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by Warren Ellis

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13th Jul 2004, 13:11  

Amber says:

Dare I even ask what the hell that is?

I'm not sure my brain can wrap around it. Fan and filter? Scary alien device?

13th Jul 2004, 15:55

Warren Ellis says:

Back speaker from a car. The abandoned car in the alleyway. Which someone burned out last night. Was still warm to the touch this morning. More weird incinerated-car photos to follow.

13th Jul 2004, 17:44

MontiLee says:

Is that the same abandoned car that seems to be a favorite subject of yours?

How long's it been there? In my neighborhood, if you were to leave your car on the street and go on vacation, the cops would have it tagged and towed in 4 days.

I'll bet there is a family of furry things living in it. Furry things with sharp teeth and rabies.

13th Jul 2004, 18:22

lynchwalker says:

...which would now be crispy things with sharp teeth and rabies.

13th Jul 2004, 19:50

autodidactic says:

Two men enter! One man leaves!


14th Jul 2004, 00:31

naked0ne says:

Nothing says lovin' like an auto-baked oven. Mmmm mm!

14th Jul 2004, 04:46

The Dude says:

If i squint a bit it reminds me of when i saw those ufo's from the 5th dimension.

8th Jun 2008, 17:11