heads as well as our feet!
I think I might just try voodoo if I knew it would work!

18th Aug 2010, 12:31

Anonymous says:

well guys i am happy 2 say 4 down 1 to go just skick with wot ever method ya using dont give the things any break and any chance to grow i have see the miskakes i have made in the past now they are going i was not persistant enough but this time i have treated them every day i will soon be pain free and finally shut or these things that have caused me misery for 10 year !!!!!

19th Aug 2010, 12:12

Snoopverruc says:

Ha ha, it will work though- along with my bazuka method!

19th Aug 2010, 12:13

Anonymous says:

would just like 2 add i found this sight on 25.6.10 and that was the day i started propper work on these things so not bad goin gettin rid of 4 in a couple of month plus 2 warts aswell i will post before and after pictures when i beat the last cling on lol gud luck every 1 xx

19th Aug 2010, 12:19

Guy says:


I could do with some help.

I've had a verruca in the middle of the ball of my left foot for about 6 years.

5 weeks ago, after several (half hearted attempts to get rid) I admitted defeat and went to the chiropodist.

There the chiropodist soaked my feet, then pared the area down until it bled, proving that there was viral activity still there. He then used an 'oxygen gun'? to squirt oxygen at the verruca, then stabbed it lots of times with an acupuncture needle, applied some tee tree and then a dressing.

My home treatment was to apply Occlusal and file everyday.

I was initially optomistic but it seemed to be going very slowly, then I happened across this forum.

I though I'd have a go with vineger and cotton wool, that was 10 days ago.

After two days, I was doing a bit of filing and the skin split to reveal black powdery stuff, 'great' I thought, that must be the dead verruca.

I set about removing as much of the 'dead' tissue as I could with a razor blade and ended up with a hole of some 4-5mm deep and about the same diameter as a 5 pence piece.

Since then I have alternated with vinegar soaked cotton wool and occlusal, depending on how much pain I'm willing to endure at the time.

I continually clean and try to remove dead tissue but the crater hurts like hell and doesn't look like healing.

I'm really worried about leaving any 'virus active' tissue behind but can't work out how to reduce the crater.

I've thought about a 'ring pad' dressing so that the pressure is around the verruca and the body is able to push the infected/dead tissue outward. Is this likely to work? Has anyone tried it?

Sorry to ramble on.

All the best.

20th Aug 2010, 10:39

Enough! says:

Hi Guy.

We've all had a good ramble and rant on here, so not to worry, but I would think about leaving the area alone for a few days or even a week to give it a chance to heal. Continually cutting away the dead skin may seem like the right thing to do, as any small bit of the virus that remains can re grow, however by leaving it alone you can then get a better idea of what you're dealing with and if there is any verruca left.
If you are worried about the possibility of remaining verruca virus then why not treat it with tea tree oil, as this will keep it clean and free from infection.
I've used rind pad dressings for my verrucas, but they didn't really have much benefit, so instead I just covered it with a plaster and watched how it healed.
At the moment I still have a cluster of verrucas on the ball of my right foot, but they're not looking too bad. In the past this area has been quite a deep hole, much the same as yours and with time and less cutting it has eventually healed ,so keep up with what you're doing and good luck with it.

21st Aug 2010, 15:13

Guy. says:


Thank you so much, I think the moral support is as good as anything!

I'd had a bad couple of days but it's looking up a bit today. I've been a little less brutal and it feels a great deal better (can drive and walk today!).

I think you're right, now's a good time to see where things are at so I'll be doing some tee tree/plaster therapy only for a few days.

I'm just still a bit worried about a setback.

Thanks again.


23rd Aug 2010, 13:48

smarties can says:

guy, dont worry about little setbacks, its a war we're fighting - not just one battle! so long as you keep it covered a few days rest will be fine just keep at it. Plasters or Duct tape over it will stop it spreading and supposedly help the process so its all good.

I find ring pads help with pain and also hoping it stops the verruca being pushed further in, it seems to stick out more so its easier to get at. The one on my foot was so painful the other day that i made a ring pad out of cotton wool pads, it worked! pain stopped and it stuck out more so a load more skin came away last night.

Fingers crossed.

23rd Aug 2010, 15:57

Brooke says:

It's been a month nearly since my last post and I'm soooooo annoyed to say that I still have my verrucas, although they are improved they are still there stopping me from wearing all those amazing shoes, or simply going bare foot. Please someone find a universal solution!!!!!

24th Aug 2010, 00:11

Rid! says:

For over a week now i have been trying the vinger and cotten wool method. Within a couple of days the verrucas went black which i thought was good and then nothing really happened when i was filing it. I then read on here that u need to cut them away so i was doing this with clippers. The verrucas still havent really done much, they are just not as noticable and a few holes as i have been cutting them away. Am i doing this correct as none of my verrucas are starting to dissapear? Also when will i no if i have got all the verrucas as i dont want them back??

25th Aug 2010, 11:14

Enough! says:

Hi Rid!

You sound like you're doing everything you can, but it takes time. I've been at my verrucas for 10 years, cutting and treating them and still no sign of going, but don't let that put you off!
Keep going.
You will know when your verrucas have gone when you start to see your foot lines( like a fingerprint) come back over the area.
If you think they have gone then keep treating for a few more weeks just incase it wants to suprise you by returning.

25th Aug 2010, 14:33

GOT THEM!!!!!!! says:

Haven't been back on the site for a while - but interested to read comments on my blog. Hospital are not trying to pass photos off as having been cured by laser - as this is a plastic surgery unit - and the consultant had never tried this type of laser on veruccas before. He was very sceptical about the treatment working even before he started - but as I was desperate & had tried EVERYTHING else- he agreed to give it a try. Apple cider vinegar & duct tape worked for me - still no sign of any return of veruccas after nearly a (pain free) year.
Good luck to everyone - and persevere!

26th Aug 2010, 19:33

Vinegar Fan says:

Hi, thought I'd post my findings on the vinegar treatment. 1st I thought I'd tell you about the other treatments I’ve tried (none previously worked). I initially tried Scholl freeze verruca & wart remover, which I used the maximum amount of recommended time anticipating it would disappear - it didn't! All that happened was it went white and became larger and much more noticeable, very embarrassing on holidays etc. I went to the GP's who prescribed me Salactol, which is salicyic acid, which worked to an extent by applying it regularly, and pairing it down, it bled sometimes but never really seemed to get to the route of the problem. The doctor said there was no option to get it cut out and it would go on it's own. I've had the thing for 3 years now so I have decided to get medieval on it!! I saw the vinegar treatment on here, don't think you need any particular type; I’m using white cider vinegar at the minute. I apply it last thing at night and my tip is NOT to use pads, instead buy a cotton wool roll and tear off individual bits as necessary, roughly the size of a ten pence piece. Now apply a small amount of vinegar enough to be absorbed into the foot but not drenched. This liberal application will allow the duct tape to stay in place easily (I only need 3 small strips). Now to avoid this tape coming off put a sock over the affected foot and you should be fine. In the morning this is when the foot is sore as this is when the verruca is hard and raised having soaked up the vinegar. Shower and wash your foot, use a white filing block to pair down then to take the pressure off the foot and keep the verruca away from air place on a large strip of plaster (the one's you can buy in a roll). You do not need to apply vinegar on the foot whilst wearing the plaster during the day and the pain and swelling should have subsided within the hour. When you get home from work that evening takes the plaster off for a few hours, allow the skin to harden a little as I actually find the filing more effective now. When you are ready to go to bed repeat the process. I’m at the end of week 2 now. As each night passes the white, hard part surrounding the troublesome centre gets smaller with the pairing. By day 3 a black spot formed in the centre. I continued to file, until last night I thought I wouldn't get near the black centre, all of a sudden I scratched at it and it kind of fell out (gross - I know!). At this point I realised the centre was almost like a blood blister and takes time to form under the skin hence it won't come out until it's ready. I feel like this is the infected roots, which have popped out, and I'm now hoping that it is only a matter of time before the white surround is paired down. Any advice on whether this is pretty much my ordeal is over and whether I need to still apply the vinegar? Do I just need to pair at it from now on or will it go of it's own accord? Hope this helps guys!! Any feedback would be good

26th Aug 2010, 19:47

Guy says:

Hi all

Okay, as per the earlier advice, I have been undertaking to apply just tea tree oil under a plaster and then under a piece of duct tape.

I do have to admit though to a bit of cutting away with a razor too but I'm an impatient and curious sort of person!

I've had a look this evening and, low and behold, it looks like some real foot is pushing through from the bottom of the hole.

I have what appears to be nice pink flesh surrounded by a cicle of white 'dead?' skin.

There is now no pain when pushed or squeezed.

I have removed some of the white skin and applied a bit more tea tree oil, a plaster and some tape.

Please someone tell me that these are signs that I've beaten the thing!

I'll let you know in the next couple of days, feeling quite optomistic!

All the best.

26th Aug 2010, 22:45

Snoopverruc says:

Hi Guy and Vinegar Fan,

Well, sounds like you're both making progress, but the white raised area suggests that the virus is still in the skin (from my experience). I have had small eureka moments, but until that white skin goes my advice is DO NOT GIVE UP!! Mine have just regrouped and reattacked each time.

My current method is Bazuka and Corn knife (oh and cosmic ordering, lol!) - the verrucas are looking much smaller and the skin around a lot healthier, but I just know it's not over yet! I don't think it'll be a dramatic sign when they go - I think the skin will just stop feeling tender and raised. The trouble with the bazuka is it turns the skin white anyway (people say you know it's gone when your skin print is back, but I don't think I'll see that until a while after I've finished with bazuka applications) and it's a bit sore from paring, but it's a different kind of sore to the bazuka pressure so that'll be my sign. All the talk about big roots coming out and soforth is dead skin removal I think and maybe getting rid of enough of it helps your body fight the rest?

29th Aug 2010, 14:53

Snoopverruc says:

sorry, multitasking... badly!

meant verruca pressure, not bazuka pressure, d'oh!

29th Aug 2010, 14:54

Everhopeful says:

Enough,are you atill useing the calendular cream and if yes,how are you doing with it?

30th Aug 2010, 22:08

linz!!! happy!!!(linz09-at-hotmail-dot-co-dot-uk) says:

hi guys i have done it i am verucca free !!!!!!i am soooooooo happy no more pain no more limping around its fantastic so all in all 4 month 2 verrucca free feet i will shortly put before and after pics on...keep up the hard work and stick at it everyday xx

31st Aug 2010, 19:11

Snoopverruc says:

Well done Linz! There's hope!

How long had you had them for? Was it the extra strength bazuka in the end?

2nd Sep 2010, 10:14

Enough! says:

Hi Everhopeful.
I haven't used the Calendula cream for a while, but it did make the skin over the verrucas easier to remove and look a lot healthier. However, recently I had a cold and was using Olbas oil and just happened to read the ingredients and found it contained lots of antiviral oils, Eucalyptus, Clove, cajuput, Juniperberry, wintergreen etc... and thought why not try it on my foot. In the past I've used tea tree, eucalyptus and lemon separately, but these are all already combined.
There is also something similar available on the internet specifically for verrucas, but seen as though I had the Olbas oil in and the verruca stuff was expensive, I gave it a go.
To my surprise the verrucas look better than they have in years, smaller in size, no pain and having tried everything else this seems just as worthwhile.
I may be a bit crazy trying a cold remedy on my foot, but at the moment I'll use anything.
Why not give it a go?
How are your verrucas now?

2nd Sep 2010, 11:23

Snoopverruc says:

Ooh, Enough I hope you've cracked it!! This bazuka is costing me a fortune!

2nd Sep 2010, 15:28

Snoopverruc says:

3 posts in one day!

I'm just wondering for those who got rid using bazuka- how did you know when to stop? The skin looks White under the bazuka so am asuming the little you know what's are still there. It still hurts but from the cutting I think- can't tell the difference now between cutting pain and verruca pain as I'm at them all the time! They still bleed so is that how to know? Just keen to hear from people who managed to beat them!

2nd Sep 2010, 17:30

Pharma271(johna117-at-aol-dot-com) says:

Hello! eddckag interesting eddckag site!

3rd Sep 2010, 17:59

jamie says:

Just wondering.. has anyone tried the new bazuka treatment gel?

It now contains lactic acid aswell as salylic acid.. not sure how much itll help though..

3rd Sep 2010, 21:52

its working says:

Hi all - what a great forum to read through.
I got 2 verrucas 5 years ago and since then gradually spread to around 30 in total all on the ball of my foot.
Started apple cider vinegar and tape 2 weeks ago and its working wonderfully. I put the vinegar and tape on at around 6pm and leave until the next morning where I take off skin if it's not too painful. The just tape until evening again. I have been using insulation/electrical tape which sticks great (no slipping off!) and lets in no air.
So far 5 of mine have gone, and about 8 I have managed to pull out with tweezers - essentially they went black/brown and as I kept up with the treatment and when there was no pain, they just came out easily. I continue to treat those until I'm sure they're gone.
So going well, still about 10 to go, which are going black. The pain at times has been excruciating, but seems to last only a few hours in the evening and then the next day, walking gets a bit easier as the day goes on.
I will post again if I manage to get rid of them completely, but just wanted to say a big thank-you to everyone posting, it has been great to read all the different treatments.
Enough! I really hope something will work for you soon :)

4th Sep 2010, 10:54

EwwwwxD says:

I've had loads of verrucas for like 3 years, and I've been going to a chiropodist for about 8 months but it doesn't seem to be working, and it's costing lots! What should I do, should I carry on with the treatment, or should I stop and try something else? I'm confused, please help!

4th Sep 2010, 12:20

Enough! says:

Thanks its working, I hope something works soon too.
I've justing finished cutting away all the dead skin, very painful, and seem to be right on top of the things. Looks like a cluster of very fleshy verrucas, which wanted to bleed loads. I swear these things would have been easier to cut out from the top of my foot they're that deep!
In pain now, limping and wondering what to apply. How are these things surviving after all the acids, creams, oils and gels I've used?

EwwwwxD - I tried the whole chiropodist thing too, but soon gave up when nothing happened.
Why not try everthing on here as a starting point ,as you never know, you might be one of the lucky ones!
Keep us all posted.

4th Sep 2010, 15:56

EwwwwxD says:

Thanks Enough! I think ill try the tape and vinegar one, and see if that works!

5th Sep 2010, 13:22

linz verucca free says:

yeah snoop it was that but i did use vinegar on them 4 a week inbetween but stopped cause of the pain ..for those that dont know if they are gone usin bazuka once all the black dots are gone and you have white treat a few more times and that should be it it took me 4 month i had 5 an 1 of those i had had 20 year !!!!!i wory heals wi no pain sat night i danced all night it was great xxx

5th Sep 2010, 18:56

Enough! says:

I'm down to pink looking skin and much smaller verrucas, so to try finish them off I'm going to apply the verruca medicated plasters
(I already have them and they need using up) and see what happens.
Watch this space!

6th Sep 2010, 11:10

Snoopverruc says:

Thank Linz- will keep going with it and hopefully you'll see Verruca Free after my name soon too!!

I'm currently sitting with banana skin taped on top of the verrucas, over the bazuka!! Curious about this gel stuff Jamie - not seen it yet but will investigate.

I have bazuka everywhere- spent a merry weekend scraping bits off the carpet. It's in my socks, bit on my jeans where I accidentally put foot against them and stuck inside one shoe. Still beats the smell of vinegar though!! ;o)

Enought, I have little pink circles where wsome verrucas used to be but they turn white when my feet get wet- does that happen to yours? I am using the banana skin now to try to encourage skin around to stay on the good side!!

6th Sep 2010, 19:46

Enough! says:

Hi Snoopverruc.
The verruca I had on my right heel went like yours, pink then white when wet, but now that one seems to be gone, however the verrucas on the ball of my right foot seem to stay pinkish when wet , but white round the edges.
What does this mean? Hopefully it's a sign of improvement.
Aaah, the Bazuka stuck to yourself trick, I remember it well!

6th Sep 2010, 23:26

smartiescan says:

i think they white means dead skin, this could be excess bazuka activity, think the real test is whether the grain is complete. if in doubt, keep going!! i had one on my heel that i managed to get rid of (the only one so far) since i caught it very quickly. i thought it was done, then like 2 weeks later a chunk fell out, all perfectly rounded and everything was pink and no white underneath. i think the bazuka damages the skin under where verruca was so takes a bit for that to fall out. then happy days!

my new tricks atm:
- someone said that corn plasters, the little rings, were amazing as they push verrucca out. the hardened skin from treatment being pushed into my foot hurt the most so i got cheap insoles and and cut specially sizes verruca holes. i tape his on each day and it seems to work! verruccas are more raised and less calloused so easier to get to and get out!

- after taking off as much bazuka as i can, have been soaking feet in lo-salt and water (have an old sandwich box full of it, i dont change the water) definitely not to do with potassium deficiency now due to high high pot. chloride levels in the stuff. its my version of uber strong banana skin!

still using nail scissors but am teasing around the edges and pulling up the dead skin that comes up, then trimming all across the top. so far so good!!

hope all's going well and no-ones in too much pain!

7th Sep 2010, 02:13

jamie says:

Went doctors agian today.. Saw a different doctor.. infact saw my favourite one.. I real nice oldish man who really does care..

I explained all the problems. He looked at them and said I doing well keepin them filled, and he pared one that had a little build up.. And he gave me some "Cuplex" gel too try.. Told me too keep coming back evey 2 weeks until there gone and if needed they will look at different treatment methods we aint tried before

7th Sep 2010, 15:18

linz verucca free!!! says:

dont know if it made a difference wi me but i used to put tea tree oil around the healthy skin of the verruccas an i also took 2 month supply of vitamins an immune booster....keep up the good work xxx

7th Sep 2010, 17:16

jamie says:

Used too cuplex gel... I have too soak my feet one, and apply.. then peal it off in the morning and reapply..

Well.. I peeled it off and all my veruccas look really white and puffy.. Simliar too the vingegar method look.. but slightly different

hoping that the cream will cause some swelling resulting in a immune response :)

7th Sep 2010, 22:49

jamie says:

Woke up today after using the cuplex gel...

jeez they hurt.. all swollen and puffy.. cant stand on them so I am walking around on my tiptoes!!

8th Sep 2010, 11:42

linz..verruca free says:

hi guys just posted pics of my verrucas most when they were bad and 1 when they were shrinking,they are under lustylinz in the recent visitors section,i will post my clear feet pics soon as it took 2 hour 2 get these on lol xx

9th Sep 2010, 00:52

Enough! says:

I've just attacked my foot and made a bit of a mess, although I have found out the actual size of these things and my heart sank. How am I going to get rid of them? :(
I have cut off about 3mm of dead skin over the whole area of verrucas and have been left with 4 very red raised angry looking lumps of skin. Because it's now really sore I have gone back to the duct tape method. Don't know if this will work, as it didn't before, but I just don't want to look at it, touch it or even think about it for a few weeks. This could be a massive step back, as who knows, when I remove the tape it could have got worse, but at the moment I just want to cry.
Why aren't they going?
I'm young, fit and healthy, so what is happening?!!!!

9th Sep 2010, 16:05

linz...verruca free says:

HI ENOUGH i realy feel 4 u the pain is so bad at times an mine made me cry quite is just a suggestion but why dont you follow wot i did an see if u have any look ? the bazucca does work if used correctly an i worked out just how 2 get the best results from it without makin my feet 2 sore ..i had 5 four month ago an now i have none

9th Sep 2010, 18:38

lori(lorrainehowe1-at-btinternet-dot-com) says:

Don't know if it's any help, my son had lots of verrucas and nothing worked, ie freezing, acid, duck tape. My brother-in-law recommended Warts No More - you can buy in US and all Europe. I didn't believe it would work at all, it's basically all essential oils etc. Anyway he had verrucas on both feet and loads of them, in a couple of weeks they turned black and I just filed them off! Skin was left lovely underneath, really recommended, smells lovely too.

10th Sep 2010, 21:37

Snoopverruc says:

Now on combo of bazuka, lavendar and olbas oil and banana skin. Oh and selenium.

Fingers crossed the mix will shake up immune system and attack the litle b's

12th Sep 2010, 00:36

jamie says:

brought some olbas oil.. didnt make much differnce tbh.. other than my foot smelt good..

the cuplex gel going well.. 5 days later and my foot is still swollen around the verucca.. but its gone quite black now..

could pull some off today and there is some healthy pink skin, but still some verucca left..

though. all other veruccas on that foot are still normal.. so dont think i have any kind off immune reaction happening..

12th Sep 2010, 23:15

Enough! says:

Oh no! I thought I was on to something with the Olbas oil, as mine seemed to change quite quickly, but then again it might not work for everyone as we all keep finding out.
Even though I still have the verrucas I think they look a bit better than before although I am still covering them with duct tape in the hope that this time it will do something.
Jamie, it sounds like you have found something that works in cuplex, I might just give it a go, where did you get it from?
Sorry if I wasted your time with the Olbas oil suggestion, but I'm sure in the end we'll all have verruca free feet!

13th Sep 2010, 11:56

jamie says:

Dr. gave it too me.. its basically salylic acid, and lactic acid.. but the doc said it has something else which helps it get into the verucca better..

though the pain is now unbearable.. though, wehn you take the gel off.. the verucca seems soggy and wet, and u can literly pick some parts off.. it hurts.. but doesnt bleed at all..

put some bio oil on it after it was sour, and it really helped reduce the pain.. bio oil has lots off things like calendula oil, vit A+E etc.. wonder if that alone could cure them?!

13th Sep 2010, 14:33

Snoopverruc says:

Enough, I have thrown olbas oil into my mix for good measure! Currently pressed to foot with banana peel as figure it can't hurt!

13th Sep 2010, 14:46

Enough! says:

I tried the Bio oil idea about 3 years ago, but had no joy.

Snoopverruc, it sounds like your verrucas should be afraid, very afraid!
Let me know if you have any luck.

13th Sep 2010, 21:31

arghhhh!!!! says:

haven't been on for a while, and have to admit to not treating the problem for a few weeks, it's now huge.... read a post about the 'wartabater' a little earlier, and have decided to buy one... lets face it, i've tried just about everything else now, and have easily spent double if not treble the cost of getting one on previous alledged brand name treatments... actually quite interested to see if it works... will post results....

14th Sep 2010, 14:37

arghhhh!!!! says:

p.s. I know this is probably just a crank gimmicky device, created with the sole purpose of seperating people who are at the end of their tether from their hard earned cash... but desperation is the mother of invention, and I've got to try!!!!

14th Sep 2010, 14:53

livvy says:

hey, thanks guys for all your comments they are really helpful!!! i have a verruca on my right foot and i hate it! i am lucky i only have one but you can still see it as it is quite big...and we are starting dance at school and we have to do it bare footed! i have tried so many of the bazooker type treatments around, and they all seem to have some affect, like turning it white, but then nothing else happens....its so frustrating but im going to try the vinegar + ductape mathod RIGHT NOW so thanks a bunch you guys are all amazing, and if anyone does see it or say something then just remember that its not your fault you have them, anyone can get them all you have to do it goo swimming or something so dont worry :)

14th Sep 2010, 20:04

Everhopeful! says:

Don't really know what to say about the calendular cream...I have put it on a plaster and put it on the verrucas morning and night.The whole area looks different,but then I am not filing the verrucas as often as I was making the aras raw and was worried I'd spread the little blighters further!
Anyway,there is no rough skin left on the tope of the verrucas,I think I need to file the area down hard to see what is underneath.
If nothing else,I don't look like I have a lumpy verrucad foot at the mo.
Will keep you posted.Am loathe to stop as it is the least painful thing I ve tried!lol.

14th Sep 2010, 21:45

jamie says:

arghhhh!!!!, let me know how it goes with the wartabeater.. i was tempted into buying one.. i read it had a 99% sucess result.. though thats prob part off the sales pitch

if this cuplex gel dont work im goin too give calendular cream a go i think!

14th Sep 2010, 22:15

Laura Verruca Queen says:

Hi Guys

Been reading over this forum for the last 2 days, glad to see I'm not the only one.

I've had my verruca for approx 9 years but in all fairness my attempts to get rid have been half hearted. Its approx the size of a 10p coin on the ball of my left foot!

1 visit to GP to get it Frozen
1 visit to GP to get Bazzuka
1 vist to Chiropidist (£30) got it cut down.
A few trys at the vinegar and duck tape.

Anyway for the last month I have been blasting the beast with Wartner (once weekly) and apply scholl heal and seal every night. I notice a slight difference but it could be because it is constantly being filed down now?

At the start my verruca was painful however the last 7 years I'd say I have been pain free. however this last week my foot has been in complete agony! I can't put pressure on it and I keep getting shooting pains in it. I'm hoping this might mean it is beginning to heal??!

I'm going to try vinegar and duck tape at nights followed by medicated scholl plasters covered in duck tape during the day.

I'm sick to death of this now. I will post before and after pics!

17th Sep 2010, 15:16

anon says:

I've been using Scholl verucca plasters with salicylic acid in them... I just wondered how I know if it has gone? I've been cutting the skin off and it seems to be new skin underneath, but as the acid turns the skin around verucca white, I'm not sure if it's gone or not!

18th Sep 2010, 19:59

Enough! says:

Hi anon. You will know when your verrucas have gone when you start to see a footprint coming back. The skin will look nice and healthy and not turn white and lumpy when wet.

21st Sep 2010, 13:05

Laura Verruca Queen says:

Just an update. I have been using the vinegar and duct tape at night method at night for the last 4 nights followed by scholl heal and seal and duct tape during the day.

My verruca is very white and puffy and yesterday I was able to dig a lot of dead skin off. My foot was in agony and this morning I awoke to a small blister next to my verruca which must have resulted from a cut being covered in the vinegar all night. Its definately killing some of the skins but nothing is going black yet...

21st Sep 2010, 14:37

longterm verruca says:

firstly, this blog is amazing. after 15 years ive found out that this penny size white demon on the heel of my foot is a mozaic verruca, not just one of the buggers. secondly, that i really shouldn't have left it for 2 weeks then cut out the dead mound with a stanley knife, which is what ive been doing for all of the afore mentioned 15 years. thirdly, im not alone with this problem which is weirdly suprising. will be commencing the vinegar and tape method as soon as possable. a few more months of pain and hobbling about will be a small price to pay if it starts to work,thanks again and ill keep you posted

23rd Sep 2010, 02:30

Enough! says:

Ok, so I've given the duct tape on its own 2 weeks and it's not really getting me very far. The skin is white and dead, but difficult to cut away. Underneath looks pinkish, however it is in the shape of individual verrucas so I'm not hopeful it's healthy skin.
Hmmmmm, what next?
Maybe I need to get hold of some Thuja tincture, apply it to the verrucas and......... oh, who am I kidding, I just can't be arsed anymore!
Watch this space!

23rd Sep 2010, 12:25

Snoopverruc says:

Enough, my mosaic is similar- it's pink and I can make out verruca shapes - does it mean we're getting somewhere????

23rd Sep 2010, 17:23

Enough! says:

Oh I hope so!

24th Sep 2010, 15:33

jamie says:

well the cuplex cream seems too be working defo.. Cut alot off skin off one, and before it was huge underneath and disheartening.. 2 weeks later, i can barely see it!!!! :D

Also, my largest this morning i managed too pull chunked off dead white skin away, but appears similiar in size.. but no where near as strong if that makes sense..

thought off how garlic and olbos oil is "anti viral" and how potassium is ment too help.. so i got a small footbath kinda thing.. filled it wit boiling water, added 6 gloves crushed garlic, about 200g "so-low" salt, and a good splash off olbos oil.. waited until it was not too hot too put my feet in and BAMM!!!.. weirdest senseation i have ever felt.. I swear i could feel all my verruccas tingling immidatly.. soaked my feet for 20mins..e very 5mins i used a skin grated too get some off the puffy skin off.... who knows if its helped, but it felt so weird but good!!

24th Sep 2010, 21:43

Enough! says:

Jamie I bet your feet stank something chronic after that concoction!
Hmmmmm, you’ve given me an idea though!

25th Sep 2010, 11:37

Enough! says:

So, I went on the internet after reading the foot soak idea and looked for natural antivirals. Luckily I had most of them, so I went about creating my own concoction and I think the end result could rival the most vile substance known to man!
It STINKS!!!!!!
But will it work?

I used:-
Garlic cloves
The inside pulp from a banana skin
Lemon Balm
Green Tea
Lemon Juice
Bio Oil
Olbas Oil
Aloe vera
White wine vinegar
Olive oil

Crushed it all together into a paste and then added 2 tsps of the mixture to a shallow foot bath of warm water.
I didn't have any adverse reactions, which is good, so I'm going to keep up with this everyday and then tape some of the mixture to my foot at night for about a week and see what happens.

I might sound a bit crazy, but anything is worth a try now!

26th Sep 2010, 12:32

Laura Verruca Queen says:

Update 2!

I haven't kept up with the vinegar the last week as i had a cut which was right next to the verruca however I have continued duct tape and scholl heal and seal and today I managed to peel the who bit of hard area away to reveal a small black patch. clearly its the "heart" of the verruca so clearly its working! my foot almost looks normal!

I've got vinegar and duct tape on it now and will continue with that at night with my scholl heal and seal during the day with duct tape until this thing disappears. I've almost managed to get rid of a 9 year verruca in just under a month! a very large one at that!!!!!

26th Sep 2010, 21:41

:( hate this says:

goodness me. ive had these stupid things for about 4 years now,and its SO depressing. i never used to mind that much,as i never went bare feet anyway as i dont like feet lol. but now im with a true leg loving man and we're soon to be married! Im so scared,i never let him touch my feet or see them because of the verrucas.ive desperately and persistantly tried so many methods,the gels,the freezing,the bananas,even spreading crushed vitamin E? pills on them. the closest i got was with the duct tape as they almost peeled off with it,but the duct tape would peel off straight i switched to plasters (just the sticky bit) and went back to using the acid gel treatments:( not working.i just use it now to stop spreading. but im also going on holiday in just under 2 months and theres a massive swimming attraction.I want to cry when i think about how all the pain and embaressment ive been through with them,and now i REALLY have to get rid of them,i dont want my husband to be to see them let alone never be allowed to touch my feet when he loves what theyre attatched too,my legs! i feel so sad :( Ive got a small one on the sole of my foot, the flat bit just before the toes, and one on the other foot,same place but a mosaic one. im trying the vinegar treatment now! as from today. its my last resort. im begging it works. but i have some questions - im using normal vinegar (the browny looking stuff with the reddish label) in a spray form and soaking cotton wool/kitchen towel in it then using normal cellotape to hold it on my foot,is this okay? i find duct tape just wont stick,is it important that its duct tape?and also should i pull it out/just leave it when it starts dying? and atm ive put it over the gel stuff that was already on them (when it goes white and hard,like bazooka,but another name) is this ok or should i of peeled it off? i didnt as its very sore from how raw it is where ive been trying to get at it with tweezers previously so if i pull it off it will bleed :( thankyou! please help x

28th Sep 2010, 17:46

Laura Verruca Queen says:

Hi Hate This.

Your treatment sounds to mine, acid gel and vinegar. I am just using plain old malt vinegar (brown stuff) and its definately working. Id put it on at night and during the day use the gel. I filed down my verruca (didn't pick at it) until i realised the scab was ready to come away.

I currently have no scab now but just a little black cluster thing which I assume is the actual verruca. I'm away to file it down and see what happens then apply vinegar.

ive had mine for 10 years and this is the most it has ever healed!

28th Sep 2010, 19:58

Enough! says:

Hi :( hate this

I know exactly how you feel, as most of the methods I've tried have failed, but give the vinegar a good go. I tried surgical tape and cellotape to hold the vinegar soaked cotton wool in place, but in the end the only thing that worked was duct tape wrapped round the whole foot. It also seemed to keep the smell in as well!
Just a thought though, won't your husband to be start wondering why the smell of vinegar follows you everywhere?
It's always a good idea to get rid of as much of the dead skin as possible before applying more vinegar, as well as removing the bazuka gel. This way more of the verruca will come in contact with the treatment and hopefully start to go.
Wouldn't it just be easier to tell him, after all he might have had them in the past and know of a way to get rid of them.
Because your verrucas are smaller the vinegar should work quite well, but don't be disappointed if it takes a couple of months to see positive results.

Good luck and I hope you have a really good holiday and wedding

28th Sep 2010, 21:24

:( hate this says:

thankyou for your advice :) i will keep trying.havent seen alot of difference since yesterday but it probably hasnt had much of a chance due to the hardened gel that was covering it.
Enough! i hope the vinegar smell isnt too strong,im going to try and do it at night as im not with him at night,and then when i shower after i will cover it in duct tape? and then re-apply vinegar at night again. I wish i could tell him,I can share everything with him but this has become such a psychological thing for me now :( i hate them so much and they make me feel awful,i couldnt face telling him.fingers crossed theyll go away and he'll never have to know! thankyou again! will keep you posted on if it works or not! x

29th Sep 2010, 12:57

:( hate this says:

thankyou for your advice :) i will keep trying.havent seen alot of difference since yesterday but it probably hasnt had much of a chance due to the hardened gel that was covering it.
Enough! i hope the vinegar smell isnt too strong,im going to try and do it at night as im not with him at night,and then when i shower after i will cover it in duct tape? and then re-apply vinegar at night again. I wish i could tell him,I can share everything with him but this has become such a psychological thing for me now :( i hate them so much and they make me feel awful,i couldnt face telling him.fingers crossed theyll go away and he'll never have to know! thankyou again! will keep you posted on if it works or not! x

29th Sep 2010, 12:57

:( hate this says:

sorry for the double post!

29th Sep 2010, 12:59

jamie says:

Little update..

Didnt use the cuplex cream last night, and today soaked my feet in a new concoction (same tingle feeling)..
under the hard dead skin was alot off pink skin where the verrucca was.. but there is a few black dots and white puffy area.. but it seems about half off the verrucca is gone :D

oh.. and latest foot soak was ALOT off ground turmeric, 6 gloves garlic, about 100g so-low salt, and another great splash off olbos oil... feet are nicely stained yellow now..

what i do is soak feet until verruca go soft, and scrape what i can away, then soak for about 5mins more. scrape again and soak again for a further 10mins..

nice simpson like feet :D

29th Sep 2010, 17:24

Enough! says:

Aaahh, I'm glad it's not just me with a yellow foot.
After using my concoction the verrucas are quite painful, puffy looking, but not sure if they are on the way out. I have been getting a good amount of dead skin off though, but will try the foot soak and scrape method of yours Jamie.
When I removed the skin today they bled quite a bit so just did a salt foot soak instead and oh my god the pain!
I think it will all be worth it in the end though, as so far it's had the most effect from all the treatments I've tried over the last 9 years and that's including cryo!

29th Sep 2010, 23:23

Brooksie says:

It's been a while.....I hoped to come back with something positive to say. Since I last wrote I have had my 4th cryo and all 7 blistered. Needless to say they have stayed put and the one on my thumb has actually doubled in size. The dr basically said that it wasn't worth continuing as the verruca had built an immunity to the treatment, oh great!

So I then started using the thuja tincture and pills at the same time for about 3 weeks and there was no change.

I'm now gone back to the duct tape method on for 6 days off for 1 and then start the cycle again. The duct tape does keep sliding off but I'm using fabric plasters which seem to be keeping them in place for a few days at a time. I haven't seem much change but I have only been doing it for the past 3 weeks. I also have started pickling them with vinegar on the's strange but my thumb always goes black instantly the rest on my feet just goes white and puffy. I've been cautious about interferring with them too much as I think this is how they've been spread?????

Anyone tried Avoca? Thinking of giving the cuplex a go........

Keep you posted.

30th Sep 2010, 19:42

Jamie says:

Brooksie- I used avoca, only once though.. word off warning.. if you press even slightly hard the pen will snap.. so cant really tell you any results.

Most my verruccas, even ones not treated with cuplex gel seem too have a black area too them now, or some have a blackish "shade" in them..

Worth noting though that my diet has changed massivly past week... im dropping weight for a grappling tournament.. kinda following a paleo/caveman like diet..

Not using any sauces or salt, so all my food is heavy on spices like turmeric, garlic etc etc.. and im eating a ton off fruit and veg.. maybe its the diet helping too

30th Sep 2010, 21:22

Laura Verruca Queen says:

Mines looks almost healed, more of a scab than the workings fo a verruca, Going to buy a good file today to try and get rid of whats there. Mines has never bled.

Its quite itchy today which makes me think its more of a scab of anything else. The acid gel and vinegar is definately working for me.

I'm definately going to book myself a pedicure once this bad boy is gone.. Its been 10 years too long!

1st Oct 2010, 11:20

Enough! says:

After a week doing this vile concoction I think I'm getting somewhere. The verrucas look better than they have in ages; I'm getting a good amount of dead skin off and feel positive for once that they might even go!
Thank you so much Jamie for putting your foot soak concoction out there for us all to try and add to.
Can I ask though....... what is a grappling tournament?
Maybe that's the key; we all need to find something out of the ordinary to get fit and healthy for!
Good luck with it.

Brooksie- I tried Avoca for months, but it didn't work at all. The skin went black and that was about it. If you have small verrucas though it might be worth a try, as it's one of the cheaper treatment options.

1st Oct 2010, 19:34

Jamie says:

Enough! - Glad your getting results :)

How often are you doing the foot soak?

Other night I went abit more mad.. threw in 2 green tea bags lol... well its ment too be good for you right? Didnt really do anything tbh..

2nd Oct 2010, 14:40

Jamie says:

Oh and I do MMA, also known as cage fighting.. but i think that sounds bit thugish..

But in a few weeks im competing in a grappling tourny.. So no strikes at all, just wrestling for a submission or win via points. So im eating a lot cleaner diet, and exercising alot more too get into shape.

2nd Oct 2010, 14:41

ihateverrucas says:

ive got 4 verrucas (2 on each foot) and have had them for yearss! ive done the vinegar (just normal household vinegar) and duct tape treatment for about 3 days now. i cover the verruca with a vinegar soaked cotton bud end and tape it down throughout the night, then take it off in the morning, wash it, leave it to dry out during the day and then start again for the next night. when i wake up in the morning it hurts pretttyyyyy badly, but the pain dies down after a few hours. after just the first day 2 of my verrucas have gone brown, and on the third day the white skin around them came off soo easily. now im left with a black scab, what i want to know is

do i pick this scab off or leave it and keep doing the treatment until the scab falls off itself??

2nd Oct 2010, 21:20



3rd Oct 2010, 17:12

Enough! says:

Jamie, I'm doing the foot soak 2 - 3 times a week for about 20 minutes at a time then removing the dead skin. On a night, before going to bed, I tape a bit of the concoction to the verrucas and remove it in the morning along with any more dead skin.
Why stop at green tea, try adding all the other crap that I used to your mixture and then see what happens!
My verrucas must be quite deep though cause I've removed loads of skin so far and they're still there, although one area does look like I have lines coming back.
Fingers crossed I'm not just seeing things!

Ihateverrucas - I have always removed the scab or hard skin from the verrucas after treatment because it enables future applications to penetrate further into the infected skin. Unless it's too painful and in that case leave it to fall off or lift slightly.

3rd Oct 2010, 20:16

Snoopverruc says:


The thing I hate most about these things is that one day they look on the way out and another day they're back in force. So many times I've thought something is working and then it just isn't.

4th Oct 2010, 11:32

Snoopverruc says:


Just saw some of the pics- you did well to get rid! Mine are actually more spread than that but it has given me hope as you did have a few to tackle! The vinegar didn't work for me sadly, but I'll find my cure someday!

4th Oct 2010, 11:51

Snoopverruc says:

Ok, off work today so thought I'd give this foot soak idea a go... my foot soak contains:

apple cidar vinegar
Malt vinegar
Crushed garlic
bicarbonate of soda
chili powder
tea tree oil
lavendar oil
olbas oil

This is a new low. By all accounts.

4th Oct 2010, 12:05

Snoopverruc says:

Ok, off work today so thought I'd give this foot soak idea a go... my foot soak contains:

apple cidar vinegar
Malt vinegar
Crushed garlic
bicarbonate of soda
chili powder
tea tree oil
lavendar oil
olbas oil

This is a new low. By all accounts.

4th Oct 2010, 12:05

Snoopverruc says:

Ok, off work today so thought I'd give this foot soak idea a go... my foot soak contains:

apple cidar vinegar
Malt vinegar
Crushed garlic
bicarbonate of soda
chili powder
tea tree oil
lavendar oil
olbas oil

This is a new low. By all accounts.

I have stopped paring them now as I keep getting little additions and I think it's to do with that, even though I would apply tea tree oil and wash with antibacterial gel.

4th Oct 2010, 12:07

Snoopverruc says:

Sorry for the many posts - had some time on my hands for a change today! Also random multiple posting by computer! Has anyone thought of the needling technique? Look up Podiatry Arena and then the thread Mosaic verrucae-help with treatment where podiatrists are discussing it in a forum. Really interesting. There are a few good discussions going on the site.

4th Oct 2010, 23:47

verruca free linz says:

hi snoop didnt get rid wi vinegar oly used it a few times i got rid with xtra strenght bazuka an a corn knife as i had them on both feet i treated both together,i really believe keep moving from 1 treatment to another is a backstep i know that is easier said than done when ya think it isnt working but it just gives them chance 2 claw their way back if done fight the bazuka should work for everybody i am involved in a trial of verruca treatments an found out why i had failed all these years i wasnt consistant enough ya carnt let up at all durin treatment an i found mine spread when i was actually beatin them so just blasted those while still very small if ya treat the biggest like i did the others were alot weaker an just gave up an dissapeared.. any way good look with your mixture couldnt put after pics on pc playin up but will do this week xx

5th Oct 2010, 12:41

jamie says:

Just wondering.. anyone tried using Imiquimod cream?

5th Oct 2010, 13:59

livvy says:

urg it still hasn't gone yet which is SO ANNOYING! i think it might be getting smaller though. all i did was pick at it after a shower....:D x

5th Oct 2010, 18:48

Snoopverruc says:

I did the bazuka extra strength and corn knife combo for 3 months but I couldn't afford to keep it up I was putting it all over the mosaic and on all the smaller ones and getting through a tube in less than a week- it was major messy and expensive. I also found that they seemed to be getting better but never to the point of disappearing and as soon as I got excited they'd start coming back stronger, so once I hit 3 months I stopped. I haven't found a treatment to suit yet - did the vinegar for a month, bazuka for 3 months, duct tape for 2 months- not one verruca has disappeared completely.

Really at a loss now :o(

5th Oct 2010, 20:12

Enough! says:

My foot really hurts today, almost as bad as the cryo pain, but this time it's down to me putting verruca plasters over the already painful area from my concoction treatment. At least it feels like it's doing something though and I think it could be down to the fact that I have been able to remove loads of dead skin over the past week, revealing what looks like some healthy skin!

Jamie - I looked up Imiquimod cream and it sounds good even though it's a treament for skin cancers and genital warts, but it says it has limited availability on the NHS and it's most likely expensive.

I bet the chance of Drs allowing any of us to have this treament for common verrucas is slim, especially when some Drs don't even want to know about verrucas in the first place!

Snoopverruc - Don't give up, I'm sure you'll get there in the end.
Why not try a combination of treatments, a different one each night for a month, that way you are hitting it with everything at once!

5th Oct 2010, 22:32

verruca free linz says:

snoop how many have ya got i had 6 an only used half a tube in 4 month lol how much ya puttin on 2 much by the sound of things e mail is send me ya address i will send ya some bazuca do it properly an it will work xxx

6th Oct 2010, 14:25

aj says:

i have had verrucae for around 7 years on my left foot (and i think i got one coming up on my right toe) and nothing has worked... i used compund w, bazuka extra strength and wartner excessively no luck... anyway ive been to the doctors and he gave me salatac gel which i have been putting on every night! they have gone black and come back again, then gone weird and now they have a hole in them - does this mean its going? also im getting them frozen tomorrow at the doctors, does anyone know what its like and the effects after cos i have work a few hours later!

6th Oct 2010, 16:20

yay :D says:

I think my one's going. I was using Bazooker for ages, but gave up after a while. When i started it up again, I put it on as soon as my feet had properly dried after a shower, this seems to have worked!!! I tried the vinegar method, but it didn't seem to do anything for me, it didn't even hurt or anything, so maybe mine was just in a bad place or something!? But yeah, have a try at my method, you can use other methods with it if you want :D

6th Oct 2010, 17:45

BeGONE! says:

Hey, so I posted a while back now. And did the vinegar thing. It really didn't hurt much at all for me, and the main one has gone, and I'm slowly getting round to the others. When I walk on them with vinegar, stings a bit. But that's all. And like, third day with quite a few, and black already... :D it's amazing.

6th Oct 2010, 22:30

Enough! says:

Hi aj
This is probably too late now, but cryo hurts really bad or at least it did for me. My foot was swollen and painful for about a week after, but the first 2 days were the worst! Sorry!
The hole in the verruca could mean anything. Mine have been red raw, with holes, without, black, lumpy, black dots in them, white, red, you name it I've had it and they are still with me!
Hope cryo works for you though.

7th Oct 2010, 10:16

verruca village says:

Hi snoopverruc
Yes ive tried the needling technique which i asked a podiatrist to do after coming across it on the podiatry forum! I cant give you any conclusive opinion yet...i got the procedure done 6 weeks ago and the podiatrist said it can take about 3 months to start seeing results. If it does work they get shallower in depth before diminishing in area on the foot surface which is why I cant tell if its working for me yet or not.

I have used imiquimod which did not work. I later learned that it is not suitable for verrucas that are covered by keratinised skin (which a lot are) as it doesn't penetrate well through this.

8th Oct 2010, 21:15

Snoopverruc says:

Hi Linz,

thanks so much but I am going to go for needling instead- bored of cleaning bazuka from the carpets! I have a lot more than 6 so think needling is now only option :(

Lovely of you to offer though x

10th Oct 2010, 19:45

Enough! says:

Ok, so it wasn't healthy skin I was revealing, but more verruca!
I left them alone for a couple of days, which was a mistake, because last night I had to remove hard painful skin just to get near the verrucas. It feels like my nerves are right near the surface. I got a much skin off as I could stand and then put the verruca plasters back on to try and soften the skin.
These things are deeper than I thought, which is amazing when you think I've been at them for 10 years now!
Oh well, at least my others have gone, just one cluster left.

12th Oct 2010, 11:48

jamie says:

Snoopverruc - How and where are the gtting the needling done? I looked into it but cant find anywhere local that will do it.

12th Oct 2010, 13:38

Enough! says:

Ouch! Needling looks really painful. Also, from what I've read about it the procedure sounds a bit strange. Needling the verruca virus into deeper layers of your skin so the immune system realises it's there sounds crazy. Why would I want to introduce the virus further into my skin and surely my body already knows it's there?
I'm confused, so instead I have bought some verruca gel with Camphor (Boots own), applying it twice a day and will wait and see.

20th Oct 2010, 15:24

jamie says:

quick update.. verruccas all looking alot flatter and clearer past few days..

i put cuplex gel on everyone i could find, and lfet it for about 3 days.. when i pealed it off LOADS off skin came away.. just filled it down and left it then..

been puttin 100% tea tree oil on my main one, jus rubbing it on a couple times a day and they all looking better....

fingers crossed!!

20th Oct 2010, 23:14

hate this :( says:

well... im back, after a month of trying this vinegar treatment.. and taking thuya.Im so confused! :( they went white and puffy around the edge, the verrucas went black, part of it came off a little, and they looked like they were going..and i really thought it was working! but no :( theyre still there?! despite me keeping up with the treatment everday. the duct tape has come off a few times in the night but thats it,ive also never felt any pain from the treatment?i re-applied the duct tape when it came off as soon as i could. please help, why isnt it working? i havent got long left until my holiday and this is making me so sad..

21st Oct 2010, 15:10

hate this :( says:

well... im back, after a month of trying this vinegar treatment.. and taking thuya.Im so confused! :( they went white and puffy around the edge, the verrucas went black, part of it came off a little, and they looked like they were going..and i really thought it was working! but no :( theyre still there?! despite me keeping up with the treatment everday. the duct tape has come off a few times in the night but thats it,ive also never felt any pain from the treatment?i re-applied the duct tape when it came off as soon as i could. please help, why isnt it working? i havent got long left until my holiday and this is making me so sad..

21st Oct 2010, 15:10

Adam Cotton says:

I wonder if vodka would be a good substitute to vinegar would have thought that would dry them out a treat ever tried on a spot.

22nd Oct 2010, 16:03

Adam Cotton says:

I wonder if vodka would be a good substitute to vinegar would have thought that would dry them out a treat ever tried on a spot.

22nd Oct 2010, 16:03

Enough! says:

Well, the verruca gel seems to be slowly removing more and more infected skin. It doesn't hurt as much now and fingers crossed looks to be getting better. There are a few tender areas, but so far so good. I'm going to keep up with the gel until I've used it all and then see what I'm left with.

25th Oct 2010, 12:22

verruca free linz says:


25th Oct 2010, 17:10

hate this :( says:

hi,yeah i have tried the bazuka gel, ive tried most of those treatments, none worked :( i dont know what else to do now,ive tried every treatment thoroughly

27th Oct 2010, 13:26

Jodie says:

Hey, im using the duct tape, vinegar and cotton buds. been doing it since monday and its saturday now, and theres a definate improvement. Ive had my verruca for 3 years, and i follwed advice to leave it and its spread and got 3 other little ones now, as soon as i saw them i took action. Ive tried, bazooka max strength, the scholl salactic acid pads, freezing and the silver nitrate pen...nothing worked. Im sooo happy that there nearly gone. my big one shrunk loads and turned black and i cut it off, and under neath there were some black dots, and it looks healed as theres pink skin underneath with the black dots, but just to be safe, ive got my vinegar and ducttape back on. Thanks for the advice

30th Oct 2010, 17:40

jamie says:

So i been using corn pads (40% sailic acid ones).. for 2-3 days now and biggest change i seen yet..

my main verucca is gone from size off a 1p coin too a 5p coin now.. managed too cut alot off it away, too have pink skin under.. no blood either

2nd Nov 2010, 22:16

EwwwxD says:

I had been using just ducktape for about two months, it was working, but then all the tape kept falling off and i gave up, my verruca went back to being bad. Ive started useing it again, and it seems too be working. So my advice would be not to give up on your treatment untill your sure it isnt working. :)

3rd Nov 2010, 19:08

EwwwxD says:


3rd Nov 2010, 19:10

Jamie says:

How doy uo get the duct tape too stay on?

anytime i use duct tape, microporus tape, selletape ANYTHING it jus comes straight off because my feet sweet... its even hard too keep these verucca plasters on before they jus fall off..

3rd Nov 2010, 23:15

jodie says:

to use duct tape you have to literally wrap it around your feet, like loads!! but it seriously works

4th Nov 2010, 15:20

Snoopverruc says:

Verruca Village please keep me posted re: needling results!


4th Nov 2010, 21:13

Tasha says:

I have verrucas on my heal. They are very annoying and I have tried many diferent treatments. I tried Bazukka, you put gel onto the foot everynight it took me ages and its still not going. I tried the banana skin and it just covers the banana patch in brown mouldy banana!!!

When people recommend the Doctors it sounds as if you have to keep going back! -.-

I have also heard of putting clear nail varnish over the verrucas then a plaster, doesn't sting or anything. There's no promising that it will work, I am currently trying it.

Please, if you have any tips of how to get rid of them.

4th Nov 2010, 21:44

Tasha says:

I have verrucas on my heal. They are very annoying and I have tried many diferent treatments. I tried Bazukka, you put gel onto the foot everynight it took me ages and its still not going. I tried the banana skin and it just covers the banana patch in brown mouldy banana!!!

When people recommend the Doctors it sounds as if you have to keep going back! -.-

I have also heard of putting clear nail varnish over the verrucas then a plaster, doesn't sting or anything. There's no promising that it will work, I am currently trying it.

Please, if you have any tips of how to get rid of them.

4th Nov 2010, 21:44

Tasha says:

I have verrucas on my heal. They are very annoying and I have tried many diferent treatments. I tried Bazukka, you put gel onto the foot everynight it took me ages and its still not going. I tried the banana skin and it just covers the banana patch in brown mouldy banana!!!

When people recommend the Doctors it sounds as if you have to keep going back! -.-

I have also heard of putting clear nail varnish over the verrucas then a plaster, doesn't sting or anything. There's no promising that it will work, I am currently trying it.

Please, if you have any tips of how to get rid of them.

4th Nov 2010, 21:44

Verruca Village says:

Hi Snoopverruc,

I just had a follow up appointment 3 days ago and the podiatrist said they have not gotten better, in fact they seem to have spread slightly. He thinks they have not spread from the procedure as this has never happened before, they have gotten bigger of their own accord. (I have had periodic spreading over the past 10 years). About 1 out of 5 people that he has treated dont show a response so I am getting the needling redone in a few weeks time (for free)

8th Nov 2010, 19:38

Snoopverruc says:

Hi Verruca Village,

Thanks very much for letting me know. I'm getting it done in the next couple of weeks so watch this space! I'll post to let you know. I have left mine alone for about a month now after getting fed up of them ruling my evenings coming home and faffing with them! I decided to leave them alone 'til I get it done to let my body fight them on its own and to see how bad they really are as with all the treatments I couln't tell.

They actually look kind of sad- maybe it's because I worried leaving them might mean they'd get worse and so I keep expecting them to be huge!!

8th Nov 2010, 20:28

Snoopverruc says:

Oh and the Podiatrist I'm going to see has been honest saying needling is more of a 50% success rate for him - yours sounds great if it's 80%! Good luck with it- I reckon the second go will do it for you.

8th Nov 2010, 20:29

jamie says:

where and how are u getting the needling done?

9th Nov 2010, 13:21

Verruca Village says:

Thanks for the positive vibes Snoop:)
Best of luck with your procedure, fingers crossed it works for both of us!

9th Nov 2010, 21:24

any advice please?? says:

its "hate this :(" here, back again.. just to updae you, ive been doing the vinegar treatment since the end of september now i think,so probably a 7 weeks or so ive been doing it, however i noticed they went black and then nothing happened, no pain, nothing. I SPOKE TOO SOON lol, i realised i only did the treatment at night which wasnt enough.. so ive done it day and night now,and its got to the mosaic one too! (took ages as its been there longest) IT SERIOUSLY,seriously hurts, i cant even walk! this is a huge problem now as im limping around and its going to be so obvious to my mum and boyfriend,so im having to be so sly about it! it really kills but i only have a short time left before they have to be gone and so i cant give them a break or they might fight back! can anyone give any advice for the pain other than painkillers etc? ive pulled out most of the black bit and can see red raw skin underneath, and theyve definately shrunk alot! can anyone please tell me at this stage how long will it now take to go completely? and when do i stop treatment? if new skin is growing back would the vinegar just make it raw and not grow back properly? thankyou!! please help x

10th Nov 2010, 10:35


hi everyone, i used a sticky roll of bandage, just cut off a patch, make sure the skin is dry around the vinegar soaked substance,and stick on one side flattening it down so u dont squeeze the vinegar out of the cotton wool,and then smooth it down,works brilliantly.

10th Nov 2010, 10:47

its working says:

Hi all

I posted in Sep after doing 2-3 weeks of vinegar treatment. I think I had about 20+ veruccas, some had been there for 5yrs.

I am happy to report that they have all gone!

I did the vinegar treatment for about 5 weeks until it didn't seem to be doing much, then 2 weeks of tape and pumicing. Lastly put duofilm on, which was fantastic as it sealed hte veruccas and then once a day I would tweezer the film plus a lot of the verruca off. This got most of the veruccas and the last thing that happened for me, was going on holiday and the salt water worked the final magic!!

Good luck to all, keep your hope - after 5 years and the wretched things just spreading all over I thought they'd never leave!

11th Nov 2010, 05:25

question for 'its working' says:

hi 'its working' So glad to hear they have all gone! can i please ask did u put vinegar on while it was wrapped in duofilm or just wrapped it up and didnt have anything on the verucca? and did they just come out in one go with new healed skin underneath? as mine have gone black and ive done the treatment for 7 weeks but i pulled bits off and it was going well, but now its red raw skin underneath and i dont know what to do? am i doing more damage putting vinegar on still, but if i leave it wont they come back ? thankyou

11th Nov 2010, 12:09

its working says:

To answer your question - I put vinegar on ad taped with electrical tape (found it better than duct tape). The duofilm is a liquid with acid in it and you paint a bit on, it then hardens and I didn't tape it at the same time as the normal skin on my foot was all ripping and raw so I gave it a rest!
I found the vinegar didn't do anything once the main part of the verruca had come out and the skin was raw underneath, thats when you should change treatment.
They definately didn't come out in one go, so I know how hard it is to know when to stop! When my skin was going raw, (like your skin sounds) that was when I would either just tape it or just put some duofilm on it.
Keep perserving, overall I think it took me about 3months for them to go completely.

12th Nov 2010, 04:49

Snoopverruc says:

Hi Jamie,

It is really hard to find needling as it's not really conventional in the UK although vastly used elsewhere!!

14th Nov 2010, 21:23

Enough! says:

I've been using the verruca gel with added camphor from Boots for about 3 weeks now and it seems to be working, slowly!
I'm getting lots of dead skin off, the verrucas don't hurt and I can put the gel on and forget about messing with duct tape, plasters and smelly concoctions.
I would say the infected area has reduced in size and is even getting some normal skin coming back around the edges.
Fingers crossed it keeps working.

16th Nov 2010, 12:01

Ouch!ou says:

I've had my monster for about 10 years and have tried a whole host of products from boots/supermarkets - all useless. I went to the doc who gave me avoca which was a total waste of time so I went back and got salactol which has worked to a degree but I wanted a quick fix. Tried the vinegar method tonight and managed to keep it on for about 4 hours before having to take it all off and rinse my foot as the pain was unbearable. I'm going to see how it looks tomorrow and then try again, really does hurt though!!

19th Nov 2010, 00:46

Ouch!ou says:

I've had my monster for about 10 years and have tried a whole host of products from boots/supermarkets - all useless. I went to the doc who gave me avoca which was a total waste of time so I went back and got salactol which has worked to a degree but I wanted a quick fix. Tried the vinegar method tonight and managed to keep it on for about 4 hours before having to take it all off and rinse my foot as the pain was unbearable. I'm going to see how it looks tomorrow and then try again, really does hurt though!!

19th Nov 2010, 00:46

Enough! says:

Hi Ouch!ou
Had mine 10 years now too and the Boots gels seems to be my last hope.
I was the same as you when trying the vinegar method, but I think I lasted 30 minutes before I had to sit with my foot in cold water whilst crying!
Why are these things so difficult to get rid of?
Oh well, I hope something works for you. :)

21st Nov 2010, 11:48

jamie says:

saw another thing on net..

got a 9v battery... filled verruca down, wetted it up abit.. and poked away wit battery wires... lets say it tingled abit... who knows if it will work but its worth a try!!

some off these expensive electrical treatments r based on similiar thing

21st Nov 2010, 22:12

Ouch!ou says:

Hi Enough!

I feel your pain! I couldn't stay still coz of the pain. I left it off the next night coz I just couldn't face it but I told myself off and tried again two nights ago. In the morning some of it looked black which I've heard is a good sign! I also got through the whole night with the vinegar on and it didn't hurt at all...not even a little bit! I took the dressing off and had a shower and just left it through the day as I didn't want to stink at work! I filed it away a bit last night and re-applied the dressing (again, no pain last night). Same again this morning - remove dressing, shower, leave to breathe! Here's the exciting bit...had a look at it tonight...the top bit looked like it could peel off so I tried it and it did...underneath was pink NORMAL skin!!!!! Not completely gone but a huge huge improvement! I pulled the top off and then filed away some more and applied more vinegar but it looks fab! I reckon very soon it might have disappeared! Why don't you try building up - 30mins day one, 60 day two and go from there? If not, salactol was ok - it was just taking forever!

Jamie - sounds dangerous to me!! I'm gona stick with the vinegar! Be careful!!

22nd Nov 2010, 23:23

Enough! says:

Hi Ouch!ou
Sounds like you're finally getting there; let's hope the pink skin is normal and not just more verruca, as that has happened to me on several occasions :(
Fingers crossed. If the gel I'm using doesn't work, which up to now seems to be going fine, then I will give your idea a go. I think I could just about manage a little bit of pain!
Although..... Jamie....... WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!
Isn't electrocution a bit drastic?! :)
Good luck with it though, if that's the right thing to say to someone who is playing with electricity!
I had a power cut last night, that didn't happen to be you plugging yourself straight into the mains did it?!

23rd Nov 2010, 12:41

Snoopverruc says:

Ok, have just had needling done- was a random experience to say the least but I'll keep you posted- I'd had enough of these things ruling my life with all the unsuccessful home- remedies!!

23rd Nov 2010, 21:43

Ouch!ou says:

Well the pink skin looked healthy but I'm going to keep going with the vinegar for a couple of weeks after they've gone just in case! My aim is to be free by xmas!

Maybe the powercut is a sign that its not a good idea!

Snoopverruc - what does needling involve? Is it painful?

24th Nov 2010, 00:03

Everhopeful says:

I have been using the calendular cream on a plaster on the verruscas twice daily snce Aug.I now have smooth skin and I have no idea what the smooth skin is hiding.I have no pain,and am now doing nothing to the area to see what happens next...

24th Nov 2010, 14:16

jamie says:

well the 9v battery went ok.. first i didnt feel anything at all.. so i filled the skin down until it was paper thin and red, but not bleeding. then i wetted just the verruca up.. and away i went..

cant say it hurt really.. more like a really unconfortable tingling sensation..

few days passed.. and ALL my verrucas are looking alot better.. who knows if it made a difference or its a combination off all the wacky treatments i been trying.. but fingers are defo crossed and for once im hopeful!

25th Nov 2010, 18:28

Snoopverruc says:

Hi jamie, hope that battery worke for you! It's amazing the drastic lengths taken to shift these things!

Ouch!ow needling involves a local anaesthetic to foot and then puncturing the area numerous times with a needle. The thinking is that by letting the layers of skin beneath the verruca know there's a problem your immune system will kick in. It's not as bad as it sounds and not dangerous. I have been frustrated for ages as had mine 6 years or so and k ow immune system is not an issue, also been taking immune boosters for months. The podiatrist believes my body didn't recognise verruca. I was a bit unsure as some of the treatments I've had went so deep you'd think all skin layers would know but needling is vey specialised and askilled podiatrist will know how to target areas. I won't know for at least another couple of weeks accordingto other people's reaction periods but fingers crossed!

If you don't like the sound of it there is dry needling which is basically acupuncture so no anaesthetic but I was ready for drastic measures- If you read my previous posts you'll see why!

With needling you have to hunt around as not a lot of places do it. If you google for your area you should find something.

28th Nov 2010, 00:34

smartiescan says:

HI, i have had verrucas for over 5 years, gradually have spread so i had about 20-30, with 2 being large mosaic ones, about the size of a 2p coin.

needless to say i have tried everything i could, and surprise surprise the only thing that has worked is cider vinegar and duck tape.

BUT, it has not hurt like everyone said. One of the mosaics was on my big toe and that hurt so much - but that was my experiment one, and i found out how to stop it hurting.

the pain was from the pressure of dead skin pushing into the verruca. So whenever i take off the duct tape i use tweezers to scrape away the dead skin (most times a whole chunk pulls off). if it look raw at all i put vaseline over it so the vinegar wont aggrevate. and just keep going!

Ive been doing this for the last few weeks on all the verruccas, and now only have about a dozen. all are so small (1 mosaic is gone and the other about half a 5p piece) and i can honestly say it didn't hurt!

i was so scared of trying it because of the pain, but it was been amazing. and so cheap!

hope you're all having similar success.

5th Dec 2010, 11:07

jamie says:


Gone.. all going away revealing healthy skin underneath them.. each day my feet and fingers look better!!

This whole thing about the verruccas turning black when they die isnt true.. mine are going, some are fully gone and i noticed none went black..

I dont know what cured it... whether its the garlic/tumeric/olbos oil and various other things too soak my feet in.

the electrocution, the cuplex gel, or mixing LOADS off teatree oil, and calandula cream coating my feet and wearing socks over night...

who knows what it is.. but im happy they are GONEEEEE!!!!! :D

5th Dec 2010, 19:19

Julie(Mrsjhaslett-at-gmail-dot-com) says:

Ive had my verrucas for 14 years,ive had everything possible and they wont go away,ive even had two major ops where they cut a srip on the ball of my foot,opened it up and scraped out a big hole,then on crutches for two weeks each time,not good as they came back each time,i cant ware girlie shoes as its to painfull unless i put elmla cream on a dressing an hour before,that numbs it for about two hours,i think i could have a missing gene as they found that young girl to have on embarassing bodies,anyone out there have a mirical cure?

6th Dec 2010, 20:23

Enough! says:

FANTASTIC! :) :) :), but I’m also really jealous!

I hope they all stay away and don't decide to try one last attempt at life!

Mine are looking a lot better too, although I think it will take a few more weeks before I find normal skin again.

6th Dec 2010, 21:03

Peter says:

Had a verrucca for 3 years a legacy caught from thailand! Finally irradicated it after spending horrible amounts of money and time. White wine vinegar and duck tape THANKYOU!. I currently have a 5 pence piece hole in my foot where it was. Good luck try vinegar!

6th Dec 2010, 21:23

Snoopverruc says:

Well, after 3 weeks mine look different so definitely been an impact... jury still out though on whether this has really done the trick!

10th Dec 2010, 23:44

Snooppeedoffverruc says:

Stupid. white. puffy. things!!!!!!


I'm going to got through the rest of my life without wetting my feet.

14th Dec 2010, 20:50

Enough! says:


It didn't work then?
Is there a chance that you need more needling done or was one session supposed to cure it?

I feel your pain. Why can't these things just die!

15th Dec 2010, 13:24

Verruca Village says:


I think the needling may be working for me...they seem to be 'drying up' is the best way i can describe it. hang in there for a while and you may see an improvement. it was about 3 months before they started looking better.

16th Dec 2010, 21:09

Caz says:

I have had a verruca for 3 years and tried all the usual medical routes that did nothing. So I was offfered a dry needling treatment like snoop in October and it looked really good through the first 6 weeks and wondeful when I visited the Podiatry where my skin looked back to normal, however he mentioned that he could see a shadow. I too could see a shadow of a circle under the skin so became rather disappointed. However it is now 8 week past the treatment which was the suggested length to see real progress and my verruca is back.
I have my verruca in the sole of my feet towards my heal which is due to be the hardest to treat. I have tried daily doses of vitimin C and tee tree oil etc but the bugger hangs on.
After christmas I will see my podiatrist again and see what we do next.

18th Dec 2010, 22:44

Snoopverruc says:

Hey guys,

Well, it's just hard to tell. Looking at them now they are without a doubt much better and have clearly responded to treatment as have all gone dark, shrunk or aren't visible when feet are dry, but when my feet get wet you can still see all the white so they are still there. It's only 4 weeks though so fingers crossed that'll all change too.

Verruca Village mine are doing exactly the same - drying up and shrinking. One has almost disappeared.

Enough- one session should do it, but some people have a kind of booster one to attempt to trigger a faster immune response- are you going to try it if it works for us??!

The Podiatrist said mine were the worst he'd seen in a while so maybe it'll take time and I'm just impatient.

19th Dec 2010, 13:59

Snoopverruc says:

Caz, maybe yours is working but just taking time?

19th Dec 2010, 14:01

Enough! says:

Hi Snoopverruc,

If mine are still with me in the new year then I might have to look up a podiatrist that can do the needling on me.
I'll wait and see what results you get.
I hope it works :)

22nd Dec 2010, 13:58

Snoopverruc says:

Me too, 'twill be a Christmas miracle! Looking good, but still white when wet.


23rd Dec 2010, 21:36

Snoopverruc says:

Ok, 6 weeks now. For the first time since the needling I pared one of the bigger ones down and my foot didnt bleed at all which is a first!

Watch this space...

3rd Jan 2011, 10:35

Jamie says:

Few weeks later...

Nearly all have totally gone.. slowly but surely there are getting smaller and dissappearing :D

15th Jan 2011, 00:23

Dr Hemang Mahimtura says:

I have been treating verrucas with Homeopathy with excellent results.

The average time taken for warts of long standing is between 8 to 10 weeks. This includes molluscum also

15th Jan 2011, 09:50

Snoopverruc says:

Jamie - I reckon you have triggered an immune response there - well done!

Dr Hemang Mahimtura - would be interesting to know what the homeopathy intervention involves in the treatment of verrucae- is it effecrtive on cluster verrucae / mosaic?

A lot of the people posting on here have had long-standing, stubborn ones and tried all kinds to shift- medical interventions, homeopathy and the truly bizzare...

15th Jan 2011, 11:27

Snoopverruc says:


15th Jan 2011, 11:31

dandy says:

Cider vinegar really worked for me. I had a really big verucca about 10 years old and really deep in the foot - like everyone else, I'd tried everything to get rid of it. Cider vinegar finally got rid of it, but it wasn't quick or painless. The verucca was on the ball of my foot so I really had to cut away at the overlying hard skin to get down to the verucca to apply treatment - I literally cut it away with scissors. Once I was able to make contact with the verucca itself I started applying the vinegar at night - for the first week I didn't really feel anything, but then I started to get the pain. It varied from day to day how severe it was. Sometimes nights it would still be pain free or just a light tingle - other nights it was genuine agony and I had to take pain killers or sometimes I had to take the vinegar pad off again because it was unbearable. Sometimes the pain would go away as soon as the pad came off, other times the pain stayed and stayed and stayed. I once had to phone in sick to work because I literally couldn't walk the pain was that bad.

If I went through a phase of it being really painful, that seemed to be when the verucca would noticably shrink. Because my verucca was so big it shrank slowly with me gradually being able to pull bits out. I was having to really tug bits off with the tweezers though - no just falling off for me. I think that was due to the size and age and depth of the thing. But after 2-3 months it seemed like it had gone so I stopped the vinegar and let the area heal over and settle before I really knew for certain that it had gone.

I definitely wouldn't say I found the treatment easy, but it was cheap and the only thing I've found that works. But I kind of think you have to waste a lot of time and money on every other treatment available before you can really accept the levels of pain involved!

17th Jan 2011, 00:59

kt(kywen64-at-gmail-dot-com) says:

I've had a relentless veruca on my foot for years. Was burnt out by a dr using hydrogen peroxide, but came back. The other's have stayed away.
Was watching Dr Oz and he said just to cover it with duct really don't need the white vinegar & it's hardly sore at all. I've been covering it with layers of brown tape, then securing it with cellotape and sticky plasters. Usually only give it a break when I shower, so stays on for about 23 hours. Slowly, but surely over the past 4 days it has shrunk significantly. Will just have to see whether it stays away after it has healed over.

18th Jan 2011, 02:16

kt(kywen64-at-gmail-dot-com) says:

I've had a relentless veruca on my foot for years. Was burnt out by a dr using hydrogen peroxide, but came back. The other's have stayed away.
Was watching Dr Oz and he said just to cover it with duct really don't need the white vinegar & it's hardly sore at all. I've been covering it with layers of brown tape, then securing it with cellotape and sticky plasters. Usually only give it a break when I shower, so stays on for about 23 hours. Slowly, but surely over the past 4 days it has shrunk significantly. Will just have to see whether it stays away after it has healed over.

18th Jan 2011, 02:16

kt(kywen64-at-gmail-dot-com) says:

I've had a relentless veruca on my foot for years. Was burnt out by a dr using hydrogen peroxide, but came back. The other's have stayed away.
Was watching Dr Oz and he said just to cover it with duct really don't need the white vinegar & it's hardly sore at all. I've been covering it with layers of brown tape, then securing it with cellotape and sticky plasters. Usually only give it a break when I shower, so stays on for about 23 hours. Slowly, but surely over the past 4 days it has shrunk significantly. Will just have to see whether it stays away after it has healed over.

18th Jan 2011, 02:19

kt says:

Sorry, didn't post that twice...& why did I think my email addy wouldn't come up. Here comes the spam!
This website needs a delete button for posts if we screw them up! lol

18th Jan 2011, 02:31

Snoopverruc says:

Good luck KT and well done Dandy.

Enough / Verruca Village / Caz - any joy?

20th Jan 2011, 21:42

Enough! says:

Hi Snoopverruc,

How have you been, still got the verrucas?

I have been keeping up with the gel treatment for months now and I think it's finally doing something. Just had a good go at them today and underneath the white skin it looks red raw, so hopefully I've reached the bottom. I think they have shrunk in size, but I don't want to get my hopes up, as I've been tricked before!
My foot is really painful now so off to put some Germaline and plaster on it.
I'm giving it till summer and if they're still with me then it's time to bring out the big guns!

What do yours look like now?

21st Jan 2011, 14:38

Snoopverruc says:

Hi Enough,

Sounds like you may be getting somewhere, although yeah it's hard to know what will finally eliminate them!

Mine are the same- can hardly see anything now when feet are dry but when my feet get white you can tell there are remnants. Two have disappeared al together which is a first! Also only one gets stressed when I take away skin which may mean the others are on their way out??

21st Jan 2011, 16:48

snoopverruc says:

white = wet!

21st Jan 2011, 16:48

Verruca Village says:

Hi Snoop/anyone else who is interested in needling treatment

Ive resisted the urge to post in case i jinxed myself! Any verrucas I had in areas such as the side of my foot/in the join between toe and foot where they weren't pressed into the foot by pressure have gone:) I assume the rest are deeper and that is why the response is slower...right now most of the rest have a dark purple coloured scab type thing over them and are slowly decreasing in diameter so something is definately happening. I am happy to wait however long it takes them to heal from the inside as I've had the buggers for over 10 years so a number of months is nothing. However three I have on my heel do not seem to be responding. I was warned when getting the procedure that I would prob have to come back and get those reneedled even if it worked on the rest as the heel required a separate anaesthetic and I already had gotten one for each foot.
Hope yours are still responding.
God bless the podiatry forum!!

22nd Jan 2011, 18:56

Snoopverruc says:

Yey! That's fab!!

I have read that it can take up to 6 months for the entire lot to never know!

Mine are so much better but I was worried that they may turn and come back like Caz said hers did as it's been 9 weeks and you can still see them when my foot gets wet. In all honesty though I am more confident today as even over this weekend they look better again! I had needling on one foot and there is only one left on it that still seems pretty active. Of the ones on the other foot that wasn't needled there are 2 that I don't think have responded yet, but incredibly the other 2 have shrunk and can hardly be seen! I am hoping not to jinx either but feeling quite happy. Fingers crossed they don't re-group!!

23rd Jan 2011, 13:25

Lu! says:

I had had really bad ones for about 5 years on both feet, everywhere, I had tried almost everything, then I tried the vinegar method on a few of them, and not only did they disappear but so did the rest, it was a miracle! They've been gone for two years now! Good Luck everyone they really are horrid!

30th Jan 2011, 21:09

emzie2 says:

Hey, I've read a lot of these comments but there is just soo many to go through them all!
I'm in the process of using the vinegar and duct tape method on my foot.
I've tried all sorts before, been prescribed all sorts of things by the doctor, had it frozen by them, nothing has worked.
This seems to be working the best so far.
Can I ask though, the vinegar as well as the scraping/filing that I do after is making all the other skin around the verruccas very sore and red too. Is there anything I can do to protect it? It's quite awkward as I have like 11 veruccas on the heel of my foot all dotted around.. so I generally just put the cotton pad over them all and try to not go too far over the edges.. but obviously all the bits in between get very sore!
Any advice?
I go travelling in 4 days and I was really hoping they'd be gone by then as I won't be able to carry on this treatment!
They are improving a lot but if I don't finish doing this, will they just stay in the state they are in now or will they just get worse again and back to how they were before?
Thankk you! :)

1st Feb 2011, 22:59

emzie2 says:

Oh and could somebody also please tell me (if you know!).. a couple of the verrucas began to fall off so I helped them.. but have left a big gaping hole where they were. What do I do with it now?

1st Feb 2011, 23:01

Enough! says:

Hi emzie2,

Sounds like you need to get rid of these things fast, but although the vinegar seems to be working for you it won't be a quick 4 day cure.
To protect the skin in between the verrucas try putting a small layer of Vaseline on, as hopefully this will repel the vinegar. The only down side is the plaster or duct tape won't stick as well, but just make sure you add some extra for luck!
Depending how deep the verucas are and how long you've had them If you don't keep up with the treatment then they will probably return to full strength, meaning that when you get back from your travels you'll have to start all over again :(
However, if you're going somewhere with a beach, salt water has been known to help some people with verrucas, worth a try I guess.
With regards to the holes in your foot I've been there many times. Best thing to do is put some antiseptic cream on them to make sure they don't get infected, cover them with a plaster and let them heal.

Hope I've been able to help a little bit. So, in the mean time, have great travels, keep safe, enjoy yourself and forget about the verrucas until you get back!

2nd Feb 2011, 15:04

direct public offerings(lfe88in18-at-gokartdiy-dot-com) says:

It is fantastic written content. I will absolutely continually be blogging along with commenting on it. Just what I am searching for.

7th Feb 2011, 09:09

tq says:

Hi everyone - just a quick note to say please do not give up, after reading this blog I tried the vinegar and duct tape treatment and didn't give up, they scabbed and new skin was growing underneath, when the scabs came away. I then went on holiday and the saltwater finished them off!! Over the moon after 10 years of hell!!! It definitely works, I tried loads of other treatments and nothing worked!! Good Luck!!

7th Feb 2011, 14:42

jax says:

I have been trying the 50% salycilic acid and it seems to be working. but i have been doing it for a couple of months. i have a large one on ball of foot and two in between my little toes. They are really hard to treat. The skin around them and over them goes white and leaves raw skin underneath so i cant treat them, but the verucca is still there. Any ideas for this tricky area? Also - if i change to the vinegar and duct tape method, which i am considering, how do you get the duct tape to stick? I did dabble with this a few months ago but couldnt get it to stick.

10th Feb 2011, 11:07

Enough! says:

Hi jax,

I had the same problem with the duct tape not sticking if I soaked the cotton wool in too much vinegar. Try less vinegar and then put a piece of dry cotton wool over the soaked one, this way the duct tape has something to stick to. I then wrapped duct tape round the whole area a couple of times and it seemed to do the trick. This was ok for a night time application, but not great for day time. I eventually got fed up with it and my skin got really painful and sore, so I moved onto other crazy things.
At the moment my verrucas seem to be shrinking and that is down to salycilic acid with added camphor (Boots own brand).
In between the toes is hard. For mine I just used a small ball of cotton wool with lemon essential oil on it and then a regular plaster. They went in a couple of months. I wish my other ones would do the same, but 10 years later I still can't get rid!
Good Luck :)

13th Feb 2011, 10:59

jax says:

i seem to be having a breakthrough with my large verucca. It had been really painful a couple of days ago, and then didnt hurt for the last two days, but i just kept gently filing it and applying salycilic. Yesterday i got the scissors and cut dead skin around it, and realised that a lot of the verucca had gone. I reapplied salycilic and it is really throbbing now, but I am feeling positive! The ones between my toes are not responding though..

15th Feb 2011, 09:18

JAX says:

Just bought some thuja 30c on amazon (tablets) and will try that in conjunction!
will report back with any feedback...

15th Feb 2011, 11:27

jax (worried) says:

i am worried because my verucca is really painful (yes normal i know) now, and i have had pins and needles over the ball of my foot and the toes for about 24 hours now - should i be worried?!!!

15th Feb 2011, 20:35

Enough! says:

Hi Jax,

Hmmmm, pins and needles?
That sounds a little strange, I've never had that with my verucas, but it depends how deep you've cut away the skin.
I wouldn't worry as It's unlikely you have done any real damage. Things should get back to normal once you stop poking at it for a while. Try and let your skin recover enough to start treatment again. You are using a strong salycilic acid so this could sting loads and cause a local reaction like pins and needles.
However, you might have nicked a nerve in the layers of the skin. I did this to my finger once (not a deep cut at all) and it soon went away.

Don't worry. In the past I've made a real mess of my feet with treatments and they have always come right.

17th Feb 2011, 23:16

Anonymous says:

they went away when i left treatment off for a day and a half (had me worried though!) Still no real progress.

21st Feb 2011, 09:31

Marucca says:

Hi. My son has loads. We are mid duct taping. now ibread of vinegar but the pain thing makes it unsuitable I think!!

Anyone had success with justvduct tape?

23rd Feb 2011, 20:46

Marucca says:

Hi. My son has loads. We are mid duct taping. now ibread of vinegar but the pain thing makes it unsuitable I think!!

Anyone had success with justvduct tape?

23rd Feb 2011, 20:46

kermit says:


Read back through the postings and you will find that it works for some. Just started trying it myself.

28th Feb 2011, 01:25

Anonymous says:

does anyone know why some days it hurts and some it doesnt even though i put treatment on everyday? - just wondering?

1st Mar 2011, 09:17

mark (mark-dot-farley3-at-btinternet-dot-com) says:

hi people
omg theirs so many people with this vile!problem i have had mine for 6 years now and its driving me mad.
Its right on the ball of my foot i have read that nail polish works so im on day three of painting this on nightly it stings but may be worth it . I guess it works by starving the barstard veruca oxygen and because painted on it cant fall off.mine is about the size of a 5 pence coin and is very deep ,Ive tried freazing it dont work for me the normal chemist treatments did not work either .I after a week i plan to use nail polish remover ,file it down a tad and reapply nail polish .if this works will keep you people udated.I have also been informed of an electrical treatment that can work which is my next choice, basicly you touch your veruca connected to a 9 volt batter with two bits of wires and subject the veruca to a small electrical charge ,not painful so im told .lets face it these things are painful most of the time so its worth suferring in the short term for a positive result.

2nd Mar 2011, 02:22

mark (mark-dot-farley3-at-btinternet-dot-com) says:

hi people
omg theirs so many people with this vile!problem i have had mine for 6 years now and its driving me mad.
Its right on the ball of my foot i have read that nail polish works so im on day three of painting this on nightly it stings but may be worth it . I guess it works by starving the barstard veruca oxygen and because painted on it cant fall off.mine is about the size of a 5 pence coin and is very deep ,Ive tried freazing it dont work for me the normal chemist treatments did not work either .I after a week i plan to use nail polish remover ,file it down a tad and reapply nail polish .if this works will keep you people udated.I have also been informed of an electrical treatment that can work which is my next choice, basicly you touch your veruca connected to a 9 volt battery with two bits of wires and subject the veruca to a small electrical charge ,not painful so im told .lets face it these things are painful most of the time so its worth suferring in the short term for a positive result.

2nd Mar 2011, 02:22

sarahlou30 says:

Hi everyone, I have had a large mosaic verruca for about 5 years and like everyone else, I have tried everything- freezing, bazuka, duck tape, medicated discs and nothing has worked. I have been using the vinegar for 9 days and have definitely seen some change. I am getting a bit down now though as I have had to cancel my dance classes and my foot looks absolutely disgusting! I am ashamed to have it as part of my body! After day 6 the skin over the area was dead, so I cut it out to get to the verruca so there was more chance of the verruca absorbing the vinegar. When I cut it out there was just a load of black gunk. So I got rid of this and am carrying on. At day 9 I can basically see the verruca with a hole in the middle where its getting its blood supply, and a load of very sensitive fleshy skin around it. It seems to be getting pushed to the surface of my food. I can't file or cut at it though as it is agonising just to prod it. I applied vinegar for the 9th time tonight and have never felt pain like it. I felt like my foot was going to drop off, so I ended up soaking my foot and then just applying some verrugon tonight. Will try again tomorrow with the vinegar but I have been walking with a limp for 6 days. I am so sick of this, my foot has a big hole in it and it is disgusting. Just hope I am making progress with it as the healthy skin around the area is really sore too.

5th Mar 2011, 23:21

Anonymous says:

sounds like you are doing well saralou!
i have been treating for a couple of months and *think* i am getting there - but it is very slow!
I get stages where a lot seems to come away and then it seems that the skin comes back! I am not going to give up!

7th Mar 2011, 09:01

sarahlou says:

I think the key is to keep going. Mine has gone quite dark now and there are loads of black dots. There was only 1 the other day, now I would say there are about 50. Not sure if this is a good sign or not?

I'm a bit worried though as I'm getting a lot of shooting pains and tingling so I hope I haven't nicked a nerve during all the filing and cutting!

How are u finding the pain with the vinegar?

7th Mar 2011, 20:35

Frustrated_Mum says:

I'd like to thank everyone for this fabulous forum especially @_@'s entry on May 23rd 2009. I had been treating my 11 year-old wimp - sorry son - for over a year with Salactic Acid and getting nowhere fast. After reading all the dire warnings about how much vinegar was going to hurt, I decided not to go down that avenue but decided to use Tea Tree Oil and the cover method instead. I already had some Elastoplast Elastic Plaster (the sort that stretches with your foot as you move it) so I used that together with some Micropore tape to make sure that the edges were stuck down. I put the tea tree oil on tiny pieces of cotton wool (the facial pads cut up work wonders because they are flat) - just big enough to cover the horrid verrucae - and covered them for 2 days. Then I opened them up, scrapped away at any hard skin (We never got any black bits, just white hard skin and white verrucae) and - hey presto!! Miracles do occur! We've been doing it now for just 2 weeks and I really can see an end in sight! All it has cost me is some cheap cotton wool pads, a new pair of nail scissors for the scrapping, some Dettol to dis-infect the scissors after each scrape. I already had the plasters so, sorted! Cheap at half the price. Thank you all for pu