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Evel Knievel Stole My Pies

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Last night's curry

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1. Just after we finished eating curry.

2. Joie pulls a funny face.

3. We get more beer.
6th Apr 2006, 19:59   | tags:,,,


archer says:

A little too much cobra perhaps.

6th Apr 2006, 20:01

Sionnach says:

No, honestly, we had FAR too much Cobra last night. This morning at work was *hell*

6th Apr 2006, 21:49

archer says:

I think there is now a world shortage of Cobra - we drank it all.

6th Apr 2006, 22:13

peterhowarth says:

I do like a cobra !

7th Apr 2006, 00:27

waps77 says:

Looks grand - all that beer, mmmm. Do you ever curry it up in other restaurants nowadays, or is the Golden still the choice of champions?

7th Apr 2006, 05:39

joie says:

What - there are other restaurants in Cambridge too?? ;-)

7th Apr 2006, 09:33

Sionnach says:

I was in the Kohinoor two weeks ago, very nice indeed.

7th Apr 2006, 12:11

joie says:

I remember at one point Tim went up to the bar to get more beer, to which we all shouted "No! We don't want more!"

"Don't listen to them" he told the barman, "they're all liars." He came back with 9 more bottles...

7th Apr 2006, 13:59

archer says:

...and we should have made him drink them all.

For me the most amusing moment of the evening was when that girl you knew belittled Tim's rowing achievements by comparing him to his arch-nemesis, Ben Fogle. The look on his face was quite superb :)

7th Apr 2006, 14:08

Sionnach says:

Oh yes I remember that. The evils of Ben Fogle......

7th Apr 2006, 15:41