a while back that I needed a bigger lens to look at the moon?

I think this should do, for now. I hope it's clear tonight.">
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you know I mentioned a while back that I needed a bigger lens to look at the moon?

I think this should do, for now. I hope it's clear tonight.
16th May 2006, 16:41   | tags:,

Hotdog says:

I'm looking forward to seeing the pics

16th May 2006, 16:42

mat says:

I'm looking forward to the people I bought it from actually shipping me the Nikon adaptor that I ordered... :)

16th May 2006, 16:43

backwards lamb says:

wow that looks fantastic!

looking forward to seeing the pics!

16th May 2006, 16:43

Rach & Pauls Moblog says:

Amazing, I always wanted a telescope as a kid. My Dad decided to let me put a bet on the grand national horse race (he put the bet on for me) when I was seven years old. My horse won, his came second... therefore I managed to get a small telescope then! I also bought Chesny Hawkes- I am the one and only single (god IM OLD)

16th May 2006, 16:45

seaneeboy says:

Oooh! That should do the trick. I want pictures of armstrong's moon boot imprints. Then Beagle 2.

16th May 2006, 16:45

wildrainbows says:

That looks likes a mean piece of kit, can't wait for the pics!

16th May 2006, 16:47

Dhamaka says:

that's beautiful

16th May 2006, 17:09

backwards lamb says:

aparently there is a mirror on the moon that you can send a lazer beam up to if you know the co-ordinates and it gets reflected back. dont know why one would want to do thet but hey!

16th May 2006, 17:13

mat says:

yup. the apollo program left it there. it's there so we can accurately measure how far away the moon is, and, more importantly, how fast it's retreating from the earth (a few mm a year, iirc)

16th May 2006, 17:15

Hotdog says:

16th May 2006, 17:21

JokerXL says:

You're gonna have fun with that!
I've got one in the attic, gathering dust, must see about a camera adapter for it and wheel it out into the garden.

16th May 2006, 21:53

kostika says:

Mat...Nice piece of kit. Gonna be alot of fun with that.

Joker...If you're not using it I'll happily take it off your hands on an extended loan :o)

17th May 2006, 02:14

mat says:

tried earlier tonight, but conditions weren't the best. no imaging yet, but the f-mount adaptor should be here friday, along with the serial cable to connect it's controller up to a laptop.

17th May 2006, 04:08

boet says:

looks very professional, love to see those pics.

17th May 2006, 14:43

phoenix says:

Good luck with the "seeing" - love the scope!

18th May 2006, 21:57

g says:


24th May 2006, 09:14