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1st May 2006, 20:02   | tags:,,,

goode says:


1st May 2006, 20:19

Twiglet says:

One row from the bottom far left looks like he has a Hitler moustache and the one next to him looks like she has an eye patch.

1st May 2006, 20:22

Third row up on the left looks like Myra Hindley :(

Six rows down on the left-- Dave Spikey

1st May 2006, 20:43

Twiglet says:

Second row down far left: Eddie from the Munsters surely?

1st May 2006, 21:28

four rows down, two in... Cousin Itt from the Addams family?

1st May 2006, 21:33

Twiglet says:

Bottom row second one: Charles Manson.

1st May 2006, 21:38

Bottom row first one, Dec from Ant & Dec. Or a Tefal man..

1st May 2006, 21:40

Spike says:

very bottom right, surely that cant be an appropriate passport photo!

2nd May 2006, 08:00

paintist says:

Top extreme right the 118 man!

2nd May 2006, 08:06

Spike says:

although the girl in the bottom picture, 2nd down, 2nd in (from the right) looks rather attractive, but i could be mistaken!

2nd May 2006, 08:11

Steve says:

I love looking at stuff like this, the full size copy is even better as you can read the names as well!

Was thinking about turning it into wrapping paper

2nd May 2006, 08:35

Spike says:

that would make quite great wrapping papaer, just imagine if you were one of those chaps, and you got a present from some mad old neighbour, with your face on it! disturbed would be the word i think of first!

top picture, very bottom right - looks like my old a-level geography teacher!

2nd May 2006, 08:40

paintist says:

top pic..second row, first left...too young to be travelling alone

2nd May 2006, 08:49

paintist says:

why have you got access to these? they are current ...

2nd May 2006, 08:51

Steve says:

They are my victims, don't go into my cellar...

2nd May 2006, 08:59

Steve says:

Oh, and they are on display at Leeds train station so that people can reclaim them.

2nd May 2006, 08:59

Spike says:

i noticed that when i was in leeds

2nd May 2006, 09:00

paintist says:

can you claim any of them? in that case i will have third in from right bottom row, i fancy being a little younger and its valid til 09......

2nd May 2006, 09:05

Steve says:

I guess if you look enough like the picture you can get away with it. But they might want another form of ID. And may I recomend one of Charles (woops I let them go) Clarkes ID Cards? Not only does it infringe upon your civil liberties, but it's expensive too!

2nd May 2006, 09:10

Spike says:

she looks quite hot too! ill have the bottom row, 2 in from the right! (bottom picture)

i think i can pull taht look off

2nd May 2006, 09:11

Steve says:

Bottom pic, second row from bottom, forth from left, has a wicked angle and ear thing going on

2nd May 2006, 09:13

Spike says:

hahah, true,

bottom pic, 2nd in from right, 2nd down, THATS the serial killer!

2nd May 2006, 09:15

paintist says:

'with a nice bottle of chianti' yep you are right

2nd May 2006, 09:48

Redwing says:

It's the back of Tyler Durden's bedroom door... All the "human sacrifices"...

2nd May 2006, 10:10