Red Filbert has attractive red leaves and produces small but very tasty nuts

by FilbertFox

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I followed your recipe for American biscuits. I think
i made them a bit thick. they are like a very soft
scone, very nice i have to say. they would make a
good cobbler

kostika says:

Fantastic!! Those look lovely. Yum!

They look the right thickness to me. Mine were kinda flat cause I think my yeast was too old.

21st Mar 2006, 21:19

seaneeboy says:

I like the look of your gravy, matey!

21st Mar 2006, 21:22

FilbertFox says:

took me age to make that gravy, opened a tub and added water! then i added a few magic ingredients, and those mushrooms were heavenly (but not magic)

21st Mar 2006, 21:43

kostika says:

Did you remember the mustard in your gravy?

21st Mar 2006, 22:11

FilbertFox says:

didn't put it in this one, as it had other yummy things, but mustard gets added to many things i cook

21st Mar 2006, 22:12

kostika says:'s how I made the white gravy for my biscuits and gravy.

Fry the bacon and minced pork til done
Using a slotted spool take the meat out of the pan (leaving the juices) onto a plate with kitchen roll on it.
Heat the juices til they start to bubble a little and add milk. Use as much milk as you like but around 2 cups should do. You might add a little water too to make it jsut a bit more.
Bring it to a bubble again, then add a little corn flower to it. Keep stirring it til it thickens. Should be about the same thickness as normal brown gravy.
Once it's thickened, put the meat back into the pan and warm it through.

All done. Pour over biscuits and you're sorted.

21st Mar 2006, 22:18

yourhermione says:

oh yes, if you drop the dough on fruit and bake it makes lovely cobbler. Looks yummy!!

21st Mar 2006, 23:39

crickson says:

Mmmm - much more appealing than the last picture posted here!

22nd Mar 2006, 13:38

ann says:

white gravy? That just sounds really wrong...

22nd Mar 2006, 14:30

crickson says:

I thought 'white gravy' was a term for... ah... something else.

22nd Mar 2006, 15:49

FilbertFox says:

crickson what could you mean?

and what is wrong with g's leg? I have always liked it very much

22nd Mar 2006, 20:53

The colours in the 2 pics are very different aren't they. Looks very tasty, and much nicer than the ready meal curry I've had. Although seeing as how you actually made your dinner it's hardly surprising!

22nd Mar 2006, 21:12

FilbertFox says:

homemade food much nicer even it is me what maded it!

22nd Mar 2006, 21:14

Ashlea says:

Homemade food isn't much nicer if I make it...

Though I did make some rather nice toast earlier.

22nd Mar 2006, 21:46

FilbertFox says:

Ash - glad to see your cooking skills are improving.

22nd Mar 2006, 22:02