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I make things on the web, mobile and in the actual world.

I've done lots of bits and bobs over the years, and right now I'm mostly working on this.

I enjoy speaking about things I like, most recently this. You can email me if you'd like, and I'm on twitter.

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new orange ad campaign...

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stupid or inspired?

13th Apr 2006, 17:48   | tags:,,,,

paintist says:

stupid...apparently i need to change to a dolphin....have been a cat but moblog has changed that....told them i wanted to be an aardvark !

13th Apr 2006, 17:51

Spike says:

beware the merecats

i think the whole thing is rather stupid, i feel they are advertising to a much younger generation which can only be bad really,

13th Apr 2006, 18:07

alfie says:

This is a campaign pitched at 18 and above actually, as it does not apply to PAYG accounts. I find it a mediocre and simplistic idea, and it's execution confoundingly obtuse - our minds are sloppy - creating some kind of link between the arguable traits that a 'raccoon' exhibits and tying that to data/call/text usage is just daft imo. In fact, what the hell are we doing with a Racoon in there in the first place? It's not even a native UK animal! (is it?)

13th Apr 2006, 18:13

Spike says:

its not no, unless its in a confined fake environment (zoo),

its true about the obtuseness of it, but i think most mobile indistries try to make their ad's so simple and 'fun' that they try to attract the type of people that would see it and go: ooo its a dolphon, i like dolphins, i want to be a dolphin' this service is just for me

which is complete bullshit

and how exactly is a dolphin sociable, surely a grist of bees are more sociable, and bees have a point, rather than dolphins!

damn network operators, and ive got to work for one, luckily nothing to do with this shite selling or customer service thouhg

13th Apr 2006, 18:19

alfie says:

'a grist of bees'

Thank you for that, I had no idea they were called a Grist, that is so cool :)

You're lucky that you're not working in the strategy/marketing of a network I suppose, although of course if it *was* you working there, perhaps we wouldnt be seeing this on underground stations around London :)

13th Apr 2006, 18:30

Spike says:

no problem, i like the term grist!

haha, and the adverts would be VERY different if it *was* me working there, none of that orange shite, i would have the *black and white* network, simple one way or another tariffs!
i may write to orange and ask for a full explanation as to WHY exactly they feel if necessary for this

13th Apr 2006, 18:41

bronxelf says:



They have raccoons?

Come on, you know I have to laugh at this for at least a half hour now.

13th Apr 2006, 19:24

Steve says:

It looks pretty... but yes pointless

13th Apr 2006, 19:26

alfie says:

Belf, I KNOW, thats why I used the Racoons as an example, I knew it would at least make you chuckle :)

13th Apr 2006, 19:34

bronxelf says:

Well I just woke up and I am uncaffeinated. *still giggling*

Orange is stealing my shit, yo.

(you're still a little raccoon. You don't need Orange to tell you so. *I* did. :D )

13th Apr 2006, 19:36

Steve says:

"If you text a lot, Dolphin could be the plan for you."

For fuck sake they have flippers!

13th Apr 2006, 19:37

Steve says:

They are good graphics though

13th Apr 2006, 19:38

alfie says:

"For fuck sake they have flippers!"

made my night that has.

13th Apr 2006, 19:39

bronxelf says:

Steve: QOTD.

13th Apr 2006, 19:40

Steve says:

You would think that someone would have mentioned it

13th Apr 2006, 19:40

"For fuck sake they have flippers!"

made me laught out load too. its a silly advert!! wehn my mum was telling me she used to be a dolphin and now needs to be a racoon or whatever i thought shed lost it, i now understand!

daft. !

13th Apr 2006, 19:43

bronxelf says:

Ok so I see a dolphin, a raccoon, I guess that's a monkey? And what the fuck is that other thing? a fucking mollusk?

13th Apr 2006, 19:43

alfie says:

the absence of opposable thumbs obviously never hit home with Orange marketers.

13th Apr 2006, 19:43

spongevid says:

i dont get the whole animal comparison.
i took a photo of all the possible ones you can be, as on tuesday night while walking past the orange shop drunk, i nearly wet myself laughing.

i still dont see what dolphins have to do with texting.

13th Apr 2006, 20:01

oh i see dolphin cat racoon and well what looks like a bird or owl to me.

13th Apr 2006, 20:11

bronxelf says:

I wonder if anyone has asked if they can be the bicycle pump.

13th Apr 2006, 20:12

or paddlling pool

13th Apr 2006, 20:15

kel says:

I really don't understand it at all.

14th Apr 2006, 13:42

alfie says:

"why is the raccoon tied to a bucket?"

For some reason that made me laugh way more than I should have.

14th Apr 2006, 14:10

bronxelf says:

And what's that behind the raccoon? It doesn't look like a tail, unless someone hacked it into bits.

What is that? A trail of shiny objects?

14th Apr 2006, 20:00

kikuchan says:

I frickin cracked up when I saw the Racoon one.

14th Apr 2006, 22:17

bronxelf says:

I totally think that someone is ripping off my material. If they put that raccoon in a striped shirt, we're going to have Words.

14th Apr 2006, 22:21

Cheryl Marasigan(little-dot-enid-at-virgin-dot-net) says:

i love this campaign! just the shapes of the animals, very strong even as silhouettes.

i think its so cool!

10th May 2006, 21:43