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[j:c)] I'm a romantic antiquarian; My first cameraphone was the best i ever had.





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Street Preaching Counsel

Street Preaching Counsel
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Charming story of how he got into street preaching and answers
some tricky questions. What i never get about street preachers of all faiths is that they all believe there religion is the ultimate but invariably take a highly enlightened view towards all other spiritual believers and often they seem to share a common enemy. Why don't we team up? Why is there not a representative body for spiritual beliefs in general? All spiritual people tend to share the same core values and are at peace with one another- they just become devils for the details! So why can't we all represent each other to each other? Like a council, that looks after how each religion is
represented by and to others and looks for points of mutual ethos. And seeks to
educate each other inside a greater conscious-loving soul, rather than replay the
eternal soul-struggle for god?

g says:

thats some damn fine blogging there. i need a video camera. have you seen the white guy with grey hair at oxford circus, witht the megaphone. i was thinking about going up to london especially to blog him. i hear what you say about the representative body but i have doubts as i think legitimiziing faith could be counterproductive.

15th Mar 2006, 08:43

i sorta wanted to hear what he had to say near the end, i was getting interested, oh well good blogging

15th Mar 2006, 09:41

jc1000000 says:

Thanks guys!

I've got more but I need to compress the files. That was part three. Here are parts one and two.

The other guy with grey hair and the nmegaphone is phil. The ORIGINAL streetpreacher. This guy was trained by him and that's what he's talking about right at the beginning, Phil, the absolute blessing by him microphone and all that!

15th Mar 2006, 10:19

jc1000000 says:

G: what do you mean legitimizing faith could be counter productive?

I think it's exactly what we should do! Bring into greater clarity how the average person's life is powered by faith, wether they have an over arching spiritual/cosmic belief or not. Similarly most scientificically/atheist minded people rely on a fairly simplified everyday gut feeling about the universe. And I doubt many of us could get through the day if it wasn't for faith based initiatives! So why don't we all just admit how "faith-full" we are?

15th Mar 2006, 10:32

g says:

jc1000000 i salute you. thats a tricky question you ask me. i am of the thinking that religion is the true anthithesis of true spiritual enlightenment and furthermore i think the whole idea of religion simply breeds ignorance. so to get these not sane people together and give them a wider platform to speak their nonsense i don't like. no way.

15th Mar 2006, 13:00

jc1000000 says:

Glad you like it Taniwha! You definitely will be seeing more of it on moblog as these messages were part of testing a new script that Mat has written. We couldn't post file sizes as big as this previously, for various different reasons, which sort of limited the amount of video blogging you could do.

15th Mar 2006, 14:41

g says:

whats the situation with the video blogging? i'm going to be getting a video phone in a month or so and like this talk of longer posts

16th Mar 2006, 09:17

jc1000000 says:

G - think you saw the news by now? Bring on video! :-)

16th Mar 2006, 23:58

g says:

i have changed my position on what i said above. i've thought about your idea a lot and it's a winner.

19th Mar 2006, 09:09

jc1000000 says:

Interesting... thanks for giving it some thought! Just been reading a really good introduction to Islam which I'm gonna blog some things about soon... also maybe we should collaborate on some video blogging? (remember how you wanted to do that interview with chomsky heads? could be cool...)

Hmm reckon we should meet up and talk about all this stuff! Would be nice to get DocD out too...

Let's get names down on the london mobloggers list and start finally represntin' to the leeds massive :-)

19th Mar 2006, 17:54

g says:

chomsky heads? not me mate. well i don't remember that. yeah the potential of the video blogging is HUGE methinks, very exciting stuff. i'm sure docd will have a wealth of ideas. i saw (and moblogged) this same ben chap at the stop the war protests yesterday. he had adapted his usual patter into something more universal. it was then i realised that you were on to a really cool idea. (and that i was way too hasty and perhaps idiotic in my criticism of it.

19th Mar 2006, 19:27

jc1000000 says:

It was ages and ages ago, something about chomsky and interviewing some lecturers or something... but anyways. Yay you got a picture of ben looking shifty (he's probably starting to wonder a bit now)! LOL, it's always easy to be critical on first reading - think that's why academics call it 'appreciation' :-) But hey, at least it's using your bonce - not idiotic at all. REALLY appreciate all your feedback and look forward to continuing this discussion in the pub :-D

21st Mar 2006, 01:08

DocD says:

Following da debate and checked out all the videos and there is something here which is current and relevant. Soon street preachers could be only people left being allowed freedom of expression whilst the rest of us will continue to suffer from abuse of S60 and anti-terrorism powers. But I also like the idea of non-sectarian, secular and cross platform preachers. Will contact you guys and meet up for a pint of orange juice.

21st Mar 2006, 19:09

jc1000000 says:

Yeehar! Cheers for your message Doc. Funny how random ideas come together on the internet- Do get in touch!:-)

22nd Mar 2006, 09:56

g says:

jc, who the author of the introduction to islam book you have? i'm going to get it methinks.

22nd Mar 2006, 10:44

jc1000000 says:

On an almost totally unrelated note Interesting article here.... about internet killing print and advertising revenues supporting impartiality and independence. (plus a comment from me that may or may not be on the money :)

The introduction I'm reading at the moment is "The Koran - A Very Short Introduction" By Michael Cook published by Oxford University Press. But the book I was initially talking about I just picked up from a guy who was not quite a street preacher, but had set up a stand in tooting. It was very very simple but interesting enough - I'll post a link to the website when I get home (can't remember it now). I imagine you should be able to pick it from any mosque.

Was planning to write notes up about it and moblog it OR present it to you and doc first when we meet up - that'd give us something specific to moot, work on and discuss. This is just an idea but I was sort of thinking that it would be QUITE COOL if you wanted to pursue and swot up on christianity as a) that looks to me like something you fundamentally disagree with, so would be more of a challenge for you to represent fairly and b) would put the collaborative aspect of the idea to the test!

I'd be happy to lend you books aswell - but totally understand if you want to buy them - s'always nice to have your own books.

22nd Mar 2006, 11:11

g says:

yeah nice link jc. i left a comment after yours but it seems to have disappeared somehow so i'll try and get back to it and do it again at some point.

r.e. christianity swottage, that sounds cool i'll pop into my local library and get a few books. i'm also going to a 9 hour david icke seminar in a couple of weeks so am reading up the reptilian agenda too. they make interesting bedfellows! i'm also due for an upgrade prior to that so i'll be able to post video of the icke thing.

23rd Mar 2006, 09:07

jc1000000 says:

vaguely interesting article about bush and faith this time

ha ha david icke... he's a funny one - in fact probably the ultimate street preacher!... though he says some proper dodgy things, in my opinion, but at the same time he makes occasionally compelling cases, a lot of which seem surprisingly prophetic and leave me wondering somewhat. Definitely one you gotta make you're own mind up about... Do blog it - & see if you can catch a quick comment from him just for moblog!! 9 hours? bloody 'ell!

24th Mar 2006, 01:32