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I'm not quite gone yet.

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Day Two

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Goodbye stupid Juniper that I hate, I'm sure you'll be missed.

So I'm inside resting from turning soil and complaining to Bighead about the Juniper -- which yesterday I referred to as creeping evergreen plant-like creature of disgust, and he goes out, takes ahold of the plant on one end and pulls it away from the earth in one giant swoop; it flops over on the sidewalk and he says, " there, it's gone."

And so now the space is giant compared to yesterday, and as of now, most of the soil has been aerated and turned, next is composting and then planting.

Plans have been made as far as relocating some of the plants from our patio area, we're moving the Date Palm to the front, which is going to be a HUGE feat I'm sure -- and we were worried about how large it is, but we did some investigating and other people in our division have them in their front, so why not?

Also in today's review of events -- a broken pipe. Sometimes I don't think he knows his own strength.. he stuck it in, bent it back and pop!! goes the broken PVC to the irrigation system. (He's repairing it as we speak.) It may be a bit silly to photograph a broken pipe.. but I thought it was interesting, plus with the updates to Moblog, you can really see the details in the dirt -- complete with a Wendy's Frosty spoon that's been lurking there for God only knows how long, and an orange wiring cap thingie that at no doubt was on the end of something important at one point in time protecting it -- all lost in the abyss that is the Bigheadmobile.

Middle shot of course is the accused, being a bit more careful with the spade, I was surprised about all the sediments and rocks and hunks of cement in the ground, but like missprettypants says, I guess it's from the construction, but still.. man, clean up already while you're doin something!

So today in the middle of my ground aerating or whatever, the lawn care people are here, wandering about, edging, mowing, eying me in general, making me nervous, so I came inside, sat and waited for them to leave and when I went back out -- there was the dude standing there using the faucet under the kitchen window, just out of my vision range. He popped up and said, "wow, y'all're gittenerdone," such wit. He also expressed his dislike for the Juniper and offered encouraging words. However, no offer to pull off the uprooted dead shrubs, which will need to go to the dump.

That Frosty spoon cracks me up.

Also, I'm very sunburned.
17th Mar 2006, 22:37   | tags:,,