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1) Mat, Norm, darkening clouds
2) Hanzou, Steph
3) Susie. Stung by a bee earlier, but we punished it by shooting it at point blank range with the air rifle.
4) Molly, being sassy
5) group relaxation, featuring previously unseen Will and Louise action
6) Lisa and Twine
7) The Hotness. I shall suffer tomorrow.
27th Jun 2004, 16:19  

Shoes says:

Hate to tell u this but you prob'ly put the bee out of its misery, saving it from a slow and painful death from rippin its own sting off :)

30th Jun 2004, 21:30

Rich says:

Right, yeah, untold tales of shooting the bee coming up: Susie yelps, ouch a bee has stung my foot says she. Much running around and "ooh, poor you"ings occur. Bee is caught in cup, which is then filled with water to teach it a lesson. Bee is then rescued from drowning because Molly feels bad. Bee then calms down and drys itself out. We watch it a bit, wondering why it isn't dead yet. Then we pour another pint of water on it because it's funny. bee staggers around a bit. We decide that the bee needs to pay for cruelly and needlessly attacking the beautiful Susie. At this point the air rifle is recovered and ultimate justice is dispensed into it's bedraggled form.

Either way, we were putting it out of it's misery.

30th Jun 2004, 21:49

Shoes says:

Oh dear , i quite like bees you know...never been stung by one though, guess i might feel slightly more malicious toward them if that were the case ! ;)

30th Jun 2004, 21:53

Rich says:

On the whole I like bees, they make honey and other such loveliness. This was some scary bee/wasp hybrid, we probably saved the world.

30th Jun 2004, 23:39

Shoes says:

Now wasps... they pure evil man! They got no shame and can sting away to their dark hearts content coz its no life threatening act for them like....the arsy twats! In Canada there was this wasp-a-like thing but where there would've been yellow stripes there were black shiny ones! Stylish but mean lookin scary shit !

1st Jul 2004, 15:30

Shoes says:

as well as the baby- charmin ?! Man, you got talent! :)

1st Jul 2004, 17:40

Rich says:

There's some karmic revenge thing going on, i've just discovered a wasps nest in the roof of the toilet. I'd take photos, but there's fuckloads of wasps flying around. I'm sorry, O Mighty Gods of Bees and Wasps.

1st Jul 2004, 19:21

|thedude| says:

ive never been stung by a wasp or a bee. I've got a dr dolittle thing goin on.

8th Jun 2008, 17:00

|thedude| says:

send me in, they wont sting me. me and 2 cans of raid.

8th Jun 2008, 17:00

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