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Paul @IchBin! in Durham University :-)

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This are pictures I took on Wednesday, 1st March, when Paul played a DJ set
on the Indie-Night in Durham University. It was a great set, we danced
heavily ;) - thank you very much Paul! xxx

posted by anonymous

6th Mar 2006, 19:42  

Florecita_roquera86 says:

Ooh,lucky you!I wish we had those type of events at my college.Goodness, city colleges are disapointing over here in the states,well,for me they are :(

6th Mar 2006, 20:18

Natz says:

aww wow, lukcy you! bet you had fun! my uni up here in aberdeen is also disappointing we wouldnt get anything like this! nice pics!

7th Mar 2006, 10:14

clara says:

Well I never went to uni;some of my friends did,but they never had a DJ like Paul at their "dos". I even knew someone who went to Durham Uni but she never had exciting events like this happen. I love the third photo down. It's very sweet....trouble is, it's up the other end of the country!There is life in London as well you know Paul!

7th Mar 2006, 15:51

anonymous says:

what songs did he play?

7th Mar 2006, 19:11

Sam says:

I wish cool famous people would come to Aberdeen. We get people like calum best or chico (when we're lucky..)

8th Mar 2006, 16:44

clara says:

Yes,what songs did he play?

8th Mar 2006, 17:25

anonymous says:

i bet he played rasberry beret!

8th Mar 2006, 20:53

Jennifer(JenJen34cTanku-at-yahoo-dot-com) says:

Where's Aberdeen? And everytime I've texted a comment nobody else is texting them. I think you guys live in a another country and when ever I type a comment you guys are probably sleeping well, yeah. And I don't mean guys like men I mean guys like people, everyone. I feel like I'm talking to my self gosh, I'm such dork, yeah.

9th Mar 2006, 02:42

Jennifer(JenJen34cTanku-at-yahoo-dot-com) says:

hello, anybody.

9th Mar 2006, 02:44

vic says:

hello jen

9th Mar 2006, 10:13

anybody(okay-at-gmail-dot-com) says:

what has paul got on his head in the first picture????

9th Mar 2006, 12:31

Sam says:

Jen, where do you live?

Aberdeen is in the north east of scotland and it sucks because it's at least two hours away from anything interesting

9th Mar 2006, 14:05

clara says:

It looks like a woolly helmet!It made me laugh.Looks warm though.
And yes, anonymous tell us what he played.If you can remember, please tell us.And hello Jen!

9th Mar 2006, 14:51

veeero says:

Hi there!
I am the anonymous picture poster, although I didn't mean to. Thank you for all your comments!
Paul played a lot of very indie stuff, i.e. I didn't know it. ;) But he also played The Smiths, Futureheads, The Rakes, The Cure, Prince etc. And one hip hop song he seemed to like a lot :-).. he was very concentrated on his job and did great, everyone was thrilled!
Here are some more pictures from his DJing:

9th Mar 2006, 18:43

Sam says:

yeah whenever me and natz go to afterparties where maximo are djing they always play really good music. Paul usually has company though, he looks a bit lonely

9th Mar 2006, 19:21

anonymous says:

Prince?! Good man!

9th Mar 2006, 20:34

clara says:

I expect he's always surrounded by company,Sam? It must be difficult to get to talk to him. Do you find that?

10th Mar 2006, 15:09

anonymous says:

Yeah there is always a lot of people around him trying to talk to him. It's so loud as well there usually isn't much point trying.

But by company I meant other band members, like usually Tom is there. The others pop up sometimes too.

Sorry I haven't sent you an email in a while clara I've been off uni this week with flu and I had a report to hand in today (boo!). I shall go and compose one now that i have a minute x

10th Mar 2006, 16:14

Sam says:

^oh that was me

10th Mar 2006, 16:14

clara says:

Veeero,please can you give some more info about those images,i.e.the site name. I'm having difficulty accessing them. Thanks!

10th Mar 2006, 16:15

clara says:

Ooh I hope I get a chance to talk to Paul when I see Maximo in October.I'd love to get a chance.

10th Mar 2006, 16:18

Jennifer(JenJen34cTanku-at-yahoo-dot-com) says:

Sam, I live in the United States of America. And hello everybody.

11th Mar 2006, 05:10

Lauren(prissypnts08-at-yahoo-dot-com) says:

yo,yo,yo, what's up, the poopy clouds. It sux, it's raining and I finally don't have any homework. Dangit. Well, neways, yup, I'm Jennifer's sister. Okay, the pics, that's so cool that Paul's a dj. I wanna be a dj, a woop something up on the little record. Woopa, woopa, wicky, wicky, wow, wow, Hey ya'll my name is Lauren, I like to play the drums because I'm not borin'. Hehe, maybe I should stick to going to college, instead of being a dj. Peace:)

12th Mar 2006, 05:08

clara says:

Hello Lauren. Pleased to meet you.

12th Mar 2006, 15:13

clara says:

Can anyone else help in accessing those images of Paul DJing? Thanks.

12th Mar 2006, 15:15

Jennifer(JenJen34cTanku-at-yahoo-dot-com) says:

Oh, yeah that is my sister as the matter of the fact. I need to go tell my sister that Clara said hi. When only have on computer. Last night my sister said that she wanted to text a comment too because, she said that it looks like a lot of fun. And it is. So it's like morning time here in California and my sister is asleep right now but I'll wake her up anyways. Oh, and I would of never known that Paul is a DJ, that's awesome.

12th Mar 2006, 19:22

Lauren(prissypnts08-at-yahoo-dot-com) says:

Nice to meet you too Clara. So I hear you're from the U.K. That's so awesome! I've never been outside of California which sux, but one day when I get rich and famous I'll head out there and maybe go to college or something. Talk to ya later!

12th Mar 2006, 22:46

pirate says:

paul and tom dj'd in london not long after that durham gig! 3rd march infact, at xfm'x club night at the islington carling academy. they were in the second room and played some excellent tunes, from quality indie through to M.I.A. would definitely go and see them dj again.

13th Mar 2006, 17:28

veeero says:

@clara: Did you try to just copy the links and paste them into your browser? I don't know why you can't see the pictures.
I have some more of that night, so if you want I could email them to you. But it will take a few days as I don't have internet access at home! Just give me an email address. :)

13th Mar 2006, 18:17

Jennifer(JenJen34cTanku-at-yahoo-dot-com) says:

hi, veeero and pirate! I just wanted to say hi because, I like to say hi and start conversations. So, yeah. I'm sorry, I'm just a total nerd! here's my unique face ;o !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ha,ha,ha, I stoll my sister's idea, so what I like it!

14th Mar 2006, 02:21

bec(beccy_boo133-at-hotmail-dot-com) says:

im gutted! i saw tickets for the maximo park at birmingham academy n it didnt say they were sold so i tried to buy some but guess wot? theyre sold out!! boo! im sad now

14th Mar 2006, 12:35

clara says:

Veeero-no I didn't copy and paste; I need the site name first. Can you help? Thanks!

14th Mar 2006, 15:04

veeero says:

@Jennifer: Hi! ;o)

@clara: I don't really understand what you mean. I just uploaded two more pictures with, it's not a photopage or anything. If you copy and paste the links, you should see the pictures! If not, give me an Email address. :-)

@PAUL: In case it is really your birthday today (just read that on your myspace page):


Hope you have a fantastic day and I wish you all the very best!!! xxx

14th Mar 2006, 15:49

veeero says:

oops, I mixed up the days... it was yesterday, apparently, so:
Happy belated birthday!!! ;)
Hope you had a great party and enjoyed the day!

14th Mar 2006, 15:53

anonymous says:

Paul in an interview at totp:
Paul: I didn't have that! My exams always start in the middle of May and my birthday's in the middle of May. I actually did my first A-Level on my birthday, and (giggles) I wasn't in the, erm, right frame of mind!

March isn't may

14th Mar 2006, 16:29

veeero says:

Okay, then I withdraw that. ;) Thanks for clarifying.. does anyone actually know how old the members of the band are?

14th Mar 2006, 16:38

pirate says:

What's Paul's myspace page? I've been looking to see if he has one for ages!

14th Mar 2006, 16:52

clara says:

Thanks for the info.,Veeero. Paul's birthday is 18th May.I found out on LJ a while ago. He is 26. Don't know the other band members' ages though.Does anyone else?

14th Mar 2006, 16:53

clara says:

Paul doesn't have a MySpace page. You just have to look on the MySpace site.

14th Mar 2006, 17:00

Sam says:

Archis is 28. The rest are all around the 26/27 mark i think.

14th Mar 2006, 22:01

Jennifer(JenJen34cTanku-at-yahoo-dot-com) says:

Today is the most worst day of my whloe entire life. First today I was late for school then, I got a damerret what ever the heck that is, I think that's how you spell it. Well, yeah I won't to go to Disney Land this weekend. I'm stressed out, I feel like I won't to blow up like a balloon, sorry everybody that I'm telling you this. Urrgghh!

15th Mar 2006, 02:32

Jennifer(JenJen34cTanku-at-yahoo-dot-com) says:

Gosh, I spelt whole wrong, and I ment that I want to go to Disney Land, and I ment to say I want to blow up like a balloon, gosh I have a headache, I think i'll go take a nap. I feel asleep in math class today and infact I was late for that class to.

15th Mar 2006, 02:36

veeero says:

Paul and Tom will be DJing soon again!! They are playing a set in Newcastle Northumbria University on 31st March at the "housewarming party" of Rattled By The Rush (they are moving venues)! I won't be here anymore, but maybe some of you are interested in going there. ;)

15th Mar 2006, 14:04

Jennifer(JenJen34cTanku-at-yahoo-dot-com) says:

Isn't Newcastle in Europe because, if it is I won't be able to go because, I live on the other side of the world, the U.S., it sux here I want to live in Europe, all my favorite bands play there all the time and I miss out.:(

16th Mar 2006, 01:48

Lina says:

Yeah, all hot bands come from U.K here in Sweden were live everything sucks... it's never any good bands playing here!

16th Mar 2006, 13:24

veeero says:

Yes, Newcastle is in England, it's actually the city where Maximo Park are from. ;)

And you have great bands in Sweden!!! Eskobar, The Hellacopters, Mando Diao, Backyard Babies, The Hives, The Ark, Shout Out Louds, Moneybrother, Kent, Sugarplum Fairy, Tiger Lou, Whyte Seeds...

16th Mar 2006, 13:58

Jennifer(JenJen34cTanku-at-yahoo-dot-com) says:

Oh my gosh, I know Lina! like totally. Veeero, I have never heard of those bands before. Have you heard of, Interpol, incubus, rage against the machine, and POD. Thier some of my favorite bands that are from the U.S. I've heard of the hives before, I saw them on pepsi smash. Oh, and Lina, I like so dig boys that are from Europe, especially boys with the accent. I so want to go to Europe, I've haven't been out of my country, well, just the Atlantic Ocean, when I go to the beach in Oceanside, and Santa Cruz. I've been out of state before, I've been to Nevada, and Arizona. I live in C.A., did you know that scientists have discovered that in a couple of years, the C.A. is going to fall off the face of the earth, because, of all the weight California is holding, or in other words California so populated, but I don't believe in that crapolla.

17th Mar 2006, 01:29

clara says:

Are you near an earthquake fault,Jennifer? I hope not.

17th Mar 2006, 13:55

clara says:

I mean a fault line,sorry!

17th Mar 2006, 13:57

Jennifer(JenJen34cTanku-at-yahoo-dot-com) says:

There's earthquakes everywhere in California, I guess I live somewhere, where alot of earthquakes happen, I've been in a couple of earthquakes. There's mostly earthquakes that happen in the southwest of California, over where I live, I only had one earthquake happen over where I just moved to about 2 months ago, and it was at my school, it was only two seconds though and it wasn't major, we just felt a little jerk and that was it. i've been in a couple of sorta major earthquakes, like this one time when I was 3 years old, I was at this mall, with my dad, my mom, and my sister Lauren. My mom was looking at dinning room chair cushions for the new house that we were going to move into, up in the high deserts of C.A., and my dad was playing with me and my sister, with the store cart. He was driving the cart fast with me and my sister in it. Then all of the sudden the place started shaking, things were falling in iles, lights from the cellings were flickering and falling. It wasn't really scary to me, it was just surprising because, I didn't know what a earthquake was until that day because, it happened. And three things that were in good condition, was that my mom didn't get hurt, because, she was in a ile full of chair cushions and those were the only things that fell on her, it was kinda funny because, we were looking for my mom and then we see her coming out of this big pile of cushions. The other thing that was good is that our car didn't crash into any cars in the parkinglot, but a lot of peoples cars got crashed into other peoples cars. I would tell you another earthquake story but, thier way to long. Oh, and another thing that was good, is that me, my sister, and my dad were o.k. too. Clara what kind of hazards do you have over where you live?

17th Mar 2006, 23:50

Jennifer(JenJen34cTanku-at-yahoo-dot-com) says:

Oh, my gosh I didn't think that I could type so much, in little time. Sorry that I typed so much. I can type 36WPM (words per minute), that's because, of Ultrakeys, that software really helps you to type faster. Right now I have a computer class called Computer Essentials, and we use Ultrakeys. This moblog is really helping me with my typeing skills, what I mean is that I can type faster. There's some crazy kids in my class that can type 480WPM, you can't even see thier hands when thier typeing. Gosh, I sound like a nerd!

18th Mar 2006, 00:03

Jennifer(JenJen34cTanku-at-yahoo-dot-com) says:

It's raining cats and dogs and there's thunder, and it's really scarying me!

18th Mar 2006, 00:04

Lina says:

Yeah, I guess we have some cool bands here in Sweden as well, but the U.K accent own's everything!!!! Swedish is so ugly, even if most Swedish bands sing in englisg, we are so international here :P!!

18th Mar 2006, 14:20

clara says:

Wow Jennifer,what a story about your earthquakes. Sounds extraordinary. We do have very minor tremors in parts of Britain,i.e.Wales and the West Country(parts of Devon),but nothing like you experience. I suppose you get used to them? Our British weather I suppose you could say is a hazard. Blazing hot summers in the last few years, and really cold Springs. It's been freezing lately here. Three years ago we had a really hot summer-the temp. was 100degrees most days. It was over the top after a while. What is it about California that you don't like,and makes you want to move out eventually?

18th Mar 2006, 14:44

Jennifer(JenJen34cTanku-at-yahoo-dot-com) says:

Wow, it actually sounds nice out there in Europe because, California gets really hot, this one time it was 100 something I don't exactly remember, and people were getting skincancer and mosqitoes were a really big hazard in Sacramento, people were geting this disease from those insects and these helicoptors had to spray this repelent all over Sacramento, to get rid of the mosqitoes and people were getting sick, and dying by that repelent. It's a good thing that I didn't live in Sacramento, but I did live in the ghatto for awhile, it was so nasty there, the streets, the parks, and the schools, were all trashed, plus we had cameras in the hallways of my school because, people did really bad things there, well, I didn't. I was probably late for class sometimes, and I got this refferal. There are major fights at that school. I'm so glad that I moved out of Northern California. I now live, as you know the southwest of California, I'm only a couple of hours away from Mexico, now you know why it's so hot here where I live, Mexico is blazing hot! I don't want to know what the weather is going to be like here the southwest of C.A., now that I'm closer to the equator. I moved here sometime in November, and it's still winter. Oh, you asked me a question. Well, the reason why I want to moved, is because, tarists tryed to bomb Califronia, but they missed, and they might try again, and it sucks here. I mean almost every moviestar lives here especialy in Hollywood, which is only a half-hour away. Movie stars live where I live. And we got a new rollercoaster at sixflags and it's the tallest, most fastest, rollercoaster in the world. But, I guess anywhere there's probs. Oh, and another thing I wanted to ask you a question, Does it snow there where you live?

18th Mar 2006, 23:39

Jennifer(JenJen34cTanku-at-yahoo-dot-com) says:

I don't think the swedish accent is ugly. I hate my accent, it just sounds to plain.

18th Mar 2006, 23:42

clara says:

Hi Jennifer-yes it does snow here-in Britain,very bad in Scotland the Northeast side of the country this winter. London does have snow in the centre too. Also Devon and other parts of the West Country. I can understand why you want to move out of C.A. from what you tell me. Where would you ideally like to live?

19th Mar 2006, 15:24

Jennifer(JenJen34cTanku-at-yahoo-dot-com) says:

I want to live somewhere, where the air is not humid. I would like to live somewhere, where there is mostly nature. I would love to go to Maldives Island. I would like to move to England or Ireland. There's good parts in the U.S. like Maryland, and Nevada. It snowed last year here in Temecula. There's also good parts in California, like Lake Taho, which is also part of Nevada. I guess I live in an o.k. environment but, I just get sick of livig in the same place. Do you feel that way sometimes? Gosh, I got all my spring cleaning done today but, I didn't go to go church today, which I am ashamed of myself, I usually always go to church but, I had so much to do.

20th Mar 2006, 01:59

clara says:

I like where I live now,Jennifer,but I've lived in places I hated, in the past.
The Maldives sound lovely.

20th Mar 2006, 18:44

Jennifer(JenJen34cTanku-at-yahoo-dot-com) says:

I have lived in places where I hated too, especially when I lived in Stockton(Nothern California), I was the only white girl in my class. It wasn't scary, I actually had a couple of friends there. Oh, and if you go to google, then images, and type in Maldives Island you will get these really cool pictures!

21st Mar 2006, 03:07

clara says:

Thanks very much Jennifer!That's given me an idea for a screensaver/desktop pic. Then I can dream..........

21st Mar 2006, 14:44

clara says:

Postscript to Paul's birthday date. I've been reading some old Diary entries and it seems that MySpace was right-it's in March(13th). Anyone else know any more info?

22nd Mar 2006, 16:13

Jennifer(JenJen34cTanku-at-yahoo-dot-com) says:

I'm not aloud to have a myspace, so I wouldn't know a thing. I'm pretty sure other people would know.

23rd Mar 2006, 01:37