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As a teenager I knew everything....I'm still trying to figure out when I forgot it all.

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You cant take pictures of me!!!

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This would have been a brilliant set of shots of a someone being manhandled
out of the resturant and bundled into the back of an unmarked police car
last night....If the police officers hadn't come back into the resturant sat
at our table and made us delete them all.....FACISTS!!!
20th Apr 2006, 09:50   | tags:,,

Euphro says:

Why didn't you send them to moblog straight away? Then you could delete them from your phone in all innocence knowing they were safe elsewhere :)

20th Apr 2006, 09:56

seaneeboy says:

Wow, that's a bit heavy! I'd have thought they'd have wanted copies for evidence rather than to delete its existance!

20th Apr 2006, 09:58

essitam says:

There was 8 of them and 2 of us So I didin't fancy picking a fight that i would have probably lost ....and damn damn damn why didn't i think of sending them must have gone to my head!!

20th Apr 2006, 10:05

spongevid says:

wooah! that would have been a sight to see!!!

20th Apr 2006, 10:17

James says:

Should have moved them to a secret folder on your phone super quick and then just shown them the standard gallery, unless they were phone geeks the'd never have caught you out!!! Mwahahahahah!

Post the car videos!!!!

20th Apr 2006, 10:32

Steve says:

I bet you were not expecting them to pop back in and make you delete them. It does sound rather harsh. Perhaps they need to keep the suspects face hidden? or maybe their own if they are undercover cops?

20th Apr 2006, 11:09

Joe says:

Technically they have no right to force you to delete those images, they can ask you nicely, but they have no legal right to force you to do so.
Had I been in that position, I'd have asked what they intended to do if I refused, but thats just me.

20th Apr 2006, 11:14

seaneeboy says:

I'd imagine if you totally stonewalled them it would end up with obstructing the police in the line of their enquireies - which would mean they could nick you, take your phone and delete them. or at the very least you'd get your phone back after a caution and lo-and-behold the (debatably)offending pics would be gone :)

As it is though, sounds like they used intimidation to get essitam to delete the pics - but without the full story it's difficult to make any kind of assumption.

20th Apr 2006, 11:23

DocD says:

You're lucky they didn't take your phone and take it apart. Happened to a lad I worked with who deleted some messages on his phone that he had sent to his victim in an alleged arson attack.

20th Apr 2006, 18:35

essitam says:

A couple of people have since told me they had no legal reason to ask us to delete them...but they did and I did, I wish I'd have asked more questions but the police woman was a BITCH with an attitude.

I'm seriously considering complaining now I'm sober, The police were really rough with the bloke they were arresting and weren't particully friendly with us either!!

Oh and James I WILL post the car videos......SOON!!!

20th Apr 2006, 19:49

Steve says:

Were was it?

20th Apr 2006, 21:47

alfie says:

I was once in a car with a friend who was drunk and driving. I am not proud that I let him drive, but then I was very drunk too, not that that negates my lack of firmness in insisting he didnt drink and drive.

Anyway. We were stopped by the police and Tim was put through the motions, one of the officers was *very* rough in handling him, and it was at that point I brought my phone out of my pocket and pointed it at him.

He asked what I was doing and i told him I was filming his arrest of my friend. he told me to stop. I refused. He told me that if I didnt stop I would be arrested. I told him that it was my responsibility to film as I felt he was being unnecessarily rough with my friend, and that it was my right to document his arrest.

He promptly (after a quick quiet word in the ear from his partner) became far gentler with Tim and everything proceeded quite amicable from that point on. With my camera filming all the while.

The only point to this story is that in the face of intimidation it is your *responsibility* to face it down; those who intimidate should be shown that it not only wont work, but you have a camera phone that will prove it after the fact :D

20th Apr 2006, 21:54

Euphro says:

If your 'phone has a removable memory card and you haven't been doing much picture taking since, you can still probably recover your photos using file recovery software.

21st Apr 2006, 13:10

essitam says:

Steve,,.It was Inside and Outside of The Imperial in Wolverhampton city centre the back of Beatties!

Alfie and everyone else...I'd had too much to drink to find the whole matter intimidating and actually found it funny at the time giggling lots at the police woman and pissing her off futher, I actually took the piss out of her at one point showing her a photo I'd taken earlier that night of my mate Al and said look its him have I got to delete THAT too??? It was the only once I'd sobered that I thought "They had no right .... blah blah blah"

21st Apr 2006, 21:37

A says:


21st Apr 2006, 22:11

Paul says:

With hindsight, saying "No" would have been better, but hey, you were drunk :0)

22nd Apr 2006, 14:41