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Day Three -- Layout/Date Palm Transplant

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So this is the general layout of the plants I selected, today I'm returning one of the lingustrums and buying up many more varigated lariope, which is that light green firecracker lookin plant that's going to define the perimeter of the yard. We'll also finish putting the last of the plants down into the ground, and finally, we'll mulch.

The bottom shot shows a big cleared off area in the corner of the bed, this is where we put the Palm, and she's beautiful there. I'm trying to think of a name for her; my Mom always names her favorite plants and although I've always thought that was just another example of her lunacy, I've grown to love that tree -- y'all just aren't going to believe how beautiful it is there -- just wait. My camera batteries died last night as we had just gotten the Palm in the hole -- it's perfect there.

Under the bay window -- Bighead plans on separating the fern into three main pieces and having it kinda jutting out under the window, that's one of my areas needing more lariope -- I hope it looks good, I thought we should probably just get another fern and kinda center both of them, but he assures me it'll work.

The area over by the front door has cause much debate -- Bighead seems to have a personal vendetta against my Red Sister Ti and claims it'll be too large eventually for that spot -- so I may have to come up with a better plan for that spot or either stand firm against the criticism.

On the bottom photo -- that second row of plants are crotons, fire pentacrotons and spotted crotons, we have more of these in the back, which I'm not sure if we're going to bring them forward, or just get s'more today -- but we're going to need a new more. Also -- that purple plant in front of the crotons, is called Purple Queen, it's supposed to spread a lot and act like a groundcover, I need to take some closer shots so you can see the beautiful colour it has.

Surely we'll finish today. Cross your fingers.
19th Mar 2006, 14:15   | tags:,,

lizziepants says:

Everything is sore at this point, mostly it's the back of my neck which is more like seared leathery flesh at this point. I'm sure Bighead is achey, though he'd never admit it.

Ha, that "someone who stops by to help" shoulda been a service that we called and wrote a check as soon as we figured out what a mess this would be -- but really, it's okay, it's just taken a lot more time than we thought it would -- the pipe breaking was a slight set back and the transplant of the Date Palm was a huge affair. Today should bring a closing to the whole thing.. I'd like to be finished by 7 or so, we'll see. We both slept kinda late, or at least I did, and Bighead's in his office now making electric screwdriver sounds working on something -- and it's nearly 11.30 -- so, hopefully we'll be out there by 12.30.

19th Mar 2006, 16:19

lizziepants says:

what also has been absent from any of these photos -- are Noodle and Clarence, who're generally laying in one of the open windows begging to get outside with us.. inevitably every time he comes out Capt Retardo Clarence will eat leaves and grass and go inside (to the white carpet) and prompty puke everything up, and Noodle is just too mischievious to turn loose -- so at least we have someone watching and either approving or disapproving our work. :)

19th Mar 2006, 16:21