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but their socks are white...

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Baseball is a strange game. I've only played it a few times - albeit without the glovey things. The ball is soft anyway, why do they have them?

It was fun enough, although I prefer rounders.
11th May 2006, 02:21   | tags:,,

bronxelf says:

You were watching a Yankees/Sox game?

(and believe me- the ball isn't that soft. REALLY. Get hit in the throat with one, and find out. I did.)

11th May 2006, 03:14

mat says:

Channel five has a late night baseball programme, when it's not showing poker. I watch it occasionally and then get a bit confused while I try and remember the rules.

Baseballs are soft by the standards of balls I used to play with - cricket balls are heavier and much harder. I've had my share of them hitting places they shouldn't have done too, bodyline was not uncommon at my school, especially among the fast bowlers..

11th May 2006, 03:33

bronxelf says:

funny, as cricket seems completely incomprehensible to me. Do you know they play every week right by my house?

baseball, I understand. :)

11th May 2006, 03:53

Euphro says:

I like baseball, but we can't really get channel five, even with our digital tuner. I'm just waiting for the cubs to win the world series again, given that the sox broke their long dry spell last year :)

11th May 2006, 09:33

Desiree says:

Baseballs aren't soft. Softballs are soft.

17th May 2006, 03:49

mat says:

You should try playing cricket for a while and get back to me on how hard various balls are. In the grand scheme of bat and ball games, baseballs are pretty forgiving compared to a shiny new cricket ball. Softballs are softer, granted.

If they were shoes, I guess baseballs would be tennis shoes to softball's slippers and the cricket ball's hard patent leather dress shoes. Now there's a dodgy late-night analogy if ever I made one. :)

17th May 2006, 03:57