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what has he spotted?
12th Apr 2006, 17:33   | tags:,


A spider hiding in the corner?

Bet he could find one in our flat!

12th Apr 2006, 18:09

paintist says:

in our house i am afraid its mice...swap you

12th Apr 2006, 19:14

FilbertFox says:

mice with cats about? we have trouble with mice as well, but at least it aint rats - or students!

12th Apr 2006, 22:38

paintist says:

students are a whole new ball game....give me mice any day :-)

12th Apr 2006, 22:54

FilbertFox says:

oh yes, mice are noisy and destructive, students are even more so

12th Apr 2006, 22:58

paintist says:

and i have to say, much more of a health hazard :-)

12th Apr 2006, 22:59

FilbertFox says:

thats true. but i get my own back on some of them - i get to electocute them, and i get paid for it!

12th Apr 2006, 23:00

paintist says:

all in the name of science....i like :-)

12th Apr 2006, 23:03

FilbertFox says:

sooo much fun, it doesn't hurt but it makes them yelp, then the following week - i hit them with hammers

12th Apr 2006, 23:06

paintist says:

can i help with any suggestions............

12th Apr 2006, 23:08

FilbertFox says:

i think there was one in my bedroom this morning! A mouse not a student

13th Apr 2006, 08:34

paintist says:

no chance of electrocuting them i suppose!

13th Apr 2006, 08:59

FilbertFox says:

would have to catch the bugger first

13th Apr 2006, 09:14

paintist says:

i have heard those plug in mouse repellants are good....they emit the high pitched mating call of the house mouse...... I have loads of em

13th Apr 2006, 09:19

FilbertFox says:

look back in my blog a couple of weeks ago - you will see how good they aren't

13th Apr 2006, 09:22

paintist says:

i think its your blog i remember.....i use everything i can to get rid of the blighters, including i am sorry to say poison....but the get their final revenge, they die in awkward places and stink for ages.....( and I can't blame students)

13th Apr 2006, 09:29

FilbertFox says:

yes you can - students are to blame for most evils in the world

13th Apr 2006, 09:37

paintist says:

ahhhh but sometimes they can melt your to love 'em really :-)

13th Apr 2006, 09:38

i was a student! a good one! i didnt die in awkward places :)

13th Apr 2006, 13:26

paintist says:

nooo......but what about the smell!

13th Apr 2006, 13:28

what smell that was my flat mates! or the cat!

13th Apr 2006, 13:29

paintist says:

hmmmm so you say!

13th Apr 2006, 13:34

ahh pish posh!

13th Apr 2006, 13:35

Sarah says:

Hi there i have a 10 month old baby and a newly noticed mouse problem. The buggers are everywhere and the council REFUSE to help - even though they rent out allotments to the left of my garden and pigeon sheds to the right and im a council tennant - so even though they get 3 lots of rent (for mouseville) its my job (and hard earned pennies) to get rid of em. Im so scared my boy will pick up a nasty disease or worse i'll pick him and one of the horrible things will be in his cot. i cant sleep for paranioa please help

5th Jul 2006, 23:49

sarah says:

PS did i mention i live next door to a cemetry as well so a long term plan to keep them away would help - and no i didn't know the birds and allotments before i moved in (i figured the oxes would sort out anything in the cemmy)

5th Jul 2006, 23:52

paintist says:

sarah, i can't get back to you , so i will tell you what I know...councils have a duty to control pests... in the home they will put down covered poison trap away from you and your child, they will not charge for mice, but other pests such as wasps etc they make a charge...If you are finding the pest problem severe I am afraid the only thing to do is keep calling them...they willhave a complaints procedure, and if that fails perhaps your local MP.

6th Jul 2006, 06:52

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