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4-hour reg scan/clean

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My pc is fucked up! Freezes up a lot. Might build a new one. Registry Mechanic has been running four hours in Safe Mode! HELP!


good luck...

11th Feb 2006, 20:11

goode says:

fingers crossed

11th Feb 2006, 20:52

mat says:

ach, reinstall. it's never as much work as you think it's going to be, and it's the only real way to fix a busted windows instance... :)

11th Feb 2006, 21:56

ookiine says:

Actually, on right now with Windows Safe Mode with Networking.. Going to order a new PC and use some spare parts from this one. Not sure if I'm having a hardware or software problem...

And Registry Mechanic ran for like 8 hours... Something is slowing this PC down... No worries, I'll just make a new one. Been meaning to do that for a while.

12th Feb 2006, 00:34

sslovetub says:


13th Feb 2006, 21:07

ookiine says:

Yeah, would be nice to start over on the same box, but I've been wanting to upgrade for about 2 years now. Now is the best time.

New case, new RAM (2 GB), new CPU( AMD Athlon 64 4000), new HDD (250 GB), new motherboard, new speaker system (Logitech 5.1 system). All for about $800. Going to use my current sound & video cards and my two 40GB drives.

The stuff should start getting here in a few days!

13th Feb 2006, 21:32

sslovetub says:

gfx card?

13th Feb 2006, 21:41

ookiine says:

I have a Nvidia 5500 256 MB AGP...

13th Feb 2006, 22:01

sslovetub says:

i just upgraded my rig too. It rocks when you bang all new bits together and it works first time ^_^
There's nothing like the anticipation of new computer bits arriving :)

13th Feb 2006, 22:08

ookiine says:

I don't think they'll all come at once though...


14th Feb 2006, 09:52

sslovetub says:

I'm crossing me fingers for you d00d!

14th Feb 2006, 13:40

ookiine says:

Jump ahead to a few posts...

17th Feb 2006, 03:52