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Welcome to the official Moblog for Maximo Park - the Maximoblog.

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The Tanners

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Here are two pictures of the Maximo DJ set at The Tanners pub in Newcastle.
Free reign on the decks for the band, and their friend Jack, all night - and
still Tom couldn't tear himself away from the pool table. Good shot here of
Lukas looking REALLY serious. What a pro.

posted by maximo_band_pics

28th Apr 2006, 10:37  

anonymous says:

is it good or bad that lukas looks like a younger johnny depp in this pic? :/

oh and everyone wearing a deniim shirt is destined to be shot. sorry tom!

28th Apr 2006, 11:32

anonymous says:

friend jack.. jack daniels?

28th Apr 2006, 13:43

clara says:

Agreed he does look a bit like Johnny Depp.Personally I like a nice denim shirt.

28th Apr 2006, 14:21

Sam says:

I agree with Clara, I like the denim shirt.

I also like that the band are keeping the blog interesting :)


28th Apr 2006, 16:20

clara says:

Yes,they are!!

28th Apr 2006, 16:49

clara says:

And I think it's good that Lukas looks like Johnny Depp.

28th Apr 2006, 16:51

Sam says:

The more men who look like Johnny Depp the better, that's what I say

28th Apr 2006, 17:35

alfie says:

"is it good or bad that lukas looks like a younger johnny depp in this pic? :/"

how can that, like, ever be a bad thing?

28th Apr 2006, 18:59

clara says:

Lukas=Johnny Depp
Paul=Vincent Gallo

28th Apr 2006, 19:09

Bound(p_bound-at-hotmail-dot-com) says:

Not forgetting Tom=Toby Maguire as someone commented in an earlier post. That may be a bit unfair on Tom though...

28th Apr 2006, 20:41

dishevelled Jen says:

awwww look! i know somebody who'll love that picture of lukas almost as much as she loved the one with him trying on a bra! it was photoshopped to say
"Lukas was missing *name removed 'cos she'll kill me* madly..."

28th Apr 2006, 22:44

zagafeur says:

I'm sure somebody hates you.

28th Apr 2006, 23:06

dishevelled Jen says:

hahaha i've just noticed how you can line up the cursor ('cos it goes into a finger pointing shape when it's over pictures...) and you can make it look like the bloke in virgin mary pose, is picking his nose! hahaha (sorry that was rather immature)

awww but somebody loved that picture though!

has the picture melted your eyes yet??? poor lukas, his red shag-pile carpet must always need cleaning :( all that gloopy mess...(from eyes melting)

and why haven't you said anything about how *adorable* ickle Tommy English looks! *awwwww* he has to stop looking so darn good! (but only after another ten years or so!)

28th Apr 2006, 23:17

zagafeur says:

That's a lot of reply for someone with nothing to say.

Of course it wasn't. This is how I measure maturity: ask yourself if George Bush Jr would do it. If the answer is yes, it's immature.

no, I can assue you they didn't. Go back to bloody Reeny and realise that I don't *actually* have a crush, shocking as it is.

*facepalm* oh...God...Lads, I am so *so* so so so so so so (just go on forever) sorry. Paul, if you see anyone following round Peter Brewis all night on the fifth stay far away from her. It's for your own safety.

I said it was a nice photo. Don't make me do a Harper swear, I just got out of another obsessive Sharpe phase!

28th Apr 2006, 23:23

dishevelled jen says:

bloody Reeny!? :O you've been hurting Reeny again!? *nooooo!* stop hurting my Reeny! if you've broken his (already broken *awww bless*)geeky glasses, then i'll be really upset! but i'll willingly help him to glue them back together :)

and shush! i wanted to tell paul about you! but now you've spoiled the surprise! well now i'll just *have* to speak to him, so that he doesn't distrust yoiu and doesn't think you're crazy, and realises that you're not joking when you say "keep away from the girl following peter brewis around" (btw, it'll be daveypants too...)

28th Apr 2006, 23:30

zagafeur says:

Jesus, Joseph and Mary.

There. I swore like ruddy Pat Harper, I'm 12 again. Happy?!

Tell him what about me!?
Oh *christ*. I'm going to go and make a rush on that note.

28th Apr 2006, 23:32

dishevelled jen says:

i'll tell you afterwards what i did say to him :P

(it'll probs be "You're Paul! you have a stupid hip-hop shirt! please burn it!" and then i run off and hide in the small room)

28th Apr 2006, 23:35

zagafeur says:

Paul! I've a wonderful idea, ever heard of this magical thing called deafness? No...what about tinnitus (that's right, isn't it?)? that'll do! *hopeful eyes*

But you must watch Dartz!. If for nothing more than to tell me there's yet another great group you've seen and I haven't. Well...I've one word for you. SEVEN. I win. That to, stop talking to adrian and robin, they're *mine*.

28th Apr 2006, 23:38

dishevelled jen says:

i forgot about that!
oh no! i've lost my earplugs!? *cries*
oh well, i shall go partially deaf (from standing next to the speakers (only i could not realise that that's the worse place to stand, that's why i could actually see the band playing...)
i shall shout into paul's ear whilst he's trying to dance, and i may even poke him...

dartz! is good :D

28th Apr 2006, 23:44

zagafeur says:

Oh no, no no, I may hate you but whatever you do *don't* watch him dancing, you'll never be able to listen to Interpol (or whatever song they play that is the only one you know) again.

You suck.

29th Apr 2006, 00:00

anon says:

Enuff's enuff

29th Apr 2006, 15:10

anonymous says:

you're right. as long as people enjoy what they do it doesn't matter what it looks like. otherwise I should be banned from every dancefloor and gigs.
I love music. I love what it does with my mind, heart and body!
Never care about what other people may say.

29th Apr 2006, 16:48

clara says:

I love Paul's dancing and his onstage moves,anyway,he's like nobody else when he gets on that stage....he's unique.

29th Apr 2006, 17:25

zagafeur says:

Ok...people...I'm not actually serious. It's a joke between Jen, who I know from elsewhere and I...if I was serious I'd be the first one to call myself a hypocrite as I don't dance at all.
And I don't mean...oh, nevermind. Can't be bothered with this anymore, really.

30th Apr 2006, 22:52

dishevelled jen says:


are you ashamed you know me?!?!?!

no you don't dance, i don't dance either :p watching the brewis' dance is scary

30th Apr 2006, 23:01

Jack's mate Tom says:

Holy crap, it's Jack...haha!

He's all famous now and everything

'ello to the Park from sunny London ;)

1st Jun 2006, 11:16