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Okay so I didn't techincally take this picture (I got it off a website,
hehe!), but boy do I want these shoes! And if you knew me you'd know that it's very strange thing indeed! They aren't what I call 'me', but I want them all the same =D
9th Feb 2006, 19:52   | tags:,,,

Twiglet says:

Get them!

9th Feb 2006, 19:56

Spike says:

wouldnt wear them myself personally, but go for it, one thing... how much are they?

9th Feb 2006, 20:02

wildrainbows says:

Well Twiglet I would but Spike had the right idea and asked the price.

At £179 in the sale, they are a lil out of my price range!!

9th Feb 2006, 20:10

Spike says:

fla flah flaaahhh, 179 pounds....in the sale...... i could have someone killed for that (i know cheap people) save the money and buy something else, or have someone killed, its up to you

9th Feb 2006, 20:14

teresajh says:

Look a bit chav to me ;o)

9th Feb 2006, 20:19

Spike says:

i wouldnt say chav, but that kjust my op (and i think the phrase is chavalicious)

9th Feb 2006, 20:21

wildrainbows says:

Well I can't afford them anyway Spike, so I won't be buying them, or getting a hit out on anyone, or buying anything else for that matter, lol.

And they are not chavy - they are what I like to call 'Julie Cooper-Nichol' :P

9th Feb 2006, 20:28

Joe says:

I used to like Dior, I had quite a few Dior shirts back in my smart days when John Galliano was their head designer, I think they've gone downhill a bit of late though, it seems to be very "in" to have your logo appear on your clothes to the point of extreme...I prefer the more minimal stylee

9th Feb 2006, 20:32

wildrainbows says:

Joe - I don't like it when people have labels stuck on every bloody thing they wear, it looks a bit tacky, like they are trying too hard to impress!

I have Vans on my trainers, and Bench on my jacket and thats about it!

9th Feb 2006, 20:35

Joe says:

well I have emerica on my trainers and bench on the back pocket of my jeans, I can't talk though I'm a total label whore in reality....I do like the less common labels more though

9th Feb 2006, 20:41

wildrainbows says:

Label whore...lol, I like it!

I'd probably be more of one to be honest, but my education is sapping all my label funds at the moment!!

9th Feb 2006, 20:50

Joe says:

my avatar is the logo of my favourite clothes company...see label whore :)

damn education *shakes fist*

9th Feb 2006, 21:04

pretty, i want!

10th Feb 2006, 18:13