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Had to send the laptop off to be mended or perhaps to be
replaced :) I thought it might be prudent to wipe off all of my data
before I sent it, it was a very scary moment indeed when I hit the
erase button. It took a while but then I re-installed tiger on it so
that the people in the repair shop had something to look at. When it
returns I should be able to clone the backup onto it and have it
working again in about 2 hours!
9th Feb 2006, 20:13   | tags:,,,

Spike says:

did you go through the 'finger-hovering-over-the-button-with-your-hand-holding-your-testicles-for-comfort
stage??? or is that just me that does that when i do womething like this

9th Feb 2006, 20:16

Steve says:

I thought it over a great deal before pressing it. my hands were over my face though.

9th Feb 2006, 20:19

Spike says:

testicles - face, i prefer my testicles than my face personally, more comforting (*ive just read that back to myself, and im a little uncomfortable sharing such information)

9th Feb 2006, 20:20

Steve says:

Feel free to share your testicals, I hope you brought enough for everyone

9th Feb 2006, 20:21

Spike says:

let me check.... one... two.... three.. YEP im fine

9th Feb 2006, 20:23

Joe says:

youch!...missed this entirely, are they gonna repair it?...did you back up your terabytes of porn?

9th Feb 2006, 20:29

Steve says:

Luckily I have a "hard" copy :)

I find out in the next few days, they will either:

Repair the screen and fix the dent and then put it on a soak test for 3 days or....

Get me a brand spanking new one! (I don't think that this is going to happen)

The drive seems fine on it as I managed to run programs before it went off, but I hope it's not damage that may surface later

9th Feb 2006, 20:35

teflon says:

I need to do two things today:
- call the insurance people, and make sure I'm actually covered for my laptop
- back up my data

thanks for reminding me :)

10th Feb 2006, 09:25

Steve says:

Make it a named item and get accidental cover!

10th Feb 2006, 11:05

what is a soak test.?

10th Feb 2006, 11:11

Steve says:

You leave the item doing what it does continually for a long period of time, to see if it breaks.

So I imagine that they will do lots of reading from and writing to disk and check the pixels on the screen

10th Feb 2006, 11:21

ah cool thats what i thought. but the word soak threw me

10th Feb 2006, 11:39

Steve says:

They do it under water though

10th Feb 2006, 11:41

ah good a nice wet computer hmm lovely

10th Feb 2006, 13:05

ben dover says:

ha ha ha u fink ur funny heh

1st Jan 2007, 12:35