V10 meets H3

by taniwha

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Fence on my lunchtime walk

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Another lunch time walk
23rd Mar 2006, 19:46  

Steve says:

Spot on

23rd Mar 2006, 20:03

Rhys says:


23rd Mar 2006, 20:36

Uber_Spy says:

Sunshine YEAH BABY!! Spring is on its way..

23rd Mar 2006, 21:23

Euphro says:

Another great shot from you :) You have a real talent.

23rd Mar 2006, 21:34

FilbertFox says:

a drunken fence and at lunchtime too.

23rd Mar 2006, 21:56

beth says:


23rd Mar 2006, 23:03

beth says:


23rd Mar 2006, 23:03

Viv says:


23rd Mar 2006, 23:04

nige says:

top shot. is that near the teardrop lakes / knowlhill?

23rd Mar 2006, 23:11

taniwha says:

Thanks for the positive comments and the highlight. It was such a beautiful day yesterday

Nige - it is the path that runs down from Simpson Village along the river Ouzel towards the Open University.

24th Mar 2006, 08:11

nige says:

i knew it looked familiar. nice to see great shots of mk

24th Mar 2006, 09:04

taniwha says:

It's a cool place to live. Do you know it?

24th Mar 2006, 09:12

Geodyne says:

That's a really lovely shot, Taniwha.

24th Mar 2006, 09:14

nige says:

haha. i live in MK! i work in beachampton and live just down the road from the OU...I spotted your moblog because i recognised the "V10meets H3" reference. Nice to see another MK moblogger. there are a few on here...

24th Mar 2006, 09:48

taniwha says:

Oh ok, I know Beachampton. There is a farm shop out that way that we have visited from time to time. That isn't too bad a trek to go to work.

24th Mar 2006, 09:56

nige says:

thats it. i work right near there.

24th Mar 2006, 09:57

kazreed says:

great photo love grayscale

24th Mar 2006, 12:10

OJ says:

Ah my kind of picture Taniwha*. Your composition and eye for shadows is great.

*I mean to my taste, not that I could take this.

24th Mar 2006, 16:25

taniwha says:

Thanks OJ. Thanks everyone

24th Mar 2006, 19:09

billion says:

that's one hell of a fence.

10th Oct 2008, 13:27

taniwha says:

Thanks Billion. This photo seems like a million years ago. Apparently I used to go out at lunchtime. This is what makes Moblog so great. It's an interactive record of our lives.

10th Oct 2008, 15:25