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I make things on the web, mobile and in the actual world.

I've done lots of bits and bobs over the years, and right now I'm mostly working on this.

I enjoy speaking about things I like, most recently this. You can email me if you'd like, and I'm on twitter.

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mobloguk hogging the metro again

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A damn good article though, and one that is both balanced and thoughtful, whilst really getting cross that moblogging is fun and easy, and for everyone. Go us ! :)

MOD EDIT: Click for the article on Metro's website! - SM

goode says:

can anyone get a scan?!

1st Mar 2006, 18:58

crickson says:

Yes please, I'd like to read it.

1st Mar 2006, 19:32

i couldnt find a metro this evening so i dont know what its like could someone scan it? id love that

1st Mar 2006, 20:21

Euphro says:

Go MoblogUK!

1st Mar 2006, 20:24

Gael says:

World media domination awaits ...
(anyone read the new Stephen King yet/)

1st Mar 2006, 21:28

goode says:

is moblog in that too?!

1st Mar 2006, 21:43

neel says:

Let me guess… it's about a possessed phonecam? That stalks someone? With teeth?

2nd Mar 2006, 09:14

seaneeboy says:

I have two copies of this too - so I should be able to scan it in at some point, but it won't be till probably next week, sorry!

2nd Mar 2006, 09:38

alfie says:

thanks Seanee :D

2nd Mar 2006, 09:40

Gael says:

Neel, close ...

2nd Mar 2006, 10:16

ooo thats too far away. :( cant wait i want to read about more blogging in the metro

2nd Mar 2006, 10:46

neel says:

Satanic rituals via BlueTooth?
An MMS server built on an Indian burial ground?

2nd Mar 2006, 12:09

goode says:

any scans yet???

3rd Mar 2006, 10:49

seaneeboy says:

It'll have to be next week, I'm afraid :(

3rd Mar 2006, 11:22

seaneeboy says:

Actually, two seconds searching found it on the metro website!!


3rd Mar 2006, 11:24

Euphro says:

Thanks Sean :D Nice article.

3rd Mar 2006, 11:33

goode says:

hoorah! nice one!

3rd Mar 2006, 11:55

goode says:

tell me about it!

3rd Mar 2006, 12:20

crickson says:

Woo! Well done Sean.

3rd Mar 2006, 13:39