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Halloween costume competition

Ghostly and ghoulish greetings to all!

As the witching hour approaches we’ve noticed a few of you adventurous types talking about dressing up and such like. And what with the VERY exciting news of a brand new album Seventh Tree, we’ve come up with a lovely way for us all to celebrate together.

We would love to see your Halloween costumes, especially any inspired by Seventh Tree or the new picture.

Oh, and there’s a prize. A SIGNED copy of the very same BRAND NEW PICTURE OF ALISON!!!!!! (Eagle eyed Deers in the UK may have noticed this pix alongside a couple of lines on the album in this week’s Music Week).

If you would like to take part simply email simply email your pixs to <
This competition is open to everyone.
The winner will be notified in due course.

Have fun Deers


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This is me and the horse arriving at Bologna station before heading off to the gig

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4th Apr 2006, 20:29  

giulia says:

hey how do u think about bologna? it's a very good city isn't it? hope you've enjoyed it

8th Apr 2006, 19:10

gregsgotmoxy says:

ride a white alison

25th Apr 2006, 16:53

Lilgreenmomo says:

What no entourage? Surely the the horse must require its own burly minder. If only to stop you from floating away cos you're so teeny? Clearly only a part time Diva then ;-)

29th Apr 2006, 18:40

Ginn(secret-at-secret-dot-scrt) says:

horsey horsey Bolognese baloney --- mwaahehehehe!!

30th Apr 2006, 22:20

Clémentine(clementinelaurent-at-hotmail-dot-com) says:

If I met you, I had rob your horse ! I like it ! and I like you, I do. it is my french blog ;)

2nd May 2006, 10:27

Michela says:

Ciao!!!! I went to that awesome gig!!!! I didn't know you before that, and now you're going to be in Imola in June and I'm probably going to hear you singing.
P.S. I knew you because of Coldplay....

3rd Jun 2006, 14:59

Linus Robinson(LinusCircle-at-yahoo-dot-com) says:

Dear Frapp:

Because of this amazing "Goldfrapp" phenomenon I am now interested in frappuccino coffee!!

16th Jun 2006, 03:04

Jim(j_reab1-at-yahoo-dot-com) says:

Interesting to see you working so hard on the other side of the entertainment world. So out of my lane but neat. You guys are on a roll. That makes me happy

3rd Jul 2006, 14:54

otto(volfuro-at-yahoo-dot-it) says:

ciao from Italy...... i'd like to be your guide next time you will be in italy.........

2nd Aug 2006, 21:38

Willy Banker says:

"You're going back to Uffington and that's final!"

11th Aug 2006, 07:55