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Some things sex can't sell

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23rd Mar 2006, 18:48   | tags:,,,

seaneeboy says:

*Buys 20 breezeblocks*

24th Mar 2006, 13:42

Steve says:

*Stands corrected*

24th Mar 2006, 13:44

seaneeboy says:

You're standing?

24th Mar 2006, 13:46

Steve says:

Strangley I was when I read that :)

Also my mail program keeps think that your messages are Junk, probably because it says "sex sells"

24th Mar 2006, 13:49

steff says:

u pleb

24th Mar 2006, 13:55

Joe says:

You hear that Steve, internet random says you're a pleb...must be true

24th Mar 2006, 13:57

steff says:

it is wot u on abowt

24th Mar 2006, 13:59

Joe says:

I'm sorry, but your inability to spell is making me want to kill you in the face.

that is essentially the main thread of what I'm attempting to communicate.

24th Mar 2006, 14:01

steff says:

sorry you sound very nice then dont you sad act

24th Mar 2006, 14:03

Joe says:


24th Mar 2006, 14:07

steff says:

i iz off now in abit dick

24th Mar 2006, 14:08

hmm indeed. i like this pic. steve do you spend a lot of time going round abandond and ran down housing estates?

24th Mar 2006, 14:08

Steve says:

Aww I've never had my own troll before..... Sorry I missed you Steff, maybe you can come back another day when they let you use the computer again.

Bmal, Not as much as I would like to

24th Mar 2006, 16:38