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11th Feb 2006, 01:50   | tags:,,,

Euphro says:

I love the way the spire on the building pokes the moon :)

11th Feb 2006, 02:21

Euphro says:

Great to meet you tonight, mat, too :)

11th Feb 2006, 02:22

Steve says:

Really nice Mat

11th Feb 2006, 02:31

Dhamaka/Daz's Rent-a-Mum says:

nice shot
Really sorry not to have met you Mat. Another time

11th Feb 2006, 10:05

Dhamaka/Daz's Rent-a-Mum says:

sorry to post a problem here but I don't seem to be able to log into the forums at the mo.

11th Feb 2006, 18:33

mat says:

Dhamaka - what's not happening? it's working fine for me... Sorry to hear you weren't feeling so good - next time eh? :)

Euphro - great to meet you too - I'll take you up on that offer of tea at some point!

11th Feb 2006, 19:06

Dhamaka/Daz's Rent-a-Mum says:

Try to log on and it says I've chosen an incorrect username or password :(

yes, Mat, next time..

11th Feb 2006, 19:10

OJ says:

Sorry not to have been there in general mat. Just can't be everywhere...

11th Feb 2006, 19:11

mat says:

You've probably typo'd something or have caps lock on... it's working fine for me..

I know, I know. But I have to say it, just so I know I've checked the simple things. :)

11th Feb 2006, 19:13

mat says:

OJ - see you at the summer party then? :)

11th Feb 2006, 19:13

Dhamaka/Daz's Rent-a-Mum says:

testing caps lock ... erm... no, hang on and I'll try again.

nope, no capslock, still can't log in

11th Feb 2006, 19:30

mat says:

Weird. I just logged out and back in with no problems.. Have you tried the 'forgotton password' linky thing?

11th Feb 2006, 19:47

Dhamaka/Daz's Rent-a-Mum says:

Really wierd, I've been logging in and out of moblog all day with no problems, the forgotten password linky thing says that my email doesn't match my user name, but it's Saturday night, you shouldn't be working and I can wait. Let me try again on Monday and let you know then

11th Feb 2006, 19:57

OJ says:

Summer party? Must check the forum..... ;-)

12th Feb 2006, 21:43

Steve says:

Mat sorry to have not gotten a chance to meet you

12th Feb 2006, 22:29

Sir Findo Gask says:

Summer party?

14th Feb 2006, 20:16