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8th May 2006, 16:04   | tags:,,,

seaneeboy says:


8th May 2006, 16:05


8th May 2006, 16:05

nige says:


8th May 2006, 16:08

Spike says:

heheh moist

8th May 2006, 16:09

Steve says:

Is there something amusing that you want to share with the rest of the class???

8th May 2006, 16:10

Spike says:

pictures sexual position in a very moist way

*just saying what everyone was thinkin!

8th May 2006, 16:14

Steve says:

Spike! no need to be so uncouth :)

8th May 2006, 16:17

Spike says:

im an uncouth youth, surely its to be expected, its my age!

*my apologies good sir

8th May 2006, 16:20

Steve says:

No I am to blame for putting up such "racey" images

8th May 2006, 16:22

Spike says:

i woudlnt expect anything less!!

you do grab the award from most sexual inuendo photographs though!


8th May 2006, 16:30

Steve says:

Thank you,*accepts award* There are many people I would like to thank but mainly I would like to thank my uncle who used to touch me were I pee.

8th May 2006, 16:31

Spike says:

steve.. i just spat lemon and ginger herbal tea over 2 monitors!

damn you steve!

and on another connect note...ew!!!

8th May 2006, 16:37

Dhamaka says:

joins spike for ewww

8th May 2006, 16:54

Spike says:

*so glad im not getting the EWW for once!

yeah! steve...YEAH!!!

*stands next to Dhamaka with crossed arms and pout .....ala gary coleman

8th May 2006, 16:59

Steve says:

*Counters with a "they must mean someone else" glance around*

8th May 2006, 17:02

Dhamaka says:

*counters the counter with a pointed stare

8th May 2006, 17:03

Steve says:

*Blocks by pointing out that Spike has stepped on one of D's Kittens, then scarpers*

8th May 2006, 17:05

Spike says:

ah, too much counting and dirt in one post!

8th May 2006, 17:06

Spike says:

And steve, thats harsh, i didnt see it, it nwas in the shadow.. waaaaaaah

8th May 2006, 17:06

Dhamaka says:

*crys in outrage and shows she knows how to use a spike

8th May 2006, 17:12

Spike says:

a spike is not to be used, it will feel unwanted afterwards!

8th May 2006, 18:06

Dhamaka says:

... or very appreciated and useful

8th May 2006, 23:24

Spike says:

...or that

9th May 2006, 11:32

teresajh says:


9th May 2006, 11:38