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Watching Father Ted

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Winston & I watching Father Ted. He was actually watching it for a few minutes.


Uber_Spy says:

Evening Winston!!

19th Mar 2006, 23:10

lizziepants says:

I've decided you need a Winston cam, so we can peek at him while you're at work.

20th Mar 2006, 13:59

rikaitch says:


20th Mar 2006, 14:14

ookiine says:

Lizziepants: I was thinking the same thing! I would just need to get a camera/network connection down to my kitchen where I have Winston's exercise pen (where he stays while I'm at work). Or a wireless camera around the house somewhere...

20th Mar 2006, 17:46

lizziepants says:

exactly -- I have some friends that did it for their new baby, kinda pointed toward her crib area, so they can keep an eye on her from downstairs, and so the grandparents can log in and see her sleeping -- what would be ultra cool -- is if there was a way to convey sound to him while he was hanging out at home. we used to always call home and talk to Bailey over the answering machine, though, I dunno if that's good for the general emotional well being of the dog -- thinking you're there when you're really not -- but you could spy on his cuteness from work, and that'd be fun.

man, I want a puppy. mom wants a bichon for xmas, so i'm looking now, i'd like to find a puppy long in the summer so i can get him house trained before taking him to oklahoma around xmas, i'm wondering how the cats will get along with a dog -- you strictly a dog lover?

20th Mar 2006, 18:28

ookiine says:


20th Mar 2006, 19:03

ookiine says:

Lizzie, yes, I am strictly a dog lover. I lived with a girlfriend's cat many years ago. It was ok, but her cat had some issues with people, so it wasn't too comfortable around some people. I've grown up with dogs ever since I was born, except for when I lived in an apartment...

20th Mar 2006, 19:05

lizziepants says:

I'm going to assume that feck off wasn't for me. ;) but it did make me laugh.

seth never updates, punch him a bit next time you see him.

20th Mar 2006, 21:30

ookiine says:

Yes Lizzie, that "FECK OFF!" was showing my love for the Father Ted show, not to you...

I'll have to ask him why he's not taking any pics...

20th Mar 2006, 22:16

ookiine says:

Thank you.

22nd Mar 2006, 11:48