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The Boro

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Here are some images from a recent trip to see Middlesbrough play football... No jokes please! I understand that they stretch the term occasionally... You can see the Riverside Stadium and The Transporter bridge. I grew up near here. By Paul

posted by maximo_band_pics

19th Apr 2006, 12:24  

anonymous says:

my gosh you were close!

19th Apr 2006, 12:41

Nat says:

I must say that the band seem to be the main contributors on here and we can't be having them win the phones!

Oh yes, also amusing with regard to Middlesborough FC (except that they beat my team 3-0 unexpectedly, although we are about to win the title!!)... football?!

19th Apr 2006, 12:50

clara says:

Did anyone see the Mourinho+10 team prog on E4 (it was repeated) in which Paul appeared on Dyer's team- and played dodgeball?

19th Apr 2006, 15:22

clara says:

It would be good to see Paul play in a proper footy match (perhaps a celeb one for charity?)in the future.

19th Apr 2006, 15:40

seaneeboy says:

Oooh, there *is* a big celebrity footy match every year isn't there?

19th Apr 2006, 15:44

clara says:

Yes,can you persuade Paul to play in it? Perhaps have a word in his ear.

19th Apr 2006, 15:55

seaneeboy says:

If I knew him, I'd be tellig him... but alas I've never met the bloke :)

19th Apr 2006, 16:41

clara says:

That's a shame.

19th Apr 2006, 16:47

poodle says:

The boro are my team cos I'm from there too and they're not doing too bad at the moment -- still in UEFA and the FA cup and they beat Chelsea not long ago. Good picture of the transporter which is near my mam's house.

19th Apr 2006, 17:51

PC says:

Paul playing football? Now that is stretching the term!

19th Apr 2006, 17:57

clara says:

I don't think so.

19th Apr 2006, 18:14

clara says:

Do you play football,PC?

19th Apr 2006, 18:24

clara says:

Have you any idea what day this match was played? Paul didn't say. I'm having a debate with a friend over it.

19th Apr 2006, 18:28

Bound(p_bound-at-hotmail-dot-com) says:

Say... wasn't Paul on some crummy Channel Four show about Jose Mourinhooo (I can't even spell his name, so limited is my knowledge of football)? My boyfriend told me about it- I don't know if he was playing or spectating. Any clue?

19th Apr 2006, 20:10

meimipop says:

Best Bands vs journalists footbal match is the day before Benicassim Festival.
Though I believe Paul said they were late for the match last year, can't remember clearly (blame vodka on my blurry memory)

20th Apr 2006, 11:56

clara says:

I was asking if anyone knows what day this match was played? (Above pix).JOSE MOURINHO is the man who was on E4. Paul was training on Dyer's team,and also playing dodgeball.

20th Apr 2006, 15:17

clara says:

Nobody knows the answer.

20th Apr 2006, 17:10

Bound(p_bound-at-hotmail-dot-com) says:

Thank you Clara, for attending to me spelling issue. Me so stoopid.

20th Apr 2006, 18:54

sav says:

Pauls worked really hard on his camera angles to avoid showing the huge gaps where the Teeside faithful couldnt be bothered turning up(again).Still at least we sold all our tickets.Oh,and whats that?We won-again!Tee hee.

20th Apr 2006, 19:29

MJ says:

Transporter bridges are cool.... there's one in Newport too (a working one)....not far from where I grew up.

20th Apr 2006, 23:07

PC(p_calvert-at-hotmail-dot-com) says:

Yes I play football and have also seen Paul play football in the flesh, i speak from experience, been a while mind, he may have improved, but i remember his banana foot!! lol. sorry paulo!

21st Apr 2006, 00:21

vic says:

MJ this one works too the match is the mbro/nwcstle derby game two weeks ago

21st Apr 2006, 09:40

Rig says:

Oway! I used to play footy in Billog with Paulo and he wasn't bad at all, however, I don't think I receieved a pass from him! I do remember a slightly worse banana foot on a certain Calvert 'round the corner! Mon the Park.

21st Apr 2006, 10:28

poodle says:

Howay the lads

21st Apr 2006, 14:40

clara says:

Tee hee! Banana foot.I guess that means-can someone explain?

21st Apr 2006, 15:26

clara says:

Does it mean his foot goes slack when he's about to kick the ball?

21st Apr 2006, 16:01

PC says:

Just a reference to some 'wayward' shots on goal! lol! Nah, only joking, he wasn't bad, and no he didn't have 'limp' feet clara. Anyway, fingers crossed for the boro on sunday and the 2nd leg of the uefa semi next week.

21st Apr 2006, 23:12

clara says:

Thanks for that,PC. Did Paul play footy alot before he was in Maximo?

22nd Apr 2006, 18:27

clara says:

I'm sorry to be so nosey!

22nd Apr 2006, 20:39

anonymous says:

hello peter hello richard

23rd Apr 2006, 10:55

clara says:

Well,I grew up near the Thames in London,and I was born in London,but I've been to the Northeast and really liked it.Very warm friendly people.

23rd Apr 2006, 11:32

qwerty says:

should be supporting newcastle but good pics.

30th Aug 2006, 21:23