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Silly sleppy Winston

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Winston likes to climb up on me and sleep, either on my shoulders or behind my neck... He's so silly!


Suzanne(chisuzanne1-at-aol-dot-com) says:

You guys are adorable!!!

18th Mar 2006, 01:32

missprettypants says:

what a sweet little guy he is; i send him petting right on his forehead. :)

18th Mar 2006, 02:09

teresajh says:

I want him to sleep on me!

18th Mar 2006, 10:45

ookiine says:

Winston was a bad boy last night.

He was being good before bedtime, so I let him sleep on the bed with me. He got up and pissed on my comforter so I put him back in his crate. He woke up a few times, took him out, and then returned him to his crate.

He woke me back up just before 07:00 when I found him covered in shit. Little fucker pooped in his crate and didn't make a noise prior to doing so.

Winston got his first bath this morning.

18th Mar 2006, 14:14

Uber_Spy says:

aaaaahh no!! don't know who to feel sorry for...Winston for being covered in his own poop or you for having to wash him off!

18th Mar 2006, 19:22

ookiine says:

I had to throw away the towel I had in his crate. I was gagging and stuff (the worst thing about having a puppy). It smelled horrible!!

18th Mar 2006, 21:33

Uber_Spy says:

Nice!! Winston - cute but deadly!!

19th Mar 2006, 09:10