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These are random moments in the life of an indecent designer and the city she loves.

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And can we really measure
If we think we're any better
than that skyline that goes on and on
forever, on and on...."

- Less Than Jake: Is This Thing On?

Everybody in this world wants the same damned thing-
just not at the same time.

-Chris Orbach: Jane

I could be condemned to hell for every sin but littering."

- Soul Coughing: Idiot Kings

I am a female, carbon based lifeform.
I am a New York City Native.
I am a Design Professional.
I take photographs.
I also sculpt, paint, create mosaics, and play with weapons.

And sometimes, I even dance about Architecture.

What I see, is what you get.

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A visit from my tailor.

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Testing a new corset pattern.
6th Apr 2006, 19:55   | tags:,,

yourhermione says:


OMFG that is GORGEOUS!!!!

6th Apr 2006, 19:56

SnowCat says:

Oooooo ... that's pretty

6th Apr 2006, 19:58

bronxelf says:

I'm not getting this one. I'm getting one that's similar. Busk, not a front lace, and a combo with a periwinkle jaquard and the black skull fabric.

6th Apr 2006, 20:00

teresajh says:


6th Apr 2006, 20:01

bronxelf says:

Thank you :)

6th Apr 2006, 20:02

nige 2.0 says:

that looks tight! (i mean that in the "hey man, that shit looks tight" kinda way...as in "that looks cool"...).

i'll shut up now.

6th Apr 2006, 20:04

bronxelf says:

Thank you. I had to keep telling him... "You can lace it all the way, Jay...."

6th Apr 2006, 20:05

looking good, very nice!

6th Apr 2006, 20:07

looking good, very nice!

sorry double post

6th Apr 2006, 20:07

bronxelf says:

Thanks. :)

6th Apr 2006, 20:08

yourhermione says:

I'll take that one if you aren't getting it!!!!

6th Apr 2006, 20:36

Helen says:

Corr and double corr.

Pity what the thumbnail on the friends-sidebar-links-thingy does to the picture though.

6th Apr 2006, 20:37

bronxelf says:

Heather- Im not getting that one. It's for sale. It *should* fit you, as is.

If you want it I can call Jay and put it on hold.

6th Apr 2006, 20:38

bronxelf says:

I can't wait to tell Beth what one of her own will cost her. She may faint from happiness.

6th Apr 2006, 20:39

Uber_Spy says:

Ooooh that looks wicked! Did you have lots of fun asking to be laced up?? Think that's the best bit about wearing a corset...the prelude to wearing it out...rather than the event itself ...hmmm...
A swing from your ceiling would be a mighty fine accessory to that little number..

6th Apr 2006, 20:44

yourhermione says:

heh, maybe I can squeeze my tumor to death. ;)

6th Apr 2006, 20:46

Blaze625 says:


6th Apr 2006, 20:50

bronxelf says:

*L* no, no fun. He's my *tailor* It's like a doctor, only without the drugs.

And now, this very corset belongs to yourhermione. :)

6th Apr 2006, 20:50

yourhermione says:

I am *squee*ing with delight!!!

6th Apr 2006, 20:55

bronxelf says:

It will probably fit you slightly better. You have a slightly longer torso than I do. I needed Jay to cut mine down near my armpits by about a half-inch.

6th Apr 2006, 20:59

yourhermione says:

opposite of Pamela. She needs everything redone for her super-long torso.

6th Apr 2006, 21:03

bronxelf says:

Exactly. But this one should fit you fine as-is. I prefer a busk front to a lace anyway. :)

6th Apr 2006, 21:04

Can I visit and use your tailor sometime?

6th Apr 2006, 21:34

ookiine says:


6th Apr 2006, 21:39

tsgeisel says:

Ooh...very nice.

I like the corset too.

Is that fabric available online somewhere? I have a friend who'd probably love to get some...

6th Apr 2006, 21:46

autumncat (in Hburg) says:

That looks fabulous!! As do you!

6th Apr 2006, 21:47

bronxelf, on boingo says:

dhamaka- of course, if you get good measurements he can do it from there.

6th Apr 2006, 21:53

bronxelf, on boingo says:

seuss- dunno. ask jay. fondor on lj. be advised Daniel has already seen this fabric, so i'd hurry. autumncat- thank you!

6th Apr 2006, 21:57

Steve says:

That made me look

6th Apr 2006, 21:57

Trav says:

(looks heavenward) Lady Aphrodite, what joy you have wrought! (grin)

My compliments to the chef... I mean "tailor." Yeah... tailor. ;)

6th Apr 2006, 22:00

bronxelf, on boingo says:

steve- my new one will fit better (and have a bit more colour.) trav- you are a dear, sweet, evil, little monster. some of your finer qualities, really... :D

6th Apr 2006, 22:02

bronxelf, on boingo says:

blaze- thank you!

6th Apr 2006, 22:04


hrmmm, whats the pricing like? Steelboned?

6th Apr 2006, 22:23

Jay(Jay-at-knightly-dot-com) says:

Thanks for all the compliments. It's easy to maek something wonderful, when there is someone good looking to put into it.

There is more fabric. It is available for $10/yd plus shipping.

Dhamaka, email me and we'll figure it out.

Thanks again for the compliments.

6th Apr 2006, 22:52

bronxelf, on boingo says:

dsa- of course its steel. if it aint steel, it aint real. jay can tell you prices. :)

6th Apr 2006, 23:07

Lee(leeinlimbo-at-gmail-dot-com) says:

That's quite striking, and looks good on you. I haven't read comments; is this going into your collection, or is it for a client?

6th Apr 2006, 23:21

kostika says:

Very nice. One of these days I will own a real corset.

7th Apr 2006, 00:12

Viv says:


7th Apr 2006, 00:20

silar31 says:

Oh. My. That is gorgeous! And it sounds like the one you are getting will be even more gorgeous. Damn, now I want a real corset...the one I have (bought before I knew better) sucks...I really should just pitch it. Plastic boning is evil.

7th Apr 2006, 00:28

bronxelf, on boingo says:

lee- this one in specific is going to Yourhermione. jay was just test fitting the pattern on me for fit before he cuts mine out. viv- thank you! kostika- totally worth it. :) silar- plastic boning simply doesn't work for much over a small B cup. period. you really *need* steel for support. I don't sew so I have no clue, but can you get yours reboned?

7th Apr 2006, 00:45


will do when back in Blightie

7th Apr 2006, 02:49

silar31 says:

Doubt it, it's just an inexpensive underwear corset from that big mall atore that starts with a F. Worked under gowns, right up until the boning started to buckle and jab me right in a trigger point. Once I join the ranks of the gainfully (as opposed to barely making emds meet) employed, I'll be contacting Jay.

7th Apr 2006, 04:23

bronxelf says:

Yeah, plastic boning really just doesn't work if your chest is much larger than a small b cup. The plastic tends to bend out of shape and does not hold its position.

7th Apr 2006, 04:25

daz says:


8th Apr 2006, 14:13

beth says:

corr.. one day.. one day

9th Apr 2006, 14:52

bronxelf says:

Well they're much less expensive than the ones I saw in the UK, so if you get your measurements set up all properly you can do it.

9th Apr 2006, 16:29